Opinion | GOP senators just killed the voting rights bill again. It was horrifyingly easy.

Republican opposition to voting rights legislation is partisanship at its worst.

10/21/2021 7:31:00 PM

It's time for Americans to demand that their elected officials explain why we shouldn’t even proceed with a vote on the Freedom to Vote Act, levinsojessica writes for MSNBC Daily.

Republican opposition to voting rights legislation is partisanship at its worst.

ByJessica Levinson, MSNBC Opinion ColumnistAsk Americans what their top priorities are, and they’ll say making the economy strong, tackling the Covid-19 pandemic, creating and maintaining jobs, ensuring people have access to affordable health care, supporting education, defending against terrorism and improving the political system.

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Our representatives won’t truly represent us, and what matters to us, if we shut our fellow citizens out of the process of voting.Of all of these vitally important issues, only one is the foundational issue in our democracy: ensuring that we all have access to the ballot and that elections are free of suppression and subversion. It’s true that you can’t feed your family paper ballots and you can’t pay your doctor in voter registration forms. But it’s also true that our representatives won’t truly represent us, and what matters to us, if we shut our fellow citizens out of the process of voting.

Our democracy is based on the fundamental principle that all eligible citizens must have access to the ballot box and that each of those votes be given equal weight. A representative system of government lacks legitimacy if it fails to allow its citizens to pick who represents them. Why should we give any credence to the decisions of a president, a senator or a member of the House who got the job through a farcical election that blocked some from voting? Or, to put it another way: If our elected officials rigged the system and suppressed our votes to get or keep their gigs, why should we give them any authority?

This is why we must all turn to Wednesday’s failed attempt to pass theand make its eventual passage our first, second, third and fourth priorities. You don’t build a house until you have the blueprints. You don’t build a democracy without ensuring the right to vote.

Every single Republican in the Senate voted against evenhaving a debate about the Freedom to Vote Act, which is already a compromised and whittled-down version of its former self. Again for the folks in back: Every single member of the Republican Party who serves in our nation’s top legislative chamber is a big “no” on even discussing ways to protect the right to vote. This is partisanship at its absolute worst. This is the epitome of party before country.

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Daily I blame Manchin & Sinema as usual...

Senate Republicans Kick Democracy in the Balls While It’s Doubled Over Coughing Up Blood“Every single Republican senator blocked this chamber from having a debate—simply a debate—on protecting Americans’ right to vote in free and fair elections,” Sen. Chuck Schumer said. I set a reminder in my phone that pops up and says “time to argue with The LOSERS”. And of course by losers I mean the gender confused LibbyPoon skittlehead freak shows. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz are all equally evil. There are no heroes in the Republican Party. They are hellbent on ending the American experiment. We must turn out to stop them. Shameful 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

GOP Blocks Voting Rights Bill From Moving Forward In SenateSenate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer already plans to bring it up for a vote again. Of course they did. They do not want free and fair elections. They are too afraid of losing their power, their wealth, and their perquisites Voting rights bill? LMAO

Manchin probably shocked, maybe embarrassed, that his voting rights bill got no GOP votesRachel Maddow reports on the voting rights bill that Senate Republicans filibustered to failure, and points out that this was the bill that Joe Manchin wrote himself in place of the Democratic bill because he said Republicans would vote for it and not use the filibuster. No Republicans voted for it. Sen_JoeManchin voting rights bill he wrote was not even fair enough for 10 GOP to discuss, so why in the hell would they vote on any VOTING RIGHTS BILL when they know they are fixing the elections state by state. Why does Manchin get it, we need an exception to the filibuster. Time for manchin to go In Texas the new voting laws nullifies a election and places a candidate into office of the choosing of the majority. That isn't democracy

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDemocrats need to pass Voting Rights before it's too late. Red States are passing enough Voting Wrongs to make voting totally unnecessary. In that world, it will always be about Which Republican wins. As someone who lives in a gerrymandered district in Texas, I am sick and tired of the bad guys always winning! That really is what it feels like! This is total BS! The US isn’t much of a democracy anymore when a MINORITY has this much power!!!

Voting rights bill set for Senate vote, showdown likely to amp up pressure to end filibusterVoting rights bill is expected to die in the Senate, a move likely to intensify pressure from progressives on Democratic leaders to eliminate filibuster.

Senate Republicans once again block voting rights reform bill“The right to vote is a fundamental aspect of our democracy. In many ways, it is the right from which all other rights occur,” Attorney General Merrick Garland testifies before the House Judiciary Committee. Who’s not being given the right to vote? Abc has been breached by Rubert Murdoch of FoxNews . He’s majority stock holder at abc Disney. Please I need your help! This is my last shot💔I was the victim of domestic abuse, kidnapped, by a man who preyed on my vulnerability Over time, he used my trust against me. He began abusive behavior toward me. Physical. Emotional. I dream to move back to the USA with my son