Opinion | Covid-19 and the Right to Travel

Bans and quarantines are constitutionally suspect when applied against U.S. citizens.

Travel Ban, Quarantine

12/4/2021 12:00:00 AM

From WSJopinion: Infectious disease will always be with us, writes EVKontorovich. It cannot become an excuse to give the federal government carte blanche to control the lives of citizens.

Bans and quarantines are constitutionally suspect when applied against U.S. citizens.

ByEugene KontorovichDec. 2, 2021 1:13 pm ETPresident Biden has followed President Trump’s lead in attempting to use international travel bans to reduce the spread of Covid-19. But Mr. Biden is reportedly considering an expansion of the policy. U.S. citizens, permanent residents and their immediate relatives are all exempt from existing travel bans.

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The Washington Post reports the administration is considering a mandatory seven-day quarantine for everyone arriving from abroad—regardless of citizenship, vaccination or a negative Covid test. Some observers have urged officials to go further and ban entry by unvaccinated citizens or by citizens returning from high-risk countries.

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opinion EVKontorovich Infectious diseases are a part of life on this earth. However, when they are global enough to be declared a pandemic, action to curb them is required. Government has stepped in with requirements for the benefit of society before & will do it again in the future if needed, cupcake

opinion EVKontorovich Honestly, when the shit hit the fan in early 2020 I thought we were all about to descend into a really dark place in this country. But I was pleasantly surprised and grateful that the federal government acted and continues to act. opinion EVKontorovich Wow this sounds very similar to what Republicans were singing from tree tops. Is the vaccine becoming less politicized on CNN as well?

opinion EVKontorovich War on terror anyone? No problem undressing at airports and being randomly selected every time. But this doesn’t affect “camel jockeys”, but good ol white folk. opinion EVKontorovich We require vaccines for employment and school before covid... You were saying. opinion EVKontorovich Smoking will always be with us, so bring back smoking in aircraft. It cannot be an excuse to give the federal government carte blanche to control the air we breathe. 🙄

opinion EVKontorovich Taking a break from whitewashing war crimes and apartheid to throw some red meat to anti-vax conspiracy monger. The WSJ op-ed page publishes only the highest quality ghouls, charlatans, bigots, and liars. opinion EVKontorovich 하나님을 아는 것과 새 생명과 성령님의 능력을 받는 것에 초점을 맞추는 믿음을 교회가 가져야 합니다 GrandMenengaiFour

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