Opinion | Democrats' big promises to the middle class may fall flat

.@HayesBrown: How Democrats are betraying their promises to the middle class.

10/22/2021 4:01:00 PM

.HayesBrown: How Democrats are betraying their promises to the middle class.

Centrist cuts to the Build Back Better Act threaten a generation of progress for the middle-class Americans.

Politicians love to talk big about how much they love the middle class. This is a potentially once-in-a-generation chance for Democrats to — quite literally — put their money where their mouth is. One of the most important aspects of the provisions in question is that they help most Americans who really just need a boost to get ahead. In attempting to narrow the focus to only the poorest Americans,

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add hurdles through means-testingand reduce the overall price tag, Democrats run the risk of alienating the voters who are left out and further stigmatizing federal assistance. Read more: MSNBC »

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HayesBrown The Democrats are trying hard to fulfill their promises - blame the GOP who hate all Americans and Senima & Manchin who block everything beneficial!! The government is set up poorly when a few people can thwart the wishes of the majority of Americans!

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Why can't congressional Democrats deliver more on their promises? It's complicated.Political scientists explain why congressional Democrats aren't making more progress on their priorities and President Joe Biden's big agenda. Because even some democrats have common sense and see what this is going to do to the coutry. Hahahah! When one party cannot agree, perhaps the legislation is bad! Democrats control all three branches of government! I'm sick of things not getting done in Washington! Democrats are trying to get stuff done republicans wanna make them look bad and hold on to power that's all they want but we gotta let Joe Biden lead And get something done we also need to get cinema and mansion out !

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