Opinion | Democrats should want Biden to pardon Trump. Here's why.

Sure, the president doesn't deserve it. But it has a lot of upsides for Biden, those who seek his prosecution and for the American people.

11/24/2020 8:30:00 AM

Opinion | Michael Conway: If President-elect Joe Biden hopes to fulfill his pledge to unify the nation, he should do the unthinkable and pardon Donald Trump. -NBCNewsTHINK

Sure, the president doesn't deserve it. But it has a lot of upsides for Biden, those who seek his prosecution and for the American people.

to overrule long-standing precedent which allows parallel state and federal prosecutions based upon the same facts.Accepting a federal pardon — especially a pardon for crimes violating both federal and state laws — would be a double-edged sword for the president.

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So, a presidential pardon would not bar Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance from investigating and potentially prosecuting Trump and his company for crimes under state law. And his investigation already led to a Supreme Court ruling this summer rejecting Trump’s claim of immunity from criminal investigation while president.

Accepting a federal pardon — especially a pardon for crimes violating both federal and state laws — would be a double-edged sword for the president. And whatever the result of any state investigation or prosecution, it could not be laid at Biden’s doorstep. It would not be his appointees investigating the former president, his recent political adversary; it would not be his employees prosecuting him. In fact, a pardon from Biden would mean that they could not. headtopics.com

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THINK Why stop at Trump pardon everyone who has committed a crime. That way everyone will feel his healing power. THINK Haha. No. THINK No!!!!’ He should not. Trump is dangerous. That will allow him to come back, and destroy the country. It also allows others to follow his behavior in politics. THINK If Sleepyjoe wants to unify the nation he can can start by backing off our 2nd amendment rights

THINK A pardon for what? Being a criminal? Being the absolute worst POTUS in the history or America? No way, no pardons. Trump is going to prison where he belongs!!!! THINK Biden is not going to pursue Russian meddling related stuff. But the lawsuits in New York city is a different matter.If Trump faces prison time, there should be NO pardon.

THINK No way should he pardon that charlatan! THINK Omg. Really THINK Rule of law to all... no exceptions THINK HELL NO ! If the incoming AG decides to nail Trumps corrupt as he should do it. To pardon Trump just sends the signal it's ok to break the law we'll just get pardoned for it. THINK I have to think about this. It will just emboldened Trump. I want him to go away.

THINK No. We shouldn't. If that happens it proves that the President is above the law. Returning us to the dark ages of government control. No...we should hope he makes a g$ d!%$% example to warn future would be despots and democracy destroyers. THINK JoeBiden should concentrate on accomplishing police reform, strengthening our economy and improving our healthcare. realDonaldTrump has has appointed enough judges to ensure his fair treatment. JoyAnnReid ABC CBSNews donlemon FoxNews jemelehill

THINK NO! FUCK THAT! Some serious crimes were (allegedly) committed. They need to be investigated, they need to be tried in a REAL court, and the guilty need to get the maximum penalty. We cannot claim to be a nation of laws if we can't hold even our highest officials to those laws! THINK trumps gotten away with everything in his life one way or another he needs to be punished for all the crims he's committed.

THINK No, no, no! THINK Pardoning Trump will not bring Americans together. Might even divide us more. This sounds like a desperate call for help from the GOP for Biden to fix their party. They made their bed, now they have to lie in it. THINK THINK No THINK Naaaa not even close. Nothing will please Trump and his followers. He should face the full rigours of the law.

THINK It would make JoeBiden look sound asleep in the midst of reality. Don't prove him right that you're SleepyJoe ! BarackObama spent too much time apologising. No more. Right SpeakerPelosi HillaryClinton THINK A pardon would also enable McConnell & Graham to continue with their racist nastiness. These 2 need to be clamped!

THINK Trumpet wanted to lock HC up and Hunter Biden. Now he is the one who might get locked up. Can’t wish bad luck on anyone cause it can backfire on you karma THINK The only unthinkable thing is having Joe Biden taking office in January 20th THINK tRump for Prison 2021🇺🇸 THINK Very stupid opinion Micheal Conway

THINK I sure pray our country becomes more united! We sure need it! These last 4 years have been a dud; putting it lightly. Lord be with you our elected president... Joe Biden! THINK Disagree! ProsecuteTheGuilty seek out and destroy AmericanTerrorist THINK No, no... that would fuel the tRump cult fire. They’d claim Biden pardoned him because “see, Democrats DID steal the election”. Should he be pardoned I will leave the Democratic Party and vote 3rd party.

THINK Oh hell no. Why does this prick get to be above the law? THINK No. There should be no pardon. Trump needs to pay for his lies, his division, his hate and for all the wrong he has done. If Biden votes to pardon- it will a disappointment to the people of this nation. Trump has no mercy for anyone but his criminal friends. ProsecuteCorruption

THINK That's actually kind of a good idea. I don't agree with it but I see where it would have a lot of political and ideological traction. THINK Ha. You have got to be kidding. THINK Oh hell.n9. THINK Xỏ lá,đồ hèn THINK NO WAY THINK Hell No!!! I don't care why... THINK FUCK trump THINK Try absolutely not! America needs to set an example. We need to go fast and go hard. This should never, ever happen to our Country again. We shall not and will not stand for treason, extortion and decemination of values and division. We are the 'United' States of America. Lets go

THINK fdonaldtrump THINK He better not! THINK This isn't a little infidelity covered up or colluding to get information & quid pro quo..this is a whole lot of that with foreign adversaries, tons of quid pro quo for pers. gain, emolluments violations, inhumane treatment of legal immigrants & indirect genocide of 250k Amers..

THINK THINK THINK This guy use zero brain cell before heopen his mouth. He better go to hel THINK Posted again? Why THINK Nope sorry THINK FUCK THAT! THINK Oh hell no THINK No! LockHimUp THINK If there’s a pardon for Trump? We should know the crimes first. Let prosecutors do their jobs first, starting January 21, 2021.

THINK It’s not up to him. Trump has legal issues. THINK No THINK Not worth it THINK Absolutely not. That’s why he is like he is because he always got away with the crap he pulled all his life! THINK ‘Til Joe’s Gone! realDonaldTrump THINK ‘Til Joe’s Gone! THINK No. His actions require consequences. Otherwise we will have a surge of Donalds. Stop letting old white guys get away with murder.

THINK How in hell can we unite when Trump supporters killed progressive people at protest! THINK No THINK THINK No THINK No way. Every person needs to be held accountable for their unlawful actions otherwise any future President can also do whatever they want. Are the Republicans ok if Biden breaks the law and doesn’t get punished for it? Probably not.

THINK Yeah, f*ck that! THINK Bullsh$t. Go after trump with guns a blazin. THINK HELL NO THINK No, No, Hell No! THINK Lock his ass up! Lock a few more in his regime up! After we do this a few times maybe just maybe it will straighten this shit out THINK We Americans have lived with two forms of justice for rich and regular ppl. Pardoning Trump would be go a long way in making things WORSE

THINK THINK This is ludicrous. THINK No way, no how should the NATUONAL SECURITY THREAT be treated with kid gloves. The full and justified weight of the law should fall on him and his corrupt family and enablers. 275,000 deaths demand it. THINK The Pardon of President Richard Nixon for a breach of the rule of law inevitably led to future presidents attempting to break it. The law must be applied

THINK Pardoned for what crime? THINK Stupidist. Opinion. Ever. The GOP Administration and Rump should be heavily reprimanded and indicted for what they have done to America and more importantly their own base. THINK Nope THINK Stop suggesting this NBC. You’re showing your true color. THINK No way would I ever Pardon Trump! I’d of pardoned Jeffrey Dahmer before I’d pardon Trump

THINK There are a lot of other ways to unify the country than pardoning an accused criminal. Let the courts judge Trump! We are a nation of law and we need to start acting like it. THINK ummmm... how bout ... NO THINK THINK Bullshit. THINK No. Being the bigger person doesn’t mean letting the other person get away with their BS because you don’t want to stir things up. People died and are still dying. He doesn’t care about them or anything aside from keeping the job he has no interest in doing. Accountability.

THINK The president is not above the law. THINK No. There will be no amelioration or reciprocation by orangUtrump or followers. Incapable. Will just manifest more, new Q-theories. THINK Bad idea to pardon Trump. He will not go quietly into the good night. One needs to squash a bug, so it doesn’t come back to bother you. Let the “F your Feelings” crowd, savor the agony of defeat, so they don’t ever again vote into office, someone just to irritate liberals!

THINK No THINK Never THINK Stop posting this article. Hell no he shouldn't be pardoned. THINK NOPE THINK No THINK stop tweeting this ridiculous statement. He should not be pardoned. Was Whitie Bulger pardoned. NO. He went to trial & then to prison & he didn’t seek to subvert the country & democracy. DOJ needs to do their job.

THINK NO PARDON!!!!!!!!! Trump deserves to go to jail! He is a criminal! THINK Why do you tweet this same bad take out daily? Is there something in it for NBC if Trump is pardoned? This man left our country in shambles and he’s not done yet. He has to be held accountable. STOP IT!! THINK Absolutely not. The pain Trump has caused, the loss of life, the economy an ash heap, half a million citizens in their graves and the imposition of herd immunity which will kill millions...just for starters, is unpardonable.

THINK Yeah fuck that THINK NOPE. THINK Why? So tired of the privilege getting away with things average people would not. His done too much and should be dealt with the same as any other American would be in all his illegal actions! THINK NO WAY! THATS DISGUSTING. THINK My ass THINK No! No! No! THINK Excuse my language, but fuck that.

THINK Absolutely not ! THINK Definitely NOT! The people need to see and know that no one is above the law, this man cannot get away with shredding the constitution, breaking every norm, or doing all he can to dismantle the nation. He must face his crimes and justice! THINK Donald Trump is unpardonable. Only God should save him. If Biden does that he’ll automatically become a one termed president. If Donald Trump had his way he would have jailed every member of the Democratic Party. He’s hateful and evil.

THINK No way....👎 THINK Pardon him? Has he been convicted of anything yet? THINK Nope THINK Hell no! Show his cult how dirty he is. THINK THINK No! THINK Stop tweeting this, NBC. No one wants to read this shit. THINK Will realDonaldTrump Burn the Evidence? via NewYorker THINK Anyway to own the Libs! Is NBC trying a little FOX news? We need to make an example out of Trump and his many co-conspirators, no future Despot can ever hold the office of President.

THINK Gthooh!! I would hate him if he pardoned him!! Its the GOP who let him for 4 years do crap they never let others do, some very unethical. They Impeached but didn't remove him and he took that as laws don't apply to him. Lock him up! Let's see how he likes the chant! THINK No, no, no. THINK No THINK No

THINK THINK Wow just read the article , this guy's total buffoon. Our president has been on trial for 4 years for stuff he never did. Maybe we should go after his accusers and put them on trial. These people wasted millions of taxpayers dollars looking for a scapegoat to hide things they did THINK No way....if Biden’s team uncovers proof of wrongdoing, trump and his cohorts should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Dang, democrats have short memories. What would happen if the shoe were on the other foot? Quit being nice....it gets you nowhere with republicans.

THINK He’s going to need to pardon himself and his son. THINK lol THINK Racism, bigotry, misogyny & cruelty should never be rewarded in such a way. THINK Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. THINK Will you guys quit peddling this shit?! This is outrageous. NO ONE is above the law. THINK One person not the cause of your life problems! Take a little accountability for your actions.

THINK Or maybe consequences for the rich and powerful will show the country that we are government of laws not men. THINK No he should not. THINK THINK Stop tweeting this garbage article. THINK The country will not unify till there no doubt in the election and somebody needs to tell me why does our president need a pardon he did not break any laws

THINK Why the hell would he do that?! THINK Pardon for what? THINK No Biden shouldn't put his hand on the scales of justic for the evils our democracy has by thinnest majority has survived, it's obvious NBC need's there star white washed for the on going TV reality entertainment market, but he will. THINK I disagree, the straw that broke the camel’s back, was the attempt to take away the Black vote from Detroit and Philly. Racist bully til the end, must pay.

THINK You ignorant young people go give yourself an education to understand law and our history. While you're at it go read the book 1984 by HG Wells , it's a real eye-opener THINK Hell No !!! THINK THINK DJT is going to resign first about a week before inauguration so VP can pardon him in final week. THINK What crime did he commit?

THINK Oh pleaaaase...he is a criminal. Is that.what Democrats are about? Pardoning criminals? THINK Nah THINK No! I want Cruz, McConnell, Rand, Johnson and others to know this kind of dirty politics (voter suppression and gerrymandering) will never be given the blind eye. I want the msg to be clear that free and fair elections are core to our democracy! This shit can never happen again.

THINK Kissing up to the Trump MAGA's to garner 'Peace' is BS. No, just plain NO! Trump must be punished for his crimes and stopgap measures placed to prevent a repeat of another Trump like criminal from getting into office. Hatch Act strengthened, sopenas enforced with punishment! THINK How Can You Reward Narcissistic Egomaniac Obnoxious Liar Megalomaniac Fascist Sociopath Demagogue Hypocrite Misogynistic Corrupt Belligerent Crook Just To Name A Few. No One Is Above The Law, Sad

THINK No fucking way!! TRUMP HAS GOT TO BE PROSECUTED!! Biden would be a fool to pardon him & and will lose millions of supporters! THINK Not a cold chance in hell. THINK Again, this is a horrible idea. Just my opinion. If the US government looks the other way, it would be like that sham-acquittal during Trump's impeachment, but on steroids. No one (especially not Donald J Trump) must be considered above the law.

THINK Hell. Fucking. No. You can’t and shouldn’t normalize treason. Trump should spend his last day in gizmo. Unity should mean forgiving all stupid righties and having a fresh start. And fuck unity. Republicans will never cooperate with Democrats. THINK Absolutely NOT. A pardon would make his actions acceptable. They’re not. lockhimup

THINK No. Stop posting this stupid shit. THINK STOP POSTING THIS. STOP GIVING A PLATFORM TO SHITTY ANTI-DEMOCRATIC RHETORIC. THINK ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE THINK How about that just remain unthinkable instead. THINK No pardon Joe Biden promised THINK Why do you keep sharing this? He doesn’t deserve anything. THINK

THINK I’m going with law and order THINK Oh yeah bring back the Nixon era....not THINK OH HELL NO! HE NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! THINK that would do nothing to placate the fool or his sycophants. they thrive on their hatred and there is little chance that will change. THINK Why? He is competing with Corn and Cob for pardons? So, now there 3 turkeys to choose from?

THINK He is the reason of so many dead Americans! 250,000.00+ He and all the corrupt must face the law! THINK Nope. THINK Why am I seeing this tweet so often? No. Hell no. Lock him up. THINK I’m thinking, no! THINK Uhhh noooooo! THINK Should NEVER happen...just like children, you do not reward bad behavior.

THINK NO THINK No THINK Hell NO. We saw what happen when Trump was not charged and impeached. We saw what happened when he wasn't charged in the Mueller Report. If he is not charged for crimes he committed....nothing will change and someone else with turn democracy into autocracy. THINK Nice try. That will not happen. There will be no pardon. He will go down just like Al Capone went down. Good ol IRS.

THINK No, thank you. His crimes are too numerous and too important THINK Pardon for what, he’s not the one trafficking children. Selling out to china. THINK No! Prosecute and punish criminals regardless of social standing! THINK No he should not. Trump has inflicted so much damage on this country in 4 years and cheated the system for all the years he acted as a “business man” He deserves whatever he gets. Go NYS Attorney General...

THINK Absolutely, no way. THINK 🖕😂 Idiot. THINK No way. THINK No THINK No Pardon! Donnie’s a Law-Breaking Crook! THINK Fuck that! Let Trump and his shit lawyers try and beat his charges. Citizen 1 needs to answer for his crimes. THINK No, send his ass to jail! That would be a slap in the face to those of us who voted for JoeBiden. That would be another example of social injustice in America. We have to stop and realDonaldTrump would need to face any consequences.

THINK No way on God’s green earth! THINK NO. HE. SHOULDNT. One of the biggest conmen and criminals should NOT get a pass to appease his cult. This is dangerous to even suggest. THINK Stop reposting this, you’ve been doing it for days! What’s your agenda NBC? Trying to get everyone riled up or something?

THINK Pardon him for what? Trying to save our country from treason and election fraud? Communism? THINK Fuck NO THINK No way in hell. THINK Ur opinion post won’t force us to forget the harm he’s done that has current lingering affects on people’s livelihoods. It’s obvious the author isn’t affected like the everyday person. So keep that “pardon” y’all for my people black people who have been unjustly jailed fuck Trump

THINK No. That's like giving a cash reward to teenagers who just burned down your house have a pool party. Nope. THINK No THINK THINK Why do I keep seeing this? Who is pushing this agenda? Hell no!! THINK Stop reporting this! THINK Biden already said he wouldn't pardon him. Stop spamming this NBC. THINK THINK How many times is going to repost Conway’s outrageous suggestion to pardon trump. Shameful!

THINK What? THINK What a ridiculously flawed opinion. There will be NO unity in pardoning this criminal. Not holding people accountable is how we got a Trump in the first place. THINK I want to stop seeing this shit on my TL. This is the worst thing Biden could do and I don’t know why the same folks who warned us hysterically that Trump is an American Hitler now deserved to be pardoned. He’s a criminal who tried to wage a coup.

THINK Absolutely not. THINK Why are you repeatedly tweeting this? THINK Um, hell no! THINK At first glance, I laughed at this seemingly idiotic idea. However, after I read the article and considered the potential healing outcome of the future of our country, it makes complete sense. This act of grace and mercy, unmerited though it may be, is doable and tolerable.

THINK Yeah, no. We don’t know yet what will be uncovered once the Biden team can get in there. The stench runs deep THINK THINK THINK LOL THINK Nope. That is a step too far. I'm ok with the DOJ not actively prosecuting Trump, but no pardons. THINK To Hell with this moronic bullshit. Hold the criminals accountable.

THINK Nope THINK The answer to that foolish thought is: let’s stay divided THINK Absolutely no. realDonaldTrump needs to be held accountable. THINK Hell to the NO THINK Ummm nope THINK This is the best way to keep the nation divided, demoralize the Dem base, encourage other would-be criminals to perfect Trump’s crimes & pave the way for Trump to rise again stronger & emboldened. The world watches as do our kids. NoPardon DemandJustice DemandAccountability

THINK Uh no THINK Why do you keep reposting this?! NO..HE SHOULD NOT PARDON TRUMP, ANY MEMBER OF HIS FAMILY, OR ANY MEMBER OF THE GOP who help the treason weasel wreak havoc on the USA 🇺🇸 THINK Really!! Biden does not owe Trump and his supporters anything THINK THINK He's totally going to pardon Trump. It's either that or what? Prosecute him? Biden's admin wont have the chutzpa for that. Unless they can get a crowd fund to get started.

THINK Conway is trolling for a buck. THINK Why should we do anything for Trump he’s done nothing for us THINK THINK Nope, no, nada. Trump served without honor. He is not deserving of a pardon. THINK NBC go to H do the crime you do the time. NO ONE is above the law. THINK For what, ? And how many fucking times are you going to Tweet this story, over and over again?

THINK No THINK THINK Justice needs to be done. Criminals need to be prosecuted. DJT is a criminal. THINK “Are you going to copy/paste this tweet every 20 minutes?” Apparently, yes. 😐 THINK You keep retweeting this stupid take and it continues to be stupid. THINK Why is this running everyday? It couldn't be more offensive.

THINK Absolutely not ! THINK Nope. Hell no. THINK Unthinkable indeed. Inconceivable !! 😠 THINK It’s not going to be unifying nor is it going to correct any fucking behavior. The general population needs to be showed ‘no he really was breaking the law and that’s not ok.” Otherwise you’re just propagating the message that people in power have a different set of laws.

THINK THINK Absolutely not! The Rs have been lecturing all of us for years that this is a 'nation of laws'. Let the law play out. THINK Hell NAW. Over 200,000 are DEAD and many more to come from his REFUSAL to act, playing it down, then completely doing NOTHING Cuz he was busy having a temper tantrum cuz he lost election he let Americans DOWN. LOCKHIMUP 💯💯💯

THINK No. Way. THINK BS THINK HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO TWEET THE SAME THING? THINK Hell. No. THINK THINK THINK Absolutely not. No way in hell. I am embarrassed for whoever wrote this. THINK Stop reposting this shit. 3rd time I’ve seen it. THINK Nah THINK THINK NO PARDON. Lock his effing as$ up. He will likely sell government security secrets to the highest bidder.

THINK How many times you going to tweet this stupid shit? THINK Stop pushing this dumbass idea. If no one is above the law, then he needs to pay for breaking the law. THINK NBC keeps pushing it... stop it THINK After the Trump 2020 Team put The Brief on their enemy list of interest politicians and started monitoring us it became eminently clear how dangerous they are to our democracy and our freedoms. We chose to fight back by revealing the truth for all to see!

THINK Has Mr. Conway forgotten that Ford pardoned Nixon? Tell me how well that turned out for America. Mr. Conway can go F ALL the way off with this horrid take. THINK You’re insane. Accountability! Biden should concentrate on the business of state. Letting tRump walk is like ignoring child abuse. Sends the message that’s OK to be a crook in the White House. That’s what evil Republicans are for.

THINK Trump's not conceding, he's been doing whatever he can to complicate the situation Joe's gonna face, why should he be pardoned? For unification reason... that's meaning american's been not unified buz of Trump? That gives more reasons to NOT pardon him... THINK Michael Conway has clearly never read the constitution. One can’t be pardoned unless they’ve been arraigned.

THINK Nah chief THINK No pardon!!! THINK Only a Trumpster would entertain the notion of rewarding bad behavior. THINK ...let's see Trump convicted of something first, then think about pardoning him...if he's not convicted he'll continue to claim he's done nothing wrong, that he's just a victim of the 'radical left' and the 'fake news media', and 70m+ Americans will continue to believe him...

THINK This is a fascinatingly naive take. Think before you op-Ed. THINK No. History has taught us repeatedly this is not an option. He and the others must be held accountable for what they did to us and our country. Or they will be back for more. THINK Trompe is an inexcusable experience. How this crook became president is way beyond my intelligence.

THINK If he pardons him without investigating it will look like Democrats have been making up stuff about him and are covering it up, if he pardons him after an investigation proves wrong doing it will look like elites protecting elites. Also he should be held accountable. THINK Why do you keep posting this take it down

THINK The author of this pierce is a Trompe’s paid advocate. THINK Why? That would piss off 51% of the country! THINK THINK No - I’m sure you can think of other ways ... this one is karma .. ans well desired based o his behavior of choice ! THINK Someone needs to spoof the Moses Ten Commandments scene where trump is banished and his name is erased from history.

THINK Never! He and his traitors need to be exposed. THINK “Pardon tRump” ? Hmmm 🧐 THINK No THINK FINISH HIM. NO MERCY. THINK Nope and nope THINK No. Absolutely not. We have laws for a reason. His followers won’t care if he was pardoned anyway. We must show his cult and the world that what Trump did was illegal and we must not allow it to happen again.

THINK B.S!!!!!!!!! He should prosecute him for subversion against the United States! THINK He should indefinitely dangle it, drive Trump nuts THINK How many times do you intend to push this freaky article AGAIN? I've seen it posted like 4 times already. Is Trump paying you for this BS? THINK No THINK Why should Americans believe in the Justice system when preferential treatment is given to those elected to uphold Law & Order?

THINK THINK Big bag of nope! THINK Pardon him? Then he is just free to run for the next four years, spreading his hatred through his rallies across the country? He’ll be like the evangelist from Hades. The goal should be to correct the loop holes that this criminal uncovered in our system. THINK No...if he pardons trump, trump will continue to abuse him

THINK No way should President Biden pardon that clown!! THINK Pardon him, Trump hateful person need mental help. I still dont trust. THINK Disagree. To save the body, the cancerous cells must be removed. Else the cancer will remain and grow. THINK THINK This is bullshit. GTFOH. THINK No THINK No way. Absolutely not.

THINK That’s absurd. THINK That’s the good ole American way we all need a break even Donald Trump he is a business man not a politician to do what he has is amazing just not good enough 🤓 CHOCTAW motorfreight inc. Timothy W Carroll🤓 THINK No mercy THINK I just threw up in my mouth a little. 🤮🤮🤮 THINK I could live with a posthumous pardon 50 years from now. (as long as I don't miraculously live to 107)

THINK Ummmmmm THINK just after he's sentenced and spent at least one year in prison THINK Pardoning Donald Trump blesses the most repugnant, criminal conduct, ignoring pandemic sweeping the country. Particularly heinous is his filthy racist poison dumped on Black People, migrant children. To pardon is to confirm he's above the law Michael Conway.

THINK ED THINK No. Biden won. It doesn't come with a condition to suck up to trump or his followers. If the NY legal system has charges and Donald is found guilty he should serve his time. No 1 would pardon you or me 4 same. Donald is NO different. Treating him special is his biggest problem THINK Gtf. The gulag with him.

THINK You keep reposting. THINK Stop it already THINK Seriously?! That like saying Hitler was misunderstood. THINK THINK NO. THINK Hell No! THINK THINK Hell No! THINK Hard no THINK I’m all for unity, but this is a line that should not be crossed. Biden must not pardon DT. After Ford pardoned Nixon, it hit him in his political ass hard. He lost the respect of everyone. Besides, Trump & his base would use it against Biden. You can’t beat a bully by giving in.

THINK THINK Maybe but let’s wait till the investigations and distruction of trump family and empire first. THINK Nope. THINK No the fuck he shouldn't! Just one more way to further clear the path of the next wannabe dictator. NO! THINK Hell no! THINK Investigate, expose, prosecute to full extent of the law. Justice demands it.

THINK J.Biden is going to JAIL❗️ no matter whom supported him paid for him bought for him stood for him the HOAX virus: names known. He is not gonna make it🚷 Lady’s and gentlemen’s Biden committed crime in so many ways but now pledged election fraud. the court is now running..DEMS. THINK Noooooooooooooooooo and hell noooooooooooooooooo

THINK he would pardon pelosi first THINK Nope. THINK Nope! THINK No. Just no. If the nation is to continue, this sort of corruption must not continue unmarked. Why should a lifetime of crime be wiped out by becoming president? And why should we tell future leaders that obstruction and grift won't be punished?

THINK THINK Huh? THINK We must continue to make sure there are no consequences for the actions of those in power THINK Absolutely not. THINK fuk right off. stop pushing this!!! THINK THINK 🛑STOP posting this garbage opinion. Just stop. It’s the worst take. Intellectual trash. 🚯 THINK JoeBiden SenKamalaHarris Absolutely NO PARDONS or special favors for trump & Co.! People have unnecessarily died & suffered from his cruelty, incompetence, vindictiveness, abuse of power, self- serving behavior & policies! 45 has put our Nat’l Security in Danger! NO PARDONS!

THINK as one of the 7.6 millions who voted for him. if he dose pardon that murderer he will not get another vote from me. THINK Fuck that THINK No. THINK No way. Nail him. THINK President Trump is not for this evil leftist Biden to pardon. Ask President Trump to pardon Biden instead! Biden has truly committed many crimes in Voter fraud and corruption with Chinese CCP dictatorship!

THINK no THINK Trump has worked so hard to divide the nation tjat it will take long to undo the damage. I hope little by little the country recovers 🤞🏼✌🏼 THINK Absolutely not. THINK This is absolutely ludicrous. There has not even been a peaceful transition power! Conway should be ashamed of himself. 

THINK THINK No. It’s well past time someone stands up for what is right. This is not about getting back at Trump for his wrong doings. It is everything about upholding the constitution and reflecting our belief in everything the constitution stands for... it is just! THINK Stop peddling this crap! No THINK

THINK No THINK THINK A pardon is the ultimate act of normalizing criminal behavior in the White House. This POTUS was IMPEACHED, then the GOP gave him permission to commit even more blatant criminal behavior. You don’t unify by letting a malignant narcissist use our Constitution as toilet paper. THINK No.

THINK Have you been hacked? Why do you keep posting this? This is so obviously a terrible idea. THINK We almost lost our democracy. Think about that, it was by a thread. No. We can't run away from the problems and dysfunction like Dems did after W. W. made Trump possible, all the BS, the lawlessness, the corruption All our weaknesses have been exposed, we need to uphold the law

THINK No. THINK Ahh...absolutely not. This is beyond stupid. Letting Trump off the hook sends the message that if someone does the same thing they will not be held accountable. THINK NO! THINK THINK I think this article is getting auto-Tweeted a lot because it's drawing lots of engagement, ie. comments & shares So maybe we should stop engaging with it, as I'm guilty of right now

THINK Noooooooooo THINK No one supports this - stop posting it, it’s not catching on THINK NO PARDON FOR TRUMP, EXCEPT HE CONFESSED HIS SINS AND PLEAD GUILTY. Before we can talk of pardon !👭👭👭👭👭 THINK THINK Fu🗜️k that!!! THINK THINK UNFOLLOW NBC IF THEY KEEP REPOSTING THIS USELESS STORY! THINK No, he should leave it alone and let people do their jobs. If Trump broke the law, he must be held accountable. No one is above the law. If left alone he will run again in 2024

THINK No Pardons prosecute the whole Trump Org! THINK Nope. What an idiotic opinion. Would you also believe in pardoning Jim Jones? THINK Pardoning worked well for Gerald Ford didn't it? THINK Nope. Nope. Nope. THINK THINK How about... No. THINK THINK That’s a hard no. THINK THINK Are you going to rerun this story every hour?

THINK In the contrary, his duty (or the dury of the new AG) is to keep “law and order” by persecuting Trump and all his enabler until the very last accusation is trialed in a court of justice! This must never happen again. By pardoning Trump the new admin would engage in dangerous acts THINK Why is this nonsense tweeted over and over again? How can we take NBC News seriously if this is all you've got to say? Please make it stop!

THINK If Joe Biden wanted to unify America, he and his Cabal would have allowed Donald Trump to run the country when he became president. They sabotaged him at every turn and despite that 73,000,000 Americans have still given Trump their vote of confidence. People don’t forget THINK No. Fuck your opinion.

THINK Michael Conway can bite my ass. ZeroPardonsForTrumpsCartel! THINK No. No. No. THINK This is such a horrendous piece not because of what it argues but because it does not state a *single* proposed crime that Donald Trump may have committed. If you want tax fraud, abuse of power, breaking campaign finance laws, lying under oath etc to be pardoned, SAY IT.

THINK No THINK This is the dumbest take ever. EVER. No justice, no peace. And certainly no unity. THINK I don't think that would be wise, especially given that some of the lawsuits against him stem from sexual assault allegations. I think the best thing to do would be for the Biden admin to leave it alone, don't try to investigate or bring lawsuits on him but don't pardon either.

THINK If he wasnt destroying our survellence planes that monitor Russia and destroy mail sorting machines he may have had a chance. I say no. THINK Oh hell no! THINK NO. F’ing way!! Maybe ask the kids in cages or the families of dead covid patients! We are all trauma survivors THINK yup. Indict realDonaldTrump , convict him. Bring him to prison. And then pardon him.

THINK Hold on.... Pardon him for what? THINK Ugh no THINK No, arrest Trump! THINK No. THINK that's totally the opposite of what he should do lmao THINK Of course he will, same as he never locked up Hillary lol THINK No the fuck he should not THINK This is why everyone thinks democrats are wimps. THINK Nooooooo. Not this Dem.

THINK Biden has already made a campaign pledge not to pardon Trump. THINK No. NO! THINK No effing way THINK Thats a big NO 👎 ⛔ THINK Donald Trump is a traitor. Don’t care if he’s popular, he’s a criminal. THINK Tell that to all of the Americans that have lost loved ones to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Unforgivable.

THINK It will never happen, hell no... THINK We love you Biden 🤘🤘 THINK Biden CAN'T Pardon him for state crimes so ... There's no need to Pardon him or not. Not Biden's job. THINK Lmao... The most corrupt criminal biden is talking about pardoning others. Get ready for jail biden. THINK Pardon who? He deserves to go to jail

THINK But first, how will he unify the nation Oh please tell!!! THINK Oh HELL NO THINK No. Piss off. THINK THINK THINK Click bait? Because this is a hard no. THINK We love you Biden 🤘🤘 THINK yes THINK JB👴🏻 M$M THINK Irredeemably stupid take. No. Just. No. THINK No. THINK No. You don't reward, you stand back let the states conduct their cases.

THINK Why? How is pardoning a Criminal going to bring Unity to a Country? It would Only bring more Division from God. And that's why America is so Corrupt Today. THINK What if they charged Trump and we had a trial with evidence and witnesses? THINK You have a president who was impeached for trying to illegally corrupt an election who was impeached and learned nothing! Then he and his whole party conspire to steal the next election. Now you think a free pass will heal the country? The only people healed are the traitors!

THINK NO THINK Hell no! THINK That's a Negative ! THINK We need to come together united by our decency, mutual respect and belief in democracy and love of country, the things that TRULY Make our country GREAT, not pandering to nefarious individuals. THINK HELL NO!!! THINK Absolutely not. THINK This is idiotic and would just serve to empower him and his rhetoric

THINK No. Attempting to take down our country has consequences. THINK Truly unbelievable. Instead of seeing it as act of goodwill, Trump supporters would find this action asinine because they truly believe Trump has not done anything worth being pardoned for, while believing that the Biden's are criminals. This'll backfire bigly 🤷‍♂️

THINK One more thing. THINK Nope THINK Absolutely NO Way !!!!😷 THINK This opinion can eat shit THINK Bull THINK It will be counter productive for Trump to be pardoned because a free Trump with no worries means he has time on his hands to disrupt the Biden administration and even cause more disunity. THINK Oh hell no

THINK Jesus he's probably not going to sleep with you please stop reposting THINK Absolutely not. No more impunity for criminal presidents. Ever since people saw Nixon get away with it, each successive Republican president has escalated the crime and looting and we need to shut that sh*t down now, because holy cow can you imagine what the next one might try

THINK Enough of this NBC. We get the idea. You like to promote terrible ideas. THINK And let him further believe he’s above the rule of law. His evil damage isn’t done yet. THINK Uh, no. THINK Pardoning a criminal isnt going to unify the country, prosecuting him will by throwing away the darkness that follows the outgoing orange man and his followers.

THINK Justice matters. We dont allow murders to kill people and just let them go. They go to court and let the courts decide if they are guilty or not. Same for Trump. No one is above the law. The next person could be worse if no one is ever held to accountability. THINK No. THINK NBC, stop posting this garbage.

THINK No fu__ing way. Trump need to be in PRISON. THINK The Media failed to make Trump President, they'll fail at keeping him out of prison too. THINK And further enable him when he wins in 2024. Or his sick, grifter kids who all want power. THINK 😂 😂 😂 😂 best joke I’ve heard all year, that’s like give Hitler a pardon,just based on his handling of the pandemic TrumpKKK should be put under the jail and let’s not forget his other crimes which are too numerous to name

THINK NO NO NO ...NOT EVER ....hate filled racist mysogonist sexist man NEVER THINK NEVER THINK No, no he should not pardon him. There are many Trump wannabes. The next time around they will be smarter at hiding the crazy. We need to set precedent right now. We need to follow Germany's example with the Nazis. That is what we are dealing with now.

THINK Screw Michael Conway THINK Hell no THINK Dumb, dumb, dumb. THINK Pardon him for what exactly? THINK No. THINK NO WAY!! He tried to sell out our Country and God only knows what secrets and weapons he sold for his own advantage, even during our battle with the pandemic!! THINK Never. Throw the dictator in jail

THINK If 80 million Americans wanted Trump to get away with criminal behavior, we would have voted for him. Hold him accountable or be complicit in dismantling our democratic republic. THINK That makes him a rogue too THINK This is the worst take we've seen all day on just about anything, and that's saying something.

THINK THINK Uhhhh F no. That’s just hogwash. THINK I hope not to pardon him & family THINK LAW AND ORDER!! LOCK HIM UP!!! (actually, that feels pretty good. They were on to something at those rallies!) THINK Hey Michael Conway, this is or you and realDonaldTrump ... THINK I think Biden should take away the President's pardoning power

THINK Why do you keep posting this garbage? Super hard pass. THINK NO 👏🏼ONE 👏🏼 IS 👏🏼 ABOVE 👏🏼 THE 👏🏼 LAW 👏🏼 THINK I'm a mother, heart patient, disabled & going through urgent medical conditions. I do live vlogs & posts to spread love & support (Fundraiser on my page) BlessedBe~ THINK lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo

THINK 💙🇺🇸💪 THINK JusticeIsComing TrumpCrimesCommission NoPardonForTrump THINK Maybe it could be part of a universal pardon for all (non-violent) offenders and a debt jubilee? Open the doors & let out the millions of people currently incarcerated for nothing more than being poor and expunge their records. A New Start.

THINK NO. THINK I disagree, he should be held accountable THINK No. No way. THINK No never, make him suffer the consequences of his bad deeds, pardoning Trump at this point will affect all other cases, and never listen a con man, he is from trump camp THINK Trump is not the kind of guy to be granted pardon because he will be out there bragging that he is innocent and would have not required the pardon.

THINK Stop just stop. No Pardon. We put Felicity Huffman in prison for helping her kids get into a good school. Martha Stewart for getting stock tip. Trump may have committed hundreds of crimes before becoming president THINK Once shot twice shy, this guy wants a rerun and if he done it once there's enough madmen in your country to put him there again, besides I thought an impeached president couldn't run again? Accountability extents to everyone.

THINK Yes free Trump from his guilt and let's move on THINK Nope. But neither should Biden pursue trump. Let NY state do their own thing. Besides, if Joe pardoned trump it would greatly upset trump followers who think he is innocent and doesn’t need a pardon for something he didn’t do. They would hate the implication.

THINK Never THINK You unify by showing that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Yo commit a crime, you do the time. THINK I predicted 3/2020 that Pence would pardon Trump before 01/21. After a Trump deal - pardon via Pence after Trump resignations via out of jail card. THINK who keeps sending out this dumbass article. Listen to Conway at your peril and the peril of democracy. You will split the base in the process which is something Conway would really want.

THINK Ohhhhh helll naahhh!!! THINK What is there to pardon when Biden himself has questions to answer on the crimes of his child...? Funny stuff THINK Why? White privilege? Why exactly should Trump, again, escape basic consequences? THINK Oh yah . After what he did to this country . Pres Trump is winner no matter what

THINK Nope THINK Sounds like NBC just wants it's cash cow back THINK Horseshit. THINK No. Treason , obstruction of justice, nepotism, emoluments clauses, criminal negligence, everything possible. Make an example out of him. THINK NO fucking way!! THINK I disagree. Biden will NOT unify the nation if he pardons Trump. He'll fracture Dems & families of COVID victims. Trump's base will still be angry. Trump will not go quietly into the night like Nixon. He'll continue to gaslight, spread hate & lie. No one can unify this nation.

THINK Yes... let’s pardon him, after like 20 years in prison 👍🏼 THINK Who wrote this article? Trump Jr? GTFOH!! THINK Please do not pardon Trump. He doesn't deserve it. THINK Nuh naw. No. Never. Acts so egregious have to have consequences. And it won’t buy a thing with his base. THINK Pardoning the unrepentant is tantamount to blasphemy...Trump would still be as vile and disruptive. He would still sow conspiracies and incite racial tensions. 100%.

THINK F That Clickbait THINK What a joke. THINK Hell no! I am a nobody who follows the laws, from driving laws to paying our taxes. Do not push for this orange snowflake to get away with tax fraud, multiple lawbreaking and basically running the White House as a RICO-mob boss. Prosecute his ass to set a precedent. Never again!

THINK For the sake of Democracy, the Rule of Law, History and Decency, Donald Trump MUST be charged and prosecuted like any other American would be for his illegal actions. He must also be afforded all the legal defense as would any other wand should serve any adjudged punishment. THINK Absolutely not. When one is corrupt, breaks laws, is responsible for 258K deaths & does not care a pardon would send the message that that is ok. After DT pays his debts to society as determined by the law, then we can investigate the possibility of a pardon IF DT shows remorse.

THINK Like President Pence isn't going to beat him to the punch. 🙄 THINK NO. No more enabling the dissent of factual reality. No more coddling the intellectually slothful who actively choose conspiracy. No more blind eye to racism, bigotry & bullying. The only societal correction for the inexcusable, is outright, unequivocal rejection.

THINK Fk you NBC THINK Nah I want his cases televised. Ratings will be great and justice will be served. Even funnier if its a conservative judge handing him his ass in court. THINK Lol this is why trump has no choice but to cross the rubicon,insurrection act,DOD, militia call up...this banana republic is trying to go full commie

THINK ⓘ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝗶𝗺 𝗶𝘀 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗯𝘆 𝗼𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲𝘀 THINK That draws the line Donald Chump is a possible felon ? He deserves what comes to him let him take his licks ! You do the crime serve the time like a man ? THINK This has gotta be the dumbest thing I've ever seen even including trumps bullshit

THINK Fuck. That. THINK Yes but only after Trump has been charged and found guilty. THINK That will not unify. That will divide. You monsters put a murdering, raping narcissistic dictator in the WH. You pardon him, you excuse his crimes. And those of us who have lost will not be having that. THINK THINK Jahaha! This Michael Conway must be crazy!

THINK FO THINK MichaelConway who? Organizational/cultural development experts know NormsOfBehviorMatter (ie RuleOfLaw) And catoxenberg's daughter (and law enforcement dealing with NXIVM) know, you JAIL THE LEADER (ex: KeithReniere) and love the followers. THINK For what? THINK Biden is a corrupt scumbag just like the journalists that wrote this article. And jus like the poor DemocRat readers that you don’t tell about the the BidenCrimeFamilly

THINK Of course Michael Conway would say that because he's a Texas Senate Republican trying to save his party THINK No! That’s exactly how we got here. Donnie hasn’t been held accountable his whole life! It’s time to pay the piper. If we let him slide, what’s going to stop the next one? THINK One point: Conway is 100% wrong by suggesting a pardon would even prevent *investigations* No, a pardon doesn't prevent federal criminal investigations, it only prevents certain prosecutions as a result of those investigations

THINK No. THINK F**k that THINK HELL NEIN! he didn't have compassion for Thousands of our citizens. 'It Is What It Is' don't pardon a criminal who pardons his crime gang. NEIN!😡 THINK NO THINK Hell No THINK Again, it should not be up to Joe Biden but his DOJ. Completely separate THINK Possibly the most asinine suggestion of 2020, which is quite an achievement really

THINK 😂😂😂😂😂 THINK Absofuckinlutly not! THINK Nope THINK 🚨 COVID19 in the U.S. 🔥 Republicans in Control of the U.S. Senate 🔥 Donald J. Trump in the White House 🗓️ Tuesday, November 24, 2020 ⏲️ 1:48 AM EST 🇺🇸 U.S. DEATHS = 263,687 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🇺🇸 U.S. INFECTIONS = 12,777,371 🔥🔥🔥 🖥️ | CDCgov HHSgov

THINK Quit Re-posting this bs THINK Wrong THINK 260K beautiful souls are unable to be unified with their loved ones...EVER AGAIN! So what point are you trying to make THINK Nope. THINK No THINK Hell no! THINK Big mistake to pardon a fascist! THINK A pardon for what? He has not been indicted, arrested, or convicted of any crime.

THINK No that's ridiculous THINK No way!! THINK Absolutely not. That would be reinforcing bad behavior and it would continue in the future. Punishment for every single criminal in this corrupt administration. THINK Couldn’t disagree more. THINK No. Nopity nope no. THINK Screw that. LockHimUp THINK Nope nope nope 😷🇺🇸😷🇺🇸😷

THINK I know he probably will, but he really should not. THINK F*% that! No way! THINK NO. He needs to leave that to the DOJ, SDNY, and get on with healing the pandemic and the economy. NO, way. THINK No! Bad people deserve to be in the jail. Otherwise, they would destroy the country and tear the decomcracy again and again.

THINK Excuse me? NO FUCKING WAY! Is that clear enough? No pardon, no way! THINK Pardon of Trump will condone criminals, corrupt and treasonous officials. And do you think the Republicans like McConell, Graham, Rubio, Cruz, Gaetz, Jordan will not obstruct and derail the good plans of Biden? No way, Trump and his minions should be locked up in jail

THINK How is this supposed to unify? Those who oppose Trump will turn against Biden and those who supports him are just gonna deny that he has to be pardoned. The only unity I see is that the people on both sides will unite in their Biden-hate THINK TrumpIsACriminal THINK No we shouldnt if he do that will set out in 2022

THINK Pardon him? For what? Christ you aren’t even hiding the bias in your reporting anymore. THINK Trump is the very embodiment of proving why it was wrong to pardon Nixon! What a ridiculous position to take and extremely poorly argued! THINK Givemeabreak THINK If JoeBiden pardons Trump then expect to lose in 2022 and forever more. People were angry the bankers got off. Look what happened after that silly decision.

THINK In words of the deranged Trump supporters 'LOCK HIM UP'! THINK No pardons for those crooks, is he going to pardon people in jail for similar or lesser crimes. THINK Nope. He should let those chips fall where they may. THINK No, he shouldn't....😡 THINK Why has nbc peddled this dribble all day long? Pathetic

THINK THINK NO! THINK Screw that. THINK This is a stupid ass opinion. THINK Nope. No can do. THINK You’re asking if we can pardon Hitler just to unify the world? No! People should learn that there's accountability. If you try to break and test the law, you better be ready to face the consequences. Trump should learn the hard way, so no one will try to follow his mistakes.

THINK LAWS SHOULD FUCKING MEAN SOMETHING. Please never attempt to export democracy again, America. THINK Hell NO THINK INMATE 00045 🥳 THINK Hell No! 😡 THINK THINK Why in the world would pardoning a swamp dweller unify the nation? THINK Absolutely NOT!! He will not stop even if pardoned. He needs to be held accountable or the door is opened to future leaders to do the same.

THINK Hell freaking NO!. If President Elect JoeBiden does that? He will be worse than NotMyPresident 🚫 realDonaldTrump & his goonies plus his GOP enablers all combined!!. NoTrumpPardoning THINK Seems unanimous; fuck no! THINK THINK No they shouldn’t because then he might return or someone like him might return, wreck havoc on believing he too will be pardoned! Additionally the 230000+ thousand wouldn’t Rest In Peace if that happened!

THINK No THINK The disincentives for the next con man committing crimes would be da ZERO THINK No!!!!!!!!!!! TrumpIsACriminal THINK Nope THINK Are you kidding? THINK Nope. THINK No THINK Seriously? If he had done anything criminal, wouldn’t the FBI have found evidence during the illegal surveillance of him and his campaign? One phone call that suggested a political rival to be investigated wasn’t even criminal. Obama/Biden or Clintons are innocent though, right?

THINK I really hope not. THINK THINK That's a bunch of malarky! THINK No he should pursue justice for the awful acts he has committed. Trim is a criminal and should be treated as one. He’s a racist and should be treated as one. He has no humanity at all. THINK THINK Are you on freakin coke. Hell to the NO!! There is no pardon, no bipartisanship. For what Trumps done he should rot in jail & the Republicans be made to sit through cycle after cycle of no power or office. May they forever just be seat fillers in the seats!!

THINK NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Joe and Kamala are hired to up hold the LAW, and that traitor is NOT ABOVE THE LAW! THINK Pardon him for what? THINK Lol THINK No. THINK THINK NO FUCKING WAY THINK Ok, slow your roll Michael Conway. First we need to find out about what crimes he has committed, evaluate how serious these crimes are, stand trial for them if they're really serious (ie: treason, murder) and go on from there. But we need to know what crimes he has committed

THINK THINK The nation was already divided before trump THINK Forgiving him should be on a list of ... THINK THINK Which crime should he be pardoned for THINK Who will pardon Biden/Hunter? THINK Biden is The Demon: choosen by Klaus Schwab to break down America. “Marxism”. The NWO is knocking at all your doors left right WAKE UP.

THINK NO. ABSOLUTELY NO. What is wrong with you THINK If you are looking professional Graphic designer for Background remove,Photo retoucing and Editing,Design Logo And Business Card, you've got the right place. You Can Hire Me at Fiverr. My Pro: THINK Ummm no, Trump and his enablers need to be tried! Obama should have investigated many of them but took the high road and we all got screwed as a result. This time take those who have committed crimes see the consequences of their actions

dstep65 THINK Nope. We need sunlight. We need hearings & court cases to find out all of what happened & who was involved & to get the facts out. Leniency might be the way to go, but not before investigations & revelations. THINK No way! THINK THINK Oh, hell no! THINK No THINK The American public must first be allowed a full and honest list of all illegal acts and Donald Trump must fully acknowledge them and ask for pardon.

THINK Sorry, that’s not how it works. It comes from mature growth. Trump has been in completely aware of his actions of intent for himself. None by mistake or not knowing. And he’s continuing. Trump has used America to wipe his butt. (R) U.S. Senators used him in every way. We’re done THINK No THINK No.

THINK NO! NO! NO! To do so would mean laws have no meaning and we are supposedly a Nation of Laws. THINK No way!!! THINK Biggest mistake! This will only empower the Trump family THINK No Michael Conway, no one is above the law including Putin’s puppet so let the dominoes fall..russian troll or what? THINK It won’t unify the nation as Trump-enabler will never give up. I hate to say that, but only Trump can unify the nation with a call to his fans. He certainly don’t have the stature to do it.

THINK HELL NO. President Ford's greatest mistake was his pardon of Nixon. Nixon should have received a fair trial and the truth revealed before pardons were even considered. Same with Trump. No pardons or settlements considered until a full investigation and guilty verdict or plea. THINK That's because Michael Conway has no values. He's spineless.

THINK No. Just no. This administration committed crimes against humanity. We need a truth commission that is tasked with investigating everything and bringing charges for any and all crimes. THINK Absolutely NO WAY should Biden pardon Trump, or any of the people who tried so hard to destroy Americas democracy!

THINK 😂 THINK Trump 2020 🇺🇸 THINK You people are sick THINK THINK Hell NO! THINK No matter how many times you repost this garbage article, it won't change the idea that the country needs to put the orange criminal in prison to heal. THINK Nah THINK Such corporate flung crap. Looks like it’s time to boycott NBC and MSNBC and their ad sponsors.


THINK Biden should be in jail for rigging the election. So should you for writing this bullshit and colluding to rig the election. THINK Great, so Trump can be “exonerated” again? Nope, don’t think so. Isn’t that why Ford was not re-elected in 1976. THINK Because he has never been held accountable is the reason you must know he committed crimes he should be pardoned for.....

THINK Oh fuck no! Let him walk out the way he walked in! With nothing..... Let the courts decide! THINK Pardon Trump for what? Mueller spent $40 million and found no collusion or cooperation. The only pardon needed is from the false media narrative that has driven a wedge in the electorate. THINK Uhhh that’s a big no. In the USA, no one is above the law and it’s time to practice what we preach.

THINK No one does lol THINK no way not in a billion years THINK Last bame checks out THINK Why does NBC keep repeating this THINK Nope THINK If it's conditional on him doing a full concession and leaving the political arena for good, go for it. THINK No. THINK NEVER THINK Delete this stupidity THINK Many lawsuits are awaiting for Trump after he becomes a normal citizen!

THINK To receive a presidential pardon, there must have been a violation of a federal law. I'm curious as to which federal crime or crimes The Corrupt donald j trump has committed.😠 THINK Someone got PAID to write this garbage? THINK I don’t think Biden should pardon or prosecute him, but if the legal system chooses to investigate & prosecute, then so be it.

THINK Hey stop pushing this garbage. THINK So, tell young people throughout America, and the world, that behaving like Trump is okay? That laws mean nothing? That the WH and US constitution are fair game to any crook who comes along? THINK Nope...the most he should do is to say something like...'It would be better if we could just put the last 4 years behind us,'...and then just ignore tRump and let the legal system run it's course.

THINK Huh? For what? That is the problem with the left and their lap dogs in the media they make accusations that they clearly cannot support. They accuse Trump of crimes when there is a hard drive full of evidence that incriminates Joe and Hunter Biden. Come on man! THINK THINK Unfollow nbc news now. This is insane.

THINK No, a pardon for trump would not unify the country, it would only make it easier the next time someone tries to destroy our Republic. THINK If he does that he too will be a one term president!! THINK If trump’s crimes are not investigated publicly, he could return in 4 years with a smarter game plan and GOP support. His reputation, his very existence must be repudiated.

THINK Pardoning Trump is called “unthinkable” for a reason, Mr Conway. Maybe you should think again. THINK stop pushing this so hard it’s stupid as fuck THINK No, I do not agree. Trump should be held responsible for his actions. No President should be pardoned for his crimes against the US. starfirst THINK You guys love pushing this 8 day old article don't you? Fuck outta here, we need to see some prison time. Michael conway should go in for a quick 48, sober up

THINK He’s been pardoned his whole life. That’s why he is what he is. THINK No !!!! No no no no. Fck Trump. Lock him up !!! THINK Nixon did some stupid things for sure. But Trump is evil, dare I say, Nazi-evil. Does anyone really think that he wouldn’t order the deaths of his enemies? THINK um THINK Hey Michael Conway. Worst take I’ve ever seen

THINK I disagree, after Nixon, Ford pardoned him and lost the following election by a landslide. Also if he does, then that would signal to Biden's own base that he is just another empty promise in a suit and the same-ole-same-ole in Washington will continue with no accountability. THINK Maybe this Conway is hoping Trump will throw him a judge seat on the way out the door.

THINK Michael Conway can f*ck right off with this...CRIMINALS DON'T GET PREEMPTIVE PARDONS. THINK No pardon!! Trump has to be judged!! THINK Trump needs to do time!! Fnnn criminal THINK THINK THINK Americans should want Trump to be tried and executed for treason, just like the Rosenbergs were . THINK That might not be a good idea if one considers that it would send the message that future presidents may then see little downside in pushing the envelope or pushing past the envelope of the law.

THINK No way should Trump be pardoned ! It would not unify the country.