Opinion | The surprising postscript to Dan Quayle's legacy

Pence was praised for doing the right thing on Jan. 6. Now we now what it took.

9/17/2021 2:46:00 PM

Fmr. Vice President Pence was praised for doing the right thing on Jan. 6. Now we now what it took.

Pence was praised for doing the right thing on Jan. 6. Now we now what it took.

is trying to guess who provided which bits of information. The narrative framing is like a novel — attributions for sources are rare. It’s part of the reason so many politicos agree to interviews. They know their version of history could be the one that’s told. For example, there’s plenty of speculation that Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the source for some of the more flattering anecdotes about

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his role in saving democracy from Trump.I don’t have access to “Peril,” which makes it even more difficult for me to guess who may have provided this particular anecdote, but the unflattering portrayal of Pence rules him out in my mind. That leaves Quayle, or at least someone close enough to Quayle to have passed it on to Woodward and Costa. No matter who gave them the story, it serves as a particularly fascinating postscript and recasts the former punchline as a beacon of moral resolve.

Meanwhile, Pence’s legacy has grown more complicated. He did the right thing in the end. Listening to Quayle meant shelving any chance ofwinning over Trump’s more rabid fans, effectively shutting the door on his own presidential run. But the fact that he was even looking for an out is a problem. Certifying the election results should have been an easy choice for someone dedicated to public service. There aren’t many gimmes in politics, especially at the presidential level. headtopics.com

Then again, that desire for easy answers is part of why people like Trump are so appealing to the masses. We want stories and characters that are one-dimensional and moral choices cast in black and white. In a way, it’s better to read books like “Peril” less as history and more as literature and find inspiration and meaning in their half-truth reflections on life.

Despite his ambivalence, Pence forswore ambition for the good of the country. Despite his treatment at the hands of the political system, Quayle defended it during a time of peril. The better angels of their nature won out over selfishness and vanity. At the same time, there’s no denying that there is likely a self-serving reason we know these stories at all; it’s hard to be a hero if there’s no narrator to tell the tale.

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'Now we now what it took.' Excellence.... in 'journalism'.

Pence was prepared to do the wrong thing on Jan. 6 — he just couldn't pull it off.MaddowBlog: After the 2020 election, fmr. VP Pence was prepared to do the wrong thing. He just couldn't find a credible way to pull it off. MaddowBlog I hope no one is surprised by this. The most worthless VP in history. MaddowBlog And Pence would have had his ass in a sling ! MaddowBlog History will not be kind to this weak, obsequious and pathetic former VP. Shame on him!

Mike Pence could become Donald Trump's nemesis in 2024The former vice president's political advocacy group is reportedly trying to raise $18 million during its first year.

Pence sought counsel from Quayle on capacity to withhold certification on Jan. 6 of Biden’s election, book recountsFearful of Donald Trump’s actions in his final weeks as president, the United States’ top military officer twice assured his Chinese counterpart that the two nations would not go to war, according to a forthcoming book. Fearful of his actions? So basically an opinionated call was made without proper authority. Say it with me…. TREASON…. Unless it happened under Trump 🙄 Too many dems wanted to see trump fail rather than America succeed. Sad. good These no sense stories are nothing but distractions from what is going on today; let’s talk about Afghanistan!!!!!

Capitol Police requests National Guard on standby for pro-Trump rally supporting Jan. 6 riotersThe 'Justice forJ6' rally on Saturday, organized by an ex-campaign staffer for former President Donald Trump, is expected to draw about 700 people, DHS said. Foreshadowing are we? They might not stay in between the velvet rooms this time, WATCH OUT!! I'm old enough to remember this.

Oath Keeper pleads guilty in Jan. 6 riot, will cooperateA member of the far-right Oath Keepers militia group that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 pleaded guilty Wednesday and will cooperate with investigators against his fellow extremists, marking another win for the Justice Department in its major conspiracy case stemming from the attack. Jason Dolan, 45, is the fourth person associated with the group that recruits current and former military, police and first responders to plead guilty to conspiracy charges for their roles in Capitol riot. The former Marine from Wellington, Florida has also agreed to cooperate and testify for the government before any grand juries and trials. Burn baby burn!

DHS: Extremists used TikTok to promote Jan. 6 violenceFederal officials warned law enforcement agencies this spring that domestic extremists had used TikTok in the lead-up to the Jan. 6 riots on the Capitol, including by promoting bringing guns to Washington that day Couple of months ago I came across a recommendation about kim_alex__12 wealth how he helped investors to earn lots of money with their investments. and I decided to give a trial with the little I have. Now my little has turned into something great which was not my expectation Did Facebook get its friends at DHS to focus on TikTok? FB could not have written a better hit piece on its competitor. All these issues occur and are far more dangerous on FB due to network organization features unique to FB. Almost succeeded in getting Trump to destroy it. How many guns were confiscated on Jan 6 in DC? FBI said 0. ZERO. Metro PD said 3, but that included areas beyond the Capitol grounds, and none were brandished. Fake news media, partisan hacks and the New Politburo.