Opinion | Spanish-speaking users get an even worse Facebook

The dynamic and engaged Latino community is now actively being fooled and misled on Facebook, @julito77 writes.


11/27/2021 5:02:00 PM

The dynamic and engaged Latino community is now actively being fooled and misled on Facebook, julito77 writes.

U.S. Latinos use Facebook more. That makes Facebook's indifference to Spanish language disinformation more upsetting.

Sorry for misleading you, but figure it out on your own.Facebook’s internal acknowledgment that there are gaps in its detection of Spanish-language disinformation doesn’t need much verification, at least not from Latino and Latina Facebook users. How many times during the previous election cycle did I have to tell my older tías or friends that the meme they had just shared of Joe Biden as César Chávez was fake? But because to them, Facebook — and to a larger degree WhatsApp — are viewed as trusted information sources, any attempts to point out that they’re being targeted with fake news in Spanish were futile.

Once it’s out there, it’s out there so it must be true, right?Because Latinos use social media platforms athigher ratesthan the overall U.S. population, the problem with disinformation is even more significant.There was a time when Facebook was a dynamic place. I joined the social media site 16 years ago and soon discovered a Latino community that was actively engaged. I still use Facebook to feature my company’s journalism because I know a big part of our audience is there.

Social media companies have failed Latinos — and those companies don’t even care.Still, this dynamic and engaged community is now actively being fooled and misled.The L.A. Times story is just the latest into state the obvious: When it comes to the country’s largest ethnic group, social media companies have failed Latinos — and those companies don’t even care. headtopics.com

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According to Pew, 39.1 million U.S. Latinosspeak Spanish in the home. That is a significant population and you would think Facebook would be working extremely hard to serve this population, but you wouldn’t know that from leaked Facebook memos that acknowledge how it still has so much more work to do.

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julito77 'A very interesting time in our Country, but do not worry, we will be great again—and we will all do it together,' -Trump LatinosForTrump Trump2024 LetsGoBrandon razafortrump 👏-👏-👏👏👏 julito77 Why do you treat the entire community as if they are one mindless group. julito77 Check out my Gig on Fiverr: I will make fantasy coloring book page for kids and adult

julito77 This stupid network has been lying to all Americans. There’s not an honest person who works there.

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