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Opinion | The Delta Variant Is a Reality Test

Americans haven’t wanted to understand what it means for a virus to be endemic.

7/22/2021 6:45:00 AM

From WSJopinion: For the last 15 months, epidemiologists have said that the new coronavirus was likely to evolve and become endemic. Americans and the media haven’t wanted to understand what this means, writes Holman Jenkins.

Americans haven’t wanted to understand what it means for a virus to be endemic.

July 20, 2021 6:28 pm ETThe difficulty of the news business is that you’re constantly trying to tell people their information is outmoded, which they resist since assimilating new information entails a cost. And yet here goes:If you haven’t had Covid yet, you will. If you’ve had it once, you’ll have it again. If you’re vaccinated or were infected previously—which will one day be most people except the very young—your symptoms will likely be mild or nonexistent, but it’s not guaranteed. Words the CDC says about the flu it will say about Covid: “Vaccination is especially important for people 65 years and older because they are at high risk of developing serious complications from flu. Flu vaccines are updated each season as needed to keep up with changing viruses.”

Simone Biles is at the women’s all-around gymnastics final as she cheers on Team USA Disney World and Disneyland to again require masks indoors Dubrovnik is rediscovering its own charm

Nobody is surprised when they get the flu for the second, the third, the eighth time in their lives. This is what epidemiologistsmeantwhen, for the last 15 months, they said the new coronavirus was likely to evolve and become endemic.Which brings us again to the question of vaccine hesitancy. Media types have been worshiping a Kaiser Family Foundation

surveythat finds 86% of Democrats and only 52% of Republicans are vaccinated.But all the problems of polling apply: fewer and increasingly unrepresentative are those of us who even bother to answer our phones; we’re cagey on partisan questions. The numbers also seem disproportionate to every correlate: Rural vs. urban. Young vs. old. Black vs. white. Kaiser says it aims for an error of plus or minus 3 percentage points; on party identification it achieved an error of 6 to 7 points.

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July 2021: The Next Full Moon is the Buck Moon

The next full Moon goes by many names including the Buck Moon.

opinion Masks forever until your vaccinated🤷‍♂️ opinion The reasons why you shouldn't worry about COVID-19 vaccines and how to go back to life the way it was. opinion First thing first….get everyone vaccinated. This will help save American lives. As long as unvaccinated American do not understand this, it will impact their lives and livelihood!

opinion 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸In America's richest state, California, it is possible to imagine a huge investment of 6 billion. $$ that reflects a mass of extreme poverty reproduced by the peculiar characteristics of the left-wing 'democratic' government. opinion Many Americans that don't consume right wing media and a lot of media that was not right-wing understood this was coming and begged other Americans to wear masks and get vaccinated. The Americans consuming right wing media did not listen. That's why it's becoming endemic

Stock Market Sell-Off: Dow Plunges 700 Points In Worst Drop Since October As Delta Variant Fears MountThe Dow fell 700 points yesterday in the worst drop since October as the delta variant fears mount thanks Today will be much worse. Wednesday will be horrendous. Dow Jones near 10k by end of the week. Be greedy while others are fearful! Jersey Strong! tradelikeamagoo

Opinion | We’ll Always Have CovidFrom WSJopinion: Markets are spooked by the Delta variant, but the policy goal is to minimize Covid’s impact on society and the healthcare system with vaccines and testing—not to eradicate it opinion Bioterrorists in America don't care about policy goals.... opinion Top 10 Countries you should never visit opinion Wow!

Delta Variant Prompts States, Counties to Reconsider Mask MandatesStates and counties are beginning to consider mask mandates again as the contagious Delta variant spreads. Yes since they worked so well before. Science!™️ That's because they never should've stopped the mask mandates. 😡

If you got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, do you need another dose?There's growing anxiety over the highly contagious delta variant in the U.S. Stories like this are why people are confused and mistrustful... What does the CDC say ? Nothing until they meet Thursday - end of story.... THE UNVACCINATED ARE A STAIN ON SOCIETY... Karma knows who they are and will deal with them accordingly. It's too late to help them now. Does it have asbestos in it?

Delta variant detected on Capitol Hill prompting recommendation to mask upAs the Delta variant emerges as the dominant strain of Covid across the country, the Capitol attending physician is warning Congress about the variant's presence on Capitol Hill. Those Texas Democrats that fled to DC really screwed things up. Fauci is 😱 No one cares. It is summer, everyone has their lives to live. Trying to get everyone to mask up now would impossible

Expert Warns of Delta Summer if More Aren't VaccinatedDelta variant SARS-CoV-2 infections are likely to peak this summer, but other variants could follow, an Emory infectious disease expert predicts. What % of these numbers are the unvaccinated? They said, vaccines are good. Thanks Joe Biden