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Opinion | The Covid-19 Origin Investigation

Beijing spreads conspiracies while impeding WHO experts.

1/24/2021 3:30:00 PM

From WSJopinion: If a U.S. return to the World Health Organization doesn’t prompt a more thorough investigation of Covid-19’s origins, what exactly is the point of membership?

Beijing spreads conspiracies while impeding WHO experts.

Jan. 22, 2021 6:50 pm ETPresident Biden stopped America’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization on his first day in office. The premise of his decision is that reforming international institutions from inside is more effective than leaving or withholding funds, and this theory will be tested quickly.

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“China has total control over the World Health Organization,” Donald Trump said last year when announcing the U.S. would leave. That was typical hyperbole, but he had a point. WHO director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus fawned over China’s response to the virus—“very impressive, and beyond words”—as Beijing destroyed virus samples, neutralized whistleblowers, and spread conspiracy theories.

WHO officialsprivatelyconsidered speaking out but calculated that the Chinese Communist Party would be even less cooperative if criticized publicly. The agency’s reticence didn’t do much. A team of WHO experts went to Beijing to study the origins of the virus in February 2020—when their chances of discovering how it transferred to humans from animals were significantly better than today—but the Chinese government impeded them. headtopics.com

Negotiations with Beijing dragged on through 2020. This month Dr. Tedros finally mustered the spiritless complaint that he was “very disappointed” with the delays. The Chinese foreign ministry said it welcomed the investigators’ presence shortly before they began arriving in recent days. Take this as seriously as O.J. Simpson’s vow to make finding the killer of his ex-wife “my primary goal in life.”

Media reports say Beijing pushed WHO to delegate critical initial investigatory work to Chinese scientists. The WHO team at best will get incomplete data, because research on Covid-19’s origins can’t be published in China without the Communist Party’s approval. The Chinese government also approved the WHO mission’s members and agenda.

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A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now infected more than 105 million people worldwide and killed over 2.2 million of them.

opinion Virtue signalling of course.Did you expect anything more from Biden etal. opinion It’s all a scam there is a bigger picture that’s why Trump got out. They lied and took China’s side in hiding the virus. opinion Every intelligent person knows the origins are unnatural. opinion NO point at all just gives Fauci the attention he craves.

opinion opinion COMBATTING THE VIRUS GLOBALLY GOING FORWARD opinion This is absolutely Bio terroist attack towards U.S. soil. China has been conducting B.O.W for years since the P4 lab built in Wuhan. China must be held accountable opinion Pfizer will provide WHO 40 million doses vaccine and US joined COVAX led by WHO. I have very low expectation on the WHO investigation of the origin. But it is more important to reform the WHO. We need WHO.

opinion The Sad Reality Of This World - You Have No Choice opinion Feed leftist bureaucrats opinion Perish the thought that the United States should rejoin the WHO in order to foster global health, it should rather do so only to provide America with yet another platform to attack China. The WSJ should be embarrassed by kowtowing so abjectly to Murdoch’s right wing politics.

opinion To please the Chinese. Hunter will surely profit. opinion Working together to end the worldwide pandemic. opinion FUKK you Wall Street Journal opinion Hmm... to prepare for and respond to future pandemics and outbreaks? Because we live on, you know, planet earth here together? opinion FUTURE HEALTH STUPID

opinion Good question isn't it? Why is US proving over 70% of funding to WHO when it failed to warn the world of COVID 19 spread. Why did it ignore Taiwan's inquiry into unusual SARS like infection in Wuhan on December 31st, 2019? It could have saved millions of lives, but it failed. opinion Waste our tax payers’ money. This is the least thing Biden should do it right now. He makes American looks like a naive!

opinion expel china.......... opinion -To help prevent the next epidemic. -To share knowledge. -Because it was insane to pull out of the WHO in the middle of a Pandemic. opinion WHO care you? opinion can only work with countries that cooperate....... the democratic example, exemplified thru out the world.......

opinion No doubt the handling of COVID-19 was a complete clusterfuck in all aspect. Can't change the past but hopefully we can learn from it. Membership IS important to prevent another COVID-19 type disaster. opinion Maybe you could learn a thing or two? The US is up there with the worst handling of the virus!!

opinion WHO 'Science' Joe Supports opinion WHO dat opinion Because any international organization or movement holding any sway over America, diminishes us. And thats the whole point. U.N. Paris Accord, WHO. etc. You don't think we'll soon join the International Criminal Court? Put Americans on trial for our sins? Just watch.

opinion We need the world to come together , like we did to fight hunger.This disease has removed 2 million from the population and hunger and suicide his taking out another couple million.God help us. opinion Wow opinion Like the World can only be conscientious when the US around... we have moved on. opinion To reverse Trump - it’s petty and useless politics

opinion WHO is far-left opinion World Health Organization With the World Each Country Health Care Insurances Organization Withthe Only ShareholderWith Member & InvestmentUsed OnlyOther Uses Prohibited Restrictedby theConstitutionLaw ImpeachmentPetionLetter With EachStimulus&Emergency CheckAppealingCase in Court

opinion The point of membership is to gain knowledge and have input in world heath issues not just from/in China but around the entire globe. Shortsightedness is why Trump failed America in this pandemic.