Opinion | Broadband is infrastructure that rural America badly needs

To be against Biden's spending money on broadband is to be against the rural residents conservatives claim to champion.

4/7/2021 4:47:00 PM

Opinion | HayesBrown: Conservatives are wrong to say broadband access isn’t infrastructure spending. President Biden has it right — broadband is infrastructure. It’s about time America gets everyone on the same internet. - MSNBCDaily

To be against Biden's spending money on broadband is to be against the rural residents conservatives claim to champion.

Then-White House press secretary Sarah Sanders evensaid in a statementthat the meeting was a productive step toward improving American infrastructure, including"expanding broadband access for our great farmers and rural America."But despite all these pledges and commitments, there's still a major digital gap between urban and rural areas. According to the Federal Communications Commission's 2020 Broadband Deployment Report, a little over three-quarters of America's rural population had access to

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the minimum broadband internet service levelas of 2018. That was up from 60 percent in 2014 — but only around half of all rural residents had access to the sort of download speeds that would, say, let multiple at-home students stream on Zoom at the same time.

It hasn't been a hypothetical for thousands of families during the Covid-19 crisis. For example: OnlyKentucky,had access to broadband at home last summer, forcing them to rely on public connections. NPR spoke with a family of Idaho cattle ranchers in September whose four kids were all struggling to take part in their school lessons using the available satellite internet."I soon found out that our internet speeds were so slow we had to spread it out all week long, actually," Mandi Boren headtopics.com

."We were doing schooling on Saturdays and Sundays, as well," before in-person classes began again, she added. Read more: MSNBC »

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HayesBrown Make sure it's fibre optic all the way to the building. HayesBrown I told you I’d buy the Internet I don’t care how much money it costs. HayesBrown It's a shame the speeds we get in the states, and the prices we pay. HayesBrown We can not wait out here. HayesBrown Daily Yes. Broadband internet access is infrastructure. $400b for babysitters for elderly and disabled is NOT. Research is NOT. The next $2.0t for child tax credits and preK is all babysitter money. Infrastructure is NOT THE SAME AS ‘human infrastructure’