Opinions, The Really Worrisome Thing About The Delta Variant (Opinion) - Cnn

Opinions, The Really Worrisome Thing About The Delta Variant (Opinion) - Cnn

Opinion: The really worrisome thing about the Delta variant

'There is growing evidence that children infected by the Delta variant may develop a more severe form of the disease compared to illness caused by other forms of the virus,' Dr. Kent Sepkowitz writes for @CNNOpinion.

8/4/2021 11:05:00 AM

'There is growing evidence that children infected by the Delta variant may develop a more severe form of the disease compared to illness caused by other forms of the virus,' Dr. Kent Sepkowitz writes for CNNOpinion.

Kent Sepkowitz writes that, while the headlines about the Delta variant have largely focused on the rising infection rates, ​​the fact that some children have gotten seriously ill from the virus is a problem worthy of real debate.

(CNN)Each week seems to bring another alarming development on the Covid-19 Delta variant. Just last week, we learned of an outbreak among hundreds of vaccinated people in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Of particular concern is the evidence of high amounts of virus in respiratory samples of vaccinated individuals suggesting that they can in fact be contagious.

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Kent SepkowitzIn response to the new information, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has adjusted guidelines to again recommend masks for certain situations. Though the real message of the latest outbreak is how well the vaccines work at preventing death, reintroducing masks is the right decision, since it will help decrease transmission at a time of rising Delta-related cases nationally.On cue, the CDC's latest update is being met with the usual tomato-throwing response from the anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-science, anti-logic members of the blab-o-sphere who have declared the CDC hopelessly lost, unscientific and waffling.But after 18 months of this pandemic, who can call the CDC action and the public reaction a surprise? Governmental entities that make decisions, such as the CDC, are always easy targets for anti-government and anti-whatever enthusiasts.Even the immediate OMG shrieks from usually level-headed reporters and newspapers -- the Delta variant is as contagious as chicken pox! (a previously known fact) and a correct if click-bait-y emphasis on the high percent of cases that had been vaccinated -- also are predictable. The virus is scary. It is not contained. Half the country is not fully vaccinated. All of this deserves headlines, which, by their nature, err on the side of provocation.Read MoreWhat is odd about the focus on the Provincetown outbreak is that it is not the important Delta variant story this week. It is only a minor addition to the Covid-19 story.Here's the real news: there is growing evidence that -- for whatever reason (higher viral loads, something different about how the virus is handled by less mature immune systems, or something else), children infected by the Delta variant may develop a more severe form of the disease compared to illness caused by other forms of the virus. Our children will suffer if adults can't get school Covid precautions rightIn a recent NPR interview, Dr. Rick Barr, who leads the Arkansas Children's Hospital, said that the"Delta variant is acting very, very differently with respect to kids ... just in the month of July, we have [admitted] over 40 to the children's hospital. .. and a number of those have ended up in the intensive care unit." Half the kids were below 12 years of age and not eligible for vaccine but the other half -- also not fully vaccinated, were 12 years old and up. And Arkansas is not the only Southern state reporting the increase of child hospitalizations. All this suggests that the next real area for debate is not whether the current vaccines are good enough against the Delta variant (they are, overwhelmingly) or whether we should mask up and spread out (yes, obviously), but rather what should we do about the children who are not yet eligible for vaccination under a US Food and Drug Administration Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) but will be heading back to school in a month, or sooner -- during an outbreak of a viral variant that could get much more severe?Get our free weekly newsletterSign up for CNN Opinion's new newsletter.

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Opinion Your unvaccinated self and kids need to stay home! Stop the spread!! Opinion This is scary Opinion When an article says it ‘may’ that’s just another way of saying they don’t know shit so they throw something out to the public and hope it sticks. Why don’t we ever see an article saying ‘based on the numbers x amount of child had severe illness compared to y children.

UROCKlive1 Opinion shhh Don't tell DeSantis He's counting on keeping this on the down low until Magical Thinking can move in and fix it Opinion How many times r u going to lie to the ppl? Covid is deadly ppl that died from it very few. Mostly to get it hardly. The Flu numbers r down but yet covid is part of the Flu. If ur eating you can take off ur mask bc u can't get covid. UnfuckAmerica StopWithTheLies

Opinion Blah blah blah Opinion Just like the flu mutates every year we need a new vaccine the Covid vaccine is for last year's Covid 1 we need new vaccine for Delta covid Opinion Any excuse to give them the vaccine Opinion Kids will kick out one. And so will the booster shots. It’s all by design to control the population. Either through virus/food/water. I bet ebola makes a come back.🤔

Opinion CNN always peddling fear for clicks Opinion You just have to keep the hysteria going, I have to give kudos to the people who come up with yet another hyped item. Imagine if they used their minds to actually solve some problems.

Opinion | The CDC’s Delta Variant PanicFrom WSJopinion: The CDC should be a source of fact and reason, not a hair-on-fire spreader of fear, writes The Editorial Board opinion The opinion should be a source of facts and reason, not a hair-on-fire spreader of fear opinion Fact and reason? WSJ version of Fact and reason or the dictionary definition of fact and reason? Let us know because they are light years apart. opinion And the WSJ should be a source of fact and reason, not a spreader of trumpian lies (which of course have caused the worst of the pandemic). So, really, isn't this on you, FoxNews, et al.?

Opinion Take heed of this Floridians, please! Opinion Umm guys - you already posted this. I need new news! Bring the fear! Opinion What's probably the variant affects all the age groups. The best thing is to getting vaccinated and keeping gestures in check. Opinion Don’t worry we have vaccines and a great competent president. These children don’t have to care Biden is here to help

Opinion 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Opinion CNN…. Opinion You finished from adults, now the kids .. Next maybe dogs and cats .. Opinion Scare tactic Opinion 'The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function' Emeritus Professor Of Physics -Albert Bartlett your vaccines ENABLE the exponential function and exponentially increase MY RISK of being KILLED BY A VIRUS in the NEXT PANDEMIC


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Opinion But but.. Kids don’t get... But but.. Kids don’t die from the.... But but... No masks... But Opinion Opinion Oh stop!!! Opinion Perhaps, Dr. Kent Sepkowitz and need to look at the UK real life data. Public Health of England provides excellent quality information on severity of Covid outcomes for various groups including children. There is zero evidence that Delta poses higher risk for children. Zero.

Opinion Someone who called me a democrat insisted that variants are never as 'bad' as the original. Are you calling them stupid Opinion FAKENEWS FAKENIEUWS Opinion Opinion What about the long haul effects for these children?

Asian stocks slip as Delta spread spooks investorsAsian stocks slipped on Tuesday, as the Delta coronavirus variant spread in key markets in the region and put Chinese authorities on high alert, rattling investor confidence.

Delta is 'life-threatening' for younger Americans, says head of Florida Hospital AssociationFlorida Hospital Association President Mary Mayhew joins Morning Joe as the state becomes the leader in per capita hospitalizations for the coronavirus. Mayhew stresses the need to convince younger individuals in Florida to get vaccinated. Florida doesn't care don't believe it...they tried this b/f....the next state to have a crises..ahhhh Texas...bet on it ...MSM is praying on these stories to blossom they could care less about the individual/s ..they need a story to keep up the narrative.. SMH...I heard my old hometown was EXPLODING..then I find out that covid deaths went from 1 to 2 in a two weeks period...is that a 100% jump YEP..but it shows how numbers can be played with and that's just what MSM do to push a narrative

Delta Variant Stalls Asia’s Economic Recovery After Early ReboundAsia is emerging as a weak link in an otherwise strong global economic recovery, as rising Covid-19 cases and slow progress on vaccinations begin to paralyze a region that had kept the coronavirus in check. Their strategy was always shortsighted and incompetent, Sweden got it right and the world ignored them wow Appreciation from my heart to you Henrymayson4 you're such a wonderful person now we south Africans has hope again about investing and fast withdrawaI , I and my family will invest with your company forever

El Salvador descarta decretar un confinamiento por la circulación de la variante deltaEl Gobierno de El Salvador descarta decretar un nuevo confinamiento ante el ingreso al país centroamericano de la variante delta del coronavirus, de la que ya se reporta un caso, según dijo este lunes el titular del Ministerio de Salud, Francisco Alabí. good I subscribe to the English language version, why do I keep getting the Spanish Ads?