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Opinion | Biden’s Reconciliation Mess

Democrats’ disarray in Congress is a sign nobody is in charge at the White House.

9/26/2021 2:30:00 PM

From WSJopinion: Democrats ’ disarray in Congress is a sign nobody is in charge at the White House, writes KimStrassel

Democrats ’ disarray in Congress is a sign nobody is in charge at the White House.

Sept. 23, 2021 6:13 pm ETPapa Joe Biden was belatedly dragged from his recliner this week to settle escalating hostilities between warring Democratic siblings over a multitrillion-dollar agenda. No surprise that his two days of meetings accomplished nothing.

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Mr. Biden campaigned as the ultimate grown-up and leader, and his administration kept up that facade for months. But the Afghanistan debacle was a reminder that Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates described Mr. Biden as having botched nearly every foreign-policy issue for 40 years. Today’s party fight over its $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill is likewise a reminder that a man who spent a Senate career drifting with the Democratic tides is ill-equipped to step up with a vision that will unite battling factions.

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opinion KimStrassel Really? KimStrassel is a far, far right loon. Attila the Hun isn’t far enough to the right for her. Is this opinion idea of a “balanced” opinion page? Does the editorial staff ever read something other than the market reports in ? opinion KimStrassel Wsj is now a joke opinion KimStrassel *NOTE* opinion is not , they are right-wing propagandists such as seanhannity, AnnCoulter & RudyGiuliani 'More than 280 journalists at WSJ sent a letter to their publisher expressing concerns about misinformation in the WSJ's OPINION section.'

opinion KimStrassel opinion KimStrassel I will give Biden credit he does buy very nice suits with our money, the sad thing is that he still is an EMPTY suit! opinion KimStrassel More misleading bullshit in the WSJ opinion KimStrassel Its blind leading the blind opinion KimStrassel Even I know that passing bills is messy and that the president will step in at the last minute.

opinion KimStrassel K Harris is doing well opinion KimStrassel Yeah, it's hard to organize the party when people like Sen_JoeManchin and SenatorSinema are getting paid off by big business. opinion KimStrassel I don’t think so! You must have misunderstood the democratic process as a disarray! You’ve easily forgotten 4 yrs of tumultuous & “quid pro quo” transactions being done at the WH! Literally, selling the WH to anyone!

Kayleigh McEnany targets Biden, accidentally makes Trump look worse.MaddowBlog: Kayleigh McEnany wanted to blame President Biden for last year's U.S. murder rate. But Biden wasn't president last year — McEnany's former boss was. MaddowBlog kayleighmcenany went... MaddowBlog BLM is responsible for murder rate increase. BLM also funded Biden election. MaddowBlog Do you think this is a case of her conscience taking over and finally revealing what she knows to be the truth? theformerguylost

opinion KimStrassel The White House is empty opinion KimStrassel Somebody is in charge. We just don’t know who. opinion KimStrassel No it’s not. Stop being dramatic and print objective information. opinion KimStrassel Ok, Kim, yeah, sure opinion KimStrassel Bidens administration is clearly doing a bad job this will give Trump more and more momentum this is a very bad start for Biden first Afghanistan now this

opinion KimStrassel opinion KimStrassel Hi haters Bidens president 😂 opinion KimStrassel Epic disaster in every way... opinion KimStrassel Hey no one was in charge from 2016 till 2020. In fact in 2020 everyone either had COVID or didn’t come to work because they were afraid of catching it because of Donald. It didn’t bother the WSJ then did it.

opinion KimStrassel Biden and his Team plus Democrats and the Left's poor policies have created crisis after crisis: -Covid Failure -Jobs crisis -Energy Crisis -Inflation Crisis -Border Crisis -Afghanistan Crisis -Confidence crisis -Iran Screw up What's next? BIDEN FAILING AMERICA

Opinion | $3.5 Trillion Is a Phony NumberFrom WSJopinion: Even if the bill shrinks to $2 trillion or less, the real costs will be far greater. Behold one of the greatest fiscal cons in history. opinion actually the big con is delivering the majority of the wealth into the hands of very few - time these dudes let loose of a few of their zillions - opinion Even more than trumps tax cuts 4 the wealthy. HA opinion Trickle down was a con. Tax breaks to the 1% is a giant con. How is investing back in much needed infrastructure a con? Why do you hate workers who will benefit the most from this package?

opinion KimStrassel Same sh1t different author opinion KimStrassel Mark this stupid OPINION. Kim Strassel does a disservice to the end results of a Democratic process. opinion KimStrassel You’re OpEd is still trash... No sycophants on that side it seems. opinion KimStrassel DougJBalloon opinion KimStrassel The first sentence in this article lets me know it is trash. No need to read further.

opinion KimStrassel Same old biased BS from the WSJ! ho hum... opinion KimStrassel Ms. Strassel is the author of 'The Intimidation Game: How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech,', i rest my case. opinion KimStrassel No es fácil arreglar el desorden que dejo el psicopata de Trump. opinion KimStrassel opinion KimStrassel Now Dems know how George w fealt in 2004. It's not easy having all the power. You think you want it but it's complicated to corral all sides.

Opinion | Scapegoats at the Texas BorderFrom WSJopinion: The White House is using a single episode on the border to scapegoat law enforcement and deflect criticism from its immigration failure opinion Just like they tried to misdirect attention from a failed Afghanistan withdrawal by blowing up 10+ innocent civilians. opinion Bingo - this administration is totally, across the board, incompetent! opinion that is what white houses do.

Conservatives Are Having Another Nervous Breakdown Over ‘Socialism’No, Joe Biden is not a socialist. jonathanchait writes jonathanchait Credit Card Joe is not a socialist. His critics want to have it both ways. stuarthorrex jonathanchait I think that debate should be on hold. If Biden can get the job rolling on climate, all that social justice chatter will subside. I'm not sure that some people on the left don't understand that humanity is at a crossroad here. No social justice on a dead planet.

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'Poetic justice': Arizona 2020 vote audit reportedly widens Biden margin of victoryMaricopa County, Arizona, said Thursday that a draft report from the 'Cyber Ninja's' company in a contentious, partisan review of November's election has confirmed Joe Biden's win. According to a report from NBC affiliate KPNX of Phoenix, a copy of the report they obtained says the review widens Biden's victory margin by 360 votes. 😂🤣 I bet it does 😆 🤣 😂 Oh, no! Where will all the racists place their anger now? Will they accept this? I doubt it.