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Opinion | The Bidens and China Business

The story won’t go away without explanation, even if the Veep wins.

10/21/2020 5:00:00 PM

From WSJopinion: Joe Biden has an obligation to answer questions about his son’s influence-peddling and his own financial dealings—notably regarding China, writes The Editorial Board

The story won’t go away without explanation, even if the Veep wins.

Oct. 20, 2020 7:30 pm ETMost of the media is ignoring the emails found in Hunter Biden’s laptop, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t news. Joe Biden has an obligation to answer questions about his son’s influence-peddling and his own financial dealings—notably regarding China.

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SteelySquid opinion Which he never did this did he...instead he attacked anyone who remotely brought it up. So is everyone just going to ignore the documents and bank statements showing Putin and China giving him millions? How about the open FBI investigation for money laundering? ...anyone? opinion Biden’s crime family is reckless. DrainTheSwamp

nychezhead opinion opinion Yes. opinion He's put up the white flag. He knows the biden crime family and the crooked libtards have been exposed. Another Trump victory! 👍🎉 opinion F*ck all y’all. opinion Only after Donald Trump answers for his kids first. opinion Who cares tf opinion The time to do that has long since passed.

opinion Don’t forget trumps business dealings with China boys & girls opinion Ivanka’s influence peddling opinion Let’s talk about Ivanka’s influence peddling TrumpFamilyCorruption TrumpChinaBankAccount opinion Biden is a crook! There is enough evidence to indict him! opinion opinion Nice deflection away from the president's Chinese bank account....

opinion As soon as Trump answers questions about his kids and friends now in prison. opinion TrumpCrimeSyndicate opinion Does this piece discuss an obligation by the sitting President to answer questions about *his* sons' and daughter's influence peddling? opinion Does Trump have the same obligations about his family? Trump doesn't even answer honestly about himself. Liars. All the Trump gang.

opinion WSJ should be an honest broker for once. Investigate those Million Dollar Accounts in Foreign Countries by a United States President. Trump paying Taxes in Foreign Countries? Is this a traitorous Act? Why not do some real investigative Reporting? opinion Did you ask the same about Ivanka and her China Trademark Deals or her ties to child labor laws regarding the manufacture of her products. Did you do inquiry when Don jr and Eric on Taxpayers dime made numerous trips overseas to look at properties Trump was investing. WSJ is Bias

opinion Ok. Trump kids first! opinion Finally WSJ has stopped treating readers as idiots, thinking that noone will know ab Biden's scandal as long as they refuse to report it. opinion Donnie has a secret Chinese bank account unknown to anyone, pays more taxes there than in the US, has over a billion dollars in debts....

opinion And to be honest, your editorial board wreaks of bias and schizophrenia opinion Fixed it: Donald Trump has an obligation to answer questions about Security Clearance Kids Jared & Ivanka's influence peddling + their financial dealings regarding China, Saudia Arabia, Russia, Israel. But your paper is owned by Murdoch who is BFF's with Jared and Ivanka.

opinion Now do the guy with actual business ties to China. opinion Lol pathetic. Trump gets away with everything I’m so tired of it. There’s literally dozens of things trump is doing or has done that needs investigating. Can we start with nepotism in the White House? This Biden shit is nothing compared to trump. But he gets a pass always

opinion Why does he have to respond to question about it? He doesn't need to justify a lie especially when his opponent has 3 cheating lying kids who he doesn't want to talk about their crooked activities. Tit for tat. opinion The WSJ, carrying Trumps water since 2016. opinion Trump first. I’m sure you’ve been insisting on him answering questions on his many shady dealings, right?

opinion Just write something to satisfy and fob off the remainder. Just do something. It will be ok. opinion opinion To many Hong Kongers and Taiwanese, it's got CCP corrupting M.O. written all over it. It's jaw-dropping that some Americans insist Hunter getting rich from China had nothing to do with his father. What do think they pay him for? Because of his bonnie blue eyes?

opinion I’m fine with it. Just so long as everyone, including 45 answer the same regarding all of their financial dealings seeing as he actually is running the US right now. Full transparency for all. opinion Now do Trump 🤔 opinion opinion Start with the current president and then we’ll see about Biden.

opinion Where are Trumps Taxes? Where is Ivanka and Jarheads security clearances? There’s some obligations to worry about. opinion opinion Good God opinion opinion What about Trump? Follow all is money to China, Russia, Saudi Arabia No ones more corrupt than Trump! Anyone is better 4 President opinion Transparency please JOE BIDEN?

opinion Is that you, Murdoch? opinion In the last 10 years the WSJ has gone from a respectable business publication, to lining the bottom of my cat box. opinion You have GOT TO BE KIDDING! The entire Trump family is one big influence peddling/crime syndicate. Where's the WSJ's demand that they fess up about their 'financial dealings?'

opinion Rubbish! Sellout ThisIsNotJournalism DemocracyAtRisk VoteBidenHarris2020 ✊🏽✊🏿✊🏼 opinion No... opinion No he doesn’t. Trump does, however, have an obligation to answer questions about his secret Chinese bank account and the financial dealings of his daughter and son-in-law. GFY, Murdoch-owned WSJ.

opinion No he doesn’t opinion No, he doesn’t. He’s already won. And everyone, including you, knows it. Drump is done. opinion WSJ used to be a respectable publication. Now it’s just another gossip rag like the NY Post opinion You’ve lost all credibility. What a disappointment to decades of readers. opinion WTH. Say thank you to Twitter TwitterCensorship CensorshipIsReal CensorshipIsVoterSuppression

opinion Russian stooges. opinion Now do Trump and Nepotism Barbie. Have you looked into the bank account he has in China? opinion Murdoch, the owner of this newspaper, is a close friend and adviser to Jared and Ivanka: opinion Exhibit Kajillion why no one respects your opinion pieces. opinion 😂 opinion No

opinion Nah, let's have Trump answer for his secret Chinese bank account, you fvcking hacks. opinion Murdoch biased hypocrisy on display. Biden should explain innocent emails to son but we will give Trumps strange Chinese bank account a pass. Not to mention Trumps horrific presidency. WSJ is under Murdochs toady horrible thumb.

opinion opinion There is years of Joe Bidens taxes posted,so this witch hunt is ridiculous! You know exactly what he earned,and what he paid in taxes! Can you begin to say that about any of the Trumps? Kushner? Foreign bank accounts? Tax returns? opinion 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 opinion TrumpCrimeFamily start here.

opinion Counterpoint: no he fucking doesn’t because Russian disinformation doesn’t require a follow up opinion Articles like these are why I switched to FT after reading WSJ for 40 years. Murdoch owned = fluff sensationalism. I prefer facts. opinion opinion This is straight out of “Citizen Kane”. What is Mr. Murdoch’s rosebud?

opinion No. opinion How about we start with asking who Trump is in debt to and why he has a bank account in China. Your hypocrisy is beyond the pale. opinion Now do Trump and the Trump kids at the same time. Otherwise you're a sham journal, biased and hypocritical. opinion No, he doesn't, because this is fabricated bullshit.

opinion I think Ivanka, Donnie jr., Eric, Tiffany and even Barron need to answer some questions. Lots of ground to cover. Let’s go! opinion There aren’t buts or what abouts. Pathetic opinion It’s bullshit. He was impeached for trying to stir up the same shit. opinion realDonaldTrump has an obligation to release his taxes & answer questions about his son's & daughter's influence peddling & his own financial dealings, notably regarding China, Russa, Saudi. RIPGOP VoteOutEveryRepublican

opinion nope opinion Nah opinion I don't believe Joe Biden or his son has anything to hide. Vote Biden-Harris!! opinion This is coming from people who have given Trump a free pass opinion Let’s talk about Trump’s bank account in China hkStephenSYY opinion Jump out from the boat !😅😅😅 opinion WSJ is such a disgrace.

opinion Biden released his taxes. Where are Trump’s taxes? Why is he fighting so hard to hide them? China? Trump should answer questions abt his secret China bank account, the 100’s of China Trademarks Ivanka has gotten since breaking Nepotism law & working in WH opinion Yawn! opinion Hahahahahahaha. STFU WSJ be aches!

opinion No such obligation exists. opinion The email was authenticated, contrary to what the fake news media reports. He should answer his involvement. He was caught on the video bragging about it. opinion Once Trump does and releases his tax returns, then Biden will. Fox News for rich people getting desperate. TrumpVirus

opinion Shills for Russia. Fck off. opinion We are tired of Trump News 24/7. We want to know are you the Big Guy in your sons emails receiving kickbacks? We know about Trump, you are suppose to be the decent one. opinion Great take you bunch of Murdoch hacks. A great timing in the day Trump’s Chinese bank account revealed. Makes you look really smart.

opinion No he doesn't. What's to answer, it's all bullshit. opinion Yikes. Y’all got the stink on you now. Even IF the story were true, it wouldn’t hold a candle to the sheer tonnage of impropriety and illegality committed by the dirtbags who brought it to you opinion I think trump has an obligation to address his $750 tax payment. Don’t you agree JoeBiden KamalaHarris CF: GOP senatemajldr SenateGOP

opinion cnnbrk your comment about this. opinion Where was this energy for Trump? hkStephenSYY opinion Democracy and president Biden: USA for Sale! opinion What I really want to know about Biden is why didn’t he simply open a hotel under his own name where foreign governments and lobbyists could just hand him money?

opinion WSJ. My subscription is cancelled. opinion What about Ivanka? opinion How about Donnies taxes? How about his various unreported bank accounts. How about foriegn payments. What aboutism is bullshit. Donnie didn't follow thru on anything yet you want a different response from Biden. Sit down and Hush.

opinion First things first. I want to know about Trump’s China dealings and why Trump pays more taxes in China than in the US. opinion From alegiteditorialboard: Donald Trump has an obligation to answer questions about his children’s influence-peddling and his own financial dealings—notably regarding China, writes A Legitimate Editorial Board

opinion Trump has an obligation to answer questions about his bank account in China and paying more in taxes to China than to the U.S. opinion There is nothing there but realDonaldTrump has a Chinese bank account yet you are silent opinion opinion He told people that the voters don't deserve to know. opinion Hunter Biden’s influence pales in comparison to the Trump family’s corrupt influence peddling and profiteering!

opinion Bitch please. opinion WhiteHouse GOP Scavino45 PressSec Asked and answered. Now, let’s check on DJTJr, Eric, Ivanka .... TrumpCrimeFamily opinion Listen the liberals howl! They can't stand a mirror! opinion Thank you WSJ opinion HE APPEARS TO BE LYING, COVERING UP AND HIDING. I AM AN INDEPENDENT AND HE HAS LOST MY VOTE.

opinion Opinion: Our current President & Republican nominee Donald J Trump has an obligation to answer questions about his own influence-peddling and his own financial dealings—notably regarding China opinion Oh please anything goes at this point. Trump has skirted any semblance of transparency. You wastes, what a waste of an editorial. What a waste. Can’t even Fathom how much this current president and his family abused the whole damn last four years.

opinion I take it that the supports Trump! opinion Biden along with Obama, kept telling the country, manufacturing jobs were never going to return to th US! They colluded with China to weaken our economy while they both got rich! They gave our middle class jobs away! The story now finally makes sense how this was done!

opinion And WSJ board also have obligations to tell their liaisons with Trump and Republicans... opinion opinion Only if the GrifterInChief answers the same questions about his grifting-ass son's, daughter & son-in-law, ok. I don't give an ish about this. Write about this: 500+ children, ages 0-14 yrs, still separated & U. S. unable to reconnect them w/their parents.

opinion And should Trump also answer? opinion How much money have Ivanka and Trump and Jared Kushner grifted in their time at the White house? opinion Then so does Trump opinion Fuck that. What obligation? Trump erased all morals from the game and every one of those repubs legislators stood by him. Dems would be stupid to give in on these baseless requests and start playing nice. Repubs need to redeem themselves big time to expect any fairness

opinion Did OBAMA knew? opinion How about trump and ALL of his kids!!! opinion Are you asking trump about his China bank account? This is BS and you know it. Do you even have any credibility left on the opinion page? Doesn’t Murdoch own you? What’s next, supporting qanon? opinion Nope. If you can’t get Trump to talk about his kids, forgive us for not giving two shits about Hunter

opinion Right after we get Trumps tax returns opinion My tax dollar goes to pay hacks like Biden. Not a bad return on investment for Biden and the rest of the career hacks in DC. President Disruption will win in November. opinion This is more important: Where did the $17.5 million that appeared in Donald Trump’s secret Chinese bank account after he became president come from? TrumpChinaBankAccount Hunter is not running for POTUS. But Trump is.

opinion When Trump does, then Biden will be “obligated”. Until then, it is a double standard. opinion We don’t care .. we will vote for joe Biden .. opinion Why? You and Trump have expressed no obligation for Trump to show us where he gets his money from or who he owes money to, or what he uses those 1,000 LLC's for.


opinion We have a man in office that has never released his tax returns and this is the priority issue, GTFOH opinion Ok. Now do Trump's secret bank account. opinion For the Editorial Board at the Wall Street Journal: I agree with you that Biddn has an obligation to answer questions about the Biden Criminal enterprise. You probably haven’t heard that Joes in his basement and has no phone service. He apologized for this temporary inconvenience

opinion Only if realDonaldTrump doesn’t dodge his questions first - or claim that stuff is under audit, or was illegally obtained. What’s good for the goose is sauce for the gander.... opinion Only if we get trumps taxes. opinion YahooNews Unfortunately main stream media won't report this, thus he won't have to answer anything ! is correct !

opinion Why doesn't Trump have to answer financial questions? opinion How about Biden answers any questions about China after tRump tells us why he has a bank account there and shows us his tax returns? opinion Given the evidence, he should be answering questions from Law Enforcement. opinion All of the media outlets should be jumping on this story but all are silent. There is not a peep out of Joe Biden, his son, Jill Biden or for that matter Kamala Harris who is Joe's chosen running mate. Spooky how they are completely silent.

opinion What did the Chinese get after paying the Bidens all that money? What did the taxpayers lose after the Chinese bought something of ours from the Bidens? opinion He won’t because he can’t, he would have to incriminate himself. All he has to do is say it’s a total fabrication. Except he can’t!!!!

opinion What do they say about opinion ...they are like...? opinion Now look into Trump. opinion Mmmmm nahhh opinion Yes! Finally! Lock him up!!! opinion GFY. You are all liars. opinion Now do Trump! opinion Please do not stoop down to such low levels. Your Magazine has(had) a reputation. You are humiliating yourself.

opinion just release the contents of the hard drives...let us see what hunter has done with crooked joe...if you dont then this more bs opinion Let his son answer to nation. opinion But the orange Hitler doesn’t have “obligation” to answer questions about his four dumb kids and his son in law? This is Murdoch meddling with US election again! Forget about Russian, the God damn Aussi has been a problem for US democracy for decades!

opinion This is bullshit. Joe has no dealings with China. Trump has dealings with China, bank account their, pays way more taxes in China than in the US, Chinese patents granted after he took office, they bought property at overinflated prices from him, and his tax tariff helped China. opinion Your hypocrisy is nauseating .

opinion And we will hear it opinion No, JoeBiden has no obligation to answer any questions about a tabloid story but Trump does need to come out clean on his secret bank account in China opinion Sure, if you can make Trump talk about the China cash account. But shouldn’t all questions about Biden transparency start with a reference to Trump tax returns?

ZeCa1238 opinion Meanwhile, in the secret meeting: You are the man!! opinion Still waiting for the demands that Trump answer questions about his debt and his dealings with Russia opinion This is Chinese translation of this article opinion A clean potato does not exist because they all grow in dirt. Who is more likely to put their personal gain before our national interest?That is what we must ask when we cast our vote instead of looking for that clean potato which will never show up in our plate.

opinion You Fake News! I hate Trump! I will vote for Joe Biden, even if he is a betrayer of US. 🙂 opinion No one cares about this opinion Donald Trump has an obligation to show his taxes also ! opinion Would love to know what crooked Joe, Hunter, Devon Archer, Chris Hynes have to say about this email...

opinion What about IVANKA, JARED, DONALD and his corrupt boys trump himself maryann_3040 opinion opinion I love how the left believe every anonymous story, failed investigation and/or accusation about Trump but not about Biden. Sad that these two old jagoffs are who we have to choose from 🙄 opinion Pffffft Answer a phony bullshit disinfo op cooked up by Rudy and his Russian handlers. The entire fishy story stinks, and WSJ tarnishes itself by giving it oxygen.

opinion Lol no opinion RULERT MURDOC controlled biased sh*t just like Fox. Grow a spine and go after Trump first. opinion In other words: do they have a bank account in China? Wait, who’re we talking about? opinion First, He already did and it’s all from absolutely non-trusted sources. Second, it’s a shame you don’t apply the same rigor in demanding POTUS to answer to his and his family’s known and proved corrupt endeavors. Shame on you. Your integrity is non-existent.

opinion Finally we can read some op-ed which makes sense. Biden and his son may be innocent but we need to hear answers from them. I haven’t heard anything yet! opinion OMG Don't let MSNBC or CNN or nytimes or Twitter or jack hear you say that because you'll be silenced, cancelled, banned, barred, omitted, and belched out in a picosecond.

opinion Yeah, right after Don Jr, Ivanka, Jared and all the other Trump family members. opinion WSJ is FOX is nicer clothes. Same corrupt BS however. Let’s hear about Trump taxes, Russian bounties, private meetings with Putin, emoluments, patents in China, to name a few things. opinion Mostly media of USA are benefitted by Joe Biden party that's why they are not giving the ground reality pictures of forthcoming elections. Media are showing pink weather for Joe.Being an indian, in my view Joe Biden is going to loose forthcoming presidential election.

opinion Why doesn't you investigate your crooked president and his families. His son is not running. There's no obligation here. The only obligation is for the fraudster pres. to come clean which he'll never do. You're as crooked ad he is! Stop supprting this crimnl! opinion Corrupted family... opinion Counterpoint: no he doesn’t. No sense in peddling in conspiracy theories while the actual president is committing crimes and hiding bank accounts in China and paying more to them in taxes than the US. Trump needs to answer these questions as they’re real concerns not conspiracies

opinion So does Trump. opinion NOBODY CARES!! TrumpChinaBankAccount opinion The fact that Trump's children could be corrupt doesn't change the fact that Hunter Biden could be too. opinion Where the HELL IS HE⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️ opinion China joe opinion Why isn’t the FBI issuing a statement to silence this lie? Comey was all too quick to announce the investigation into Hilary’s emails right before the election. The FBI needs to put an end to this story!

opinion And what about trumps family. Until trump releases his taxes don’t ask the other side about wrongdoing opinion Lolol 🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. opinion Nope. opinion I don't care about Biden's son at all. opinion Afraid to put your name on your bulls*it article huh? I’d be ashamed too. Trash. Meanwhile...

opinion Editorial Board needs to check their bias at the door. opinion Tell Murdoch he can show it up his ass! Until Orange Man comes clean on his taxes, who he owes $1B to, his deals with China, his daughter’s deals with China, etc., Biden should continue to ignore any of the BS about his son... BidenHarris2020Landslide

opinion Sounds good. Then we can move on to TrumpChinaBankAccount - can't wait to hear what tRump has to say. BidenHarris2020ToSaveAmerica opinion But Trump doesn't answer for his own sons money making enterprises. Right wing hypocrisy by the wsj opinion = FoxNews opinion Does Trump and his family have the same obligation re: Russia, China, and other countries too numerous to track?

opinion So this BS scandal that intelligence is calling Russian, is something you want Biden to be obliged to answer but you didn’t print a similar demand about Ivanka’s Chinese patents or VOTING machines Seems relevant especially in light of trump’s secret Chinese bank acct. Toadie. opinion Since the current POTUS paid more income taxes to China than his own country AS A US CITIZEN I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THAT! Hunter is a private citizen.

opinion Love the irony of this with new trump revelations!! 🤦‍♀️ opinion Action word of the day: OPINION opinion 😂😂😂 opinion WSJ Opinion: Propaganda peddling and projection opinion so, we know what Rupert thinks then. opinion No he doesn't opinion When this shit show is over, I hope the Murdochs are investigated by the justice department - the NEW one, not the current corrupt one. TrumpChinaBankAccount TrumpCrimeFamily

opinion We need to know about Chinese bank accounts not listed on Trump's financials. So much is hidden by Trumps. opinion Trump has an obligation to RELEASE HIS FUCKING TAXES. opinion But Trump does not? Get outta here with your high school demands. opinion After DT confesses about his loans and Russian influence

opinion Soon as Trump explains his Chinese bank accounts ? The real trouble with stories of possible corruption is Trump after four years as raised the bar so high that most people ignore them. opinion President Trump’s secret Chinese bank account. President Trump’s secret Chinese bank account.President Trump’s secret Chinese bank account.President Trump’s secret Chinese bank account.President Trump’s secret Chinese bank account.President Trump’s secret Chinese bank account.

opinion He also needs to answer questions on the pornographic images of American minors, found on Hunter's laptop. Disgraceful 😡 maryann_3040 opinion Thank you for your unbiased opinion! opinion Trump can explain his Chinese bank account first. WSJMurdochRag opinion I’m more disturbed by Trump’s bank accounts in China. Trump’s ties to TheChineseCommunistParty and Ivanka’s business deals with the TheChineseCommunistParty than I am about Hunter Biden’s private hard drive.

opinion Oh and can we also have the full disclosure of Jared and Ivanka's dealings I mean those Chinese trademarks for voting machines and the rest of them just to be fair we been waiting for years on this they both work in the white house you all know. opinion Biden should respond 'After you Mr. President'!

opinion Does he have a Chinese bank account? opinion Want oped on trump family dealings while in Office. Trademarks, bank accounts, china bank HQ in Trump tower , etc. 😂😂😂😂 opinion Sure when we get Trumps tax's for the last 20+ years and we get him to give his DNA for the rape charge against him. We are so tired of this double talk of how one party is handled with kid gloves while the other gets nailed to the cross enough of this we are not stupid.

opinion Oh, NOW the cryptofascists start paying attention to ethics. How convenient. opinion Where is your editorial about Ivanka's Chinese trademarks? opinion We don't care about Bidens rapping children and using the office of VP for financial gain, where are those Trump tax returns? opinion Bullshit. If Trump won’t even release his fucking tax returns then Joe can keep his personal dealings private

opinion No he doesn't. Why don't you tell Trump to release is tax return. opinion Now do an editorial asking for Trump’s taxes. opinion No he does not. And he should not. This is garbage. opinion Has Trump answered his questions? opinion No. He doesn’t. It’s Russian disinformation and you’re boosting it. why aren’tr you asking about trump’s just-revealed China bank account that mysteriously took in $17m+ and then disbursed $15m of it to trump? Are you THAT concerned about your f-ing taxes going up?

opinion Trump’s criminality is worse than anything we don’t want to hear about opinion Media: “trump revealed to have bank accounts a d financial ties in China that he’s maintained while in office” Also media: “bUt HuNtER” opinion Ummm, now do Donald Trump having a previously undisclosed bank account in CHINA, paying 250% more in taxes to CHINA in 2 years than to the U.S. in a DECADE, & where the $17.5 million came from!!!

opinion Why should he comment on a debunked claim about his son? Do better and talk about why one party is so mainlined into the Kremlin’s disinformation machine. NickSzabo4 opinion Don't worry, they are coming up with a fantastical lie, maybe another day or 2 to hash it all out! opinion Why Trump doesn’t!

opinion Not, until it’s proven by the right people not Giuliani or Bannon, the FBI and former FBI have said it looks Russian interference. The media needs to stop normalizing Trump propaganda, as if it’s true. Considering he lies with conspiracy theories. opinion When you get Trump to stop lying then just maybe Biden will have an obligation. Until then not so.

opinion Same for Donald. What about Ivanka (taxes) , Jarrod ,Eric ( stealing from child cancer victims) & Jr.? opinion As soon as POTUS answers for his financial dealings. Yeah, that’s a fair trade. opinion FBI’s leadership need blood transfusion. This is a republic of law, NOT a republic of anyone. INVESTIGATE Biden Ring! realDonaldTrump RealPNavarro GordonGChang MauraMoynihan1 LouDobbs SenRonJohnson WarRoomPandemic MariaBartiromo MarshaBlackburn HunterBiden MAGA2020

opinion The Inquirer aka WSJ , how sad of a publication. An once respected journal of finance and international trade is now at the lever of gossip news outlets. Your opinions on the Kardeshians may be more believable. opinion I stopped reading anything on the editorial page a long time ago. Dittohead nonsense for the most part.

opinion Did I miss the opinion where the President has the same ‘obligation’? Otherwise, this is utter nonsense. $17.5 million to the Trump China bank account? 41 patents and trademarks awarded to Ivanka? Pfeh. opinion Trump was a businessman supposed to maximize his profit, Biden was a public servant supposed to serve the country, and that is why we look at their foreign dealings differently

opinion opinion b'h z'a 21 October 2020 c.e. TAKE DUE NOTICE re: [**] SENATOR TED CRUZ LIED DURING JUDGE BARRETT HEARINGS Re: TEN COMMANDMENTS. __ WATCH: SEE LETTER: Above Referred Issued Yesterday. Pls. Report & Distribute. Sincerely, AS opinion How about we start with the current pres* and his family? Enough crime to last for years of investigation.

opinion This paragraph is incredible - a sitting POTUS’s directive that the AG arrest his political opponent is ‘inappropriate’ and ‘muddying the waters’..... “BUT”😂🤦‍♂️ H-O-L-Y hell. 1/x opinion For every question Biden should have to answer... Trump should have to answer 10,000 more... Fact. opinion He will bow down further thn Obama for chinese to ride his back.

opinion Really? Does Trump need to answer about Ivanka’s Chinese patents? His Chinese bank accounts? Why he paid more taxes to China than USA? opinion If it's as bad as they say they will arrest Hunter Biden and the matter will take care of itself. As of right now, Mr. Biden does not even have an attorney. What does that say.?

opinion Forget it. All he will say we did nothing wrong and walk away. You will get no answers from him. In 2 years he won’t be able to remember anything anyway. opinion Ok, let’s hold our breath opinion Uh 🙄 big yawn. opinion opinion Right after trump reveals his tax returns for the last 10 years and discloses ALL of his offshore bank accounts!!!

opinion Obligation? What about obligation to declare tax return? hkStephenSYY opinion If Biden wins the election, will China Pooh be the hidden emperor of the United States? opinion Obligation🤔 opinion opinion He has no obligation to answer what the narcissit squatting in the white house projects. I highly suggest journalist educate themselves in psychology.

opinion Yeah, hope Trump does same thing. After more than 100k USD in taxes to China, how much did he in his home country. Who is more crooked now? opinion He does not have an obligation to respond to every lie manufactured by trump! Vote Biden!!! opinion Now demand the same from Ivanka, Jared, Don jr and Eric. Also, how about a story on the missing millions from the Trump campaign, undisclosed foreign bank accounts and the 1 billion dollar Trump debt. MurdochsAreComplicitInMurder

opinion No he does not. He owes you nothing, nada, zip and zero. So take your bias and shove it! opinion Didn’t know about Trump’s China bank account when you wrote this? opinion Biden isn't even president and your editorial board had scrutinized and questioned him more that you've questioned Trump and his corruption, tax fraud, foreign influence, and campaign finance violations over 4 years.

opinion If anyone hasn't figured out the right wing machine here's how it works. Bull shit story in the NY Post, 5 days of relentless coverage on Fox and an oped from A Fox propagandist in the WSJ. The common element. Rupert Murdoch owns it all. And the story is from Russian intelligence opinion Delete your account

opinion Oh, eff off, Rupert. opinion WSJ subscriber here. Joe Biden could shoot someone in the middle of fifth avenue while smoking crack and I’d still wait in a 5 hour line to vote for him over Trump. opinion Can agree on that. Same goes for President Trump and 3 of his sons regarding their growing business (specially over the last 4 years) with China and with Russia too. Elections2020

opinion Tell you what.. make a deal. If Donald Trump provides 20 years of tax returns so that the public can see them, then Joe Biden should answer the questions. opinion Biden called Trump tariffs a trade war? When any sane economist since the 80’s warned of a consumer based market? opinion $25 million settlement to students defrauded at Trump University $2 million settlement for illegally using Trump Foundation funds. TAX RETURNS? How many in the Trump inner circle have been arrested?

opinion Good reporting. Thank you. opinion Yeah well Trump has a lot more obligations than that as POTUS but here we are....🤷‍♀️ opinion Nah not rly opinion opinion Talk to us when you’ve uncovered all the thousands of business dealings Trumps are tied with. Until then leave JoeBiden alone. The fox news stench is becoming obvious in the pages of wsj.

opinion But BunkerTrump does not have an obligation to show the country his taxes to descern his loyalty to the nation. opinion Donald Trump doesn’t have an obligation to release his taxes - no one has an obligation to do anything anymore. opinion Trump has bank accounts in Britain, Ireland and China that do not show up on his public disclosures. He paid $188,561 in taxes in China while pursuing licensing deals there from 2013 to 2015.

opinion No he doesn’t not you hypocrites, where is the article about Ivanka or his taxes opinion Absolutely opinion This is so transparently biased. Trump has hidden bank accounts and multiple Chinese “deals” — including Magical Ivanka’s trademarks. And you speculate about Biden? Murdoch rides again ...

opinion Carry that water, fellas. Carry it real good! opinion CorruptJoeBiden opinion When Trump does the same and releases his taxes opinion How far has fallen under the ownership of the Murdochs. opinion It is a shame the moderator wont ask him any real questions. opinion Wait till you see the emails from Corn Pop on son-o-Big Guy's lap top.

opinion WSJ = Wacky Stupid Journalism opinion is this the Onion? opinion All you have to do is say please opinion You mean like the trump family? opinion You are demanding that? What about demanding who Trump owes the $421 million too!!!! opinion Murdoch memo? opinion Still waiting anxiously for the WJS's Coverage/Comments/Editorial on

opinion No mention of the much more problematic potential financial ties between Trump and China, Russia, Saudi Arabia etc. Four years and we still can’t see the taxes. The WSJ has put politics over country again. There may be something there with the Bidens, but Trump is worse. Always. opinion Acting like any Rupert Murdoch owned paper would act it’s pathetic the pandering.

opinion Didn’t hear these types of demands when the White House was telling Trump associates to not show up to congressional subpoenas regarding the prior election. What’s different now? opinion we the people agree, and joe this will NOT go away! even if you win TRUMP will dig out the truth and you will be disgraced!

opinion What a joke WSJ became... it is a dark time in your history.... opinion No he doesn’t, When Trump opens his China bank accounts and Taxes, maybe ask the honest guy a question opinion opinion Let’s talk about the Trump family and China, influence peddling? Secret bank accounts? opinion No he does not and I hope he tells them to go to hell.

opinion opinion realDonaldTrump needs to explain paying the Chinese taxes! opinion Only if you demand the same for Trump. Otherwise, you’re not credible. opinion 👍 opinion And trump has obligation to answer questions about Chinese accounts and secret deal for 5g network he was pushing through to friends company via the pentagon

opinion Agreed opinion More Partisan attack fantasies about his poor son. How about Trump’s newly found multi million $ Chinese bank account a real news organization just wrote about? opinion Who does our President owe close to 1 billion dollars to and opinion ? Where are demands for answers on that? You really are quite spineless when it comes to addressing issues Rupert might not like. Wow does Joe Scarborough have your number.

opinion Also, no, it would not show up in his taxes if he kept it off but just look at the properties and other assets they now own...on a government salary? 🤔 opinion We'll let Trump answer questions about his bank account in China first. opinion Now do Trump opinion NO ONE CARES. Literally, no one. opinion Ask IRS to investigate for tax fraud. Follow the money. You don’t buy a 10 million dollar house on VP pay. How many houses do they own 3 or 6? Check their banking accounts just like you did Trump’s taxes.

opinion Get a grip WSJ. This hatchet job won't work. Trump is the president so where are all of your - he has an obligation to answer questions. Stop these republican operatives from writing these trash pieces! opinion D Trump has a bank account in China. He paid $200K in taxes in China, contributing more than to US. Where's the obligation to explain that? What about his denial of rape in ' in official role as President', per Bill Barr. Not saying Hunter is ok but just look at the other side.

opinion How about Trump answers the same questions. Why does Ivanka have all of those recent Chinese patents and licenses? Why is Trump paying more Chinese than US taxes? opinion No shit. Can you find him? opinion The WSJ Board follows conspiracy theories without direct evidence? Shame on you. opinion opinion And Trump.... where is your call for him to do the same?

opinion WTF... what part of ‘there’s nothing there’ don’t you understand? Trump’s the one that needs to answer to us. Hopefully the next AG will get the answers and prosecute him and everyone else in his corrupt orbit. Joe Biden is honest. Trump is not. opinion 😂 opinion BidenCrimeFamiily BidenEmails BidenCrimeSyndicate BidenCorruption bidenpedo

opinion Trump Records Shed New Light on Chinese Business Pursuits Now do the TrumpFamilyCorruption trumpfamilyliars TrumpChinaBankAccount opinion Stick that Murdoch BS in your ear opinion TrumpAcolyte MurdochMafia peddling Sensationalism over journalism. At this point, you are just making noise. opinion Yes he does! Biden can only hide for so long! Unpresidential to say the least. Blaming Republicans for deflecting, why the Biden camp is out and out hiding! This is not a person I want representing me or his cohorts! Back to the swamp! Although they never left!

opinion 🤫 opinion I think the sitting president should answer why a US president would care so much for China job loss than US job loss hkStephenSYY opinion He just put another lie to cover the lies til it explodes very very soon ! opinion I’m sorry, wasn’t it just revealed that Trump has a secret Chinese bank account?

opinion With everything that Trump has hidden from view (tax returns, foreign deals, Mueller statements, debt to other countries, porn/mistress payments, etc.) your editorial board has lost all crediblity. You remain solely concerned with tax cuts for the rich and continued inequality. opinion For the crackhead, they say he is, ole' Hunter gets around. Ukraine and now China while dropping off laptops in Delaware when living in California. Most druggies I know aren't that ambitious Now dudes on 'roids, they are wide open into everything until the crash.

opinion realDonaldTrump has a bank account and business interests in China... WsJlate2theparty opinion DontheCon has a secret Chinese bank account and Ivanka has a Chinese patent on voting machines, but ok opinion Obligation !? You question Biden as if he is the sitting President ? Ivanka and Jared made 36 million last year while employed at the Whitehouse and not questioned ? Did Hunter have access to highly classified information ? Was he using an encrypted app like Jared? Chinese bank ?

opinion Where is your call to expose the dealings of TRUMP'S 'kids' Trump's support would be 22-25%, all dyed-in-the-wool Supremacists, if TheFed wasn't pumping magic TRILLIONS into WallStreet to prop Portfolios=Trump's 'silent support'. How many WhiteSupremecists at federalreserve? opinion You're all a bunch of hypocrites, ya know?

opinion Trump still won’t even release his tax returns...and he has a secret bank account in China. opinion No he doesn't. opinion Trump has an obligation to explain why he has a Chinese bank account. And also, why he paid $188,000 in taxes TO CHINA, and only $750 to the USA opinion It is propaganda pushed by Rudy and now echoed by low rent right wing news outlets. It deserves nothing.

hkStephenSYY opinion What’s so sinful when a businessman opens a bank account in China? Trump opened it before he became President, right? opinion G-E-T F-U-C-K-E-D opinion This should be investigated, is realDonaldTrump trafficking children? Trump is obligated to answer questions about the TrumpConcentrationCamps

opinion WSJ... Well I guess if Donald can’t beat Joe, he’ll try to beat his son... But I don’t think Hunter is running for President... We are actually watching a Man go to pieces right in front of our own eyes...hopefully Donald doesn’t do anything stupid. opinion That’s rich! Ask Trump where the 17 mil in his China account came from. That matters.

opinion Why don't you look at Biden's tax returns, follow the money? Let's ask trump and ivanka about they self-dealing in China. opinion Joe Biden doesn't have an obligation to respond to conspiracy theories, particularly ones focused on family members. The WSJ Editorial Board is participating in giving credibility to these conspiracy theories by publishing pieces like this.

opinion Oh please. opinion opinion Misdemeanor charges. opinion How about Ivanka Don Jr Eric those who invested in Kodak etc etc etc etc etc. etc etc etc opinion No he doesn’t. Not until trump releases his taxes. opinion The Wall Street journal’s double standards really undermine its credibility. opinion you seem to have forgotten about trumps contration camps for 3 years who actually fucking cares about the hunter fake made up by russia story

opinion Weird timing for this piece, since you don't seem to be calling for the current president to explain his secret bank account in China, account for campaign funds from China, or release his taxes. opinion Lol now do Trump’s secret bank account in China opinion MAGA opinion opinion opinion Ok Karen, I mean Rupert. Trump must have tapes on you too

opinion Now do Trump’s Chinese bank account. opinion Me scratching my head 🤔is that suppose to be the piece coming out of the journal yours truly was promoting? You guys have no credibility. 📢 he has no obligation, most of us don’t care. This ain’t 2016. opinion Now do Trump... opinion What’s happening with Trump’s China bank account?

opinion WSJ must not have received the memo. Only the political right is required to answer relevant questions about their campaign or history. opinion 🤔The Trump RottenPresident’s CHILDREN? opinion opinion China! Newest location of another Trump mystery money deal. $15 Million ring a bell? opinion Now do Trump’s taxes and foreign assets.

opinion Trump and his children are actively laundering money through Russia and China, buffoons. You right wing hacks have abandoned any veneer of objectivity . opinion Imagine if wsjopinion had had the guts to ask for Trump's tax returns instead of peddling very RW conspiracy theory, maybe the country would be currently led by a grown-up, not a grifter!

opinion LOL. opinion Wow. What a new low for the WSJ. opinion smerconish opinion TrumpChinaBankAccount Trump paid his taxes to the Chinese government but pennies to America. The president of the US. What a sham! WSJ is a MurdochMafia megaphone. TrumpChinaBankAccount opinion WSJ is great! 👍👏 opinion First do Trump's kids.

opinion So does trump then idiots opinion Thanks for asking and caring opinion Forget it Board members, talk to Donald opinion This has aged well. opinion Agreed! Did you know the current President realDonaldTrump has a bank account over there that he's been using to peddle influence for his daughter IvankaTrump ? Seema fair. Oh, ask about Russia poisoning too.

opinion Does realDonaldTrump need to answer question about his and his kids involvement in China?: opinion he must! opinion no. opinion gtfo. Where are the calls for the same for the sitting president? Especially, when these claims against Biden, is traced to Russian influence. opinion You think opinion Now do Trump.

opinion Any word on Vanky's business dealings with China? Or Dumbo Jr's s meetings with Russian operatives..... opinion opinion TrumpChinaBankAccount opinion Even the left media can’t tolerate the Bidens opinion Right after the Mafia Family Trump answers questions about his quid pro quo with the Ukraine, their dealings with numerous foreign powers, most notably, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and NK...under oath. Clearly the fat caps at WSJ editorial board are editorially bored

opinion Disappointed that the Journal is posting this stuff. Biden himself is under no obligation to pander to right-wing conspiracies. Trump's ACTUAL Chinese bank account probably needs some looking into, though. opinion Why must Biden answer this type of question, but not Trump? Trump has been almost 100% opaque with his foreign dealings. He hasn't even released his tax returns.

opinion It’s sad that the other side is pressing for Biden to answer about his son’s past yet there quiet as hell when it comes to trump answering any dealings of his past- all just to sway voters opinion in a last desperate attempt gain an advantage . opinion Yeah, right after Agent Orange answers all the questions the American people have been asking for the past 4 years. Time to end this trumpster fire.

opinion Trump is the only President in recent history to keep his tax returns hidden. Even Nixon released his. Why don't you ask the MAGA leader for his financial info, including details of his Chinese bank account? opinion Here's to hoping the opinion finds its cojones and demands to know about realDonaldTrump Chinese bank account as well. TrumpChinaBankAccount

opinion opinion This is the big story the WH has been waiting for? Really? Thank god this dictator is incompetent! 🇷🇺 opinion Now do Trump opinion You guys are complete clowns!!! Biden’s taxes are public!! It’s known!!! Yesterday we find out Trump, whose taxes are still hidden, is laundering $$$$ thru a bank account in China and your editorial “But what about Biden?” opinion is a complete joke. Propaganda.

opinion What about realDonaldTrump’s Chinese bank account? You guys disgrace yourselves with the standards you hold the Democrat candidate too but just excuse for the President. Only one candidate released their tax returns, it isn’t Trump who paid more taxes in China than the US opinion Just wondering if your going to do an article about tRump and his daughter Ivanka?

opinion Still waiting on the opinion on Trump's 18 trademarks issued in 2 months by China. opinion Why don’t you just shut up? When trump releases his taxes, you can beat your chest and ask Biden about Hunter. But you better ask IVANKA why she got trademarks from China for voting machines and coffins. And about trump children’s cancer charity money.

opinion Through Trump term, skullhead pelosi and her party spread too many fake news about Trump but cant smear him, and now sleepy joe must pay his price opinion opinion no he doesn't. opinion Bad day for this op ed. LOL opinion Nah. opinion Obligation? opinion another Murdoch owned paper has time to write about influence peddling of someone son?The current President daughter has over a dozen patents in CHINA, he has a Chinese bank account,hasn’t released his taxes,used his properties to funnel money BeijingDon

opinion Biden’s crime family is reckless. DrainTheSwamp opinion this story didn't age well😀 opinion Sorry, if the WSJ is not pushing the same narrative with the Trump family (trademarks, significant deposit in 2017 into a previously unknown account) then this is nothing more than partisan Murdoch politics. Think twice before taking a respected paper down this road further.

opinion How about Trump’s tax returns? What a shame, WSJ. Shameful. GTH Murdoch. opinion opinion Did you write similar sentence about the powerful incumbent, , or his missing taxes, his businesses not divested, and the sprawling involvement of family? You know, WSJ, just to 'both sides'. Lets start with the incumbent then we'll care what 'obligation' you set.

opinion Hmm, why no call for accountability from the current kleptocrat-in-chief? opinion Is this true when the questions come from Rudy Giuliani? What nonsense. opinion Also did they rape and torture kid?

Trump Maintains Bank Account In China, New York Times RevealsThe report would seem to undercut the GOP’s efforts to smear Hunter Biden for his links to business deals in China. Maybe, it is mad money. We don’t have an extradition treaty with China😂 Only_Grey Sleepy joe One is not the same as the other. News that Trump maintained legal business dealings in China like HuffPost owner Verizon, which is not the same as Biden receiving illegal kickbacks from Chinese businesses and has thus far avoided reporting income to IRS.

Mark Warner keeps his head downEven though he’s ahead in the polls, the lawmaker who will likely lead the Senate Intelligence Committee if Democrats win back the chamber isn’t getting ahead of himself

Opinion | A U.N. Human Rights ParodyFrom WSJopinion: Cuba, Russia and China won seats on the United Nations Human Rights Council last week. Joe Biden has said he would rejoin the Council.

Opinion | Progressives should support Biden now, but be ready to push laterOpinion: Progressives should support Biden now, but be ready to push later Joe’s first stop after announcing was a Comcast fundraiser. To believe the DNC 700 club of power brokers care a wit about anything other than power is foolish

Report: Trump Paid Nearly $200,000 In Taxes To ChinaAn analysis of the president’s tax records show a decade of unsuccessful business activities in China. So what? And $750 here... any wonder why he keeps going after China 😀😀😀😀😀😀

Trump will focus on Hunter Biden, China at debate after dispute over rules, topicsThe president has persistently pressed at his Democratic rival amid recent allegations, with his campaign outlining his intention to keep doing so.