Opinion | Mount Rushmore's land was stolen from my people. Trump's rubbing my nose in it.

Mount Rushmore is a racist and colonialist symbol that was carved into land brazenly stolen from my ancestors.

7/3/2020 1:15:00 PM

Opinion | Nick Tilsen: President Trump's Mount Rushmore fireworks show is a Fourth of July attack on Indigenous people. - NBCNewsTHINK

Mount Rushmore is a racist and colonialist symbol that was carved into land brazenly stolen from my ancestors.

— that adorn public spaces across the United States.Colonialism and racism are alive and well in America. Indigenous people are still facing inequities in accessing education, health care and economic opportunities. We are confronting extractive industries and corporations that only want to further take from us.

North Carolina Will Pause Further Reopening Until September To Start The School Year Seeking refuge in US, children fleeing danger are expelled NBA Foundation created, pledges $300 million to Black growth

We've been removed from our homes, and now some of the most impoverished places in the U.S. are Indigenous places of struggle and residence.Our lives have been stolen from us; our lands are occupied by colonizers. We've been removed from our homes, and now some of the most impoverished places in the U.S. are Indigenous places of struggle and residence. In South Dakota, where I live on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Indigenous people constitute less than 10 percent of the population but

roughly halfof those booked into the state's jails.Black leaders and activists have ushered in a historic moment for this country: Everyday people are talking about white supremacy and its impact on our laws and lives. Everyday people are interested in the symbolism and history of racism, and activists are taking down Confederate statues in the South and statues of Christopher Columbus across the nation. But our liberation work must protect and advance Indigenous people, too, including our right to self-determination and sovereignty.

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THINK FAKE NEWS THINK Lmao no it’s not. It’s a celebration of july 4. In front of carvings that have been there for decades. Come on now. THINK Indigenous people are non essential. If they really loved their land,, they would’ve fought harder and kept it. THINK Looks like your tribe stole it in the 1770s

THINK He is an asshole THINK Give it a rest THINK Oh shut up THINK That's just total B.S. .Fake headlines to sway the idiots. THINK Where did you did that idea? THINK THINK THINK Who did the last tribe there massacre and steal the land from before Americans came along? THINK Opinion | losing has consequences.

THINK It was also trump’s way of provoking the protesters & those who have been lobbying for removal of Confederate statues THINK You lie THINK The majority of Americans opinions are very different than this.... THINK Did your opinion apply when OBAMA, BERNIE SANDERS AND CLINTON VISITED. FAKE MEDIA AND NEWS ARE THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE. DON'T BUY INTO THIS MIND MANIPULATION AMERICA.

THINK That is one of the most ridiculous headlines I have ever seen. THINK 😂🤣LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder THINK Too wordy with NO REAL SOLUTIONS. Yes, the land was acquired (or stolen) as you put it. Yes, already sculptures have been cut into the Mount Rushmore rock face. If it were returned to you as it is, it wouldn't benefit your people. Solution? TAKE THE COMPENSATION

THINK NBC stop your bs. The fireworks was spectacular ! All MSM narratives on this Mt Rushmore visit was debunked. The President's speech, attendance & fireworks uplifting. THINK Now you're concerned about indigenous people? When did this start? I know, yesterday. THINK Where was his outrage about Mt Rushmore when Obama was President?

THINK And they just remember that this year before the election..and it was not stolen during previous President.. surprise mediahypocrisy THINK You suck NBC THINK Garbage post. THINK Soooo.... when will you be condemning BernieSanders oh by the way.. it’s your “news” piece THINK Line up and read this psycho article. Trump does what Obama does and each time it's racist when Trump does it. E.g: Obama refused renaming of US Military Bases etc. It was OK when Obama did it but Trumps a racist for doing same thing. We all know ur agenda. We r not buying it

THINK Did u mention this when Obama was president? THINK Ah Yes! I can see Trump reading The Weeknd reviews as he plucks the fur off of a basket of newborn kittens. Thinking to himself: 'I did a great job!😮🤔😷 THINK One may be able to demonstrate the most valid wrong to an ancestor, to a family member, or to him/herself, and I won't question merits or resolution. But I promise, if you live always believing yourself to be a victim, it will destroy you from the inside out.

THINK Lol...like reading a communist China article via NBC...shocker! THINK So THINK Uh... you know the entire USA belonged to Native Americans at one time right? THINK THINK Opinion: Nick Tilsen is a loser. THINK 'Let's see.....what can I be offended at TODAY? There must be SOMETHING!' THINK NBC - another asinine opinion.

THINK If we are all equal and of the same mother then how is it possible for any other to take something from “my people” THINK Its getting easier and easier to be offended in this country THINK Opinion : most indigenous people were not peaceful and infact enslaved other tribes THINK Attack on ALL 'HUMAN' Beings of Conscience!

THINK I’ll be so glad when he’s out of office. I’m tired of him. THINK NBC News is getting into the realm of CNN now. You had better give up all the land you have, as it was ALL the natives at one time... THINK More NBC deviceivness! All you try to do is ruin America!!! Stop!! THINK THINK Trump is in a perpetual state of attacking someone.

THINK Are you Looking for Creative awesome doodle and outline over your portrait? I am a doodle artist and i will create design in your profile picture contract- THINK No it’s not. Stop trying to divide our great nation. THINK Opinion: This is just another attack on the President of the United States by our unbiased media. (They are really attacks on the worth of the media.)

THINK Just a few miles from Mt Rushmore is the gigantic mountain sculpture of Crazy Horse. If you want to be factual, an oxymoron to the platforms of NBC News, technically all land in North America belonged to Indigenous people, including Manhattan where NBC is. THINK I'm a Tribal member and I found the entire event very uplifting towards all people of this great nation. Why the push to divide?

THINK Yet when Obama visited it was 'majestic!' Bernie Sanders visited and crickets! Americans are not listening to your divisive rhetoric. One day, patriots will no longer sit back and just watch as our buildings and history is being burned to the ground. THINK Below the portraits of those four men, lies the residue of what was a holy site, blasted away with dynamite.

THINK 'American culture' is hollow and rotten and by focussing on it, Trump only hastens its demise. Thus Putin's work is done. THINK How do? Was he shooting them towards the reservation? GTFOH THINK Go home, , you’re drunk THINK Did you hear Kanye West is running for President? What a great thing!! We can campaign for Kanye and vote for Trump. Do you think African Americans want to vote for Joe? He is a friend to Klansmen. He wrote the worst legislation for African American Males since slavery.

THINK ❤😍 THINK Hi guys ... My friends, you have to wear a mask virus to spread and prevent and prevent coronavirus The number of patients is increasing day by day and you should be more careful about your health and the health of your family. Types of face masks THINK NBC it would not matter where he was ....you would attack him for it

THINK Trumps existence is an attack on indigenous people. THINK All land is stolen from someone else. I bet all your office buildings reside on land stolen from natives as well. Idiots. THINK Yall are out of your fucking minds lol THINK CUT THE BS!!!! THINK So was British colonialism THINK Where was Nick Tilsen when Obama visited Mount Rushmore?

THINK Blow it up! (?) THINK FOOLS of JULY!!!!!!¥€$++ THINK & you know it. & we all know this THINK & it's in our DNA THINK Where was Tilsen when Obama was President? He's just another anti Trumper leftist. THINK First of all, “Native Americans” were never indigenous. The did not “originate” from the Americas. Take an archaeology class. Next, let’s talk about the brutal attacks, savagery, murder and slavery of “Native Americans” on innocent people. TruthMatters

THINK Yes he is not helping native Americans THINK Trumphitler don't care about you, he's patting his back again. Glitz and Glamour is all he knows fuck us little people. I wonder if he raked the forest floor first. THINK Fuk em. Light it up THINK Give me a break. THINK I guess trump can’t have a fireworks display anywhere according to the media

THINK NBC always living up to their anti America reputation THINK Give it a rest Your not tearing down mount Rushmore THINK Oh get off you a__ and maybe your brain will work. THINK 🤣🤣🤣 THINK Nothing like bringing the nation together 👏👏turn off the news turn on the grill. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 time to celebrate. THINK 😂

THINK NBC. All u show here is your hate toward Trump and how u r working for Democrats. So obvious. U r right there with CNN. No report like this when Obama or Clinton or Sanders went and awed over mount Rushmore. Maybe report with no bias. THINK It's not their land anymore, get over it and move on, it happend a long time ago

THINK Come interview me. I'm not saying what you want to hear though. Not all white ppl think alike; not all Native Americans think alike either. God Bless the USA & my 100% full blooded Shawnee grandmother says the same. THINK Not since Madison and the Trail of Tears have the Aboriginal/Indigenous People had their lands taken from them. I hope the next President apologizes and gives them their rights and protections back.

THINK Pues resulta que ahora no hay nada políticamente correcto para Donald Trump en USA. THINK sucks. THINK The show was an environmental disaster, there is no way that the area will be returned back to the condition was before the display. The First Nation respect the land, that is more than can be said for the Republicans

THINK Do what? 'Last month, MSNBC's Al Sharpton conducted a spirited debate about whether Obama belongs on Mount Rushmore or instead deserves a separate monument to his greatness ...' THINK Wut? THINK Technically speaking there are not any “natives” in North America. Humans originated in Africa, migrated through Asia and crossed the land bridge to the Americas. So we are all immigrants, it’s just a matter of how many generations.

THINK THINK THINK ❤😍 THINK Yep you're still the EnemyOfThePeople comcast THINK Just SHUT UP. THINK NBC News is publishing again. THINK I love this. Great example of the extremes the poor media will jump to bad mouth the one person who is saving our constitution. They got the puppets. The brainless lefty that still lives with mom at 30. They own that group. They also own the sympathizers of that group. That's it.

THINK Why does NBC give this air. The media thrives on the division. THINK THINK Wow NBC sorry you feel that way because I felt it was a celebration of our country and its people. God bless America, lets all come together in unity today and stand as one nation. THINK Yawn 🥱🙄 THINK He’s antagonising everyone that his racist base despises. It’s the groundworks for a racial war if he thinks that he will lose the elections.

THINK THINK History is fun, kids! Learn the TRUTH before the other versions. The Sioux violently “stole” the Black Hills from the Cheyenne, they “stole” it from the Kiowa, who “stole” it from the Pawnee, who “stole” it from the Crow, who “stole” it from the Arikara. THINK just like every american spirit cigarette i smoke

THINK Was it racist when Pedo Clinton , crooked Hillary, and Bombo went there? HYPOCRITES! THINK 'Fought over' HA! Native Americans helped the first colonists survive by feeding, clothing and housing them! How were they repaid? TREACHERY, MURDER AND SLAVERY! The USA is steeped in innocent blood beginning with greedy 17th and 18th-century Europeans and continuing until now.

THINK Opinion | Nick Tilson is a race baiter and America hater. Shouldn’t you move to Venezuela? Seems like you’d love it there. SocialismKills THINK Nick Tilsen is an abomination. Which Native American tribe? The Sioux forcibly ousted the Cheyenne, who ousted the Kiowa, who ousted the Pawnee, who ousted the Crow, who ousted the Arikara from the Black Hills all through VIOLENCE & WAR. It was “stolen” by the Sioux last.

THINK The negative left.. Too busy destroy cities to celebrate the greatest nation EVER i am truly sorry, but that war was fought AGES ago, it was wrong, but now no ownership means socialism THINK Nick Tilson is an abomination. Which Native American tribe? The Sioux forcibly ousted the Cheyenne, who ousted the Kiowa, who ousted the Pawnee, who ousted the Crow, who ousted the Arikara from the Black Hills all through VIOLENCE & WAR. It was “stolen” by the Sioux last.

THINK It wasn't stolen. It was fought over and America won. Want a rematch? THINK Beautiful speech- citing MLK among many others. Harriet Tubbman too. Trump brings everyone (other than marxist, communist, belligerent, malcontents) to freedom and prosperity only available in this, the greatest Nation in history- the USA. Amen. FoxNews nbc abc cnn kag

THINK A LOT OF THE USA WAS STOLEN FROM NATIVE AMERICANS! MOST OF IT WAS SWINDLED FROM NATIVE AMERICANS THROUGH TREATIES THAT WERE EITHER FULL OF DECEPTION OR BROKEN OUTRIGHT. Native Americans weren't stupid enough to sell huge areas of land for a few dollars: THOSE WERE THE SWINDLES! THINK If the George Floyd incident doesn’t happen, nobody’s talking about Mount Rushmore...

THINK Shameless anti-American propaganda THINK Conquest is brutal ask the Carthaginians after Caesar plowed salt into the earth THINK THINK HAHA STUPID THINK Taliban in US, I say just explode them like what they did in Afghanistan THINK It's not stolen, Native Americans crossed the Aleutian land bridge, (Alaska) the same time that MY people landed on the East Coast of what is now the United States of America, this is a scientific fact! It's not my problem if you choose not to believe it! So its 'OUR LAND'!!

THINK Victim status at all time high. THINK Every ounce of land was fought for since man became sentient. Enough of the revisionism. THINK Opinion: NBC News sucks. THINK THINK Sad, but true. No outreach at all to anyone other than his base. THINK THINK Really a third of July. THINK Hahahaha. Oh you're serious

THINK THINK “ We Will Not Be Intimidated By Evil People “ Fake News we are Americans THINK I stand with the Lakota Sioux THINK Are you literally shaking? THINK Such an insult in more ways than one! I can only imagine all the wildlife around does not appreciate it either. They were banned to protect them but this administration doesn’t care for anyone and anything

THINK Go away, we don’t want to hear your propaganda, quit trying to destroy America! God bless the USA! THINK all of you in the political center. Do you see how ludicrous the left is yet? THINK ahahahahahahahhahahahhahaha ... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA THINK 'there will be Lakota storytellers sharing the state’s Native American culture' did people complain about it in 2009? Probably not

THINK THINK Bullshit THINK Not at all....MAGA! THINK What makes it “your land” in the first place? THINK Fireworks have been banned at the site for a decade for environmental protection but Trump doesn't think it should apply to him and his Branch Covidiots Klan Rally. THINK How dare the President have fireworks at Mt. Rushmore on the 4th of July. Opinion

THINK It's actually just a firework show. THINK Nah, fam. This take sucks. THINK I as a 25 percent Native American is asking you to please stop it. The only people complaining about this stuff is over privileged white spoiled brats from liberal big cities. Very few natives and very few minorities are actually participating in this CancelCulture BS

THINK The Indians were conquered. It's sad, but true. THINK Then every fireworks show, every street we drive on. Every sidewalk, park, business, home etc is stolen land and why isn't that an attack on Indigenous people? Tell me, I want to know THINK THINK Karen alert! THINK The derangement is strong here..

THINK Government of the white, by the white, for the white, shall perish from the Earth. THINK He doesn’t give a fuck THINK Oh shut up!! THINK It’s a national monument THINK Disrespectful POS! Pay Back 01/20/21! THINK Opinion : NOT THINK Lacota stole it from the Cheyenne, The Cheyenne stole from.....etc THINK Happy white history month everyone... ✌️😃

THINK Let's admit it. Your problem is not indigenous people. You care less about them Your problem is TDS Indigenous people hate you as much THINK Stop this f...ing BS. This is America. This is a historical monument. THINK Nonsense. Not an attack on anybody. THINK WHAT!!!!!! THINK Dude. Move on. It’s America, love it or leave it

THINK I've always refused to visit that place and still feel the same today as I did as a child. The faces need to be removed and the gov honor the indigenous people's right to their homeland. I was taught the truth in the 60's about this place. Still makes me sad. THINK That’s what he does. That his purpose, to make people miserable, anyway he can.

The land will be back to the owners sooner or later THINK Apparently they forgot history. THINK NBC clearly hates America and white people.if it wasn't for days of our lives there would be no use for it. THINK You don't even like your famous presidents now. So why you stay in America? THINK Why do liberals hate America and the freedoms it has to offer so much?

THINK They should be replace by the face of Breonna Taylor, Stephon Clark, Tanisha Anderson, and George Floyd. Then America will be happy? THINK MY GRANDMOTHER WAS BORN 1876 TAKEN BY PA. QUAKERS AT 4 YEARS OLD AND NEVER GOT TO GO HOME SHE WAS SIOUX SHE IS BURIED IN CRAWFORD COUNTY PA. SHE NAMED ME LITTLE FOX WHEN I WAS 5. 🏹🔪💔🦊🐺🦬🐎🪶🦌🪶

THINK Leave mt. Rushmore alone THINK Nothing more patriotic than beating up on the oppressed for a quick feeling of superiority THINK THINK Oh for.... THINK Stick to news and leave opinions for comments. THINK THINK THINK THINK Listen folks. They shouldn’t have allied with the French. Their bad! THINK That's how war works. To the victor goes the spoils.

THINK Wow, this is proof that NBC has moved insanely to the left. Or I should say even more insanely to the left.

Mount Rushmore Fireworks Revival To Feature Trump But No Social DistancingEnvironmental dangers, including wildfires and groundwater poisoning, ended the Rushmore pyrotechnics a decade ago. Now they're back, defying a pandemic and protests. Think of it as a protest against hysteria. Der Gropenfurer must have his spectacle in a place he can't find on a map! *750,000 spectators

'We won't be social distancing' at Mount Rushmore celebration with Trump, says SD Gov. NoemHealth experts fear the celebration, which 7,500 people are expected to attend – along with a lack of mitigation efforts – could lead to a spike in infections. Hot governor. But I thought mass outdoor gatherings weren’t a problem. Oh wait, is that only if you’re operating on the lefts agenda?

Trump holding large-scale July 4th event at Mount Rushmore despite coronavirus risksThe president’s plan to address a crowd of thousands at Mount Rushmore, where the state’s Republican governor says social distancing will not be enforced, comes against as the U.S. hit a new single-day record of 50,000 new cases. Of course he does . Smh COVIDFest19 North And yet there will be many who wonder why bars and restaurants aren't open on New Year's Eve.

With Mount Rushmore Visit, Trump to Emphasize History, and Court ControversyPresident Trump’s trip to Mt. Rushmore ahead of Independence Day is designed to offer a blast of patriotic pageantry. But the firework festivities are shadowed by questions about social distancing and wildfire risks, as well as tensions with Native American leaders. KNOW THIS: Light-workers all over the planet have been busy alchemizing any & all dark energy, by the power of Almighty God: ‘Twas DARK is NOW LIGHT. And it is done. ✝️🔮❤️☮️🇺🇸🌎 P.S. We also decode comms.😉 He needs a photo.

Ahead of Trump Visit, Sioux Leaders Say They Want Mount Rushmore Removed'We are now being forced to witness the lashing of our land with pomp, arrogance, and fire.' TeenVogue, pls marry me