Opinion | Trump is lying to sway his reelection, and Democrats aren’t paying attention

Opinion: Trump is lying to sway his reelection, and Democrats aren’t paying attention

5/22/2020 11:03:00 PM

Opinion: Trump is lying to sway his reelection, and Democrats aren’t paying attention

A new book underscores the president’s penchant for deceit. What does that mean for the election?

.The book captures Trump’s compulsion to undo or degrade Obama’s accomplishments — an obsession that borders on pathological. Kessler says Trump falsely claimed on four separate occasions that Obama’s relationship with the Philippines was so poor that during one official visit, the country’s leaders would not let the U.S. presidential jet land, leaving Obama circling the airport. “Why,” the author asks, “would [Trump] conjure such an implausible scenario?”

Report: 79% Of Minority Suspects Receive Miranda Rights While Unconscious Black cops feel pain of Floyd's death, duty to their uniform Former national security officials criticize Trump's approach to protesters in new letter

ADBut the Obama story is a telltale sign of Trump’s brand of deceit. He makes stuff up, and keeps the bogus claim going as long as he can get away with it.ADThe book’s introduction says it best: “We had never encountered a politician like Trump — so cavalier about the facts, so unconcerned with accuracy, so willing to attack people for made-up reasons and so determined to falsely depict his achievements. Presidents previously sought to speak with authority; Trump wants to brag or berate, usually armed with false information.”

The penchant for lying exposed in “Donald Trump and His Assault on Truth” is only one of the flaws that make him a dangerous president. It is intertwined with his grandiose sense of self-importance, callousness, arrogance and cruel disregard for other people’s rights, including the rule of law.

ADIn Trumpworld, only he matters.Thus, Trump purges the government with impunity, limits public accountability to his liking, blows off congressional subpoenas like dandruff and asserts an absolute privilege to do whatever the hell he wants, whether legal or not, because — thanks to the subjugation of Attorney General William P. Barr — Trump

the Justice Department. And he can rest assured that a Republican-led Senate will never kick him out of office when he is impeached by a Democratic House.ADAnd now all of that amassed presidential power is directed at — what else? His reelection.Mendacity lies at the heart of his reelection strategy: Keep them — we know who — away from the polls by any means necessary. If that requires telling lies about absentee balloting, making false voter-fraud charges, and misrepresenting disenfranchisement and voter-suppression schemes, so be it.

ADAnd, depressingly, some Democrats are making it easy for Trump.Instead of joining a nationwide strategy to protect polling places from intimidation and safeguarding the U.S. Postal Service’s ability to deliver mailed ballotsunimpededby budget strictures — and at a time when focus belongs to protecting the right to vote, encouraging voter registration, and ensuring access to a ballot, Democrats are furiously debating which woman should be Joe Biden’s running mate. Some sterling candidates are on the list.

ADBut as for voter turnout, if a lying, devious and bigoted bully like Donald Trump can’t bring voters out to the polls, then nothing will.And that’s the truth. Read more: The Washington Post »

And the Loserton Post is notorious for telling us the unbiased truth. Fear is the first step to failure, I never believed bitcoin investment was real until I was introduced to crytolinda and now I'm currently earning $9000 on a weekly basis The Washington Post is faking news to sway the election. Anyone normal isn’t paying attention.

Show us the taxes! Who's lying WP? The last days of the leftist media. Czegoś uczą u Żydów oprócz rysowani kogcików na Obrazach ? Lenistwo uczą jeszcze śmierdzącego Coming from LamestreamMedia ironic talking about lying When John Kerry ran for Pres and GOP dreamed up the Swift Boat lie, Kerry folks thought lie was so absurd that people would never believe it so they didn't defend against. People believed the lie and by time Kerry responded, it was too late. So, Dems better pay attention.

They are paying attention but we are all in “lie overload” he has truly wore us all down. Guess he is “winning”. Its like the teenager who wears you out until you give in for him to go to the party. Yes we are Media: her emails Trump: my ideas will be the best; best health care.. no specifics, just trust me, I am a gazillionaire. Media: but, her emails 2016 all f***king over again

BS! Then you don’t have to spread more FAKE NEWS or BS opinions!

Republicans, Democrats push ahead on absentee voting even as Trump blasts Michigan over itThirty-four states and Washington, D.C., allowed absentee voting by mail without an excuse even before the pandemic. That includes five states, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Utah and Hawaii that conduct their elections entirely by mail. 'He' voted absentee! Nuff said You forgot Michigan.

Once Again, Democrats Are Caught in the Trump TrapIn highlighting what he sees as Trump’s obvious failures, Obama also illuminated a less obvious Trump success: The incumbent president has managed to make American politics the first arena of national life to return to something recognizable as normal I think it’s Politico that’s caught in the Trump trap! I couldn’t even get through this nonsense of a story. Trump is dangerous! The only thing he is good at is manipulating the media and destroying democracy. Let’s stop trying to create false competing narratives. butheremails That’s like congratulating the bull for breaking everything in the china shop.

Opinion | Pelosi fat-shaming Trump is following his example — and saying it's OKOpinion | Mike Daisey: 'Pelosi isn't a modern George Bernard Shaw, discovering the boring fact that people love to insult fat people by saying that we are fat. She's just exercising ritual bigotries' - NBCNewsTHINK THINK 🤫 THINK Cry me a river THINK Why do I never see articles about all the names Trump calls people? Seriously, when it’s tolerated from the person who holds the highest office in the land, your chastising if anyone else is a joke.

Trump should address the nation about winning the China challenge | OpinionThe president must inform the nation how America will confront the Chinese Communist Party. He isn’t winning shit ! Can I compete if I like stoneware better? China is a force for good. America will lose this fight.

House Democrats introduce inspector general protection bill after Trump fires several watchdogsThe bill came a week after Trump fired the State Department's inspector general on a recommendation from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Super. The 124538th bill passed by House that has zero chance of becoming law. Almost as if the House is just a bunch of actors, at least on one side. Not a good idea. Biden needs to fire all these phonies on 1/20

Ford asked Trump to wear mask during visit, Pres. Trump removed mask while in publicFord asked Pres. Trump to wear a mask while touring production plant Shaq Brewster says, “They [Ford] said, ‘Bill Ford encouraged Pres. Trump to wear a mask when he arrived. He wore a mask during a private viewing of three Ford GTs … the president later removed the mask.'” shaqbrewster The mask was tied to a Ukrainian national with whom Trump had a phone conversation mentioned in the dossier that implicated Russian collusion that ...... Wait, what? He just didn't wear a mask, after he already tested negative the same day? You're running out of good stories here shaqbrewster Glad he wore a mask 😷 2 protect the 🚗 shaqbrewster Ford should be selling lots of those GTs Trump looked at. To all Trump's rich buddies who grabbed the Trillions in PPP money. Everyone else will be riding a Bike.