Opinions, I'm Wearing A Mask. Stop Trying To Shame Me (Opinion) - Cnn

Opinions, I'm Wearing A Mask. Stop Trying To Shame Me (Opinion) - Cnn

Opinion: I'm wearing a mask. Stop trying to shame me

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8/3/2021 9:00:00 PM

'Since America has not reached herd immunity and the virus is so contagious, we feel it judicious and within our rights to wear a mask,' Jade Wu writes for CNNOpinion. 'And we shouldn't be shamed for it.'

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(CNN)"You're paranoid!" A relative shouted at me over the phone when I told her three months ago that I wear a mask in public even though I'm vaccinated.Jade Wu"You don't need to wear that anymore," a friend stated confidently last month, pointing at my mask during a visit at his house. He has had his Covid-19 vaccine but mixes, unmasked, with both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated."Why are you still wearing a mask?" another friend inquired of me irritably at a picnic last month where both vaccinated and unvaccinated were in attendance. We were sitting less than 3 feet apart. She was unmasked, and I did not know her vaccination status.I have been called overreactive, too covered up and way too scared. At least two of my acquaintances tell me they have experienced similar chiding about masking in public; one of them has become so self-conscious that she is uncomfortable stepping out of her house unless she has to. Why must we mask wearers justify ourselves during a pandemic -- especially since, while breakthrough infections are incredibly rare (less than 1% of fully vaccinated people have become infected, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of official state data), the vaccine does not provide 100% protection. What's more anyone can carry or transmit the virus. Don't we have the right -- and the responsibility -- to wear a mask? Read MoreOur children will suffer if adults can't get school Covid precautions rightGiven that there are so many unknowns about the Covid-19 virus, its constant new variants -- particularly the surging Delta variant -- and the staying power of the vaccine, many of us prudent, vaccinated Americans wear the mask as an extra layer of protection. We know we are in the minority -- wearing a mask is a bother: It makes breathing harder, is visually displeasing and is even offensive to some people -- but since America has not reached herd immunity and the virus is so contagious, we feel it judicious and within our rights to wear a mask. And we shouldn't be shamed for it. We shouldn't be shamed for wanting to maximize our own protection and wanting to avoid carrying the virus into our communities -- especially to those, like children, who are yet unprotected by a vaccine through no fault of their own. Moreover, some people have underlying medical issues or allergies that prevent them from getting the shot, leaving them vulnerable even to vaccinated people. Some of us would rather be preventative than reactive. We do not wish to wait until states or cities like Los Angeles and Kansas City, Missouri, rush to make mask wearing mandatory in the face of surging hospitalizations from the Delta variant. All of us should have learned a difficult lesson from the past year and a half watching people fall ill with the virus and die. Some who were infected are now suffering from long-term health complications.Wearing a mask is the least intrusive, least painful thing we can do to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. It is a necessity, and those of us who do it have every right to -- without the need for disagreeable comments from anyone. Unfortunately, there are those in this country who take an opposing view, and they are usually the most insistent scolds. For personal, political and/or religious reasons, those in this group adamantly refuse to wear a mask. They complain that mandatory mask requirements"infringe on their rights," though they have yet to explain coherently what this means. Regrettably there are even whole states -- among them Florida, Texas and South Carolina -- that support this mindset: They forbid schools from requiring mask wearing. And they appear unwilling to budge, despite new guidelines issued last week by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommending that localities encourage all teachers, staff, students and visitors in schools to wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Why we need to mask up againAlas, these kinds of decisions from leaders put everyone at risk -- and give aid and comfort to anti-maskers who hassle those of us who mask.The one obvious difference between the two groups is that those who refuse to wear a mask when they are around other people are choosing to exercise their"right" to put self over the community, even as the risks of Covid-19 are shared by one and all. Those who wear a mask, on the other hand, especially when not required to, are choosing to exercise their right to put health and the community over self, over individual freedom. We mask wearers are protecting more than just ourselves. We are protecting everyone else around us. In times of a major crisis -- one that puts the lives of a vast number of Americans at risk -- when there are competing rights put to the fore, the right that results in the greatest good for the greatest number of people should prevail. Get our free weekly newsletterSign up for CNN Opinion's new newsletter.

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Opinion Ah says use gat dat 60 miles by 2000 mile migration path 4 da herd a bison or we's unleashin' the monarchs an wight whare dey was bafour Opinion I'm not wearing a mask or getting a vax. Stop trying to shame me...FUGGIN HYPOCRATS!!!! Opinion Actually no one is shaming you for wearing mask, it’s actually us that are being forced to wear one. You do you, and let us do us.

Opinion And Since this Virus is so contagious, we feel it necessary to CLOSE THE SOUTHERN BORDER! 10% of the illegals coming into America at a rate of 100,000 per month has tested positive for COVID! Opinion Go for it. Don’t shame us for not wearing one. Yet the left can’t see past their own mask. Opinion

Opinion Time to drop the masks Opinion Wait. No, stop - just stop. Just for a second. Please. Did I just read the term 'Herd Immunity'?. HERD IMMUNITY!?!. As in a herd of cattle?. Not 'community immunity' or 'social immunity' or even 'group immunity'. But 'HERD immunity'. Just wow. Opinion Herd immunity is a carrot 🥕

Opinion I understand that the Pfizer vaccine loses effectiveness after 6 months. Since I got vaxed in February, I may be as vulnerable to the vaccine as the unvaxed as of this month. So you better believe I'm wearing a mask wherever I go! Don't like it? Tough shit! Opinion Eat me 🤬

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Opinion Wear the mask please, Then, you can save a human life. Opinion freeFredLumbuye Ugandavisit Opinion Poor choice of picture. That mask is now contaminated. Face palm Opinion This is the truth Opinion Then don’t shame the rest of us for not wearing one! Opinion The percentage of breakthrough cases cited in the article is questionable, as The CDC tracks only extreme breakthrough cases. Given that, though I'm vaccinated I wear a mask outdoors in populated areas & indoors at public places. And I'm vaccinated.

Opinion Nah long as y'all can say sumthin about me not being vaccinated I can pop my shit wit my chest world_news_eng Opinion America may not have reached herd immunity,but it certainly has reached herd stupidity. Opinion Opinion What is the reason you are ashamed to wear a mask? I can't understand. Thank you

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Opinion 'as I reach up to adjust my face covering, remembering that I am protecting everyone around me as well as myself.' - Jade Wu As you reach up to contaminate your face covering? Good job protecting everyone, Jade, you're MURDERING everyone!!!!!!!!!! Opinion Good and we won’t wear ours and be shamed not to wear one either 🖕masks don’t stop anything.

Opinion I'm vaccinated and wear a mask. I do it voluntarily. We can still transmit to those who might be at risk. Do it out of compassion and kindness. ♥️ Opinion Didn’t the CDC say the vackscene doesn’t even stop transmission..So when you factor that out, they’re begging us to take a shot for an illness that has a 99.8+% chance of surviving if you’re under 70 and no comorbidities. Given the available treatments, it’s not even worth it.

Opinion This is a great idea since the mask is a first line of defense and it has been working in preventing the spread of the virus. Wear a Mask and Save a Life. Opinion Also, please note that the mask is not intended to save you from the spread of others, but to prevent you from spreading the virus to them. For whatever reason everyone is having a real hard time understanding that. Get your vaccination please. It’s the only way to stop this..

Opinion Don’t be a pussy, wu. Opinion ¿Y cuál es la vergüenza por usar mascarilla? Ninguna, por lo menos no soy un asqueroso covidiota. Opinion Wear your mask all you want, you SHOULD be making your own decisions and taking responsibility for your own health. However, the flip side of that coin is stop trying to mandate the bahavior of others.

Opinion Agree

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Opinion 2020年1月份的时候你们可不是这样说的哦 你们这是违反人权的哦 。 Opinion It's funny how fear always justifies itself all those who don't believe in Jesus words by my stripes you are healed will fall away and die. It is prophesied in the Bible wake up covid is a hoax Opinion Seriously, anyone who asks me why I'm living my life 'in fear' can STFU until they stop open-carrying guns, pretending that the Democrats will take away their hamburgers, and worrying that Bill Gates is tracking them through microchip vaccines.

Opinion Opinion … who said we haven’t reached herd immunity? Opinion The irony… Opinion Same goes for not shaming fully vaccinated people to not be shamed because they don’t wear one

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