Opinion | Finally Understand Kyrsten Sinema in 360 Easy Steps

It all makes sense now!

10/17/2021 10:02:00 AM

Satire: Finally understand Kyrsten Sinema in 360 easy steps

It all makes sense now!

in weeks; if you go to a gathering of corporate donors who do not wish to pay additional taxes or give Americans better deals on prescription drug prices and hear all that is to be heard there; if you live as a corporation for a year and as a person for a year and as the Tumblr of someone who proudly self-identifies as a Gryffindor-Slytherin hybrid for a third year; if you learn how to play three-dimensional chess (isn’t that just chess?) and then chess in four, five, and six dimensions; if you go back to the vineyard and study more and really understand things as the grape sees them; if you read all the self-insert fanfiction that has ever been written and then drink enough wine (which, after your apprenticeship, you understand) to purge it from your memory; if you undergo the Joseph Campbell hero’s journey, being called to adventure and refusing the call and meeting an old mentor and crossing the threshold and bringing back a boon to your community, and then the Dark Knight hero’s journey, where you begin as the hero and live long enough to see yourself become the villain, and then the Joseph Technicolor Dreamcoat hero’s journey, where you get a brightly colored garment and substitute it for a personality; if you live as both a particle and a wave for a year; if you decide to let all your personality decisions be guided by a combination of dreams and prophecies and just possibly just maybe just slightly the input of some corporations who do not want to be taxed more . . .

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It has been said that if you do all these things, then you will finally understand what has been motivating Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (?-Ariz.) Maybe? If not, I have no better suggestions. Read more: The Washington Post »

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Well I am thankful that someone is putting the brakes on the Democratic power grab. It’s too bad we didn’t have any Republicans like these two who would of stopped the Republican power grab that added 8T to our nations debt. One step: she represents constituents fro a largely conservative state that just had a forensic audit to put Trump back in power & she needs to hold the moderates

It's honestly not hard for anyone to understand aside from the msm? petridishes It's pretty simple really. Sinema is trying to be McSally.

Opinion | Democrats Devour Kyrsten SinemaFrom WSJopinion: Next time the left lectures on unity, women’s rights or Joe Biden’s decency, lock your door, writes KimStrassel opinion KimStrassel Maxine showed them the way. Falling on their swords. opinion KimStrassel What a load of nonsense from the WSJ. Strassel is tabloid material. opinion KimStrassel XeuleBot

Sinema sees Paris.mehdirhasan: 'Sinema is destroying Joe Biden's governing agenda, perhaps his entire presidency. Isn't it time for the president to do something about it?' mehdirhasan I love the advice here, if she loses the primary she will run as an independant just to screw over the demented leftists like Mehdi who want to knock the US down as a world power. I will send her a check. mehdirhasan SenatorSinema is the reason people think democrats can’t govern. She will cost us Congress and maybe even the presidency. mehdirhasan why are you giving this lady any power oh i know you have to keep your little soap opera going for likes?

5 Theories on What Kyrsten Sinema WantsThe Senate’s most peculiar and inscrutable member has inspired numerous theories, not all mutually exclusive. Here are the five most popular Hmmm. Let me take a stab at it…Money.

The Imperfect Comparison Of Kyrsten Sinema To John McCainFormer McCain staffers weigh in on the the late senator’s legacy. John McCain was a true leader with a backbone & integrity. SenatorSinema is the antithesis of Senator McCain. And his shoes she'll never adequately fill. Why even bother with a comparison. John McCain was an idealist, kyrstensinema is a self-serving joke. John McCain would never have considered aligning with policies that benefitted an opposing party that just tried to violently nullify the election results and literally STOP the will of the voters. That needs reporting too maggieNYT & THAT’S why you and your ilk are failing us.

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