Opinion | Bipartisanship is only encouraging fascism at this point

Working with Republicans who enabled the Capitol riot isn't an option. Democrats need to make that clear.

3 hours ago

Opinion | DeanObeidallah: President Biden says the world needs to defend democracy. That starts at home. - MSNBCDaily

Working with Republicans who enabled the Capitol riot isn't an option. Democrats need to make that clear.

.It’s time the Democratic leaders, in one voice, from Biden through to every member of Congress, make it clear that what the GOP is doing is embracing fascism. They must not be timid in using the word"fascism," and they must define it for the public so it’s a meaningful warning.

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But beyond words, Democrats should stop any and all steps that normalize or whitewash the Jan. 6 attack by publicly refusing to work with Republicans who played a role in it or refused to hold Trump accountable. Big-name donors can withhold donations to those Republicans by making it clear that any contribution will be seen as them validating the GOP’s attacks on our democracy. (Indeed,

some corporationshave already announced they will withhold future donations to Republicans who voted against certifying Biden’s victory.)This is not a fight over a partisan issue. And it certainly can’t be classified as a civil war within a party. This is a battle to preserve our democracy, as Biden noted. It’s time the Democratic members of Congress lead that fight. headtopics.com


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DeanObeidallah Daily POTUS can't defend democracy by himself. It takes Americans, of all races, kindred, colour, creed; political, religious & social persuasions publicly admitting mistakes & sins of omissions & commission, asking forgiveness, & do all that's reasonably possible to right the wrongs.

kreme_puff DeanObeidallah Daily Hope you don’t give him a tough time for going out on a limb there. There are Air Force One paint questions to settle. DeanObeidallah Daily Yes, Mr. President. The US Can't scold others on Democratic values or the lack of, without upholding the Democratic principles & its institutions at home. Yes, charity begins at home

DeanObeidallah Daily I agree. Democrats should not collaborate with any GOP legislator who voted no to certifying November's presidential election. They should also label what some members of the GOP have become - fascists. DeanObeidallah Daily From now on, we must be active participants and defenders of democracy. If the majority of us want something, we must speak up and make that clear, and vote in every single election. A hateful minority cannot, should not, and will not silence the will of the American people. 🇺🇸

DeanObeidallah Daily Bipartisanship is not the problem. The problem is among those who have been programmed by conservative talk show hosts to believe that compromise equals surrender and that democracy no longer works to their advantage.