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From WSJopinion: Protestors should recognize that widespread lawlessness and destruction is not helping their cause, writes The Editorial Board

The “broken-windows” school of policing says that you can help maintain public order by taking care of even small examples of disorder—such as fixing broken windows. Liberals scorned that policy in the last decade as somehow racist. Well, in recent days we’ve learned that America’s left does have a broken-windows policy: Let rioters break enough windows and loot enough stores and maybe their righteous anger will be satisfied.

That’s certainly how it looked when the June sun rose Tuesday over the broken glass, looted storefronts,...


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opinion You just worried about your sleezy pockets at WS. You are pissed off at people not returning to their covid infested work places so you can squeeze them into getting you higher returns. Your days are over WS. Coming to get you!

opinion If protesters and rioters are the same, then so are journalists and propagandists.

opinion Can I unfollow WSJ - but just the editorial and opinion section?

opinion Protestors have nothing to do with looting or property damage. Conflating the two doesn't make any sense unless you're deeply against the purpose of the protests.

opinion Imagine if they did that in China, and what the Chinese Government would do !!! … they'd be squashed like bugs ...

opinion Apparently, Police knee bad guys all the time, even black police! Whaaaat 😯😯😯

opinion Please leave these 'peaceful' looters alone, all the want is to hang from the wall with the stolen merch.

opinion Ya think...? And they aren't protestors when they riot and loot....

opinion Hillbillies around the world think for a few minutes that they've gained some meaning for their pointless existence

opinion wow, really cementing your place in the history books as cucks for the oligarchs. *chefs kiss*

opinion Protestors do recognize that - looters, rioters, and whoever's delivering those pallets of bricks don't give a fuck.

opinion One of the problems we are contending with is the syndrome of adults refusing to mature past adolescence. They still have a need to rebel and be cool and this narcissistic need eclipses the requirements of maturity.

opinion It is certainly helping the case against them as seen by all law abiding Americans.

opinion And police officers breaking windows and boogaloo and other right wing nationalist groups are there inciting violence.

opinion The majority of them do.

opinion I am deaf to all else until violence stops.

opinion You draw the line at the destruction of capital. Destroying and abusing human stock capital is ok.

rvaidya2000 opinion That helps the US only when Muzl!ms do it in India.

opinion What? Destroying private property because you’re mad at the government isn’t helping your cause? Color me shocked!

opinion Do they get paid time off to go do this bullshit ?

opinion And the WSJ is back with another bad take, like every day. It’s pretty clear at this point that the looting is of opportunity, but the WSJ would rather demonize legitimate protest while continuing to ignore real issues of inequality while there aren’t protests

opinion WSJ has such double standards! They encouraged the Hong Kong and Ukraine's protesters lawlessness and destruction of their own place and condemned the police in stopping these protesters!

opinion Come November, voters will come out, and President Trump wins in landslide victory.

opinion What was the Boston tea party?

opinion The protesters and criminals are separate groups and shouldn't be lumped together. We're all victims of the criminals and they should be arrested and prosecuted.

opinion go away

opinion Absolutely true. In fact it makes me disgusted

opinion I think you mean “police” must be a typo

opinion quick question, when’s the last time your board helped POC?

opinion This is actually a ridiculous piece and beneath and any modicum of herbalist ice standards. I am appalled

opinion Self serving bullshit. Lawlessness in response to lawlessness and corruption by the state and its arms is rebellion.

opinion And the WSJ will now tell the protestors what their 'cause' is. We know the cause of the WSJ: we get to keep all our money!

rvaidya2000 opinion If these protestors come out with weapons entire area will be similar to ISIS controlled areas USA must take this serious & take all required actions It's USA not Libya or Syria entire world is laughing at your administration sir realDonaldTrump China is mocking now

opinion maddow nytimes NicolleDWallace The Editorial Board instead of pointing a finger at the protestors you should point a finger at Donald Trumps tweets. He has been inciting the death of George Floyd from Day 1. Remember the tweet “when the looting starts the shooting starts “.

opinion That is true. Efforts at real reform get directed towards damage repair and economic recovery instead of lasting social changes.

opinion Yes we got here in the first place because of crime drugs disrespecting the law stealing...ya this is going change people’s minds to respect them now 🤨good job. Wild Animals act better than this

opinion while cucks like WSJ keep calling 'riots' of 'protests' they will never stop. Tey can destroy america with media calling 'peacefull protest' on china money.

opinion Oh REALLY? Cos not once did I hear you say about the riots in HK. In fact, weren't you revelling in the protestors' fight for democracy? By the same token, should we revel in the African Americans' cause against discrimination?

opinion Politicians should recognize that widespread mediocrity and robbery is not helping their cause ..

opinion Also, widespread lawlessness and destruction ARE not helping, not 'is not helping.'

opinion This is such an ignorant response. Does the Editorial Board really, truly think that protest leaders advocate looting and property destruction

opinion Correct, but just who are these specific protesters, could they be one in the same Trump called “Llberators” ?

opinion Garbage take from The Editorial Board, whoever tf that would be

opinion HaHa. Meaning that, (despite what polls say) the majority is appalled and Biden has screwed himself in a corner, he cant unscrew himself out of.

opinion Talk about missing the point.

opinion If there are two distinct groups here, this is just another example of that TV show “What would you Do?”....a majority of folks out protesting just watching thugs commit carnage...and just watch...hate America much? Protest system while allowing thugs?

opinion Racism will be worse because of this.

opinion WSJ you have turned into a garbage newspaper, you've helped perpetuate this liberal agenda. I used to read your paper cover-to-cover, every day. You still have some good contributors, but wonder how much longer?

opinion fuck y’all

opinion Calling them protestors is an insult to protesters!

opinion Go ahead, call me racist & bigot ! But young white women & men marching along blacks asking for actions vs police brutality, should rethink it bc in a way, they are supporting looting & vandalism made by blacks within these protesting, which caused a dozen deaths in USA so far 🤔

opinion Looters are criminals, whether on streets or bailing out their father’s investment firm from the risky junk bond investments at taxpayer expense. Hope to see some patriotic reporting from you guys-be on the right side of history. Never trumper knowledge too prophetic; USA dying.

opinion Violence doesn't help protesters' cause? What a novel idea! I'm surprised no one thought of it during previous protests. Violence is the fault of Democratic mayors? Gee, I guess your organization has hired Trump for your editorial board. MAJA! Make America a Joke Already!

opinion More tone deafness from . Protesters are reacting to 'widespread lawlessness and destruction' in their lives everyday! What's unclear about that? Why does moan about one and not the other?

opinion idiot the PROTESTORS ARENT LOOTING those are outsiders.

opinion so close, dear EdBoard, so close. let me spell it out for you: *violent riots help Trump's cause* now, let me suggest a topic for your next editorial: who incites violence?

opinion mad because you can't get to your favorite target huh

opinion protest is right of public

opinion I'm so old I remember when the WSJ was a reputable publication and not a 2-bit propaganda sheet.

opinion R u that clueless? Un-nuanced? Ignorant? Tone deaf? Unable to distinguish between the many peaceful protesters &the few rioters? I get that it advances ur narrative. But ur narrative lax integrity & insight. Ur btr than this. Do btr than this. Wake the eff up & call it straight.

opinion The protesters aren’t looting. It’s the criminals and anarchists. Same people that loot during playoff wins and blackouts.

opinion Peaceful protesters are not committing violence, do not condone it, and should not be blamed for it.

opinion Systematic racism is what’s radical. You have your priorities backwards.

opinion WSJ does not get it! Those that are looting and destroying could care less about what happened in Minneapolis. They know they can do it with immunity so they do it and get away scot free.

opinion Tell that to the cops. This is trash.

opinion Says the U.S who blows up foreign countries to take their resources. Hypocrites

opinion Fuck yall

opinion maybe they don't all have the same cause? We need to be more precise when we discuss what is happening. And, if you can't separate protestors from rioters/looters - you are part of the problem.

opinion Just the usual garbage from opinion — AKA Fox News for rich assholes.

opinion “Their” cause is a national cause so I don’t this?


opinion BoxUnscripted when your parents never taught you how to “read the room” 🤣 did this seriously make it past your editorial board?

opinion The riots after Martin Luther King was killed ended with the Civil Rights Act. Maybe this time they’ll call it equal rights.

opinion Protesting DOES NOT EQUAL rioting!! Gosh you’d think WSJ “editorial board” would know that!

opinion Protesters are not the problem Criminals are the problem there is a difference

opinion There is a narrative within our society that says logic and goodness will prevail and that those who abuse their power will simply see the errors of their ways and change once a good argument is made. This is false and not supported, at all, by history.

opinion Don't fart near the WSJ, it's gaslighting again.

opinion Vote Democrat, watch your city burn.

opinion And the WSJ opinion contards should realize & acknowledge that the ultimate peaceful act of protest, kneeling, didn’t work either

opinion Ahhh back to form, i see for the WSJ. Expected.


opinion STOP putting protesters in the same sack with rioters and looters! They are NOT the same people!! They are NOT acting for the same cause!!! Rioters and looters are NOT protesters, they are NOT protesting!!!

opinion What is your cause when you write this BS. Looters are looters. Protesters are protesters. Get it straight.

opinion First, they should recognize that the WSJ Editorial Board has no interest in helping their cause and is therefore a cynical and unreliable ally to go to for advice.

opinion As an enterprise built on choosing words carefully, you aren't doing well today. Rioters is the term you are looking for. And they aren't the same as protestors. Do better.

opinion WSJ should recognize: 1. Many protestors recognize this and actively try to keep protests peaceful. 2. Protests often become riots due to police aggression/instigation. 3. Protestors are not a monolith. 4. 'Protest' does not equal 'riot' does not equal 'looting.'


opinion 'We're uncomfortable listening to centuries of oppression playing out in modern times' - TheWhiteStreetJournal

opinion Let's break this down simply and in layman terms: 1) Protesters and Rioters/Looters CAN be mutually exclusive... Is there some overlap? Sure. But, the overwhelming majority of protestors have been peaceful.

opinion lmaoooo so NOW you want to play the 'a few bad apples spoils the whole bunch' card foh

opinion 5 through college.

opinion Have come along way. The fact that some people may still be racist after all the work our government does to get rid of it means that people aren't listening. What more can we do that we aren't already doing to get rid of it. We teach not to be prejudiced from before

opinion É por essas que falo sempre o jornalismo morreu

opinion Are you siding with white racist genocide. You are owned by Murdock- you are complicit and have no credibility.

opinion True

opinion so sayeth FoxNews....they should sit back and be 'patience'....you don't seem to grasp that their patience has run out......and this sure got your bigoted attention, didn't it? your day is ending ....reign of the old wealthy white men is ending

opinion Manifestantes? Hora bolas um reconhecido grupo de terroristas, ateou fogo em uma casa aí mesmo no seu pais e impediu dos bombeiros de apagar o fogo

opinion Big difference between peaceful protestors which make up the biggest percent of protestors. Agitators are being confronted by peaceful protesters.

opinion OK, Karen

opinion The protesters are not the problem. The rioters, looters, criminal malcontents cowardly hide behind protesters as shields and then engage in their folly. It is very important to distinguish the players in this game.

opinion Police should recognize that widespread brutality is not helping their cause.

opinion A) the protestors are not the ones doing that. Don't conflate. 2) the protests are in response to the widespread lawlessness of rogue police who beat & kill POC with impunity. D) the protests are in response to the destruction of lives. As in the lives of loved ones who survive.

opinion Another garbage WSJ opinion. The protesters are the ones who are yelling at the police and getting teargassed. The rioters and looters are the ones that are using this opportunity of police being obsessed with peaceful protests to run amok.

opinion Maybe the Editorial Board should recognize that bad actors, trolls, and agitators from the far right and far left are not part of the peaceful protesters...

opinion Lawlessness and destruction is in no way a part of the movement. These are opportunistic criminals injecting themselves into peaceful protests for their own selfish gains.

opinion Protesters are not rioters or looters. Period.

opinion Their cause is based on lies. Our country works hard to educate people against racism. We don't know if that cop hurt that man bc of racism. If he did, he doesn't represent the majority in this country. We voted Obama in twice. We have many colored government officials. We

opinion The lawlessness is coming for law enforcement. This is just a reaction to it.

opinion First brick flies overhead, conversation over!

opinion There is no such thing as a 'liberal city.' There are just American cities. The vast majority of us are not Bernie-liberals.

opinion they are domestic terrorists ... they are not going to think logical.. need to start arresting them

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