Opinion | Joe Manchin is wrong about spending on climate change. It would be good for his state.

Opinion: Joe Manchin is wrong about spending on climate change. It would be good for his state.

10/22/2021 11:21:00 AM

Opinion: Joe Manchin is wrong about spending on climate change. It would be good for his state.

It would be nuts to drop climate change provisions from the spending bill. Yes, even for West Virginia.

Like every piece of this huge spending package, details about the climate change provisions are up for negotiation. Fine, that’s how legislation works. But to drop climate change provisions altogether would be nuts. Other parts of the infrastructure and social spending deal are important; climate change is existential.

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Manchin dislikesa provisioncalled the Clean Energy Performance Program (CEPP), which would provide $150 billion to reward utilities for moving quickly to renewable energy, such as wind and solar. He’d rather spend some of that money for what’s known as “firm power,” which means low-carbon fuels that can backstop the renewable sources.

AdvertisementStory continues below advertisementManchin has a point, actually. Utilities aren’t sure they can make the transition as quickly as the CEPP plan envisions. They need some reliable low-carbon alternative fuels to make sure the power grid doesn’t crash if the wind doesn’t blow, the sun doesn’t shine, weather disasters occur — and batteries can’t fill the gap. But the answer isn’t to kill the clean energy program — it’s to adapt it so that utilities can meet achievable goals. headtopics.com

As moderate and progressive Democrats look for a compromise, they should study proposals from a group called theLabor Energy Partnership. It’s sponsored by the AFL-CIO and the Energy Futures Initiative, created by former energy secretary Ernest Moniz. Its reports highlight two oft-overlooked points in the climate debate: Low-carbon fuels of some sort will be needed for years to supplement renewables, and a viable “net-zero” strategy requires removing carbon from the air and oceans — a huge challenge and one that will employ many workers.

The beginning of wisdom is to understand, as the AFL-CIO does, that the transition to a net-zero clean energy economy will be a job creator. American workers will build and install wind turbines, solar panels and other renewable technologies. American workers will build vast fleets of electric vehicles; they’ll work in a modernized fuels industry to supply the firm power that can sustain the grid.

AdvertisementStory continues below advertisementAnd perhaps most important, American workers will be part of a huge new project to capture carbon in the air and sea, transport it to storage locations and bury it there. Moniz argues that this process of putting captured carbon safely back in the ground will be as intensive as the fossil fuel industry’s centuries of extraction from wells and mines.

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Of course it would, Oil, Coal are a dying industry, there are far more jobs in renewables and climate action than in desperately clinging onto the past. Manchin does not act for his constituents, he acts for political donors (Oil Coal), who PAY him to scuttle Climate Action. But he’s protecting his personal & family interests in coal. The black lung Senator!

MicheleJeanson1 but it wouldn’t be good for his bosses the Koch brothers What does he care? He's sitting in his giant diesel fueled yacht collecting big bags of coal $$$ He meant that it was bad for Joe Manchin. fleck_margaret Could have stopped at Joe Manchin is wrong. It's amazing how both Manchin and Sinema are both beholden to non-constituent interests and simply don't care.

He isn’t interested in his constituents, only his donors. Corruption has been legalized in our country. So obvious he has been bought and paid for. He doesn’t give a crap about negotiating with anyone unless it benefits him or his family members. Just one of many criminals in government. But it’s not good for him, personally, because he accepts bribes from the fossil fuel industry. That is literally the only thing that matters.

One asshole making half a million a year in Dividends from energy stocks gets to shut down the entire countries effort to combat climate change? This is a very dysfunctional system, that is no longer working for 'We the People'.

Just How Disastrous Is Manchin’s Climate Obstruction?.realaxelfoley and dwallacewells discuss the long-term ramifications of Joe Manchin’s climate obstruction

LosiKaren 'Good for his state', sadly, does not equal 'good for his own gain'. Similarly, getting rich from fossil patrons (an entire family-owned empire) does not (cough) necessarily seem 'wrong' to him. And his voters agree with his focus on coal, which keeps him in office and $. This assumes Sen_JoeManchin wants to do things that are better for his state as opposed to better for his personal wealth accumulation.

Sen_JoeManchin doesn't care what's good for his state, he cares what's good for him.

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Democrats Come To Grips With Building Back SmallerThey haven’t yet found a way around Kyrsten Sinema or Joe Manchin. It’s not just Manchin and Sinema, it also includes 50 Republicans. That’s 52 Senators who have an issue. Tell Schumer to get on board with the majority. There's really only one way ... work even harder to get Democrats or like-minded Independents elected. CONTROL Congress, in fact not just theory.

The Real Winners And Losers Of Democrats Building Back SmallerIf Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin get their way, lots of people will lose. Or win, depending what each person finds value in. CAPTAIN JOE DGAF 🛳 Yes, but if everyone digs in their heels and won't consider their position, a lot more people will get nothing. Getting something for some people is better than nothing for all.

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Biden emissions pledge hanging by a thread after Manchin's climate change budget cutHaving caved to Sen. Joe Manchin’s demand that they strip the forthcoming federal budget of its biggest provision to combat climate change, congressional Democrats are scrambling to come up with new ways to meet the president’s target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.