Opinions, Opinion: Breonna Taylor's Death Reminds Me This Country Doesn't Love Me As Much As I Love İt - Cnn

Opinions, Opinion: Breonna Taylor's Death Reminds Me This Country Doesn't Love Me As Much As I Love İt - Cnn

Opinion: Breonna Taylor's death reminds me this country doesn't love me as much as I love it

The death of Breonna Taylor has been yet another painful reminder that Black women like me are not safe in America, writes Lisa Respers France.

9/27/2020 2:45:00 AM

'The death of Breonna Taylor has been yet another painful reminder that women like me, Black women, are not safe in America,' writes Lisa Respers France for CNNOpinion

The death of Breonna Taylor has been yet another painful reminder that Black women like me are not safe in America, writes Lisa Respers France.

(CNN)Some days I feel like a woman without a country.Lisa Respers FranceThe death of Breonna Taylor has been yet another painful reminder that women like me, Black women, are not safe in America. We can be killed in our own homes by police and an officer will be charged over the bullets that missed, a charge that came only after months of calls for justice. Read More Make no mistake, Breonna Taylor's death wrought destruction - and not just for the family and friends who knew and loved her. There has been constant outcry in the six months since Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency room technician, was shot in her Louisville, Kentucky, home while police were executing a search warrant. She is just one more Black person whose life has been overshadowed in many ways by their death and who, sadly, have become symbols of the racial inequality that has always been, and feels like it may always be.Such discouraging thoughts have become so familiar that I fear I am becoming numb to it. The #SayHerName and #JusticeForBreonna campaigns have kept Taylor's face ever before me on social media since her death. In that beautiful young woman's face, I have seen my sister, my nieces, my friends and myself.I have wept for her and us, even as I have shed tears for a country where many are just now seeing its problems with systemic racism and racial injustice. Opinion: Indictment doesn't even begin to bring justice for Breonna TaylorTyping that word alone will stop many people reading and to those who feel that way, it is hard to know you are tired of my and Breonna Taylor's Blackness.Tired of hearing about it, thinking about it and feeling guilty about the disparity that it brings. Imagine how tired we feel inhabiting these Black bodies. Because we live in a nation where being accused of racism angers people more than the fact of actual racism. A country where I am sure to be called a racist, accused of race-baiting and/or"playing the race card" for even daring to discuss our race problem. To that I say: White mothers, talk to me about how you prep your White children, your sons in particular, to try and handle interactions with police so they can make it home safely. All the while knowing that no matter what you tell them there is no guarantee. White wives, have your White husbands taught themselves how to change rear light bulbs in their cars so they can avoid being stopped by police? Because my Black husband has. These are all constant traumas that Black women like me, like Breonna Taylor and so many other Black women I could, unfortunately, name, have had to endure. A few weeks ago, I posted to Facebook some thoughts about what is happening in America right now—how none of it is a surprise to me because I know the history. "I'm not shocked by the cruelty & divisiveness because I have forever snapshots in my brain of White people smiling beneath the mutilated bodies of lynched Black people," I wrote."Voter suppression doesn't surprise me because I am the descendant of those threatened, harassed and blocked from polling stations." Chilling echoes in deaths of Daniel Prude, Breonna TaylorI pointed out that I"sprang from women whose children were ripped from their arms and sold, but those women had to keep on living and serving." "It's why we bury our Trayvons and our Tamirs and then become activists and run for office. We give the world beauty for ashes on the daily, with food that is more flavorful because salt seasons and what's saltier than tears?," I posted."We dance a little harder, sing a little louder and love a little deeper because we know life is fleeting and always has been. Covid kills us more, racism kills us more. Life. Kills. Us. More." Black people as a whole have struggled to have our humanity recognized and respected, but Black women in particular have taken that fight to the polls. According to the report "Black Girl Magic: The Power of Black Women in Elections" put out by the AFL-CIO,"Black women drive turnout for the black community and are one of the most progressive voting blocs in the country." It continues:"They demonstrate high levels of support for progressive issues such as police reform, raising the minimum wage and protecting Social Security. Moreover, the majority of black women have an economically liberal view of government." To possess such power and still know that the laws we have helped bring to fruition will—so often--not protect us, feels excruciating. Get our free weekly newsletterSign up for CNN Opinion's new newsletter.

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Opinion Ok so this is stupid. Does nobody talk about her boyfriend shooting a cop when they entered. If he never shot at the police she would be alive. LisaFranceCNN Opinion You're right, black criminal women are not safe and belong in jail. Should never aid and abed a criminal. Learn from her mistakes.

Opinion PLEASE DO NOT CREATE DDHANDDHANDDHAAs to prove 'BLACK LIVES MATTER'! This cry for Blacks' Lives will leave us with nothing but a disturbed society where only shootanzi is been the only resolution for any revolution! STOP CRYING FOR ANY REVOLUTION!✋ Opinion Problem solved, then don’t be complicit in criminal activities!

Opinion 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Opinion Then leave Opinion Wrong again FakeNewsMedia Opinion The death of Brionna should be a reminder not to date drug dealers. It’s dangerous! Opinion Is this the same Breanna Taylor driving around with a dead body in her car. Police knocked hard on the door, her drug dealer opens fire and her family gets 12M - what a crock of BLM Bullshit! The BLM-Communist-Democrat’s-Antifa all support CRIMINALS!

Opinion Well you won’t be safe if you follow and hang around with drug dealers. Opinion Dont shack up with a drug dealer who shoots at cops and you should be just fine dear. Opinion She was a drug dealer, so... Opinion Not safe in democrat run parts of America. The rest is perfectly safe. Opinion Perfect example of feelings over facts

Opinion It's also a painful reminder of how people can't read. Opinion Opinion I would recommend her moving to Africa; much safer there... Opinion Thats absolutely 100%bullshit Opinion It proves that she shouldn't hang out with drug dealers. It proves that she should have opened the door when the police knocked and identified themselves. It proves that her idiot boyfriend shouldn't have shot a policeman.

Opinion BreonnaTaylor was heavily involved with drug trafficking. Her death was a tragedy as are the deaths of many in Chicago. One life is not more valuable than another. Where is the promotion of peace and respect. Instead you want to destroy a country that offers opportunity. Enough Opinion It's thinking like that is the reason for all the violence. You are as safe as any woman

Opinion ...if you are involved in criminal activity.” Forgot to finish the quote there. Opinion That's just ridiculous. Opinion So your into drugs and crime ? You should expect police at your door if your in the drug business Doesn't matter if your black white orange green purple or any color ... You do crime you get arrested .. you fight back ... They fight back It's so simple

Opinion This works both ways as I'm a white man who worked all over London & was forced to refuse jobs in certain areas because it was simply not safe for me as a white man to go there. Opinion End the drug war, stop asset forfeiture, stop qualified immunity, and abolish police unions. These are actual policy changes that would make people safer

Opinion Opinion Nobody is safe in America but even more tragic is that nobody is safe from the Americans all around the world.. Opinion Black women are never safe if they are foolish enough to have a man who will shoot at the police in their presence. Opinion Ok. Opinion Don’t break the law and you will be safe

Opinion I don’t think it’s safe for anyone whose standing in a hallway while your boyfriend is shooting at the police. Opinion Keep spreading that hate Opinion BS Opinion As European, my opinion is that everyone is safe, regardless of color. Except when you start doing illegal activities. Anyway, in Europe we don't kill.

Opinion Um. Her Boyfriend was a druggie who shot a policeman he almost died it’s his fault for this mess and then of course you blame place and racism Opinion Don't you mean another painful reminder of how the media lies to spin a narrative ? And how they lie about cops, and how they try to make martyrs out of drug dealers, theives, rapists, and murderers ?

Opinion She wasn’t innocent- police announced a neighbor heard them. The boyfriend fired first she was no longer an EMT. A dead body was found in a car she’d rented. Her ex is a major drug dealer and she was involved. She was in the hall not the bedroom Opinion The police will only arrest a criminal, so if you don't want to get arrested don't be a criminal, simply really....!

Opinion Black women ARE safe in America. Just don’t have a boyfriend who starts firing a gun at police officers. Opinion In what nation do you believe you’ll feel safe? Opinion I’m just saying... Opinion People died everyday. Will to second coming if jesus christ Opinion Someone wasn’t safe in a car rented by her as well. ☠️

Opinion I am not a philosopher and I cannot give you philosophical advice. That being said, if you could go back in time and give her some advice what would that advice be? Opinion Lisa... probably not if you have a drug-dealing friend who shoots at the police and you get caught in the crossfire. Otherwise, I think you are very safe in America.

Opinion Do your best to not put or involve yourself into non law abiding situations Opinion If she only picked better men to date rather a drug dealing thug she may be alive today. Her POS boyfriend fired the first shot with her laying next to him. wrongplacewrongtime sorrynotsorry Opinion Wonder if Lisa Respers France bothered to actually read any of the facts of this case...or nah? Typical CNN suckage.

Opinion Opinion My feelings are the same. Opinion MediaTerrorist Opinion Um... her being black had zero to do with this. White’s get shot too. Beat thing to do... Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Obey the law. Pick your ass up. Accept no excuse. Opinion Opinion If you are a black woman in America dating drug dealers and boyfriends shooting at cops because he thought it was drug dealers... with a no knock warrant with your address at your house! You MIGHT be in danger in America

Opinion Is there ANY evidence that race had anything to do with what happened to Breonna Taylor? Opinion Do they actually believe this crap....let’s see....you make bad life choices living with major drug dealers who has a history of felons...correct, you are probably not safe....your brilliant Opinion THIS IS BULL SH*TTTTTTTTTTTT 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Opinion No woman is safe if your boyfriend is a violent criminal. Dummies! Opinion Opinion Funny her mom just bought an 800k dollar house and a Bentley!! Guess people grieve in their own way!! Unbelievable!! Opinion I’m thinking your safer than in most countries. Opinion All of a sudden racism is a favourite devider .. what happened to an old friend sexism as in she was probably shoot by a man or ageism as in she was young he provably older? Don't always see colour be human getagripworld lol

Opinion Don't do stupid shit 🤷‍♂️ Opinion A society that doesn't allow it's members to feel safe and doesn't take care of it's largest demographic is doomed Opinion White America is so jealous of the people of color that’s why black people we need to get out there and vote them bastards out.?Black power vote early.🙏🏿🦾

Opinion And, just like that, more race-baiting and fear mongering from the left. Again. To the surprise of precisely no one. Opinion Yo Lisa, you been chillin with drug dealers Opinion Life tip 1: don’t sleep with drug dealers. Life tip 2: don’t be around someone who shoots at cops. Bonus tip: If there is a body in the trunk of your rental car, you should reevaluate how you make your life choices.

Opinion Try any country in Africa.... Opinion Not safe if they choose to date drug dealers and participate in illegal activity. factsmatter Opinion Justice for BreonnaTaylor from Moscow Mitch, and Daniel Cameron the KY, AG Opinion Blacks will always blame the police or anyone else. Just not themselves. Its in the nature of blacks to be lazy and look for the easy way. Just ask any teacher or person with authority, blacks always try to game the system.

Opinion Black woman are not safe around black men Opinion But the investigative documents leaked to WAVE at the end of August told an entirely different story of a woman who was not only allowing a drug dealer to use her address to register vehicles but was also moving money around for him while he was incarcerated..

Opinion It’s sad that no one cares about this young woman. Not one single person cared anything about this young woman’s life. They said she was a drug dealer, where were the drugs? Hadn’t they been watching the house for awhile before breaking in. 26 years old dead and that’s it. Opinion Dealing drugs and having dead bodies in the trunk?

Opinion “Bre been handling all my money, she been handling my money,” Glover told the woman a moment later, according to WAVE. “She been handling s–t for me and cuz, it ain’t just me.” Opinion Those cops never intended to hurt Breonna. It is very sad but doesn’t say anything about all black woman. I blame lifer politicians that have done nothing since Martin Luther King jr. There is a lot of fixing to do and that incl the violence among the black communities.

Opinion This, too Opinion How about not having criminals in your house Opinion Give me a break Opinion Oh wait you forgot this, real facts Opinion Fake news Opinion Still pushing the fake narrative I see. Opinion Lisa Respers France is more full of s**t than KingJames. And to the extent Black women are at greater risk, it's from young Black men. There is a long- and fully-established matter of statistical fact. Even the records from the Obama administration say so.

Opinion HUNTER BIDEN IS A HUMAN TRAFFICKER....PERIOD !!! ***Prove me wrong ! Opinion 'The death of Breonna Taylor has been yet another painful reminder that women like me, Black women, are not safe in America.” BS statement. Officers would have responded same way if people in the house were White and were shooting to Cops. Better focus on Blacks Killing Blacks.

Opinion So how many block women are killed by police every year? How many by black men. Opinion Such 💩 Opinion A woman who dates two drug dealing thugs is not safe! Make better choices! Very sad that she got shot when the Cops, who announced themselves, were shot at & returned fire. Opinion Then do your research and vote like everybody else, you aren't going to get change by crying on the internet, sorry.

Opinion Opinion What kind of world do we live in when black women aiding violent drug dealers are not safe in their own homes smh Opinion Defund Anti-American CNN Opinion Lisa will be fine as long as her boyfriend is not a drug dealer. Opinion Fake news. Opinion It’s a painful reminder that when you associate with criminals and drug dealers, you place yourself in harms way. We are our choices.

Opinion Liberal lies. We know the truth! Opinion Breonna Taylor, while a tragedy to her family was living with a drug dealer. She either knew the danger and didn't care or she was complicit in the operation. Tell the who story media. Opinion Hope you're not into drugs. Stay legal and seek advice from RealCandaceO . She's a successful black woman who can give you good advice

Opinion Date an guy who wants to murder Police. Her poor choices got her killed. She is responsible for her own death. Opinion So, if we put color issue again, statistically white women more unsafe in US because black rapists look for them more then for black women. Opinion Law abiding Black women and men are safe in America. Millions of Blacks have never had any run ins with the police. The biggest threat to Blacks in America is the misinformation and rush to judgment coming from the media.

Opinion CNN has a political agenda for themselves not the American people Opinion Opinion Opinion Opinion Opinion Opinion How ridiculous. Tell your bf not to shoot first next time. He doesn’t shoot she’s alive today. Opinion All lives matter Opinion Yet you write for CNN! Opinion Factcheck: wrong. You are safer than even Asian males, let alone white males, in terms of the risk of being shot by police.

Opinion From your own race, yes. From others, stats don’t say that. Like at all. Complete opposite. Stay off drugs kids Opinion Cnn is garbage Opinion Black women are not safe if they have drug dealing boyfriends that involve them in their criminal activities Opinion She was a criminal who dated other criminals. Poor her...

Opinion The guy shot a police officer!! Wtf do u expect the police to do? Opinion Let's say the same police officer, same circumstances, shot and killed the white wife of U. of Louisville football coach. (God forbid.) Who thinks the outcome would be the same? BLM for equal justice! The opinion of an old white guy.

Opinion It’s not about black women. It’s about war on drugs. Opinion So are you gonna tell the actual facts or just lies Opinion It's Whites who aren't safe. Especially White females. . Opinion Complete BS. Her boyfriend shot at the police. It’s tragic that Breonna lost her life. To say that black women are not safe means that you’ve been manipulated by the most racist Democrat party in the history of our country.

Opinion Sounds like you run cover for your drug dealer boyfriend and work as a fixer for his body count ..... be scerd. This place isn’t for you. Opinion 'black women are not safe in democrat ran cities.' there, I fixed it Opinion It’s a wake up call to the 2 kinds of justice that we Blacks feel! Opinion I assume she went on to say “because they choose shitty boyfriends that shoot guns at police”.

Opinion CNN ether too stupid or too dishonest to do the country a service and present this and a 1000 other stories in their proper context. The major divide in the US is class-based not race-based. But the 2% are desperate to convince everyone it's racism and the media is complicit Opinion By 'women like me', you mean women involved in criminal activity? Or is it the specifically being involved with someone trying to kill police officers?

Opinion Fernandez Bowman ... Say his name. The name of the dead person found in Breonna Taylor's rental car, & she claimed she didn't know. Turns out he was the brother of the drug dealer arrested w/ her bf Glover several times. How much of that $12M will Breonnas family share with his? Opinion I’m sorry she died. How about not dealing drugs and not returning a rental car with a dead body in it.

Opinion 😢😭 Opinion It is a reminder to chose the people that you associate with wisely. Has nothing to do with race. Opinion So sick of all the bullshit. Any new news? Opinion oh please... i'm so sick of hearing this. obey the law, don't live like criminals, take care of your warrants and SAVE YOURSELF.

Opinion she was being used as a human shield by her black drug-dealing boyfriend who just shot a cop. Opinion Did you hear that Joe Biden is a suspect in the CRIMINAL COURT in the Ukraine investigation? just sayin. Opinion We are not safe in the whole world because of cnn bbc Democrats and Britain Opinion Black is the color and We are the color✍️

Opinion Stay away from drug dealers and you’ll be fine Opinion That's so sad. Opinion The whole World knows CNN IS FAKENEWS hahaha 🤣🤣🤣 Loving this!! Opinion What a bunch of bullshit Opinion 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Opinion In other news.... Opinion The United States is not Racist. Change my mind. Opinion Do you really believe that she was not involved with her ex-boyfriends drug dealing she has very poor taste in men

Opinion Not if you're involved with your boyfriend's drug sales, get raided, and stand behind him while he shoots at the police. That's not very safe. Opinion Can you say drugs Opinion Then leave Opinion Cancel Opinion Quit hanging out with drug dealers and you won't get shot Opinion Emotion vs Fact Opinion It reminds me how ignorant the masses are - a woman connected to a murder, and many other facts in this case, show that liberals do not care about facts but value feelings over everything. A very dangerous way to live life and influence.

Opinion Another total BS piece from CNN. Forget facts, let’s continue to push this false narrative Opinion YOUR OPINION SOUNDS LIKE..... YOU HAVE NOT HEARD OF THE ARGUMENTS ON THE OTHER SIDE. Opinion Black people have not been safe since we were kidnapped and brought to America.

'It's Still Breonna Taylor For Me': Taylor Family Plans Friday Press ConferenceTamika Palmer broke her silence in an Instagram post today. 'It's still Breonna Taylor for me,' she wrote beside a portrait of her daughter, followed by a broken-heart emoji and ThesystemfailedBreonna. Who? That story is so yesterday I'm going as Sexy Breonna Taylor this Halloween How do we know that Breonna's tragic murder was about race? Are we suggesting the police wouldn't have shot back if she and her boyfriend were white? To prevent this from happening again, it seems like we should focus on changing the drug-war and judicial/police protocol.

'No easy answer': Many ask what next in Breonna Taylor caseLOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — In the wake of the decision not to prosecute Kentucky police officers for killing Breonna Taylor, authorities and activists alike wrestled Thursday with the question of what... Tantrums, naturally an election comes next....

'Justice Failed Us,' Ky. State Rep. Booker Says Of Breonna Taylor DecisionKentucky State Rep. Charles Booker: 'When I said the words that 'justice failed us' ... I was speaking to a truth that essentially says that if you look like I do or come from where I come from or where Breonna comes from, that your life can be dismissed.' Let’s gooooo always love Charles booker news Hawaii psychedelic prophecy Bible Dystopia revelation rock jazz hiphop hendrix prince hope prayer dreams artist showbiz music Hollywood KailuaKona Atlanta NYC Milwaukee The Proof via YouTube Also if you have a drug dealer living with you and the police raid your place that can be bad too

Breonna Taylor protests, Covid and stalled progressMuch will change on November 3rd.

Colin Kaepernick demands 'White supremacist' police be abolished after Breonna Taylor verdictThe former San Francisco 49ers quarterback described the police as a 'white supremacist institution'. Yeah, well, he’s an idiot. He really hates Black people. Since they are the ones being killed by other Black people regularly. Is he insane? The Police and their enablers sure are doing a good job of arguing for it.

PHOTOS: Scenes From Breonna Taylor Protests Around The CountryProtests emerged around the country after no police officers were charged directly over the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville. Here's a selection of pictures of demonstrations nationwide. $45 Not charging the officers who shot Ms Taylor during a legal search warrant action when the officers were shot at by a friend of Ms Taylor, who was standing next to her in the hallway when officers returned fire. Still calling them protest?