Opinions, Opinion: If My Fellow Republicans Want To Win, They Won't Buy Trump's Stolen Election Fantasy - Cnn

Opinions, Opinion: If My Fellow Republicans Want To Win

Opinion: If my fellow Republicans want to win, they won't buy Trump's stolen election fantasy

'Republican candidates cannot win general elections around the country if they exert all of their energy in the primary on a litmus test around unfounded election conspiracy theories,' writes Republican Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan of Georgia | @CNNOpinion

9/25/2021 7:01:00 AM

'Republican candidates cannot win general elections around the country if they exert all of their energy in the primary on a litmus test around unfounded election conspiracy theories,' writes Republican Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan of Georgia | CNNOpinion

Houston, we've got a problem. A diplomatic spat with one of our oldest and closest allies. A legislative agenda stalled in a debate over the size of infrastructure packages on Capitol Hill and bumping up against major deadlines. A genuine crisis at the southern border. A confusing federal reaction to a global pandemic. Call it a crisis of credibility or capability, but any way you slice it, it is chaos -- and that is precisely what President Joe Biden pledged to be the antidote for in his campaign.

(CNN)Geoff Duncan In fact, many of the criticisms lobbed at the administration of former President Donald Trump apply equally to his successor, whose presidency is at a moment of peril. Political opportunities abound for the out-of-power Republican Party to regain their congressional majorities next year. History tells us next year's midterm elections will likely punish the party in charge. In 1994, President Bill Clinton's party lost 54 seats in the first midterm elections. In 2010, President Barack Obama's Democrats dropped over 60 seats. Then, in 2014, Republicans seized the Senate to gain full control of Congress. And in 2018, Democrats regained control of the House while Republicans clung to a Senate majority.Read More Thanks to the unfortunate results of January's runoff US Senate elections in my home state of Georgia, Democrats run all three branches of government. With power comes responsibility, and the party in charge has failed that test. But my Republican Party is not out of the woods either. This weekend, former President Trump is hosting a rally in my neck of the woods. If the legendary Southern rocker Charlie Daniels were still with us today, his hit song could be re-written as,"A president went down to Georgia, he was looking for a party's soul to steal." Nearly a year after the election, Georgia is still very much on the former President's mind. He continues to be painfully comfortable peddling his baseless conspiracy theories of widespread election fraud. Last week, he fired off a disjointed and juvenile letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asking him to"decertify" the results of the election. Never mind that none of the countless recounts and audits, including the one in Arizona's Maricopa County, which was leaked Thursday night, has uncovered evidence of the purported fraud. Neither did Trump's legal team. His hand-picked attorney general, William Barr, declared"we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election."The growing rift between Biden and Macron Conservatives have every right to be upset that Trump blew an easy lay-up in losing a winnable election to President Biden. Unfortunately, our greatest fears have been confirmed about Biden's policy proposals. I do not blame conservatives who stand strong with the Trump administration's agenda. His four years in office were some of the most consequential in American history. Tax cuts, health care regulations rolled back, including the individual mandate, and a US Supreme Court stocked with a trio of conservative legal justices. These types of policies are near and dear to the heart of conservatives across the board, even those wary of Trump's personality. But if we are all being honest with one another, Trump did not lose because of voter fraud or his conservative policies. Biden is sitting in the White House today because voters grew tired of Trump's erratic behavior, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The upcoming elections cannot be a discussion about the past, unless we want to continue losing. Republican candidates cannot win general elections around the country if they exert all of their energy in the primary on a litmus test around unfounded election conspiracy theories. When Trump comes to Georgia this weekend, expect him to re-package his"greatest hits" and once again hijack our great state for his own selfish agenda. It might make for good theater, but it is setting back the conservative movement. If we keep it up, we are looking at another four years of President Biden calling the shots.Get our free weekly newsletterSign up for CNN Opinion's new newsletter.

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Opinion I really want Trump talk to go away. He knows how to keep his name in the forefront of “Stepford” commentators. Opinion Opinion The author is wrong on all counts except only one, the one which was the main premise of the article. Holding on to the big lie will doom the Republicans. The only thing that would save them is if they put their thumbs on the scale. If they do, they will destroy the nation.

Opinion I am very happy to see Trump win the 2024 election. Opinion You can’t quit him can you? Opinion Enough with that ass face.🤢🤮🤮🤮 Opinion Biden bashing op Ed with a smidgen of truth. You, the GOP, are not going to win elections because of your commitment to voter suppression and eliminating women’s reproductive rights.

Opinion In the Arizona audit, The hand count, included all ballots good or bad. They were never looking to overturn the election. Of those ballots, there were lots of errors, anomalies and fraud. They found 17000 Duplicate ballots, 85000 files deleted, and more. Not a conspiracy theory! Opinion Y.Y.. ORDER/SZ ORDER/SZ∆∆ AM AM Y.Y.. ORDER/SZ ORDER/SZ GOOD/SZ GOOD/SZ

Opinion You gotta love his raised fist salute. Opinion

Dean Heller, running for governor of Nevada, won't acknowledge Biden won 2020 electionDean Heller, a Republican running to be the next governor of Nevada, refuses to say President Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. NBC's Mark Murray has details. mmurraypolitics Another Trumper. He needs to stop the crazy! Why is it that Republicans think Trump lost the election but all the other Republicans that were on the ballots votes were legit? mmurraypolitics '...democracy threatened, white supremacist ideology spreading, a violent cult insurrection, women's rights reversed, Covid vaccine & climate change dismissed as hoaxes, 1000's & 1000's dying ' SIGN PETITION TO ENCOURAGE TREATMENT! Clock's ticking. mmurraypolitics lmfao

Opinion ☠️Republican’s followers are well disconnected from reality and will swallow all the lies, and then some, that republicans spew at them. Fortunately, they won’t be enough to get certain republicans elected. At least not without suppression, gerrymandering, and all out cheating. Opinion Breaking An explosion took place in Jalalabad and shots were heard. Witnesses said the blast was caused by a landmine planted in a vase, but the target was unknown.

Opinion I’m a left leaning centrist who does (rarely) vote for the occasional conservative, but I can’t imagine voting for anyone who hasn’t repudiated trump and his lies. Opinion I just don’t understand your voting system. You have a federal election to vote in a federal president right? So WHY is there not a standard nationwide voting system where every single state has exactly the same rules & regulations? You have such a complicated unnecessary system

Opinion A Virginia-based former high-level Trump campaign staffer reveals Trump's plan to prove voter fraud Opinion I heard Anas Haqqani on CNN. He called for better relations with the world, including the United States. Taliban leaders have high state-building capacity. Anas American tortured and imprisoned, but he refused. His vision is for the future, not to lose it in the past.

Maricopa County: Draft of Cyber Ninjas election review says Biden wonA Republican-led effort to check the results of the 2020 election has been seen as a messy effort to re-litigate President Joe Biden's win. Next up, TFG claims that the Cyber Ninjas are the real deep state. Stating the obvious to the unwilling. Hell yes!!!!💙💙

Trump Requests Election Audit In Texas—Which He WonThe 2020 election in Texas was widely considered a disaster for Democrats—not for Trump. So what gives? বিশ্ব উন্মাদ stop the counting!! We need him right now!

Arizona audit results reveal Trump lost to Biden by even bigger marginA hand count echoed official results in finding that victory in Maricopa County was not stolen from Trump in the 2020 presidential election. How much did the taxpayer pay to find that out? … Oh my god!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 they spent6 mill. for this? I can’t , I just can’t 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Trump Big Lie Republicans positioning themselves to administer future electionsRachel Maddow shares details of reporting from Reuters on Republican candidates for secretary of state, the office that administers elections, who are open proponents of Donald Trump's Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump through voter fraud, with several harboring the baseless opinion that election should be overturned.

Hand count in Arizona (again) affirms Biden won 2020 election, draft version of audit report saysThe three-volume report by the Cyber Ninjas, the Senate’s lead contractor, that examined Maricopa County’s 2020 vote includes results that show Trump lost by a wider margin than the county’s official election results. All that money wasted on BS smh Congratulations Arizona tax payers, you just funded a multi million dollar “audit” that garnered MORE votes for Biden. 😂 TrumpLostAGAIN GOPTraitorsToDemocracy I thought the GOP was supposed to be the fiscally Conservative party? They seem to like wasting money on stuff that has 0 benefit to this country