Opinion | Democrats need to step up their media game

Too often, Democrats make the dangerous mistake of viewing the media as an ally. It’s got to stop.


12/7/2021 8:29:00 AM

.DeanObeidallah: Too often, Democrats make the dangerous mistake of viewing the media as an ally. It’s got to stop.

Too often, Democrats make the dangerous mistake of viewing the media as an ally. It’s got to stop.

, “The money's rolling in and this is fun … this is going to be a very good year for us,” concluding, “Sorry. It's a terrible thing to say. But, bring it on, Donald. Keep going.”There has never been a “liberal media” bias as the GOP claims; it has always been a pro-revenue bias.

Those brutally honest words by the former head of CBS should be posted in the offices of Democrats across the nation — including in that of President Joe Biden’s press secretary. Moonves may have created a mini-uproar at the time, but he was broadcasting in HD exactly what motivates the corporate media: profits.

This is not a secret. If I asked what the No. 1 goal of big insurance or pharmaceutical companies is, you would say making a profit. It’s no different for corporate media outlets. In 2020, major cable news outlets sawin revenue, according to the Pew Research Center. That doesn’t even include the revenue the network news divisions raked in. There has never been a “liberal media” bias as the GOP claims; it has always been a pro-revenue bias. headtopics.com

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AGallup pollreleased in October found that 68 percent of Democrats “trust” the media a “great deal or fair amount.” In contrast, only 11 percent of Republicans say the same. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t trust the media; in an ideal world, we wouldn't have to question the integrity or ethics of the information we get from news outlets. But the danger occurs when this trust morphs into thinking of the media as an ally, instead of as a business.

Nov. 20, 202107:23And the simple truth that Democrats must recognize here is that the corporate media is not our friend. It’s also not our enemy. It’s simply a vessel to make billions of dollars in profits.

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Is that tv from the mid-90s because that's when the democrats wish it still was? Every media outlet is owned by billionaires who benefit from GOP tax policies. Every anchor and national newspaper writer makes over $400,000 a year and will personally pay more taxes if BBB passes. All media outlets spread pro GOP propaganda; DO NOT trust any mainstream media.

You can’t possibly be serious, the Democrat/media love affair will never end. Be honest, it’s a liberal symbiotic relationship. At least the media is up-front about working for its advertisers who pay the bills. Bullshit, when a rep is in office, you lean left, when a dem is in office, you lean right tell me I'm wrong

YES, especially on Morning Joe. Joe chews on the party’s negativity (whatever that is) constantly and rarely pushes the good thats been accomplished. I say, spoken like a true Rethuglican. Forbes-Nearly Half Of Democrats Blame Biden’s Policies For Inflation: Poll Can you say Midterm Elections And this Captain Dementia (aka Biden) rejected a Free Covid Testing Plan back in Oct according to Vanity Fair! Where is his Warp Speed?

You want to make it stop? Report on the southern border chaos/crisis everyday. Just switch the donkey to a rat 🐀 for Democ🐀s U mean msdnc is failing Democ🐀s miserably with all help from rest of fake corrupt corporate media? Far-Right Misinformation Is Thriving On Facebook. A New Study Shows Just How Much March 6, 2021

GOP Rep. Devin Nunes stepping down to join Trump Media & Technology GroupRep. Devin Nunes of California, former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, is leaving Congress to become the chief executive officer of Trump Media & Technology Group, according to a statement. Hahahahahabwaaaahahahahahahahehehehehagahabwaaaaaaahaha I'm cownting the minutes.

For Democrats to view the media as an ally would be a natural response to the fact that it is. The media is owned by corporate America since monopolistic constraints were removed and consolidation unrestrained. Their interest is their own enrichment not societies Lol those Donkeys are done. Soo is your network

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DeanObeidallah Especially CNN and MSNBC They should stop the appearances

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DeanObeidallah This network is just a Democrat blow horn DeanObeidallah THE TRUTH should always be thought of as an ally. Unfortunately, we don't get the truth from much of the media. DeanObeidallah We should have the equivalent of Fox News on air for Democrats. DeanObeidallah In my years of working as a t-v journalist, ownership & management was ALWAYS conservative. They often instructed their newsroom employees to cover the news in that manner. It's why I'm no longer in local t-v news. Viewers should not fully trust their local t-v news station.

DeanObeidallah can't imagine why democrats think that mainstream media is overwhelming in their corner. DeanObeidallah the media has never been an ally of the Democrats

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