Opinion | Dear China: Whose Side Are You on in Ukraine?

3/6/2022 9:13:00 AM

China is the one country that might have the power to stop Putin. For its own sake, China would be wise to study what’s happening in Russia and Ukraine.

'China would emerge as a true global leader” if it opposed Putin’s war on Ukraine, tomfriedman writes. “If it chooses instead to ride with the outlaws, the world will be less stable and less prosperous for as far as the eye can see — especially China.”

China is the one country that might have the power to stop Putin. For its own sake, China would be wise to study what’s happening in Russia and Ukraine.

Thomas L.The move was also triggered by sweeping sanctions that have been imposed by many countries on Russia, the sources said, after its invasion of Ukraine last Thursday in the biggest attack on a European state since World War Two."We will monitor the situation and call on all sides to exercise restraint, avoid escalation and ensure the safety of relevant nuclear facilities," foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told a daily briefing.Joshua Robinson March 4, 2022 11:10 am ET BEIJING—China made its position on Ukraine clear on Friday with two acts of sports censorship that aimed to block coverage of anti-war sentiment in a country that has sought to maintain close ties with Russia as it sends tanks and missiles into its neighbor.

Friedman Opinion Columnist With every passing day, the war in Ukraine becomes a bigger tragedy for the Ukrainian people but also a bigger threat to the future of Europe and the world at large.There is only one country that might have the power to stop it now, and it’s not the United States.Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.It’s China.Fears of a potential nuclear disaster at the Zaporizhzhia plant had spread alarm across world capitals, before authorities said the fire in a building identified as a training centre, had been extinguished.If China announced that, rather than staying neutral, it was joining the economic boycott of Russia — or even just strongly condemning its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and demanding that it withdraw — it might shake Vladimir Putin enough to stop this vicious war.Western governments and others are shutting off Russia's economy from the global financial system, pushing international companies to halt sales, cut ties and dump tens of billions of dollars' worth of investments.At a minimum, it would give him pause, because he has no other significant ally aside from India in the world now.

Why would President Xi Jinping of China take such a stand, which would seemingly undermine his dream of seizing Taiwan the same way Putin is attempting to seize Ukraine? The short answer is that the past eight decades of relative peace among the great powers led to a rapidly globalizing world that has been the key to China’s rapid economic rise and the elevation out of poverty for some 800 million Chinese people since 1980.It was not immediately clear what action Beijing will take after the insurance companies have performed the reviews.Peace has been very good for China.Its continued growth depends on China’s ability to export to and learn from that world of steadily integrating and modernizing free markets.Another insurance company received an urgent request from its regulator this week to check the firm's exposure to the two countries and submit a report by Friday, according to the second person familiar with the matter and documents seen by Reuters.The whole Faustian bargain between the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese citizenry — the C.C.The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the central body that oversees China's state sector, did not respond to Reuters requests for comment.

P.gets to rule while the people get to be steadily better off economically — depends to a significant degree on the stability of the global economy and trading system.The three insurers did not respond to Reuters request for comment on their Russia or Ukraine business interests.To Chinese strategists caught up in old-think — that any war that weakens modern China’s two primary rivals, America and Russia, has to be a good thing — I would say the following: Every war brings with it innovations (new ways to fight, win and survive), and the war in Ukraine is no exception.We have already seen three “weapons” deployed in ways we’ve never seen before or not seen in a long time, and China would be wise to study them all.HK) , said on Monday it only undertook insurance business from some Chinese companies with assets in Russia and Ukraine, the scale of which was small.Because if China doesn’t help stop Russia now, these weapons will either ultimately hammer Putin into submission — which means they might be used against China one day, should it seize Taiwan — or damage Russia so badly that the economic effects will radiate everywhere.

These weapons might even prompt Putin to do the unthinkable with his nuclear arms, which could destabilize and even destroy the global foundations on which China’s future rests.The scope of the review by insurers, according to the first source, also covers projects in the two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk - collectively known as the Donbass - and their ties with Russian entities or individuals.The most important innovation in this war is the use of the economic equivalent of a nuclear bomb, simultaneously deployed by a superpower and by superempowered people.The United States, along with the European Union and the United Kingdom, have imposed sanctions on Russia that are crippling its economy, critically threatening companies and shattering the savings of millions of Russians at an unprecedented speed and scope that bring to mind a nuclear blast.Facing the toughest sanctions it has ever received, Russia has temporarily stopped foreign investors from selling Russian assets from this week, as it scrambles to respond to increasingly harsh sanctions.Putin has now figured that out — and said so explicitly on Saturday: The U.S.An official survey in last June showed offshore investment in 2020 rose 38% from a year before.

- and E.U.com Register Reporting by Xie Yu and Selena Li in Hong Kong; Editing by Sumeet Chatterjee and Kim Coghill Our Standards: More from Reuters Global Investor Sign up to our investor newsletter to get the latest news and trends in global financial markets.-led sanctions are “akin to a declaration of war.” (Vladimir, you haven’t felt the half of it yet.Sign up.) Second, because the world is now so wired, superempowered individuals, companies and social activist groups can pile on their own sanctions and boycotts, without any government orders, amplifying the isolation and economic strangulation of Russia beyond what nation-states are likely to do.

These new actors — a kind of global ad hoc pro-Ukraine-resistance-solidarity-movement — are collectively canceling Putin and Russia.Rarely, if ever, has a country this big and powerful been politically canceled and economically crippled so fast.The third weapon is both new and old, and it’s a spiritual and emotional one: The West has rediscovered its voice.Faced with the raw, primitive onslaught by Russia against a flawed but aspiring democracy like Ukraine, the free world has been aroused.America and liberal societies in general can often look and act dumb and divided — until they aren’t.

Ask Adolf Hitler.These three weapons should be enough to get China’s attention.So let’s look closer at how they work in practice.The Biden administration, in an effort to deter Putin, assembled a powerful package of deep and broad economic sanctions and warned the Russian leader that if he invaded Ukraine, he’d be betting his whole farm — the economic viability of his country and regime.Tragically, Putin bet the farm, and the results have been swift and merciless.

The Russian ruble-based stock market has been closed ever since Russia’s major financial institutions were either placed under sanctions or thrown off the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) system, Barron’s reported , but “the dollar-denominated secondary listings of Russian companies in London are still trading.The destruction of market value is astonishing.” It added that shares in Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, “have collapsed more than 99 percent since mid-February, when its stock traded at around $14.” Last Wednesday in London trading, Barron’s noted, “the shares bottomed out at 1 cent.” On Thursday the rating agencies Fitch and Moody’s “downgraded Russia by six notches to ‘junk’ status, saying Western sanctions threw into doubt its ability to service debt and would weaken the economy,” Reuters reported.

Ever since Putin faced sanctions in 2014 for annexing Crimea and fomenting rebellion in eastern Ukraine, he has been amassing reserves of foreign currency and gold — some $630 billion worth — to try to insulate Russia from more global sanctions by giving his central bank all the ammo it needed to protect the value of the ruble.Or so he thought.“It turns out that Russia’s foreign reserves strategy had a major flaw: About half of the money was held overseas in foreign banks — and now Russia can’t get to it” because of the sanctions, noted Fortune.So the ruble savings of many Russians are being ravaged.Bloomberg quoted Marina Gretskaya, a 32-year-old Russian living in London who moved last year to work in communications.

She kept a ruble savings account in an online Russian bank, Tinkoff.Two weeks ago, her assets there were worth $7,400.On Monday, the ruble plummeted more than 30 percent against the dollar.That evaporated more than $2,000 from her savings.“It’s a month’s salary,” she said.

The same is almost certainly true for tens of millions of Russians — and it’s just starting.Oh, and by the way, in this wired world, guess who owns a significant portion of Russia’s commercial airline fleet.Not Russia.Roughly two-thirds of Russia’s commercial airliners were made by Boeing (334 jets) or Airbus (304), Reuters reported.A significant portion of those are owned by Irish leasing companies.

The Dublin-based AerCap, the world’s biggest airplane-leasing company, owns “152 aircraft across Russia and Ukraine valued at almost $2.4 billion,” The Irish Times reported.In addition, the Dublin-based companies SMBC Aviation Capital and Avolon own 48 aircraft between them that are leased to Russian airlines.E.U.

sanctions require those companies to repossess all those planes on lease to Russian airlines by the end of March.And Boeing and Airbus.

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tomfriedman Yeah that's not going to happen tomfriedman Russia is not afraid of USA & NATO. Russia & China going to start World War III. Keep wasting time hating RepLizCheney and POTUS until nuclear bombs start falling on your head. GOP that kiss up to Trump won't escape the wrath of Putin.SenateGOP SenateDems DNC CNN MSNBC

tomfriedman When you frame this argument with 1) China has known about the Ukrainian invasion for months and has even made anticipatory arrangements to help alleviate sanctions, and 2) China asked Russia to wait until after the Olympics before invading, it is completely absurd. tomfriedman 真·苦口婆心,与虎谋皮

tomfriedman Yea, If... might as well say, If monkeys flew out of my butt.... tomfriedman Why would they? tomfriedman I can't believe the CCP will simply ignore a +100 million people market left wide open by western companies, e.g. China's competitors. If I were Xi, I'd make Russia a top priority for Chinese companies.

tomfriedman “If my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a trolly bus” -Yiddish saying tomfriedman Jesus, this guy won a pultizer. tomfriedman Why would China do something as dumb as that? tomfriedman If sun would rise in the west..

EXCLUSIVE China asks state insurers to review exposure to Russia, Ukraine-sourcesChina has told top state insurers to perform urgent checks on their exposure to Russia and Ukraine, as concerns swirl about the damage to the two economies amid intense fighting, according to two sources and documents seen by Reuters.

tomfriedman They don’t want to stop it, because they think it’s basically okay. tomfriedman If only the president who got 81,000,000 votes had that much clout. 🤡 tomfriedman Another way to stop the war: both sides quit fighting, Tom. tomfriedman Wishful thinking and naive. Tom has lost his grab of reality. China was Putin’s enabler.

tomfriedman China is not an American lap dog. As soon as they start building NUCLEAR WINTER towns América will be in deep s..... tomfriedman China chose to stand the majority of the world to not sanction Russia. Plus India that is over half of the world population. Add Russia that is over half of the world landmass

tomfriedman That is very true, and also ....... if only elephants could fly !! tomfriedman This is a fairy tale and no chance of it happening tomfriedman Whose side is China on? Look at Chinese social media, and you have your answer. China is on Russia’s side. Asking or expecting it to do anything is a waste of time.

tomfriedman DougJBalloon I was unaware of the NYT Sunday Section 'Lullabies and Fairytale Endings'

China urges all sides to ensure safety of Ukraine nuclear facilitiesChina's foreign ministry on Friday urged all sides to ensure the safety of nuclear facilities in Ukraine, after a fire broke out in a building adjacent to a nuclear plant that was later seized by Russian forces, according to Ukraine. You tell your Russian friend to do it

tomfriedman Wake up. China led by CCP is not neutral. Xi/Putin meeting: Would be nice to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. Heads in sand here b/c of heavy economic ties. tomfriedman Again the NY Times foreign reporting fails. RonSupportsYou tomfriedman Like Christ, how did your editors graduate college?

tomfriedman MISINFORMATION. You do not understand the Russian mentality. China does not have the ability to stop this war... but the US has the ability to 'close the sky' as Ukraine has asked and yet... the US won't...🤡💩 tomfriedman i though this was the NY Times pitchbot DougJBalloon for more than a second

tomfriedman Worst writer in the English language. tomfriedman tomfriedman Also Tom - if pigs had wings, they’d fly. tomfriedman This guy.... why is he given a platform anyway? Wrong take after wrong take. tomfriedman mighty big IF you have there

China Censors Paralympics Opening Ceremony, Premier League Over UkraineChina’s state-run broadcaster didn’t translate the International Paralympic Committee president’s remarks on war. English soccer broadcasts will also be blacked out this weekend. look at my naked photos?) Because we China Communists support Russia to conduct 'humanitarian operation' in Ukraine. Fk China

tomfriedman How does this guy still have a job? tomfriedman If pigs were to grow wings, then they would fly tomfriedman Yes, China. Prototypical neutral actor. Even today, they are filling in for Visa and Mastercard’s exit from Russia. When will you be on Freedom’s side, Tom? tomfriedman Stupid question

tomfriedman China has other plans. They just sit and wait. They can do that and watch what will happen next because they want world domination. Nothing less ... tomfriedman China isn't neutral. tomfriedman What a sad, naive article tomfriedman China isn’t neutral… tomfriedman The United States should be stopped from invading

tomfriedman if you notice that the Chinese government's domestic propaganda is pro-Russian and privately hires propagandists to attack Ukraine and NATO, you won't have such illusions

China says it seeks to ‘resolve’ Taiwan question, amid comparisons to UkraineAn annual government report is fueling debate over whether Beijing would attempt a takeover of the self-ruled island similar to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. China say... I will not have what he is having, thank you. it is not a same question at all. Taiwan itself was split by China's civil war, not a state-to-state issue

tomfriedman There is no way China becomes your pawn. You have been dictating the whole world for along time and its not anymore. tomfriedman If world could boycott USA, world would be a beautiful place to live tomfriedman No one neutral would advice China to strengthen the hand and weapon that's already edging to kill it. A neutral party would call for criminal charges against both Putin and every living US president for crimes of war and do the same for every soldier that participated.

tomfriedman Naive American perspective… China is very well aware of its position in the economic, military and diplomatic reality. And neutral it will stay. tomfriedman Is that a rhetorical question? tomfriedman Yeah. Not happening. tomfriedman Cook a bat maybe 🤔 mmmmm tomfriedman China’s a fascist dictatorship with a direct interest in bullying or crushing its neighbors. Why TF would you think them capable of leadership on this? You might as well say it of Trump.

tomfriedman While I think china may benefit economically from all of this in the short run, the entire incident is going to cast a long shadow on the west’s trust towards militaristic and authoritarian countries. tomfriedman It is good to trade with ElliotSykesFX, am really happy, you did exactly what you promised,may God bless you and your team work ElliotSykesFX

Blinken tells China 'world is watching' response to Russia-Ukraine warU.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told China Foreign Minister Wang Yi Saturday that the “world is watching” how his and other nations respond to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The whole world is also watching how the POTUS does virtually nothing to help Ukraine fight back RussianInvasion. Yeah , it can keep watching while Russia is moving on That’s right The World is watching and doing very little to help. STOP Putin NOW. Did you see that Putin hit a large nuclear energy station? So he now has control of that which threatens everyone adjoining the country of Ukraine. Come on Poland, Germany, Hungary step up.

tomfriedman So 20+ years on and yet another 'you're either with us or against us' piece from the side that, seemingly, is the only one allowed to make such assertions. tomfriedman China forced the WHO to change the way viruses are labeled. Then they successfully got western media to blame leaders in the west for the spread of coronavirus while China saw zero criticism in the western media. China is the global leader, and the media does their bidding.

tomfriedman 'have' is a subject-verb-agreement error for 'has,' tomfriedman, because prepositional objects of the prepositional phrase 'along with' do not count toward subject-verb-agreement. cc jfidelino_nyt tomfriedman No more bullying, countries are free to decide whatever they want tomfriedman China is already the world leader. That's why they allowed the Ukraine war to happen.

tomfriedman Very good point. tomfriedman

Opinion | Fareed Zakaria Has a Better Way to Handle Russia — and ChinaOn today’s episode of The Ezra Klein Show, FareedZakaria outlines what he sees as Putin’s biggest miscalculations. The first? “He miscalculated the Ukrainian response. I think he really does not understand that Ukraine is an independent country.” FareedZakaria TRUMP'S PUTIN IS COMMITING FULL OUT RUSSIAN WAR CRIMES!! FareedZakaria I agree with much of Fareed’s insights, but when he says that calling China’s treatment of the Uyghurs genocide is overblown…it is certainly a cultural genocide, & people are being tortured& imprisoned. That cannot be abided. FareedZakaria Miscalculation? What's the war OPLAN?