Opinion | This Is No Time to Go Wobbly on Capitalism

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As Democrats embrace outright socialism, some CEOs and Republicans call for unwise compromises.

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From WSJOpinion: It’s time to embrace capitalism, not abandon the values that make America the envy of the world, writes NikkiHaley

As Democrats embrace outright socialism, some CEOs and Republicans call for unwise compromises.

Cuban-American U.S. Senator Marco Rubio responded to the rise of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign on Feb. 24, 2020. Image: Brian Cahn/ZUMA Wire By Nikki Haley Feb. 26, 2020 12:47 pm ET There’s an important debate happening in America right now, a competition among three distinct views of the world. The first view is held by those who think capitalism is the best and fairest economic system the world has ever seen. The second is held by those who think socialism is the answer to a host of problems from climate change to inequality. Then there are those who are pushing a watered-down or hyphenated capitalism, which is the slow path to socialism. Mark me down as a capitalist. I grew up in South Carolina as... To Read the Full Story Read more: The Wall Street Journal

opinion NikkiHaley You live in a socialist country already it's just the size of it your arguing about like all western countries opinion NikkiHaley The Capital Tool build the Chinese Empire. American Corporations killed much of the middle class, sent labor over to China.. Capitalism maybe enjoyed by the view, but there will come a time when that will all change. COVID-19, and behavior of failing leadership.

opinion NikkiHaley Now, is NOT the time to embrace Nationalism or Communism. Neither ideology is American. And neither has a positive place in World History! opinion NikkiHaley NikkiHaley a boy Donald has put in protectionist policies and offset with large subsidies. Doesn’t sound like capitalism to me.

opinion opinion NikkiHaley The kind of capitalism that keeps the average American hostage? Let's vote for realism over capitalism. opinion NikkiHaley First of all, what we have is NOT free market Capitalism. Our economy is only working for 20% of the population. What we need is free market Human Centered Capitalism. What we have now, is NOT that. Btw, Nikki Haley needs to go the way of Mrs. Clinton.

opinion NikkiHaley Capitalism not equals America. Stop it with the manipulation. opinion NikkiHaley Let’s MAGA with progressive incometax rates that existed when America was Grrrreeaaat! Like these: opinion opinion NikkiHaley Says a politician who went wobbly on the truth way back. All 'isms' must adapt while 'ologies' and cults rarely do. You`re clearly an ology type, combining cynicism and ignorance beneath a thin veneer of Little Ms Reasonable

Opinion | A Bloomberg Business ManifestoFrom WSJopinion: 'If we Democrats are to be America’s party of the future, we need to stop treating business like the enemy and profit like a four-letter word.” Here’s how Mike Bloomberg should talk about capitalism with his rivals, writes wjmcgurn. opinion wjmcgurn Maybe we could stop treating average Americans like serfs and focus less on profits over humanity. opinion wjmcgurn Perfect!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 opinion wjmcgurn OK boomer

opinion NikkiHaley If the current state of American capitalism isn’t working for so many people, it might need adjustments that enhance the quality of American life. Call it Balanced Capitalism: human rights and economic rights are taken into consideration for the betterment of an overall society. opinion NikkiHaley 🤔🤑 can't wait for the stock mkt to plummet some more COVID19

opinion NikkiHaley But capitalism sucks. Mainly because capitalists are in control of it. opinion NikkiHaley compare Bernie Sanders to North Korea 🇰🇵 regime IS A CRIMINAL... and obviously bulshit opinion NikkiHaley Capitalism is the most successful economic system in history and, particularly when combined with democracy, has done more to improve human conditions than any other system.

opinion NikkiHaley When people lose faith in God, they cling to government. Creeping Socialism has been America’s problem for a long time. Jesus Christ and Capitalism is the solution opinion NikkiHaley Finally, a sane person. Republicans/capitalists have to do better job explaining the benefits of capitalism and downfalls of socialism. Letting liberals try to buy votes by saying everything is free has to stop

opinion NikkiHaley Nikki Haley 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 opinion NikkiHaley Nikki Haley trying to paint all Democrats as socialist because a non-Democrat socialist is currently barely leading the primaries. Just because the GOP fell for Trump's lies and lost their soul to an acute narcissist doesn't mean the rest of us are as gullible.

opinion NikkiHaley Hi i love you

With Weinstein Conviction, Jury Delivers a Verdict on #MeTooNews Analysis: By pushing the boundaries of sex-crimes prosecutions, the Manhattan prosecutors delivered what many people declared a victory for the global movement against sexual misconduct that Harvey Weinstein’s actions had helped ignite Weinstein down. Trump next. Funny how Weinstein didn't need his walker as he was taken out in handcuffs and shackles.... Today is the beginning of a new era for women in the workplace. A day of empowerment. A day of boundless professional opportunities for women to shine and to thrive. The beginning of the time when talent, brains, and grit are not only necessary but sufficient to succeed, 1/3

opinion NikkiHaley Right, because what she says matters. opinion NikkiHaley Now is not the time to keep enabling a would be autocrat who is also either as dumb as can be or suffering from mental impairment. It’s life or death. opinion NikkiHaley Don't tell Fearless Leader; he wants to continue handouts to farmers who lost business when he imposed short-sighted, unnecessary tariffs.

opinion NikkiHaley Oh hey, another Republican defending the failures of American crony capitalist crap. opinion NikkiHaley 共产党万岁!社会主义万岁!贫苦人民大团结万岁! opinion NikkiHaley opinion NikkiHaley Forgive me for thinking Nikki has no credibility on the subject matter at hand. opinion NikkiHaley Well, technically, you can't have Capitalism without a free market. And you can't have a free market with partially free agents or parties.

opinion NikkiHaley Most people would just call that... common sense opinion NikkiHaley yeah, sorry, she doesn't speak for most americans. Capitalists have eroded the middle class, with trade deals that favored the corporations, eroded our democracy with citizens united, with lobbyists and super pacs. Capitalists have left the 99% behind and America has noticed.

Dems yell, scold and interrupt as things get tense in South Carolina debateElizabeth Warren tonight blasted Mike Bloomberg on his tax returns. 'It is not enough to be able to say, ‘just trust me on this.’ We have a president who said he was going to release his taxes after the election and refused to do this” Debate key moments He misspoke. 150 thousand. Quite a few people here to explain what Joe misspoke. We already have a President who needs others to explain what he said. One would think housing would be much cheaper with all that lack of demand.

lewisace123 opinion NikkiHaley All hail corporations. Thank you neocon Haley... No it’s not time to abandon capitalism. But it’s also not time to keep worshipping corporations. Neocons see the Bernie success and wonder why oh why are young people inclined towards socialism as if it’s not their fault.

opinion NikkiHaley Envious of fabulous opportunities to die in medical poverty? opinion NikkiHaley Socialism only increases inequality “Having gained full control... Chávez did not use it to benefit poor Venezuelans, contrary to the mythology spread by far-left admirers. Instead, Chávez began to transfer the wealth of the country to his cronies. “

opinion NikkiHaley Scare tactics!!! stoppandering opinion NikkiHaley America the envy of the world? We think you guys are utterly pathetic. Look at your President, college fees, health system, distribution of wealth. We pity Americans. opinion NikkiHaley Socialism/Communism does NOT belong in any society especially in the U.S.A. but who is listening and taking heed of this issue? ♀️

opinion NikkiHaley Yes.., right, the whole world knows. Capitalism built America. WSJ iam_Unique opinion NikkiHaley opinion NikkiHaley Nobody's going wobbly on Capitalism. We're just trying to make it work for more people, not just a few. opinion NikkiHaley Darn right

Dems yell, scold and interrupt in tense South Carolina debateThe 10th DemDebate wrapped up Tuesday with a series of fiery exchanges that probably didn’t do much to change the race, which could be good news for Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. More key moments: Craziness There have ONLY been 10 democraticdebates? I could've sworn tonight's debate number 50. What good news? Trump is most likely to win again!

opinion NikkiHaley NikkiHaley is relevant today? What did I miss? standamericanow opinion NikkiHaley I agree 💯 percent. Let's not clip the 'Wings Of Freedom' that we hold dear to our hearts. And what Our Previous Heavenly Father so lovingly gave to us.🇺🇸✝️ NikkiHaley opinion Mrs NikkiHaley we have suffered for 5 decades under a criminal stalinist regime. There is nothing worse than communism which is equal to fascism

opinion NikkiHaley Agreed, what we must push back on is crony capitalism and the globalist. NikkiHaley opinion Then un-corupt it. opinion NikkiHaley Socialism for the 1% and corporate America is not capitalism. Also Nikki you should travel outside a 5 star hotel before you call the rest of the world 'envious of America'

opinion NikkiHaley You already have with Trump and his protectionist policies. NikkiHaley opinion This was an ok piece till you mentioned Mr Chump ... what he has done with tax cut is to the prop up an already good economy ..it’s called a “sugar high”... its short term, non- sustainable, feels “good” but not long term sustainable. .. it’s producing a deficit that kills. Sad.

NikkiHaley opinion Republicans/conservatives: Don't call us fascists and racists! Those words have terrible meanings and don't apply to our policies! Also Republicans/conservatives: The guy who wants us to be more like Europe and Canada is a communist socialist who wants to destroy capitalism! opinion NikkiHaley WSJ unpatriotic support of a President who may well be still working for the Russians is one of the most disgusting things I ever saw.

Dramatic cellphone video shows Florida man rescuing driver from sinking carDramatic cellphone footage captured a Florida man rescuing a woman whose car plunged into a canal after she had a seizure. First time I’m happy to see “Florida man” in a headline. Toxic masculinity I love how, even in positive stories, 'Florida Man' is a thing.

opinion NikkiHaley How come the wealthy get $1.5 trillion, Trump gets $165 million in 'free' tax payer money to gold and resort, or the conservative farming corporations get bail outs and that's not socialist....but the elderly, disabled, etc get hard core Capitalism opinion NikkiHaley back 2 slavery damn right when exilee's return from t party strom thurmond sgt shriver take all black owned land nyse corp -bedrooms computers - I would to WRIYE IN SLAVE MOGIZEL SHAME CONSPIRING BEFORE AND AFTER THE FACT RAS PORTFOLIO

opinion NikkiHaley U.S. socialism is just for the rich white people, huh Nikki? opinion NikkiHaley Silent majority chase values of value captialism vulnerability ally aspects relationship satisfy debt grownuppolitics developed'product'community standard civilrights toolings jurisdictions Chronicle district's dosage MeD accord policy dhsGOV vechiles of industry nascar

opinion NikkiHaley This seems to be a scathing critique of the seditious forces that might be tilting the U.S. towards socialism, and perhaps even communism. opinion NikkiHaley FDR's Democratic Socialism (like Bernie Sanders) growing social security and worker's rights to organize and have higher wages and benefits which grew the middle class is what counteracted unregulated capitalism and thus made the USA the envy of the world.

NikkiHaley opinion Ever since NikkiHaley's comments on the confederate flag and what it stands for I refuse to take anything she says seriously. She is a politician to the core with zero integrity! opinion NikkiHaley Lol getting companies to pay their employees more is not 'abandoning capitalism' opinion NikkiHaley The current version of capitalism is corporations don't want to pay their employees. They are addicted to profits and will do anything they can to cook the books.

opinion NikkiHaley We have socialized capitalism. Tax cuts and subsidies go to companies making their highest profits ever. OUR TAXES SUBSIDIZE. That's not capitalism. Enough nonsense from the greed class.

Next Time You Go to Philly, Check Out 'Avenue of The Roots'East Passyunk Avenue below South Street will now know as 'The Avenue of the Roots.'

opinion NikkiHaley Ruthless capitalism is the problem. It needs to be checked. opinion NikkiHaley I’d take this more seriously but the trump admin giving billions to farmer is socialism. The pentagon jobs program is socialism. Medicare, Medicaid, fire stations, police stations, the military, all socialistic ideas.

NikkiHaley opinion Amen! opinion NikkiHaley Envy of the world hahaha opinion NikkiHaley Yes, time to get back to 'true' traditional, local and national fair market capitalism...enough of the stealthy, Globalist, Central bank monopoly, world corporatism!!! Happy New Year opinion NikkiHaley The only question to ask here is: WHY IS SOCIALISM ON THE RISE IN AMERICA? The media doesn't want to address their economic concerns. If you want to keep capitalism, make it work for everyone not just the rich.

opinion NikkiHaley Seriously, you guys don't study Social Sciences in school ? History, humanities, whatever it's called there ? opinion NikkiHaley I don't want to hear anything Nikki Haley has to say opinion NikkiHaley LOL, u hafta pay to read the article. I’ll take socialism, thx opinion NikkiHaley Says the Billionaires

opinion NikkiHaley Well said, but i her commitment to Trump seems greater than her commitment to free trade opinion NikkiHaley Capitalism needs improving

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