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Opinion | Should Biden Cancel College Debt?

Not so fast, some students say.

11/25/2020 10:30:00 PM

From WSJopinion: Should Biden cancel student debt ? Not so fast, some students say

Not so fast, some students say.

Nov. 24, 2020 6:03 pm ETThe Band-Aid SolutionI hate calling my loan provider every semester... Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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opinion Americans... opinion This article is nothing but a bunch of cucked morons who jack off to the thought of suffering and struggling. Fuck those students, they're stupid. Anyone who uses the 'but it builds character' argument hasn't struggled or suffered all that much or are just cucked morons. opinion No

opinion SEND US A FUCKING COVID CHECK opinion Partial, depends on income opinion is a choice and those that elect to go make paying for it a part of the decision. opinion Trying to live on UI of $150/wk while taking care of my aging father who has COPD and Emphysema. State shut down Can’t pay rent, car, health insurance, electricity, heat, meds, food Is there anyone out there that can help in anyway.. I’ll take any assistance. $HeidiiiG3

opinion opinion Biden should resign 'The office of the president elect' and concede to Trump before CNN televises his perp walk to jail for his crimes. opinion Some of these comments make me sick. You signed the contract pay your damn bill opinion Free tuition used to be called the GI Bill... opinion NO ! There should be a path to have some or Most relieved. Require so many hours of Community service and fund VERY LOW or no interest loans. Give grace period of 6 months and if you show good faith, pay off 1/2, then forgive the rest. (Of course COVID Hardship more grace)

opinion Just eliminate the damn predatory interest rates. Make loans interest free. That's the the very least the banks can do after the bailout we funded for them earlier opinion Which students say he should cut the debt? opinion Tje ones that already paid it back? Of course. opinion As long as the administration forces the college's to give the money back to the students / lender it should be fine. The lender and the students should be made whole.

opinion very bad opinion Pretty sure college is a choice. Should others who decide not to go to college get $100,000 ? opinion Abolish the Electorial College first, then think about student debt. opinion trees for deforestation opinion It seems far more logical to revamp our social safety net to provide for a choice of free university education or trade schools, with finite completion dates, which will, in turn, lower the demand for institutionalized welfare.

opinion yes he should this coming from foreign parents who paid all schooling four out three daughters including grad school! No one should start life with debt! opinion He can’t! He can’t touch private loans or FLELP loans. opinion hell no , my vote studentdebt opinion yes - a guaranteed massive economic stimulus to people who actually need it for once. Let the right do their hand-wringing about who 'deserves' economic relief in these times while they continue to support historic corporate welfare. They'll fight ANY Biden policy so ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

opinion 'CHRIST JESUS Came to the world to save Sinners. 그리스도 예수님은 죄인을 구원하시기 위해 세상에 오셨습니다. MidweekBlessedWord opinion Ha! opinion Why not just give every adult $50K? The equitable solution.