Opinion | How Democrats are going to pay for Biden's agenda

Taxing billionaires should be the easiest part of the Democrats' agenda to pass.

10/23/2021 9:32:00 PM

.HayesBrown: Taxing billionaires should be the easiest part of the Democrats' agenda to pass.

Taxing billionaires should be the easiest part of the Democrats' agenda to pass.

:Under the “Billionaire Income Tax” proposal, a summary of which was obtained by The Washington Post, the federal government would require billionaires to pay taxes on the increased value of their assets such as stocks on an annual basis, regardless of whether they sell those assets. Billionaires would also be able to take deductions for the annual loss in value of those assets.

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HayesBrown Instead they tax the working man.

Why can't congressional Democrats deliver more on their promises? It's complicated.Political scientists explain why congressional Democrats aren't making more progress on their priorities and President Joe Biden's big agenda. Because even some democrats have common sense and see what this is going to do to the coutry. Hahahah! When one party cannot agree, perhaps the legislation is bad! Democrats control all three branches of government! I'm sick of things not getting done in Washington! Democrats are trying to get stuff done republicans wanna make them look bad and hold on to power that's all they want but we gotta let Joe Biden lead And get something done we also need to get cinema and mansion out !

Biden pulls back curtain on spending negotiations with DemocratsFor reporters in Washington, it’s a frequent refrain from Pres. Joe Biden on the status of negotiations with lawmakers on his domestic agenda: 'I won’t negotiate in the press.' I will develop nft website, nft marketplace, nft mint engine check out my service on Fiverr I went to a Dunkin donuts today and offered the pretty young cashier girl $200 for a bucket of her vomit, she consented. And on her break she stuck her finger down her throat and filled a 32 ounce cup with her tummy juice. I guzzled it down, dropped to the ground and convulsed😋 The only thing Biden pulled the curtain back on is dementia and his declining mental state and it wasn’t pretty at all. At one point it looked like Biden was trying to run Anderson over with an imagined Truck only Joe could see.

‘New Democrats’ Break With Their Anti-Welfare Past And Back Biden’s AgendaRep. Suzan DelBene of Washington state is the centrist Democrat at the center of everything.

Democrats near deal on pared-back spending bill. Here is what's likely in — and out.The Democrats are hoping to strike a deal on a nearly $2 trillion social spending package that would include some key elements of President Joe Biden's agenda. 반드시 순종 하세요 WordAboutRapture

GOP congressman ends floor speech with 'Let's go, Brandon'Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., took to the House floor on Thursday where he blasted President Biden’s Build Back Better economic agenda as being unable to “pass a straight-face test.” sad thing is rep. bill posey is a 73 year old man Hahahaha

Claire McCaskill: Sinema has agreed to a plan to fund Biden agendaFormer U.S. Democratic Senator and current MSNBC Political Analyst Claire McCaskill says her sources on Capitol Hill are telling her that Arizona Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has agreed to a plan that would fund Pres. Biden’s infrastructure and social agenda. Democrats on the Hill tell reporters the framework for that Biden agenda deal could come soon. clairecmc I have nothing to say about kyrstensinema that won't get me banned on twitter. clairecmc good luck clairecmc It wouldn't be America, without the Greek tragic comedy up there in that shit hole named after a country Christopher Columbus made.