Opinion | Joe Biden, the Cipher Presidential Candidate

Biden is winning the Democratic nomination on the basis of not being Bernie Sanders and wants to get elected president on the basis of not being Donald Trump.


Opinion: Joe Biden is winning the Democratic nomination on the basis of not being Bernie Sanders and wants to get elected president on the basis of not being Donald Trump

Biden is winning the Democratic nomination on the basis of not being Bernie Sanders and wants to get elected president on the basis of not being Donald Trump.

He’s as purely a negative candidate as we’ve seen in a very long time, running largely on who he isn’t and what he won’t do. He’s the presidential candidate as cipher. Prior to his recent media mini-tour, did anyone seriously miss Biden? Wonder what he had to say? Expect him to come up with a bold, captivating coronavirus plan, or an arresting formulation? There is no Biden movement. For much of the primary campaign, he couldn’t build a crowd to save his life. He had no organization or money. There is no Biden charisma. He’s not young, handsome, eloquent, or interesting. There is no Biden catchphrase. He doesn’t have “hope and change,” or “make America great again.” For decades, he’s stayed reliably within the mainstream of the Democratic Party at any given time — hence, his recent turn further left — and his views have largely reflected center-left conventional wisdom. If the party had decided to order up a generic representative, with nothing original to say and a campaign utterly untouched by new thinking or methods, it couldn’t have done any better than Biden. He’s led on everything across the past four decades, at least according to his own account, and yet has done nothing particularly memorable. He’s the opposite of a fresh face on the scene without an extensive record to defend — think George W. Bush or Barack Obama. But he’s proving that a very old slate can be almost as invulnerable to attack as a blank slate. The length of his career means that most of his past controversial positions lost their political salience long ago. They are such artifacts of another era that they can’t be used against him any more. Kamala Harris learned this when she executed an exquisitely planned ambush on Biden on the issue of busing, which was an intense controversy … 40 years ago. President Donald Trump will want to hit Biden on the crime bill, which passed more than a quarter of a century ago, and his vote for the second Iraq War, Biden’s most contemporary legislative vulnerability since he took the vote less than two decades ago. Biden’s candidacy holds interest only to the extent he is gaffe prone. His misfires aren’t Hillary Clinton-style gaffes, laced with arrogance and an insulting dismissiveness that makes them a rallying cry for the other side — her question at a contentious Benghazi hearing, “What difference at this point does it make?”; her labeling of some Trump supporters as “deplorables.” Instead, Biden’s gaffes — the verbal tangles, incomplete sentences, weird mixups — are amusing and concerning. They will be used to make the case that he isn’t up to the job, but they don’t make anyone hate Biden. He can’t even generate strong feelings in his partisan opposition. All that said, Biden deserves credit for his insight from the beginning that the Democratic Party wasn’t defined by woke Twitter and that Obama-Biden Democrats, as he calls them, still constituted the party’s center of gravity. He correctly believed — or hoped — that African American voters would see him through. On top of this, he demonstrated the remarkable perseverance of a politician knocked down and humiliated, who got up every day and kept going. His greatest strength is obviously his ability to connect with others who have suffered personal loss. His victories on Super Tuesday and afterward showed that Democrats were willing to turn out en masse for an uninspired candidacy, and it may be that the same dynamic will hold in November. If so, Biden could do worse than stay in his basement for the duration. Filed Under: Read more: POLITICO

He could never do it his mind isn't good enough for that Would Bernie rather Trump be the President if he Isn't ? Will Biden suffer the same Bernie Fate as Hillary ? Not voting for a person that can’t remember where they are or what they were talking about! ... and he has dimentia? He gets my vote on both counts.

pretty good credentials Sounds like sound advise That is so small. Joe Biden has so many incredible qualities which will make him a good president and he has tremendous ideas and plans for the country - that we can feel good about. Thank God he’s not Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders -although I would take Sanders over Trump

Opinion: This is the stupidest fucking article of all time. I’ll take him any way we can get him. End of day? Here's another person he won't be: President.

Opinion | What Joe Biden should be doing nowAn opportunity to show voters how a Biden administration would look. Conversing with a shrink? Dropping out. Take a nap

Right now, not being Trump or Sanders is fine with me. Biden will surround himself with experienced, competent people. Okay- Sounds Good 🇺🇸💙🇺🇸 I just checked both boxes. Sounds about right. Suits me. And I’m OK with that... Hey Politico report on his sexual allegations please. And your point? As well he should be.

Joe Biden urges Trump, Americans to 'listen to the doctors' like Fauci on coronavirus“We are going to start vetting soon and there is a shortlist,” Joe Biden tells TheView on female VP picks, adding they plan to narrow the list down to “about 11.” Biden adds that he doesn’t “want to start to name people and then raise expectations.” TheView God, this man is so incoherent. Totally unfit to lead. TheView Sorry can't take advice from a guy not firing on all cylinders. TheView Doesn't Biden have voters to fight and kids to sniff?

Spot on POLITICO! And don't forget to add the DNC, Super-PACs & Moderates who (POLITICO incl) worked hard & spent deep to keep Bernie away from their money. We don't yet know which generation will be mortally wounded by this cowardice & greed but we're close. Works for me Whatever....get out and vote for him. JoeBiden

It works for me Ok for me who.... are you? who is this person that writes these for politico? my god! did joe biden shit on your sons birthday cake? why are you so biased? legit fake news. disgusting Bernie Sanders lost because he's Bernie Sanders. See: 2016 1 JOE BIDEN CAN BRING PEACE BACK TO THE WHITEHOUSE AND SOME PEACE YOU ALL NEED AT THIS TERRIBLE TIME A BEAUTIFUL FIRST LADY JILL BIDEN AND A NEW FIRST LADY '' VICE PRESIDENT' LOTS TO DO AND 4 YRS WILL BE GREAT...

Being other than realDonaldTrump and SenSanders (sorry, Bernie), is enough for nomination. God bless you JoeBiden and all the best! I’ll take Joe Biden because he is a decent human being. That’s enough for me. This piece just doesn’t get folks like me.

Joe Biden to loved ones of coronavirus victims: ‘My heart goes out to them’Joe Biden on how he would handle the COVID-19 pandemic: 'I'd be protecting our docs, our nurses, and first responders. Because if we lose them, we are in real, real trouble. We should be making those masks, we should be moving on those ventilators.' Yet he did nothing when in power when warned this could happen. Wow, what inspiring and original ideas! 🙄HasBeen What a clown

💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 More like on the basis of being propped up by media. The man clearly has dementia, is a war criminal, and has a lifetime of corporate corruption. Thank you Lord ! Not really, Mr Biden is winning the nomination base on his character, integrity work ethic, values and government experience. Much better than a mafia boss and a bully

Biden is average Republican who doesn't fight for anything for working people. VoteForBernie 50linesonly He isn't winning, it is being gifted to him. He has trouble completing sentences. There have bee far too many discrepancies in this election to say Joe is winning 50linesonly Cypher candidate?! Like many other 'news' outlets & self-proclaimed pundits, Politico is clueless about the political landscape. Biden has been out in front of the news for FORTY GODDAM years. Cypher?! Bigot, sexist, Republican, likely rapist: what is the cypher, you humpheads?

50linesonly Wow. Thats leadership. Forget the pervert pedo stuff and him just recently saying kids used to rub his leg hair in the pool. Thats just normal, silly talk from a 77 yr old man with dementia. Nothing to see here folks!! Clearly this dipshit has no plans in place. He has not once said what he is going to do for our country. Simply says, “ I’m the one who can eat Trump “. He sounds half drunk most of the time, forgets important dates and information, and stutters too much.

I love how these idiots really think we will come around to Biden or whatever loser like Cuomo they replace him with. Independents gave Democrats a lifeline to that defunct party, who has had one president in 20 years due only to his amazing oratory skills, but Dems rejected it.

Joe Biden and Jake Tapper Found Some Time to Bicker About the Vampire CoughSelf-isolation is making us all a bit testy. For some politicians, that crabbiness comes out in the form of whining that we should just let some people die so the rest of us can go outside and trade stocks already. For others, like CNN correspondent Jake Tapper and Joe Biden, the lack of staff or bystanders around for audience has resulted in two grown men used to being unequivocally listened to having to explain things, like proper coughing procedure, to each other on live television.\n

business as usual biden is a sexual predator with dementia NeverBiden Damn right Biden 2020 Segregationist rapist hater of the poor and disabled (that rely on social security and medicare) and dementia patent oligarch... This loser can do it all... Except beat trump. The capitalist class has their faux champion.

And bidenisaRapist just like trump , only he'll lose Why won’t the media cover his multiple infarct dementia? I don’t like him. Warren was the most capable KryptoKommie JoeBiden will be harmful to the retirement class, working class and women of all colors and backgrounds. Based on his record. Period.

Just keep reminding him he's Joe Biden Right! This is usually not a winning platform. A candidate should have some vision for the nation but he has none. If he wins it will be a remarkable rejection of Trump Works for me.

Joe Biden Gaffe Alert: Stuns ‘The View’ By Claiming Coronavirus Cure Will Make The Problem WorseDemocratic presidential candidate and former VP Joe Biden has been accused of being out of the limelight as the coronavirus pandemic shuts down the country. So his handlers said set ’em up, J… He’s right. We need time to find a cure, not rush into one.

Sounds PERFECT to me!! Bring sanity back to the White House! VOTE BIDEN November 3rd! True. OPINION: Joe Biden is winning because he is THE BEST! GO JOE GO!!!🙂👍 Besides these two reasons being more than enough for most of us, it's a rather narrow-minded view to take on someone who's been a consequential political leader for decades—VAWA, Brady Bill, ACA, Paris Climate Accords, LGBTQ rights, It's On Us, Cancer Moonshot, etc., etc.

Joe will likely not make it to November 3rd. The man is sick, & the world knows it!! IBelieveTara BidensCognitiveDecline JoeBidenHasDementia DemocratsTheEnemyWithin DemocratsAreTheEnemyOfThePeople TickTock Screw the media for pushing this guy as “the most electable” because he’s going to lose to trump in a landslide and everyone that supported him acts like he nothing is wrong

If that be the case so be it. This country and the rest of the world cannot survive another four years of Donald Trump! grandoftwo Jesus Christ, what a bunch of horse shit. not to mention he is competent He has not many changes in being elected for being himself.

Joe Biden Cool To Idea Of Another Debate With Bernie SandersJoe Biden held his first virtual press conference with reporters on Wednesday, and while he used the opportunity to criticize President Donald Trump for a slow response to the coronavirus crisis, h… NEVER SURRENDER, BERNIE. There is no need for a debate . Sanders can feed his ego some other way .

I agree with this 💯%. Its incredibly sad that Americans have such low expectations. Mr joke! Those are our options And Biden is by far the best one Rapist Republican Gets away with rigging with dnc Works of me. Right now, those two things are enough. Any breathing functioning non repubtard is the requirements at this point.

Strictly your opinion. That works for most of us - and most of the world! I just ate a sandwich because it isn't a seashell or a nail. Whatever. Joe Biden has always been an honest compassionate and practical man who exhibits empathy for the American people. He has incredible knowledge and experience w/ the US government and the world stage. Yet he can connect w/ all kinds of people effortlessly.

Works for me. And Biden has a 'D' after his name, not an 'R' (Russian).... AND the SCOTUS and our kids & grandkids future depend on us!!! So he has two solid arguments based on true premises? Psst….Politico....Isn't how Corrupt Donnie got hired on as POTUS, by not being Hillary? Hey, it works for me. Biden would have had a cabinet which was capable of looking at this virus in January and gotten into gear. Who cares if he's like your grand-uncle who can't remember if he's there for thanksgiving or passover? Seriously, people, Trump has got to go.

The guy who wrote this is an author and an editor? Really?

Works for me! But on top of that, Joe has integrity and cares about people. But Joe please show up now. The country needs a leader. He hasn't yet. And he is to much of a coward to face Bernie in one moore debate. Why? Is it because he is afraid to have to lie again about his political past? He thinks Trump don't going to take advantage of that? He can't even talk in full sentences any more.

And ? You say that as though it’s a bad thing. Politico seems to be slanted against Biden these days. YAForJoeBiden And also several accomplished terms as Vice President and Senator which neither of those two can claim... What planet are you living on? This man is eminently more qualified than this moron and Office.

That’s bull. Right now, that's enough to repair America's standing in the world. And let us not dismiss Joe's knowledge of gov't, and humility.

Is Joe Biden secretly sponsored by the 25th Amendment? Relegalize Marijuana Cannabis Pot At best he has moderate dementia. More likely Alzheimer’s. If Biden ever made it in (He won't) lol, but he would just be puppetmaster speaker of Hate hatelosi's newest puppet along side Pinochio/Schumer and Beadie eyes Shifty schiff Sqeek dictating all his moves. Guy probably cant dress himself hes told on hidden ear bud what to say

I'm not sure what gives it's away, but this opinion piece was probably written by a republican Pretty low. Write in Cuomo. What is it ? He was VP 2 terms. He's a moderate. He has policies. That's the media tearing down lead candidate of Dem party b/c he's not wooing more people. He's the best Dem candidate for President still in race. He's best candidate to beat Trump. He'll have an admin representing the country

Dementia. He also running on not being a winner either! In other words, he really has nothing to offer

grandoftwo Sigh. Good luck with that. The lesser of the evils, no different than most elections. So what!! Anybody but Trump!!!!! Works for me. (Total BS, BTW.) And he is succeeding. Who?! YAForJoeBiden Joe Biden will be elected President of the United States, based on being Joe Biden, fully qualified and loved by the people.

This is a sad situation Got my vote👊🇺🇸 What about A Cuomo for pres

Few more of these garbage articles and I'm blocking you like I've had to other biased sources And I’m ok with both of those reasons. I, for one, am okay with that. What a BS piece of alleged journalism! Voters make their decision based on differences BETWEEN the candidates! Wow! grandoftwo We will be ecstatic when JoeBiden takes the Oath on Jan 20, 2021.

So inspirational. Simply because he sucks...and is going to lose like the other corporate, Republican light, hack...Dillary Flintstone. You can't win if you don't inspire people to support you. TYT realDonaldTrump CNN washingtonpost nytimes FoxNews theintercept HuffPost guardian People need to start wondering why Obama STILL hasn’t endorsed Biden yet... my guess, onset dementia

Don't you, gringos, think you deserve better? Gosh! maybe you don´t. The dude can hardly string a sentence together but Americans would rather have him than someone who cares about the poor,vulnerable working class people of America ffs

I’m fine with this. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Nancy Pelosi tried to ram through $300 million for migrants & refugees But $0 for ICE or border patrol She tried to ram through $1 billion in grants for sanctuary cities But $0 for the Border Wall Why do Democrats care more about immigrants than American citizens? Wow Politico is really out to get Biden this week

Me remembering Donald Trump, in 2016, telling African Americans to vote for him because, 'What did they have to lose?' and some bought it and some bought the 'no difference between them' argument and just didn't vote. Now we know exactly what we all have to lose. 1/ Haha so true 99ermikeb Works for me Biden2020

grandoftwo Sounds logical. That must be a confidence builder.. The second worse thing Biden can do is stay hidden in his basement. The worst is to be seen in public. He is it mentally competent

Good Luck!!! Sounds like back to pizzaz candidate talk. Biden is measured, empathetic, and experienced. 3 for 3. Trump got none of the above in a time of coronavirus COVID19 Where are the women? Diluted out...so mad. Trump is scared to run against Biden. That's for me He’s winning because he’s Joe! “At least I’m not as bad as the other guy” is basically all political campaigns. It’s never been so blatant as it is this year

The problem with all that is that he can't escape being JoeBiden I’m in! Just not going to happen. Joe is done He can't even put a sentence together.

That was a winning strategy for Hillary tsegerblom 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Joe Biden: 'I'm Not.' jcoff316 Makes sense. 🙄 Oh shut up. Biden has won the nomination. This is crap. NeverJoeBiden DEMENTIA IN OLD AGE. DEMOCRATIC ESTABLISHMENT IS TALKING ABOUT REPLACING BIDEN WITH CUOMO AS NOMINEE. RANKED VERY LOW CLOSE TO BOTTOM IN LAW SCHOOL GRADUATION CLASS. ALL OF CAREER ACCUSED OF SEXUAL ASSAULT OF WOMEN. HABITUAL CAREER LIAR.

That's as good a reason as any, if he can do it. I’m not sure that’s a great strategy That's good enough for me. its garbage like this that makes me vote for Joe even more, Joe has always given of his self over 40 years, thats why he will win, Joe is Joe, we know him

Good enough for me. That’s just sad Straight from the 2016 playbook. Works for me what do you want a 79 year old that had a heart attack and wont show his medical records that the gop will wipe the floor with to be the nominee, NEVER, a vote for Bernie is a wasted vote biden2020 Joe Biden wants to win the office to get rid of Trump for sure as all democrats do and has proven strenths and experience. He can hit the ground running! We need somebody who can fix everything Trump broke not a revolution!

What’s your point? Both are admirable qualities. Works for me. Whatever works! Strategy is strategy. We need to dump Trump and Bernard is best in the senate. We need JoeBiden Biden2020 Biden is winning because we know joe and he will make the better President and the people agree Bernie will not PERIOD JoeBiden BernieSanders

Other than that, he doesn't have enough background and relevant experience, right? Good enough for me! 💀 to the traitor tRump! Wont happen. Biden is not fit for presidency. Is not a bad strategy. Biden is not all there. His wife needs to step in. Been here before, no thanks Seriously, Biden needs medical attention. It's obvious.

Sounds good to me DNC im throwing my vote away if I have to pick between Biden and trump Chauncy Gardener for VP would be a safe choice.

I’ll take it. Don’t want either of those two. And your piece acts like there is something wrong with that. Two extremist and America is taking the middle road, shocker. Unfit. It depends entirely on the strength of the reported anger of the Democrats against Trump and how strongly Republicans rally around Trump.

Thank God he isn't Trump Both worthy reasons for a necessary solution. The only way he'll win is if he figures out how not to be Joe Biden. Compelling case Did his Nanny change his diapers today? I seriously can't believe anyone would vote for Biden. I know many prominent Democrats who are turning against demented uncle Joe. Biden's is in serious geriatric decline right now and everyone knows it.

Doesn't inspire any confidence or even a semblance of it

If he is the nominee we are doomed Joe Biden is a MONSTER and that he is anywhere near the WH (ditto Donald) is just more proof of a FailedState. We are a disaster. Our gov, our hc, our economy are a disaster. NeverBiden NeverTrump He’s what we need in the office of the president. Pretty strong arguments there

Both are valid points. JoeBiden is running for President for the sake of running for President. It's rather obvious he doesn't have much to offer. His campaign has been a non-starter. I don't care He's not NYGovCuomo so he probably won't be the nominee. Oh well. Totally fine as long as he has 271 delgates

tsegerblom Yup...we are fucked! My friend killeth me🔆🔆🔆🏀🎹 Good enough. And we need Joe’s leadership! Ahnonymust What a hollow type of campaign, utterly devoid pf substance and inspiration, based on division and apathy to an opponent. This is all you have, America? I would vote for a ham sandwich over Trump

Joe, can’t even say one sentence that makes sense. Biden2020 BidenForPresident He is an idiot Zzzzzzzz

HillaryClinton is waiting in the wings...now that BernieSanders is done for. good enough for me This election is about beating Trump- that is it! Bernie only has his base - we need someone who appeals to Democrats and Moderate Republicans and that is Biden. It’s a little over-simplistic, but yeah That's because he doesn't know where he is half of the time, let alone who he is. DementiaJoe

JoeBiden exactly correct! Good for you IdiotInChief HotlineJosh Isn't that the Clinton 2016 platform? DaveDumanis He’s also not coherent And you know what you call someone who wins the election? President

Bernie would never assault a woman in an alley IBelieveTara We know where we the voters stand,who will be our next 46th president will be...... IdiotInChief Not sure that’s a valid assessment. He’s positioning himself as the candidate who can build the largest coalition — and beat Donald Trump. And by not even being mentally competent. QuidProJoe Trump2020Landslide

If it's 'Sleep Joe' vs. SleazyDon, I will take option 1 (over Individual 1). The sleepy won't try to rob me blind. So, Joe Biden, who won his Senate seat when he was AOC years old. Who chaired the Judiciary & Foreign Relations committees, authored 42 laws, & was literally VP in an historic & popular (D) admin.... ...is running on nothing but Bernie & Trump. Shittiest Take Ever 😂😂🤣

I look at Joe, and say wow the Democratic Party can do. As far as I concerned we need a President who can function daily and Joe’s not fit Opinion: Joe Biden is winning the Democratic nomination on the basis of not being Bernie Sanders and will probably get elected president on the basis of not being Donald Trump

And those are two great reasons to vote for him... Makes plenty of sense! Country just needs a solid manager. Brilliant people surrounding him will make the world a safer place. BidenInsultBot Sold! That's good enough for me. Good enough reasons for me. Biden2020 💙💙💙🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 RiseUpandResist Good enough.

Or it's a bunch of Corporate money? Money media? Biden took off when endorsed by the other candidates that were backed by the 1% & Corporate money. Why does money buy a presidency? Money Buys Politics. That's why Bernie's not popular with the 1% who sway the others. Opinion: Joe Biden is winning the Democratic nomination on the basis of not being Bernie Sanders ... ✓Apparently Rich Lowery was incommunicado when African Americans in South Carolina overwhelmingly voted for Biden

Joe Biden is the most qualified man in politics to enter the Oval Office on Day 1 and right this listing ship. No one else comes even close. There, fixed it. HotlineJosh He is a horrible candidate, way past his prime and should head into retirement the only reason dementia joe is winning is because he has the full force of the DNC

HotlineJosh That is exactly the right approach. Whatever it takes! AnyoneButTrump HotlineJosh Keep dreaming And also because he has experience.

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