Opinion: The COVID-19 vaccine should be mandatory for kids—here’s why

Opinion: The COVID-19 vaccine should be mandatory for kids—here's why

5/18/2021 5:21:00 PM

Opinion: The COVID-19 vaccine should be mandatory for kids—here's why

Many governments already issue other mandates to keep kids safe, so why should the COVID-19 vaccine be any different?

One tool thatmayserve to encourage vaccination uptake is vaccine mandates.As philosophical researchers, we offer three ethical arguments in favour of making COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for children,. We contend it would be ethically permissible for governments to impose a sanction (such as a fine or exclusion from social environments or activities) on those who fail to vaccinate their children.

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Risk of harm to childrenArgument one: If there is an easy, low-cost way for parents or guardians to avoid exposingchildren in their careto substantial risk of harm and death, they ought to do so.COVID-19 presents a substantial risk of harm—including long-term health complications such as organ damage,

long COVID, or multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) and death—to at least some proportion of children. We have limited knowledge about how large the at-risk group is and who is in it, and about the extent to which these conditions will be treatable. headtopics.com

If the COVID-19 vaccine is as safe and effective as other standard childhood vaccinations (or similarly safe as,it seems, most COVID-19 vaccines are for adults), it would provide parents and guardians with an easy, low-cost way to avoid exposing their children to an infection that may cause them serious harm or death.

Governments have an obligation to protect children from parents or guardians who might expose children in their care to easily avoidable risk of harm and death. Therefore, the state ought, in principle and in the absence of decisive countervailing reasons, to mandate that parents vaccinate their children against COVID-19.

We accept that the state protects children in other contexts by imposing obligations on adults to adopt easy, low-cost ways of avoiding significant harm and death, for example, by using car seats and seat belts for their children when driving.Risk of harm to others

Argument two: If, by vaccinating their children, parents and guardians can avoid imposing a significant risk of harm and deathon othersin an easy, low-cost way, they ought to vaccinate their children.The threat to all of us from COVID-19 is significant. The risk unvaccinated children pose is especially great. Children contribute to the spread of the virus through social mixing, often in large groups (for example, in classrooms). Moreover, the longer children remain unvaccinated, the more opportunity exists for headtopics.com

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a new, more potent variantof COVID-19 to emerge and threaten us all.A safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine would provide parents and guardians with an easy, low-cost way to avoid imposing the significant risk of harm or death associated with COVID-19 on others.

The state is required to adopt measures to protect populations from exposure to risk of harm and death that might be avoided easily and at low cost. Therefore, the state ought (again in principle and in the absence of decisive countervailing reasons) to mandate that parents vaccinate their children.

We accept that the state protects populations with low-cost and easy avoidance of risk of harm and death in other contexts by, for example, imposing speed limits, limits onalcohol consumptionand vision requirements for driving.We also already accept that the state imposes obligations on parents to take measures to prevent their children from posing risks to others in many contexts. Childhood vaccinations are already mandatory in some liberal democracies, and most liberal democracies mandate that children attend school to provide them with a civic education, and prohibit children from carrying weapons, for similar reasons.

Children’s well-beingArgument three: One very compelling reason we have to end the pandemic and to mandate vaccination relates to children’s well-being. We must protect children from themental and physical effectsof lockdown and other restrictions, or effects of insufficient restrictions, such as school closures due to infection spread. headtopics.com

Restrictions and the effects of spreading infection lead to decreased opportunities for the pursuit of well-being. Impacts on education alone are considerable, especially amongst the least well off.But most important of all we want children to thrive. The third argument for mandating the vaccination of children turns on unique features of children’s well-being. Children’s well-being may have different elements than adults’. For example, adults may be focused on values like authentic happiness and rational desires. This may not be true of (especially young) children.

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Disgusting you would even publish garbage like this. I will never read another today parent article again!!! Over my dead body are they touching my kids with this experimental vaccine. you should be ashamed of yourself for writing this article. Is this for real? At leaset wait until 2023 for the full length of the trial!!!

Where I live, I have the feeling I’ll be one of the few who vaccinates her kids.

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