Opinion | Rioters Attack More Than a Courthouse

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From WSJopinion: If Joe Biden wants to lead, he needs to specifically decry the violence in Portland and Seattle and call on local officials to stop it, writes KarlRove

Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring Attorney General William Barr was farce masquerading as oversight. Mr. Barr sat stoically as Democrats spat insults, hurled accusations, and asked long, loaded questions.

When the attorney general tried answering, they screamed “I reclaim my time!” to cut him off. Bile, anger and disdain were evident in almost every one of their interrogatories. Chairman Jerrold Nadler led a show trial.To Read the Full Story

Source: Law Daily Report (lawdailyreport.net)


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opinion KarlRove Is that asshole still around?

opinion KarlRove Stop giving Rove a platform, he includes no facts

opinion KarlRove Pretty please wsj,stop giving karlrove a platform.

opinion KarlRove Why all conservatives are working so so hard on BLM protesters than once in life time pandemics? Spent two years daily talking about 4 deaths in Benghazi - moral deficiency?

opinion KarlRove karlrove isn't worthy of my nut sweat.

opinion KarlRove Well yes but trump did not want to listen to these people in the first place these people have demands for the government to listen to

opinion KarlRove I thought KarlRove moved to Russia? 🧐

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove, like anyone should do anything you suggest.

opinion KarlRove Funny thing. Federal troops removed yesterday and replaced only with Oregonnstate troopers and NO VIOLENCE. Imagine that.

opinion KarlRove

opinion KarlRove Are any of the antigovernment thugs your friends Karl? Americans are not stupid as to what is happening. Those rioting are NOT the ones protesting. Those are thugs coming in to cause trouble. White supremicists/ antigovernment grps.

opinion KarlRove Is this where demon semen comes from?

opinion KarlRove Karl, after the federal agents left Portland Thursday the protests were peaceful. Trump is trying to provoke violence by sending provacateurs into Portland and Seattle.

opinion KarlRove 🤡😂🤡 WSJ can shove Karl back up Murdoch's ass—racist dog whistles and all.

opinion KarlRove .KarlRove?! Bwahahahaha! Yeah, we'll get right on that! 😂🤣👍

opinion KarlRove Lol. Informal trump campaign advisor has some thoughts for... Joe Biden

opinion KarlRove Turdblossom speaks!

opinion KarlRove Tell Satan to bite it. Bye Karl

opinion KarlRove Biden already declared that anarchists who commit arson during protests should be prosecuted.

opinion KarlRove His party is causing the violence.They have destroyed all small businesses in our towns, antifa is their terrorists!Bidens had 40 years to lead! He can’t do it, none of them can! Vote for Trump he will clear the way for us to have our country back!Vote all red!Say no to socialism

opinion KarlRove Your opinion page is a cess pool of white supremacy.

opinion KarlRove Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Karl Rovehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

opinion KarlRove As usual Karl Rove misses the real point to push his right wing nutjob agenda. It is mostly peaceful and justified protest about things the GOPComplicitTraitors dont know how to deal with. Most violence is incited by the dictator wannabe in office and a broken police culture.

opinion KarlRove Rove is such a posturing evil Had hoped he was consigned to the rubbish pile of historic Dirty Tricks, but here he is. Truth is when the Gestapo arrived, estimates of active protesters were two to three hundred and graffiti was the only visable damage to the Fedl Court House.

opinion KarlRove JoeBiden needs to do nothing. realDonaldTrump is working very hard at destroying his re-election - all by himself - and his GOP is following his lead, down the toilet!!

opinion KarlRove He'll never do that. First he wanted to defund the police and then he claims he isn't for defunding but he is for reallocating their money. This is the democrat party today. Nothing but double talk.

opinion KarlRove Who the fuck is Karl Rove to set anyone's standards

opinion KarlRove Karl 'turd blossom' Rove. Who cares what he thinks.

opinion KarlRove 🤣🤣🤣 Baiting. Idiot.

opinion KarlRove GFY, KarlRove “The political folks believed that because it was going to be relegated to Democratic states, that they could blame those governors, and that would be an effective political strategy'

opinion KarlRove Joe Biden can’t lead. He can’t even get out of his own way!

opinion KarlRove The demblms leadership in cahoots

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove needs to ask the people who are flaming the fires to stop it .... that would be the TrumpGestapo

opinion KarlRove Unfollowed. Carl Rove doesn’t deserve a platform. Have some fucking integrity

opinion KarlRove Sentient wart Karl Rove has opinions.

opinion KarlRove

opinion KarlRove Like when realDonaldTrump decried the thugs who went into Michigan legislature armed or when potus said there were good people on both sides. Nazis/KKK vs Students & peaceful marchers. Or not defending our troops with bounties on them because he said we did it too..PutinPawn

opinion KarlRove The protests were dwindling until the feds came in. They escalated everything, but that was their plan wasn’t it? To get footage.

opinion KarlRove No

opinion KarlRove Karl, Portland determined the people arrested for violence were not part of the peaceful protesters. They were right wing coming in to create a violent atmosphere. If I could find the link I would provide it. Peaceful protests are protected under the first amendment.

opinion KarlRove Why is WSJ printing gibberish of a renowned lying political operative? As an op ed no less.

opinion KarlRove which laws? the ones ignored that brought america to this point?....... as for trump and the bible photo op stunt?

opinion KarlRove Oh hey Karl, didn’t your old boss send the country into a long drawn out, illegal, and expensive war that cost thousands of lives? But I agree, he should decry the violence by the rioters, which some people refer to as the police.

opinion KarlRove I do think had it with the woke culture. For good this time.

opinion KarlRove Leading from below!

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove? Hahahahaha. Karl Rove wrote an op-ed? And people are reading it? 🤡

opinion KarlRove Yeah, I don’t care about that. I’d be happy if he decried police being such dicks with black people, and then punished out of control cops. Get smart about it guys...address the core problem and all the reactions fade away.

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove, that pillar of propaganda, writes in the rag of the mercenary Murdochs. IF THERE WAS EVER A REASON TO CANCEL ONE'S SUBSCRIPTION, THERE IT IS...

opinion KarlRove Even if he says that, he won’t mean it, let alone understand what he is saying.

opinion KarlRove Silence from Mr Biden is deafening! It means he supports the physical harm and destruction of property. Cancel culture is the New Democrat Party.

opinion KarlRove And Mr Murdoch and MR ROVE, who are the agitators. RIGHT WING CRAZIES Like UMBRELLA MAN, A WHITE SUPREMACIST AND FAN OF realDonaldTrump. Did you cover that story in your paper?

opinion KarlRove trump the nazi in chief

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove? Please spare me your bromides about leadership.

opinion KarlRove Hmm I think my German Shepard has a higher approval rating than trump

opinion KarlRove Our country Indonesia is very pluralistic. Ethnic, racial, religious, very much. You might ask, Why is Indonesia peaceful and never conflict like in the USA ?. The only key is that the majority Muslim community is very tolerant and protects the minority.

opinion KarlRove It will end when this presidency ends. This presidents little green men are causing the violence. Who r u kidding? Or trying to kid?

opinion KarlRove From the man who helped lie America into the Iraqi war and used 9/11 as a political weapon. karlrove ComplicitCorruptGOP

opinion KarlRove Karl, do black lives matter? The protests will stop when police stop killing black people. I don’t get why that simple proposition seems so tough for some.

opinion KarlRove If Trump wants to lead he needs to decry the bounties put on American soldiers by Russia.

opinion KarlRove Uhhhh Biden is not the president yet. The current one should *actually* do his fucking job... and sending in “shock troops” ain’t it.

opinion KarlRove The protests in Portland AREN'T as bad as what happened in Charlottesville!Trump called them 'fine people'.And Trump, by sending Feds, exacerbated the unrest.The Constitution gives us the right to protest. Should we decry the fact our Founding Fathers dumped England's tea, too?

opinion KarlRove Seriously ? KarlRove is the voice you want to amplify right now?

opinion KarlRove American Justice system is broken.

opinion KarlRove That's the true challenge JoeBiden has to fix: in penalty law 80%!!!!! have No lawyer. In civilian law up to 90% have No lawyer with dramatic Impacts. Those without lawyer were convicted in Up to 90% & evicted in most cases. Next Tweet.

opinion KarlRove Believe me: American (& EU!) Justice system is broken. It imposes an unconstitutional & unAmerican machinery of institutional violence. Clients of best lawfirms forming teams you can put even superior counterparts on their knees; some got away with murder (real case told)

opinion KarlRove WSJ is simply trying to maintain the corrupt Repuglicant POV. Demonstrations like this occur when people have no money, no leadership and no hope, thanks to the Federal Govt., which has ignored their needs. Get their storm troopers the hell out of the states.

opinion KarlRove Did you forget who is president? Decrying police violence from the loudest pulpit in the land would quell the protests - Joe won’t have that honor until January. Escalating police violence against peaceful protestors is not the answer. Joe has decried the violence.

opinion KarlRove Karl who?

opinion KarlRove Biden is not a leader, obviously, since his silence is deafening re the violence, the domestic terrorism. But he is not alone, add Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Obama and et al. Their hatred for Trump has no bounds so they are silent. Their supporters are also silent. China is happy.

opinion KarlRove The problem is the rioters are his voters

opinion KarlRove Fuck Rove. The leaders in Oregon got this.

opinion KarlRove

opinion KarlRove Trump's the damn leader of the country why can't he do it. Oh yeah he's a liar and no one has any respect for liars.

opinion KarlRove Militant 'progressives'. 'Revolutionaries' Marxists Communists 'Anarchists' 'Antifascists' Bought and Paid for. BLM ANTIFA antifascistas BLMmarxists irony 🟥◼️🟥◼️🟥

opinion KarlRove Local officials or local killers

opinion KarlRove I don’t think he’s President at this moment

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove-seriously?

opinion KarlRove Since when does Canned Ham Rove have dominion over Joe Biden?

opinion KarlRove Not going to listen to Rove. He’s not a good person.

WillSmithUSA1 opinion KarlRove

opinion KarlRove He also NEEDS TO OROVE he does NOT have DENENTIA.

opinion KarlRove When is Trump or anyone on the right going to decry violent white nationalists - many who cause and instigate the violence at peaceful protests. These are organizations that actively plot against America. TrumpFailedAmerica

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove. Heh.

opinion KarlRove This the same Karl Rove who pushed us to baselessly invade Iraq for something Osama BinLaden and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan took credit for? Since when is he against violence? - a 2003 Iraq vet

opinion KarlRove Rove again? An actual journalist would ask, When is Trump pulling his illegal goons out of Portland? Why does Trump reward Putin for paying to murder American Troops and Why are you so incompetent you brought our economy to worse than the 1929 DEPRESSION and killed 150,000+?

opinion KarlRove THUGS

opinion KarlRove NO HE DOESNT ... TRUMP NEEDS TO ACT LIKE AN ADULT fail ed lack of leadership and petty resentments

opinion KarlRove He can’t count to ten 😂.

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove is a war criminal and international terrorist. We should be protesting on his front lawn. If Joe Biden wants my vote, he’s going to have to send Karl Rove to The Hague.

opinion KarlRove I can’t think of an opinion I care less about than Karl Rove

opinion KarlRove Karl who?

opinion KarlRove I don’t care about others’ opinions many times

opinion KarlRove Nobody cares what Karl Rove says.

opinion KarlRove when this happen in hongkong russia iran and any countries they hate, it is called pro-democracy protest.

opinion KarlRove I believe rove is a product of DemonSemen

opinion KarlRove Fuck Karl Rove, signed Portland.

opinion KarlRove Just love the GOP minions trying to direct what the Dems should do to win elections...AGAIN.

opinion KarlRove Yeah, he has to come out against GRAFFITI.....cause that's what was happening before the unidentified thugs were sent to Portland....jesus christ...how stupid do you think people are? Not everyone who reads the is a FoxTV moron.....

opinion KarlRove This is exactly why I cancelled my WSJ subscription after 35+ years. This, this garbage. Of course Biden doesn't support mindless violence. But he does support BLM and doing positive work to give reparations and the return of American decency. Which is far from Karl Rove's world.

opinion KarlRove Who? Turd blossom?

opinion KarlRove Rove? Don't think so.

opinion KarlRove There is literally not a single subject in the entire array of human knowledge on which I would take Karl Rove’s advice.

opinion KarlRove Didn’t he do this in a speech/press conference I saw the other day? He said protesting is great, but this breaking the law should be stopped.

opinion KarlRove Hey, Karl. Trump's still the President. Perhaps he could give leadership a go?

opinion KarlRove Joe biden became a bernie bro in a matter of weeks... not his fault tho he has no clue what planet he's on.

opinion KarlRove

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove is an idiot Biden has denounced violence many times including just yesterday

opinion KarlRove Yes and we all must obey Karl. Sure Karl

opinion KarlRove Hasn’t Trump been getting advice from Rove? How’s that working out in the polls?

opinion KarlRove Ham Rove can get bent.

opinion KarlRove Counter-point: if any Democrat wants to lead, they should explicitly NOT listen to Karl Rove.

opinion KarlRove Hey Karl Rove...

opinion KarlRove Oh yes, that’s the main problem America faces today, a few blocks of sometimes rowdy protestors in two cities in the Pacific Northwest on a day when almost 1500 Americans died from COVID-19.

opinion KarlRove Turd Blossom says what?!

opinion KarlRove Who cares what that blancmange has to say. irrelevantwhitemansayswut

opinion KarlRove Go away and be quiet, KarlRove . You’ve done enough damage already. Biden will lead without your advice. Your opinions are just not worthy of any recognition.

opinion KarlRove And this is why nobody trusts the WSJ.

opinion KarlRove Aren’t your 15 minutes up?

opinion KarlRove Trump's incompetence and laziness has led to tens of thousands of deaths and asshole Rove is calling on Biden? Who is President RIGHT NOW Karl?

opinion KarlRove Another Murdoch sponsored apology for fascism. Stop taking the side of the brownshirts!

opinion KarlRove Come on WSJ! Why give this racist POS space on your pages?

opinion KarlRove Joe Biden doesn't need or want Mr.Rove's advice.

opinion KarlRove

opinion KarlRove If the one with state power and authority(Trump) has failed to quell rioting in Portland...can anyone expect Joe,who does not command state power to do anything...? ...not until he becomes one(president)...

opinion KarlRove The most violent people in Portland are Trump’s Gestapo

opinion KarlRove Why would rioters escalate this process to terrorism. If it were peaceful protesting, kumbayyah moments dont switch on throwing projectiles, hammering nails in boards, pulling out fall out gear.Peaceful does not create lawless behavior, harm to police. America needs to stop this.

opinion KarlRove 😂😂 Karl who?

opinion KarlRove Oh, fuck right the fuck off, Karl Rove...

opinion KarlRove Really

opinion KarlRove Joe Biden owes you nothing.

opinion KarlRove Don’t hold your breath. He’s beholden to the mob on and off the street.

opinion KarlRove Joe Biden does not need to take advice or counsel from the craven, despicable Rove or the WSJ opinion page

opinion KarlRove You mean the violence by the feds/mercenaries/unnamed goons dressed like soldiers, right? Because there wasn’t violence before they came along and started kidnapping and beating and teargassing people. They INSTIGATED the violence that brought out enormous crowds. Just checking.

opinion KarlRove why d you tweet out an awful take like that from your main account. It’s an opinion piece I get it, but when you tweet it from you news account you give that extra credibility. Come on...be better!

opinion KarlRove Sure, Einstein. Don’t you have an election to call? No wait, you don’t know Jack.

opinion KarlRove Who? The guy who infamously melted down on national television when it was clear Obama was beating Romney

opinion KarlRove Indict realDonaldTrump , Barr, Wolf , Ken and Gestapo. Not peaceful protestors. Is that a photo of your goons? You hate Trump. Were you threatened? You want to be known as a traitor and a monster?

opinion KarlRove You sure he can’t just call them “very fine people,” or is that exclusively reserved for anti-Semites?

opinion KarlRove Is Rove still alive? I thought he died of irrelevance years ago. I guess your toilet paper of a rag is keeping him on a respirator.

opinion KarlRove JoeBiden doesn't 'need' to do ANYTHING.

opinion KarlRove Fuck Karl Rove, let him give Trump advise.

opinion KarlRove

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove, the guy who completely blew the predictions when Barack Obama was elected.

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove? Really? How far you have fallen!

opinion KarlRove

opinion KarlRove Who gives a shit what Karl Rove thinks?

opinion KarlRove After 61 days...kinda late for him to be a leader. He might as well stay hiding in his basement.

opinion KarlRove Nice picture.WSJ.With that photo and turd blossom Rove as your “author”why read the article.I will guess without reading:Trump protects us from big bad professional anarchistics.Professional anarchists is my new favorite oxymorn. It bears police justice and military intelligence

opinion KarlRove Hey KarlRove why don't you suggest realDonaldTrump get around to combating the coronavirus.

opinion KarlRove Why, he's not in any office. This is trump's mess and his fault.

opinion KarlRove Biden did, so what was your burning need to publish this?

opinion KarlRove Pretty sure the statue of limitations on war crimes hasn't expired. See your way out.

opinion KarlRove Shut the fuck up, Kyle.

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove bombed a country to bits and caused the death and mutilation of thousands of Americans never mind Iraqi men women and children. So forgive me if I don’t worry about a few broken windows.

opinion KarlRove Says Karl Rove executioner of liberty and steward of endless war...

opinion KarlRove We need to not have “secret police” committing war crimes on US citizens by US “military”.

opinion KarlRove An AOC Mask? That's Tacky.

opinion KarlRove Ask Nadler if this is a MYTH

opinion KarlRove Pictured: “Rioter” carrying *defensive* gear

opinion KarlRove Biden would be weak and soft on rioters and anarchy. The biggest decision he can make is what flavor pudding he wants after his nap.

opinion KarlRove

opinion KarlRove On the day Trump suggests postponing the election, this is your opinion? Shame on you both!

opinion KarlRove Joe's statement is queued behind Karl's apology for lying the country into Iraq.

opinion KarlRove BillGalston hey bill I told u so. U and Rove. This has got to be a low for u.

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove? Hahaha Sure, he is someone to listen to these days! Hahaha

opinion KarlRove If realDonaldTrump wants to lead he should specifically take action against Russian bounties for American troops, a solid Coronoa plan, end corruption within his family and his entire administration and resign

opinion KarlRove Writes who?

opinion KarlRove Joe isn’t going to bust a GRAPE 🍇!

opinion KarlRove No one gives a fuck what canned ham has to say.

opinion KarlRove Most of the rioters are probably white supremacists so yes make them a terrorist organization

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove, Trump hired gun, has advice for Biden, who he is attempting to defeat. And the WSJ is treating it like his regular periodic column.

opinion KarlRove

opinion KarlRove Thanks for references rioters instead of protesters...gets get clear on what’s really happening. Losing control.

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove? Could you not scrounge up an extra $50 and got Chris Christie to write an op-ed?

opinion KarlRove Okay, why have I not thought to mute anything mentioning opnion before?

opinion KarlRove Bullshit. You are supporting a bananization of US under Trump: troops attacking the people like Chile and Brazil and other Banana Republics

opinion KarlRove Karl Rove? Why are you giving him a platform? He is one of the reasons we are in this mess.

opinion KarlRove Translation: Trump cant do his job and calm the situation, so Biden should help him.

opinion KarlRove Maybe Karl should bring his ass to Portand and quit watching POX Spews. Some violence is on the left. Most is very clearly by the Police. In problem solving it's called 'Go to the problem.'

opinion KarlRove Yeah he and all the other Democrats needed to do that two months ago. Their silence speaks for itself.

opinion KarlRove trump is the laziest president we’ve ever had. Write about that.

opinion KarlRove Ok Karl, I’m sure you are just trying to help.

opinion KarlRove Oh. OK. Karl Rove. Sure.

opinion KarlRove Who the FUCK cares what Karl Rove’s strategies for a Democratic victory would be? FOH

opinion KarlRove Dream on, Karl.

opinion KarlRove Oh Karl Rove said that? Well then...who gives a shit?

opinion KarlRove Your candidate refuses to call illegal violence from the right and now you come up with this BS bc of a civil unrest against you. Hypocrisy.

Accepting advice from the Lincoln Project is hard enough. From Karl Rove? Dafuq outta here.

opinion KarlRove Meanwhile, Donald Trump is 'suggesting' the election be postponed, and DHS is compiling dossiers of journalists.

opinion KarlRove trump is a pathological liar. Write about that.

opinion KarlRove Sit down Karl, you just don't matter anymore.

opinion KarlRove Okay, Karl.

opinion KarlRove Or decry the violence that killed ElijahMcClain BreonnaTaylor AhmaudArbery TamirRice SandraBland MikeBrown ericgarner LaquanMcDonald TrayvonMartin EmmettTill GeorgeFloyd AtatianaJefferson StephonClark BothamJean SayTheirNames

opinion KarlRove He should also speak up about the attack on the SAT! Thank you. Can this count as my letter to the editor? David Coleman, President (and former CEO until I got demoted) of the College Board

opinion KarlRove Um Karl KarlRove The Mayor and VP already negotiated this Keep up

opinion KarlRove trump should be impeached again for his ineptness and rigging an election in November.

opinion KarlRove Acknowledging the violence would be a start.

opinion KarlRove If Joe Biden really wants to lead, he needs to lock up Karl Rove for his many crimes against humanity and this country.

opinion KarlRove KarlRove should, in my opinion, fellate a flash frozen poopsicle

opinion KarlRove Wow that's a shitty opinion. Oh, Karl Rove. Yup, about par for the course. I can't believe you actually paid him money .

opinion KarlRove Now do trump leading.

opinion KarlRove can't believe you give Karl 'did ya hear John McCain had a black love child' Rove a platform

opinion KarlRove Uh, no one gives a crap what KarlRove has to say, except, maybe, Karl Rove! 🙄

opinion KarlRove Now i found

opinion KarlRove I feel like Karl Rove’s advice would be to spread rumors your opponent was a child molester.

opinion KarlRove Rove is scurrrred

opinion KarlRove He doesn't have the courage.

opinion KarlRove 🙄

opinion KarlRove LOL Karl Rove.

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