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High-tax states are losing people, money and seats in Congress.


From WSJopinion: High-tax states are losing people, money and seats in Congress

High-tax states are losing people, money and seats in Congress.

The U.S. population grew last year at the slowest rate since World War I as the birth rate and immigration declined, the Census Bureau reported last week. Slowing population growth will have significant economic and social implications for the country, but especially for high-tax states.

The Census Bureau and IRS last week also released state population growth and income migration data for 2018 that show the exodus from high-tax to low-tax states is accelerating. Four states have lost population since 2010 including West...

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opinion I love how each side blames the other. The fact of the matter is divided gov't restrains the radical elements of both sides who legislate like kings when firmly controlling all aspects of government. You need alternative views to get balanced & well thought out legislation. opinion That teach them.

opinion The blue state economies are so strong that the cost of living has soared. This is an affordable housing issue. opinion Mr. Trump raised the taxes in New York State; moved to a No Tax State, Florida; then gave Jared $800 million of taxpayer money. opinion Liberal policies and taxes are inseparable.

opinion Hey, remember when Paul Ryan, Trump & GOP Congress increased the tax burden for California and NY homeowners by capping how much of their state property taxes they can deduct from federal taxes? Now some pay tax TWICE on same dollars. But blame tax-&-spend libs, right, WSJ? opinion That's why you are still based in *checks notes* New York City

opinion I know of at least two companies who are facilitating relocations from California for conservatives to move to more conservative states in the Union. opinion The US has $23T debt. Carries a $3T deficit. Earns $4T income tax revenue. Pays $1T in interest on the debt, which comes out of the budget. The deficit floats the US economy. That’s not a tenable solution.

opinion An interesting correlation but population dispersal has always taken place from the most populace states. Hence why Texas is the second most likely place for someone to be born but living in another state. opinion So goes Marxism. And I don't think turning State's purple is going to be as easy as these socialists think. Also it's most likely all of the conservatives you are leaving those insane States so no changes in color.

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opinion It’s not the taxes, it’s real estate prices and out of control rent gouging opinion Szeretném megkérdezni, hogy vannak-e reformok a Természet ingyen javai, fizetése helyett?Az ingyen javakat, Mi fizetjük a boltban?! Reform? opinion Sure it's the taxes and not the cost of housing? No matter. Blaming taxes supports your pro-1%er narrative, so screw objective reporting.

opinion in the end, they will lose the state. Foolish people.🖖 opinion opinion It’s certainly cheaper to live in a deficit spending State. opinion You failed to discuss Oregon, which has a net inflow, but also has one of the highest income taxes in the nation (10%). The desire to live in a better place trumps tax burden

opinion All democrat run major cities are falling apart, murder rates high, taxes higher, people leaving for Republican run states! opinion The red states need the money from the blue states. opinion and replacing them with low earning illegal aliens.

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opinion Goodbye California. High taxes and high homelessness. opinion And for the right reason! opinion And high drug use. Trifecta of Democrat sucktitude opinion another way to look at this is all those red states might turn purple. Goodbye, GOP Senate opinion Good, they are a bunch of blood suckers.

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