Opinion | Economic Flu Stalks Latin America

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From WSJopinion: If the financial system is still shaky after a decade of Fed subsidies, it implies that absurdly low interest rates and quantitative easing have been counterproductive, writes MaryAnastasiaOG

If it’s true the novel coronavirus doesn’t like warm weather, it could explain why Latin America has yet to report a large outbreak. Much of the region isn’t tropical, but most of the temperate zones in the Northern Hemisphere have mild winters, and in many places spring is already arriving.

Too bad the annual thaw can’t save the Americas from the economic consequences of a pandemic, exacerbated by a decade of easy money. The meltdown in global stock markets suggests something deeper than a corona recession is at work. And...


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opinion MaryAnastasiaOG say it with me: CorporateWelfare

opinion MaryAnastasiaOG Current capitalistic accounting methods can not be used to get over this. The growth-a-priori model will no longer be helpful for the masses. At best social democracy will be the way to go. At worst socialism/communism. Let's go for the first and preserve freedom.

opinion MaryAnastasiaOG No it doesn’t it means that’s how the economy has survived since then - on life support. Now they are closing it down. Lights out. Euthanasia. For god‘s sake re-open the global economy before its too late!!! The virus is the least of our concerns at this point!

opinion MaryAnastasiaOG Socialism for the 1%.

opinion MaryAnastasiaOG Too much leverage instead of companies paying down debt.

opinion MaryAnastasiaOG Im just thinking about ultraviolet catastrophe., it really has me intrigued. I want to meed the guy who discovered it one day. That is amazing.

opinion MaryAnastasiaOG Díd you hardly notice, Einstein ? 🤦🏻‍♂️

opinion MaryAnastasiaOG Had its purpose but fed was far too timid in raising rates.

opinion MaryAnastasiaOG I've argued this for years. We should had had normal interest rates even if it meant mild deflation since 2011 or so. The fear of deflation was foolish.

opinion MaryAnastasiaOG No shit’n

opinion MaryAnastasiaOG Trump has been “juicing” the system since September 2019 to keep the stock market up to aid re-election. So, the tools he’s been using aren’t working anymore.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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