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Facial Recognition, Emotion

Opinion | The Racist History Behind Facial Recognition

When will we finally learn we cannot predict people’s character from their appearance?


In Opinion Sahil Chinoy writes, 'Artificial intelligence and modern computing are giving new life and a veneer of objectivity to these debunked theories, which were once used to legitimize slavery and perpetuate Nazi race 'science.''

When will we finally learn we cannot predict people’s character from their appearance?

— isn’t the only cause for concern. The technological frontiers being explored by questionable researchers and unscrupulous start-ups recall the discredited pseudosciences of physiognomy and phrenology, which purport to use facial structure and head shape to assess character and mental capacity.

More broadly, new applications of facial recognition — not just in academic research, but also in commercial products that try to guess emotions from facial expressions — echo the same biological essentialism behind physiognomy. Apparently, we still haven’t learned that faces do not contain some deeper truth about the people they belong to.

Francis Galton’s composite portraits of “men convicted of larceny.”

Galton’s tools and ideas have proved surprisingly durable, and modern researchers are again contemplating whether criminality can be read from one’s face. In a much-contested

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Ask all the people who body shame, visit plastic surgeons and generally live shallow lives why they judge based on appearance? I don't so I cannot relate to these people. 👍👍they keep idiots,well ...worst for them. sahilchinoy 🔥🔥 This article is missguided, Alphonse Bertillon invented the system for classification purposes only.

Man this whole racial complaints by liberals is getting way out of hand. It has become like breathing air to them. Second nature to accuse and claim everything and everyone they don’t like or agree as racist. Just pathetic. They did not have facial recognition technology when He immigrants came 100 years ago ,, this is why folks do not trust the media!

House grills Homeland Security over government use of facial recognitionThe members of the House Homeland Security Committee held a hearing with DHS officials over what's being called a 'massive, unwarranted intrusion': the use of driver's license photos without your consent for facial recognition scans. Craig Melvin speaks with Washington Post technology reporter Drew Harwell about how the FBI and ICE may be using your photos. 😠😡 Yo, it's called using Americans as Guinea pigs without their consent. you know, 'for the better good' ;-) BruceEppard2 And people were bitching about FISA, ToxicTrumpsGottaGo

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