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Opinion | I’m Leaving Seattle for Texas So My Employees Can Be Free

The West Coast’s high cost of living is measured not only in dollars but in stifling conformity.

6/30/2020 6:50:00 AM

From WSJopinion: Social and political conformity isn’t conducive to innovation or the well-being of my employees, writes Peter Rex

The West Coast’s high cost of living is measured not only in dollars but in stifling conformity.

ByPeter RexJune 26, 2020 6:38 pm ETI’m moving my business headquarters off the West Coast. We tried San Francisco. We tried the Seattle area. Both were wonderful in their own ways, especially in natural beauty and personal friendships. But both have become hostile to the principles and policies that enable people to live abundantly in the broadest sense.

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That’s why my company is in the final stages of purchasing office space in Austin, Texas. By the end of the year, I hope to move dozens of employees to the Lone Star State and to be ready to hire hundreds more.... Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

opinion ha, like Texas doesn't have too much conformity. all the trump supporters jn the countryside opinion They still have dry counties, yeah freedom. opinion Boy are you going to be disappointed. Be honest it's all about the tax breaks. opinion Social conformity is bad. That's why I'm moving to a place where you'll be socially ostracized for being gay, trans or atheist

opinion I’m sure tax breaks have nothing to do with it opinion Oh yeah, because the hat and boot wearing Trump cult in Texas is so free and innovative in their thinking opinion 36+- employees is not exactly Microsoft leaving. Good luck in Texas. opinion the unintended hilarity of this piece is monumental Yes, go to the land of rugged individualism: bring your hydroychloroquine. You're going to need it.

opinion Well said opinion Come on down! Just don’t jack our cost of living up here like Seattle, where I’m originally from, or So Cal, where I last lived, because I can’t afford to move back there. TurnTexasBlue opinion A Christian saying he doesn’t want to conform? opinion The major cities are all going to look like Detroit in a couple of years.

opinion my friend in California picked-up and moved to Texas for a better quality of life … Too many gangs and eco-anarchists on the West Coast … more peace, love and happiness in Texas !!! … not to mention a far-better cost of living !!! opinion Haha take a look around you, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Dendreon, etc. plenty of other co’s seem to do quite fine in Seattle.

opinion So you are marching right into a covid trap? opinion YOU MEAN CHEAP LABOR OR FREE LABOR opinion Shoulda moved to Ohio. opinion Damn right. opinion What an asshole! trex opinion Laughing. Texas open to non-conformity? Dream on. opinion Cue really small violin. I bet you also believe that America is smarter, more free, and everyone has opportunity? If you think Christians or white conservatives have it so hard in Seattle, try being a real minority, non Christian or a liberal in Texas. Give me a break.

opinion Have fun in Covid central Texas! opinion What a ridiculous joke this article is. Texas requires LESS conformity and provides more religious freedom? Lol. That is delusional. Good riddance. opinion I'm going back to Michigan where you can grow 12 plants per person as opposed to 6 plants per residence in California..

opinion Here we go again. We’re damned crowded, at this point. Vote anti-blue ticket! opinion The best move you can make, just stay away from Austin, they will fall soon along with the governor and fall they will. opinion Great. More west coast elitists and their leftist attitudes flooding Austin. You idiots destroyed that city years ago. Real Texans long gone. Why not stay and fix your cities instead of destroying ours?

opinion Oh god don’t bring your ideas here please opinion “Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.” - Henry David Thoreau opinion If those same people bring liberal voting ideals to Texas then it will defeat the purpose. Explore your views and then live where they mesh. Moving to a place to escape the things you don’t like, that you actually voted for, doesn’t make sense

opinion Don’t vote Democrat when you get there and ruin Texas too! opinion I'm sure the bribe was substantial. opinion Good move leaving SF and Seattle because their policies, but you just moved to the most liberal city in TX. Lol opinion Free from what? opinion Welcome to the next covid hot spot because politicians are playing politics with people's lives

opinion opinion You’re moving your company to Texas because the company will be able to save on operational costs and laws are set to protect businesses rather than their employees here🤷‍♀️ opinion Welcome! Alright, Alright, Alright opinion When someone describes the social dynamic of a community as 'conformity' it has more to do with their attitude toward that community than the dynamic, itself. Lower living costs as a result of wage slavery is not 'freedom'. He is just politicizing his greed.

opinion As a Texan long term resident, did they not do research Texas? It’s a red state! We live in a conservative area that on appearances seems welcoming but trust me, they don’t know what they are moving to. If Covid doesn’t kill them, the heat will! opinion I live in Texas, I assure you there's even more pressure to conform socially and politically here than there is in the West Coast. It's just to conform to an ideology that hates people instead of one that embraces them.

opinion Stay there and never leave. opinion Ok opinion Moving to Texas? GOP Texas? Who’s gonna tell him? opinion Ok. So Texas gained one Company. Surely you understand that one data point among thousands does not constitute a trend ? opinion Isn’t Austin pretty much as liberal as Seattle? Maybe someone should tell this guy?

opinion Yeah but then the Liberals move to Texas or Arizona and still vote for Democrats. They are parasites. opinion GOODBYE! signed, Seattle opinion Please don’t bring your blue politics to Texas, we don’t want them. opinion Seriously. One of the douchiest and dumbest things I've ever read opinion /the sound of all him employees checking with friends at Microsoft to see if they're hiring

opinion LOfuckingL. He’s moving to AUSTIN. Welcome to Seattle, TX my dude. opinion If he wants to go then go but don't try and tell me it's conformity. He wants to be an entitled asshole and not get called out. Well buddy GTFO u won't be missed opinion Frying pan/fire opinion Left states ruin everything.

opinion Just remember to vote differently once you get there. Remember why you are leaving and don’t spread the same problems elsewhere. opinion don't let the door hit ya on the way out opinion ROTFLMAO opinion “I’m forcing my employees to move across the country because liberals are bad” opinion Will you be paying 100% of their moving costs?

opinion Good riddance. Seattle is full opinion Looks like Chile's flag. opinion This is how Texas falls.

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