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Opinion | Maybe George R.R. Martin wouldn’t know how to end ‘Game of Thrones,’ either

Opinion: Maybe George R.R. Martin wouldn’t know how to end 'Game of Thrones,' either


Opinion: Maybe George R.R. Martin wouldn’t know how to end 'Game of Thrones,' either

There's a lingering sadness that the very things that made me love the series have made a satisfying resolution so very unlikely.

Characters do things, not because that’s just what they would do in a given situation, but because the chess pieces need to move toward the next dazzling display of battle choreography. You can blame Benioff and Weiss, who clearly seem bored, and eager to move on to other things. They can get away with this only because the writers, at this point, are essentially working from Cliffs Notes: They know what the endpoint is, but lack Martin’s deft plotting to get the story there.

Main characters die, horribly, often as a direct result of their noblest gestures. When they’re not dying, they’re suffering in myriad and inventive ways. And that was a great part of the appeal, because there’s so much more suspense when you know, as real people do, that any given battle could end with the hero’s entrails spilled.

Which meant that despite the illusion that anything could happen, most plausible things actually couldn’t. One way or another, the Starks had to win the battle for humanity, and Westeros, because otherwise why did we spend all those years following them around? Making that feel realistic in a world that isn’t governed by cosmic justice is, well, a heroic task.

Alyssa Rosenberg: What would a feminist ending for ‘Game of Thrones’ actually look like?

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Then why end it Well as so many other movies director get tired of the composition and something happen to them too that they make take a reactiong finishing the movie without thinking in the all shooting. and they make the worse mistake by finishing the movie en very stuped way to bad. Well that’s are poor excuse. When writing epics aren’t you suppose to outline first🤔of where you want to go🤦🏽‍♀️

Being he knew how to write the beginning and middle he’d probably do ok with the end also. It’s not necessarily what the ending is, it’s how it has all played out. Given the King’s Landing ‘battle’ Daenerys didn’t even need an army. Could’ve taken over all of Westeros just with her dragons. Benioff & Weiss can do what they want, so far twisting & manipulating the plot to suit serial nature of the series. People die but don’t or die & relive again. That alone, dwarfs, no pun, any other quirks, surprises they write in. So, in the final hour, it must end. No next week

Isn't that obvious? Else he'd have finished them. No. Do not call up that which ye cannot put down! HP Lovecraft. Still good advice. Also called: painting oneself into a corner. Very easy for fair to middling writers. What gave it away? Him not writing an ending? Last week was just a game of thrones ver of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, if you stand by a tyrant you will likely fall with them. They could all just live happily ever after now if Aria wasn't such an SJW.

Channeling maybe-yes, maybe-no Mueller: Speak, Bob, Speak!The nation waited two years as special counsel Robert Mueller investigated President Trump's campaign for potential collusion with Russia. The release of his report was an unsatisfying finale for many who are eager to hear from Mueller himself. 448 pages isn't satisfying by itself...then what will be the Rump Administration has done their best to turn MuellerTime into MoylerTime not by accident either- The fake news media has strung you all along like dope fiends, promising Russia collusion. Sad

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How should a story end, with a huge hurrah and everyone gets there wish and all the dead brought back to life. Such stories always just fade and the heroes go back to the mundane of everyday, like the end of Lord of the Rings, it's the Samwells who win. Only an idiot can conceive that game of thrones can ever end!

As with most stories it's an examination of a place, a time, and an event. And although it may seem to be epic in it's telling it is really just what happened at the time. Star Wars is the same, you can't tell all the stories, it's more relevant if you focus on just a few people. Storyline sets the stage for a healer to emerge from the shadows

Careful.... are you saying GRRM is just like Jon Snow (8 seasons in and still don’t know anything)? All of the books and seasons have ended with despair and desperate hope. At R.R. Martin’s rate, having as asteroid destroy the world would be fittingly A lot of the ending is no mystery, it's just how they do it. We all knew the Night King was going to lose, it was just how. We knew Cersei was going to lose. Now it's just a question of who actually gets the Iron Throne.

The dragon mother got mad If he did, he would? I think he should just make the final book a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Martin is a better writer than the author of this article will ever be.

Channeling maybe-yes, maybe-no Mueller: Speak, Bob, Speak!WASHINGTON (AP) — See Bob investigate. Read Bob's report. Wait, Bob, what? I can’t wait for the Republicans to get their hands on Mueller, he has some serious questions that need to be answered. I just wish that people would do what's right and get back to honesty because trust in those in the judicial side of America is not gone. Bribed and embedded judges will always side with Trump regardless of right or wrong for self gain. Free America is gone unless people speak up It’s over - move on NoCollusionNoObstruction

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Perhaps I have the minority view, but S08E05 was excellent and bold! We were kidding ourselves for thinking a continent could be conquered humanely. We've been given so many clues Daenerys would level KL - both Daenerys (S02E10) and Bran (S04E02) have the same vision below. Or maybe he intends to let ppl feel the pain (heartbroken) ? 😂💨 GoT GameofThrones

This is such a bummer!!! I really wanted to name a soon-to-be-adopted dog Khaleesi and call her Cali. So conflicted, it’s a cool f’n name 😕 He couldn’t possibly do a worse job than Weiss and Benioff did my god. I’ve never seen anything like this nosedive, 7 mostly excellent seasons and then complete garbage. It’s like they’re trying to ruin each major storyline

maybe how much you identify with the characters and the lessons of their unpleasant tendencies and choices is exactly how it's supposed to go. because it's about what we are, not what we wish to be. that's exactly how grrm's other series have gone - painful lessons and loss. I really wish the ending is like every 'black mirror' episode, it has no exact ending, instead, it gives space of imagination for fans to create their own endings.

Hush The great authors map it all out before the first book. Martin doesn’t do that :(. And he suffers from writers block. Nonsense. The man is a historian and a fantasy writer. Surely he could wrap things up quite nicely. Clearly he just doesn't care.

The Buttigieg Bump Is Fading, But He Could Surge AgainThe Buttigieg bump is fading—but he could surge again. Via FiveThirtyEight: FiveThirtyEight I see no sign of his streak coming to a halt. FiveThirtyEight Did he name himself Buttigang after he came out or was that just a coincidence. FiveThirtyEight He is a jerk. Priggish Pete picked a fake fight with Pence. Nobody cares that Pete is gay but Pete. We are all not as shallow as he is. We vote on policy not pals.

Imagine saying the guy who came up with the story doesn’t know how to story. At least there would be painfully long descriptions of food, dammit. No one would know, the thing went too far, uncontrollable Quit writing? I'm going to write a series of really shitty follow-ups to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Opinion: Maybe Hunter S. Thompson wouldn't have done any better.

GOD GAME 🌍💙🤖⚡️ Might explain why he hasn't written the final books. My heart is going to break a million times tomorrow... (He won't) It’s almost like they didn’t really ever know who the mother was. Wait. Wrong show.

Opinion | Bill de Blasio’s race to nowhere — maybeBig Apple mayors always think City Hall is a political trampoline to higher office. Can you get much worse than Trump ? I do doubt that Bill can ! Oh it's all but guaranteed, no one likes the guy, not even the citizens of NYC.

'Always Be My Maybe' Has A Trailer And Keanu Reeves Is In It, So It's Everything“Always Be My Maybe” Has A Trailer And Keanu Reeves Is In It, So It’s Everything I’ve loved him for so long... ❤️❤️❤️❤️ This is the most important movie I never knew existed till I watched this. Must watch... Has the 3rd chapter come out today?

I Missed This Detail From Last Night's 'Game Of Thrones' And Maybe You Did TooThis Theory About Varys And Daenerys Really Makes Sense It’s a bit of a ... I got the he's trying to poison her on first viewing. Thought it was obvious 🤷🏼‍♂️ Varys was sending a note to Sansa. Arya kills Dany, John lets Sansa have Iron Throne, he becomes king of north.

Trade Wars: Maybe The U.S. Should Declare Itself A Developing CountryThe World Trade Organization allows countries to self-declare whether they are a developing country. The U.S. is starting to act more like one with its trade policy. Maybe it should follow the footsteps of China and others and declare itself a developing country. That would certainly foster debate. Seriously? 😅 Disintegrating is more accurate More like de evolving

Maybe a black & white 'Twilight Zone' is the kind of gimmick cord-cutters needAs more streaming services compete, niche appeal is going to matter just as much as mainstream appeal. Film in Georgia?

Opinion | Harris challenges the thinking on the best way to challenge TrumpOpinion: Harris challenges the thinking on the best way to challenge Trump No one can challenge trump! Middle class americans are with trump Two options Sanders Harris Biden China war but the progressive will takeover America Thinking for the Thinking-Challenged

Lena Headey, AKA Queen Cersei, Revealed How She Felt About Last Night's 'Game Of Thrones'Lena Heady, Aka Queen Cersei, Revealed How She Felt About Last Night's ' Game Of Thrones '

Opinion | Trump’s businesses are faltering. That’s good news.Maybe we can kill the myth that we need more businesspeople in politics. Sounds awfully vindictive. i know this is opinion, but damn WP Yeah I guess all the happy horsesh-t about the presidency helping his businesses is probably just dem anti trump blather after all 🙄

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