Opinion: Ruth Bader Ginsburg protected your abortion rights. Be afraid now that she's gone

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a fearless fighter for abortion rights.

9/20/2020 10:03:00 AM

Opinion: Ruth Bader Ginsburg protected your abortion rights. Be afraid now that she's gone (via latimesopinion)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a fearless fighter for abortion rights.

noted the extraordinary safety record of abortions and the lack of similar requirements for far more dangerous procedures. She called out the Texas law for the sham it was, writing, “it is beyond rational belief that HB 2 could genuinely protect the health of women, and certain that the law ‘would simply make it more difficult for them to obtain abortions.’”

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“Even in the last 13 years, Justice Ginsburg had to lay out again and again how pregnancy discrimination is sex discrimination,” said Nancy Northup, chief executive of the Center for Reproductive Rights in a statement Friday night.The power that Ginsburg wielded on the Supreme Court to make women’s rights a legal reality — and the way she did it in a straightforward, steely way without bloviating — turned her into an 87-year-old age-defying cultural icon for women and girls, including little ones who donned her signature frilly white collar and robe and glasses as a Halloween costume. Probably some of that mystique came from the contrast between her diminutive stature as a woman and her stance as a judicial warrior. Her cult status was assured when she was crowned with the moniker, Notorious RBG, appropriated from the late Notorious B.I.G. — a massive, bass-voiced rapper who was in every way her physical opposite.

AdvertisementBetween her work ethic on the court and her workouts in the gym, I truly, foolishly believed her to be nearly indestructible. Hearing earlier this summer of her trip to the hospital for a bile-duct stent cleaning and of the metastatic spread of one of the numerous cancers she had miraculously survived, I thought to myself, well ... she’ll be fine, right? She’ll certainly survive beyond the administration of a president she made little secret of disliking.

Her dying wish was not to be replaced until a new president is installed. There are so many aspects of that wish I hope come to pass for Ginsburg and the rest of us. Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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opinion RBG is in hell for allowing the slaughter of millions of babies here on earth. Be afraid of that LA TP Times opinion Now, it's possible babies may live. As they should. Time to preserve their rights. At last. opinion People have never come to supreme court justices for protection. If you don't believe the system, you are out of luck in this country.

opinion Stop with the fear attacks. The system in place would protect the right of states to defend. Fake News! opinion She was a champ, but stop fearing. Talk. opinion Uh...it's infanticide. opinion You mean OUR abortion rights? This is an opinion piece. I hope you are afraid too opinion Be afraid!!!!! I am afraid of the constant media fear-mongering

opinion Never saw the logic (bc it's twisted) that pro lifers are against abortion... but also against contraception. So, pro life isn't about ...making abortion rare/banned? ...making preg planned vs surprise? What's left? Just control of women's bodies? women's self earning power? opinion If Roe vs Wade is overturned abortion will still be legal on a state level.

opinion Fear mongering 👆🏼 opinion opinion Good God! Talk about lying media! Losing R v W does not keep states from providing abortion. All it does is prevent the fed from dictating to states what they must provide. What a bunch of whining crybabies! opinion I feel so much sorry and immensely hurt when people refer to abortion as something normal. If your mother was thinking like that, i don't think this stupide writer will see the light of the day

opinion She is not unlike the judges who protected chattel slavery rights. opinion Good. Bottom rail on top, now! Compared to what those unborn felt, you're getting off easy. opinion Every woman voter who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton and stayed home, look what your non vote elected! Especially all the younger women who showed the Democrats.

opinion Have you ever seen a live ABORTION where they RIP a live person out of a women’s birth canal .. it’s moving squirming fighting for its life until the doctor slices it’s neck it stiffens than after a minute it stops blood oozing from the wound ! Have a nice coffee LA times. opinion Trump's choice to replace RGB, Amy Coney Barrett, is Phylis Schlafly's reincarnation. She is exactly what Schlafly would have been like born 40 years later. If you don't know Schlafly, she's the one who killed the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment).

opinion NO body can kill. Wrong decision.tou are not free to kill , worst if it is your son. The baby is NOT part of your body .Has his own life from conception.👦🏻👦🏿👦🏽 opinion I'm terrified opinion Have protected sex. No worries... opinion Who was her god, Moloch? opinion 30 million unborn babies MURDERED

opinion Why the hell didn't the Dems just pass a Federal law on abortion when they controlled the whole shooting match and codify the RvW decision into law? opinion The media no longer cares to even try and give unbiased reporting. I’m more afraid of that. opinion So now babies will not be sliced and diced?

opinion I would be more afraid of having to stand before God & explain why I helped to allow the murder of babies-Saving a mother from dying or talking about the rape argument is one thing we haven't the time to go into here-Killing the unborn is not a right.-It's an excuse of the left opinion But not the babies 🧐

opinion Be afraid be very afraid you cant abort anymore and you'll have to protect your self more like condoms and plan b unless you medically can't carry or really necessary opinion Abortion rights isnt whole of Feminism or Civil rights. Ginsburg displayd typical ' its not my problem, it wont happen to me' archetypes blatantly as conservatives; stubborn SCOTUS wart. Shes to blame for situation now. 'Black Lives matter aint my problem' RBGChokedOnHerOwnKnee

opinion The witch is dead hallelujah hallelujah glory to god Ginsberg the baby killer is dead hallelujah hallelujah amen opinion My Third Nomination is a Catholic Woman opinion Burn baby burn baby killer opinion All the aborted babies are waiting for Ginsberg opinion Do You Want To Make Professional 3D Logo Intro Animation? Contact Me : LogoAnimation Intro Video 3D Logo Animation Video Intro

opinion All the aborted babies are waiting for Ginsberg opinion Postpartum abortion needs to be legalized. We have the technology to restore pregnancies after the baby has been born, and then to abort the pregnancy. This needs to happen NOW. opinion And may she be tormented in hell.. RIPRBG RIPRuthBaderGinsburg

opinion Be very afraid cf also Bill Barr, Amy Coney Barrett opinion Girls and boys must be responsible for their actions like all other bovines, frogs, monkeys and dogs. opinion Criminal opinion And pleased Satan. opinion So she supported killing millions of women? What role model. opinion She wasn't the only pro-choice jurist in the country. If she really cared about protecting abortion rights, she would've stepped down under Obama.

opinion What you meant to say is Ruth ensured you could legally murder a child in the womb. opinion She made a career of twisting the meaning of the Constitution to suit her own personal agendas. She was an Activist and NOT a good unbiased Judge...those are the facts! opinion 😭😭😭😭

Column: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death should not eclipse Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s lifeThe world changed, politics roared, America's mood shifted this way and that, and Ginsburg worked, steadily as she had always done, dismantling injustice wherever she could. Thank you for working tirelessly to advance the cause of the underprivileged who often have no voice. God bless you and fly high dear Ruth as you reunite with your beloved Marty 💕🙏 I'm not sure if you're aware of this but The election doesn't matter any more: you now have a captured and overtly partisan supreme court even without a nominee being pushed through. All Trump has to do is challenge and he wins. America's democracy just ended.

Opinion | Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A ‘precise female’The justice lived as a pioneer for women, and for the people who worked for her — like me.

Opinion | Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Equality’s Gracious ChampionFrom WSJopinion: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy is enduring and deep, but it can be summed up in two closely related concepts: equality for all persons, vindicated under the rule of law, writes Kenneth W. Starr opinion Does the song on my profile have potential to blow up? opinion RBG would be the last person these unborn babies would get to see if they got justice or not and she denied them the right to life. She sent them to their deaths and caused countless mothers PTSD from the abortions they had. opinion Ken Starr, lol

'I Dissent': Six books to read right now about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader GinsburgTo better understand and appreciate the life of the late Supreme Court Justice, look to one of these books written by or about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. RUTH Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1933-2020 RIP A great lady. When I heard of her passing I actually welled up a bit. That surprised me. I didn't know I cared so much about this fine woman.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Movies and TV Shows to Binge Right NowPlus, books. Lots of books.

Democratic Donations Dramatically Shoot Up Following Death Of Ruth Bader GinsburgActBlue, a nonprofit that raises funds for Democrats, received more than $12.5 million in the two hours after news broke of Ginsburg&39;s death. No, they're not. rest in peace.God bess Creepy how they always say Rest in “Power”. It’s almost like all they care about is power