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Eviction Moratorium, Progressive Democrats

Opinion | The Coming Eviction Crisis

States, localities, the Biden administration and Congress all deserve some blame.

8/5/2021 12:30:00 AM

From WSJopinion: The coming eviction crisis is a classic case of good intentions undermined by poor design and implementation, writes BillGalston

States, localities, the Biden administration and Congress all deserve some blame.

Aug. 3, 2021 12:29 pm ETMillions of Americans—mainly lower and middle-income workers—lost their jobs last year amid the pandemic and couldn’t pay the rent. Congress enacted a limited and temporary moratorium on evictions, which ended in July 2020.To avoid worsening a public-health crisis, President Trump issued an executive order asking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to step in. Citing its authority under the Public Health Service Act of 1944, the CDC responded in September with a broader moratorium, which has been extended several times through a new law and administrative actions. In March, the Biden administration extended the ban until the end of June, later updated to the end of July. The administration stated that the CDC wouldn’t extend the moratorium further unless there was a new surge in coronavirus cases.

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Two key events have happened since then. The first is a June 29 Supreme Court decision. States brought lawsuits challenging the CDC’s authority, and five justices agreed to allow the moratorium to stand. But one member of the majority, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, stated that the CDC had exceeded its authority and that the moratorium couldn’t be lawfully extended beyond the end of July without “clear and specific congressional authorization (via new legislation).”

Second, the Delta variant has sparked a dramatic rise in new coronavirus cases, many in unvaccinated people, and the Biden administration has struggled to respond. Although the president’s domestic-policy team urged him to request an additional CDC moratorium extension, his legal team advised him that the Supreme Court’s decision had closed this path, and Mr. Biden agreed. Last week he asked Congress to enact an extension, but by then it was too late. The administration’s decision not to extend the moratorium unilaterally has produced a serious rift with progressive House Democrats. headtopics.com

The public-health consequences of allowing the moratorium to expire could be serious.One study from last fallfound that states that had lifted their own moratoria last spring and summer experienced much higher coronavirus caseloads and deaths than states that kept them in place. Those evicted ended up living in more-crowded places—relatives’ apartments, motel rooms or shelters—where social distancing is harder. This is especially relevant to the Delta strain, which is substantially more transmissible than earlier variants.

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Biden White House, under pressure from Democrats, responds on evictionsResponding to political pressure to extend the now-expired federal ban on evictions, the Biden administration announced Monday new measures to help prevent evictions. Wanna bet red states are holding up the money to damage POTUS’s presidency? thanks Pelosi...yea ok.

Cori Bush steers progressives to win on eviction crisisCori Bush has led a one-woman protest on the Capitol steps over the last several days that forced the eviction crisis to the top of the nation's agenda even after the House left town without taking action on the issue fraudsquad There are so many items that need to be addressed in this country how do you decide what comes first?

Biden administration issues targeted new eviction moratoriumThe previous eviction moratorium expired on Saturday, sparking outcries from liberal politicians and consumer advocates. good People are going to pit themselves and others at risk to keep this going! To err is to be human, watch! Why is MarketWatch using a picture from 2009. So misleading.

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The White House doubles down and says it can't extend the eviction ban without CongressThe White House on Monday said it couldn't renew a now lapsed eviction ban without Congress, urging state and local governments to prevent evictions on their own. The senate would note vote on it while working on infrastructure. Why should they? Ffs, people need to pay their God damn rent, what about homeowners who have a mortgage? Or *gasp* those evil property owners who have a mortgage that renters help pay? Fuck the anti-rent people who want to live in someone elses place for free.

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