Opinions, Biden's Big Edge Over Trump (Opinion) - Cnn

Opinions, Biden's Big Edge Over Trump (Opinion) - Cnn

Opinion: Biden's big edge over Trump

'Joe Biden's approval numbers are stunning,' writes @JillFilipovic. She says it's 'an indication that Americans still have the capacity to look beyond partisan ideology and assess whether a given leader's decisions have improved their lives.' | @CNNOpinion

5/12/2021 6:31:00 AM

'Joe Biden's approval numbers are stunning,' writes JillFilipovic. She says it's 'an indication that Americans still have the capacity to look beyond partisan ideology and assess whether a given leader's decisions have improved their lives.' | CNNOpinion

Joe Biden's approval numbers are stunning, with 63% of Americans saying in a new poll that they approve of the job he's doing, writes Jill Filipovic. The President draws this while not making any big rhetorical waves but carefully guiding a progressive policy agenda aimed squarely at making people's lives better as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let's hope voters will remember this striking contrast with Trump.

(CNN)Joe Biden's approval numbers are stunning, with 63% of Americans saying in a new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll that they approve of the job he's doing, overall. Americans particularly like his handling of the pandemic, with 71% saying they approve. Notably, that includes 47% of Republicans.

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Jill FilipovicThis puts Biden's approval ratings for his first 112 days well over Trump's, for example, who never crossed the 50% threshold in an AP-NORC poll. Why stunning? Biden's approval numbers have been consistently high -- even ticking up slightly -- at the same time as his policy agenda has gotten increasingly progressive and ambitious. In March, AP-NORC polling already had his approval at 61%. It appears that his steady, competent leadership is paying off -- even as he tacks left.This is good news, and not just for the Biden administration. It's also an indication that Americans still have the capacity to look beyond partisan ideology and assess whether a given leader's decisions have improved their lives.America has long been a partisan place, but the election of Donald Trump sent many of us into our own corners as we gathered up behind our respective teams. That isn't necessarily a bad thing -- for many of us, Trump was such an affront to our basic sense of human decency and our most fundamental values that a strong, collective reaction was merited: Politics isn't just politics; politics is people's lives, and our political choices reflect quite a bit about what kind of people we are and what kind of country we want to build.But that partisan sorting, along with the unrelenting rise of conservative propaganda networks pretending to be news outlets, and the filtering of news on tech platforms that feed us an information diet of just what we want to hear, meant that folks on the left and the right were existing in two different information universes. That's been bad for all of us, and bad for democracy.Read MoreBiden's coronavirus response, though, has broken through. He may not be getting accolades on Fox News, but average Americans can look around and see that things are a lot better than they were just a few months ago. Vaccination rates have soared. Hospitalizations are way down.More vaccinations, fewer hospitalizations and fewer serious coronavirus cases means that, as summer hits America, daily life is improving. Outdoor mask recommendations have been lifted. Restaurants and businesses are reopening. 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Berman: Trump can't stop talking about the big lie 03:23The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says vaccinated people can gather unmasked and indoors, which means that after a year of isolation, people can hug their parents, meet their grandbabies, go on first dates and celebrate birthdays with close friends.No, Covid is not over, and the disease continues to ravage the globe. But for those of us lucky enough to live in the United States, Biden's stable leadership and prioritization of both vaccinations and financial support has left Americans in much better shape than we were a year ago, when many of us were looking longingly at Europe's generous social safety net and commonsense approach. How different things look now with Trump out of office.What's gratifying isn't just that Biden is doing the right thing, with his American rescue plan and proposed rescue plans for jobs and families, all of which will in turn save lives and keep small businesses afloat. The real relief is in what these poll numbers tell us about the future.They suggest that many Americans aren't as far gone as the most cynical among us might imagine, and that it's still possible for a president to handle a crisis well and see his efforts recognized, even from those on the other side of the political fence who are being fed a steady stream of outrage and misinformation.It also suggests that, as much as Trump's tenure offered a kind of reality TV entertainment quality for those who were safe from the reach of his worst policies, some number of Americans in the political center (or right of center) were in the end tired of the drama and are pleased to return to calm, competent, boring governance. Whether they'll still feel that way in the future is an open question.There's little doubt that in the lead-up to the 2022 midterms, the Republican Party, which has been fully brought to heel by Trump and his media enablers, will begin a full-court press of revisionist history. And if Trump runs for president in 2024, he will surely try to erase the memory of his disastrous presidency and Biden's rescue of a weary nation.Donald Trump exerts eerie grip on GOPWe know the former President simply adopts his own"alternative facts," that right-wing media outlets regurgitate them and that his most loyal followers take them as gospel. The question is whether the Republican voters who are now enjoying a post-Trump reprieve will remember this feeling a few years from now. It's a little like being stricken with the flu: When you're horribly sick, you can't believe you ever went a day not thanking God for good health, and as your fever breaks, you feel tremendous relief. Once you fully recover, it's easy to forget what being sick really felt like.The job of Democrats, in both the 2022 midterms and the 2024 general election, will be to remind the public of just how desperate and debilitated we really were.For now, we have these poll numbers, which offer some hope that at least some Republicans have seen what happens when you turn politics into entertainment: While it may be fun for a while, it's really bad when the carnival-barker-in-chief has to deal with a life-and-death emergency on behalf of the people he's supposed to be governing.In the meantime, the Republican Party is going in the opposite direction, publicly pushing Liz Cheney out of her House leadership position because, despite being quite conservative, she's not a politician of Trumpian extremes -- that is, she refuses to get behind the Big Lie that Trump, and not Biden, was the winner of the 2020 election.It also turns out that the GOP has some arresting numbers of its own to consider: The party is losing voters at a startling rate; the Capitol riot seems to have been the breaking point for a lot of conservatives who feel the party has abandoned any semblance of principle.According to an analysis of January voting records by The New York Times,"nearly 140,000 Republicans had quit the party in 25 states that had readily available data (19 states do not have registration by party)." The number for Democrats was 79,000. That's just a snapshot, and the defections have not continued at the same rate since January. But changing one's party registration is a significant step, and suggests that the GOP voters who made the effort to actively cut party ties are only the tip of a larger iceberg of dissatisfaction.Get our free weekly newsletterSign up for CNN Opinion's new newsletter. headtopics.com

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Bidens meet privately with Queen Elizabeth II after royal salute, inspecting guards

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden visited Windsor Castle. After a royal salute and inspecting the guards, they had tea privately with Queen Elizabeth II

JillFilipovic Opinion Bull shit JillFilipovic Opinion Yes-Biden saved us from Covid, racist & political destruction, immigration abuses, plus much more! Thank you, Pres. Biden for helping us. Your improvements, decisions, & humanity are extraordinary! Now save Democracy--fed. law to allow all voters to use mail-in, drop-off ballots.

JillFilipovic Opinion Fake fucking news as always. CNN SUCKS JillFilipovic Opinion omg CNN should be illegal, this is just hilarious disinfo JillFilipovic Opinion Show me the stats! JillFilipovic Opinion Hypocrite JillFilipovic Opinion Bahahaha!!!! What a lie!!! But what else can you expect from CNN anymore. I'm ashamed to say I used to listen to them and believe them. Especially after the boy and native American false claims and trying to cover up

JillFilipovic Opinion Great news! Now it's time for him to speak out against Netanyahu's barbarous, self serving war as a means of uniting Israelis behind him. He must hold Israel to the same standards as other countries. Not our 'child' any longer. JillFilipovic Opinion This joke made my day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

JillFilipovic Opinion Maybe word got out that trump used all his ignorant supporters as pawns and expendable to build his power and wealth. Maybe word got out that 45 is white supremacist and US adversary and Biden isn’t. Maybe someone told 45 that people knew he was lying all along. JillFilipovic Opinion That's an absolute crock of shit.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell To Interview Joe Biden In Advance Of Vaccine Town HallMSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell will do an interview with President Joe Biden from the White House on Wednesday followed by a town hall with the administration’s Covid-19 team. The int…

JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion Shame Biden Shame. JillFilipovic Opinion Hahaha!!!! You guys are so full of shit. JillFilipovic Opinion Biden has done nothing. The only thing that has changed is the media coverage and you all telling people their lives are better and democrats are too stupid to realize they aren’t. What part of $3/gal gas, a botter crisis, slow economic recovery, and Israel at war is better?

JillFilipovic Opinion Looks like CNN is doing a good job hiden Biden AKA Jimmy Carter 10.0 JillFilipovic Opinion Only to cnn the small number of CNN viewers and the opinion broadcasters JillFilipovic Opinion StopPalestinianGenocide the ethnic cleansing must stop JillFilipovic Opinion It's easy to buy people's votes but if prices go up and the economy falters it may only be a temporary improvement in people's lives. Hopefully the awaited green investment will start to provide some foundation to a recovery but mass immigration may depress it & create more probs

JillFilipovic Opinion Honestly I don't trust CNN's polls for one second. They've proved themselves over and over again as partisan. No objective journalism. JillFilipovic Opinion GazaUnderAttack

Watch live: Joe Biden delivers remarks on the economyBiden's latest remarks come days after he argued that an underwhelming jobs report underscores the need to quickly pass his economic overhaul proposals. , this is why people no longer trust you:

JillFilipovic Opinion Tell that to MarjorieTaylorGreene or KevinMcCarthy of the right wing fascist GOP JillFilipovic Opinion Stunningly bad, Right? JillFilipovic Opinion 😂😂 JillFilipovic Opinion Nate_Crabbe JillFilipovic Opinion Israeli attacks on the Palestinians are against international law and basic morality and must come to an immediate end.We urge the world to take action now to stop the new waves of Israeli aggression. Turkey will continue to stand by the Palestinian people. 🇹🇷🇯🇴 HopeToGaza

JillFilipovic Opinion Hahahahahaha JillFilipovic Opinion 50% is stunning? Go sale crazy somewhere else we’re all full up here! JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion CNN’s pushing this story as hard as it is because Biden is barely 100 days in and already presiding over the twilight of the American republic.

Biden administration reverses Trump-era policy that blocked undocumented students from pandemic aidThe Biden administration is expanding eligibility for pandemic relief aid to include undocumented and international college students, reversing a Trump-era policy that blocked them from receiving federal emergency grants Great initiative Watch 'Israel unrest: Hamas launches rocket attack on Tel Aviv' on YouTube 13 storybuilding collapses. Thousands injured by tons of Hamas rockets. Babies and women dying everywhere.

JillFilipovic Opinion Keep the checks coming 💵💵💵💵 JillFilipovic Opinion I guess when you rig an election your approval numbers would be stunning! JillFilipovic Opinion I think many took truth and honesty for granted until Trump exposed the dangers of a liar in the White House. It's refreshing to have someone who tells the truth and isn't only out for self promotion

JillFilipovic Opinion Fake news JillFilipovic Opinion The criminal Israel is the killers of these children JillFilipovic Opinion FAKE NEWS JillFilipovic Opinion Trumpkin's brains are breaking. They are all up in their feelings right now. JillFilipovic Opinion He doesn’t care about our country. Look at the gas and food prices. He shut down the pipelines. He cut thousands of jobs. Everything has gone up in price since he’s been in. Great job Carter, I mean Biden.

JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion It’s interesting because even my friends that are Democrats and liberals aren’t happy with the job he’s done and certainly not my Republican or conservative friends. No one I work with on either side of the spectrum etc.

Biden administration reverses Trump policy that limited transgender health care protectionsThe Biden administration is reversing a policy introduced under former President Donald Trump that limited health care protections for transgender people. The Department of Health and Human Services is now saying that federal law does protect gay and transgender people against health care discrimination.

JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion This is CNN so it must be true, right? BS JillFilipovic Opinion 63% of Demokkkrats and 0 of Republican's JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion Lies lies lies. CNN is nothing but lies. JillFilipovic Opinion Not in Palestine JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion Biết lắng nghe, biết chia sẻ và là gay

JillFilipovic Opinion Chân thành và vui vẻ. Là người thân thiện JillFilipovic Opinion GazaUnderAttack 🇹🇳🇵🇸

Biden administration announces reversal of Trump-era limits on protections for transgender people in health careThe Trump administration in June 2020 finalized its rollback of protections against gender identity discrimination in health care regulated by Obamacare. tire any So in essence this is just symbolic and Joe didn’t do anything. A judge did last year. “A day before the Trump policy was set to take effect in August 2020, however, a federal judge blocked the Trump administration from enforcing the regulation.”

JillFilipovic Opinion GazaUnderAttack 💔🇵🇸 JillFilipovic Opinion Joe Sucks!!! JillFilipovic Opinion How wonderful, he deserves it! I am a Canadian who thinks the world of him. Great Christian , with great ethnics and values. God bless him !!! JillFilipovic Opinion There is absolutely no way I believe this headline.

JillFilipovic Opinion When you poll the dems, that’s what happens. JillFilipovic Opinion What the fresh hell is this? FreePalestine EndIsraeliApartheid BidenSupportsGenocide JillFilipovic Opinion NO! it is CNN's ability to manipulate poll numbers every which way but true. JillFilipovic Opinion I'm a Democrat but how can you say his approval rating is stunning when it's at 52%? Obama, Bush, Bush Sr., and Reagan's were all higher at this point. I'm not hating on Biden but I don't think he's pushed us out of the partisan era 😂

JillFilipovic Opinion What a bunch of CRAP!!!!! JillFilipovic Opinion Total moron who’s liked by morons. 👍

Biden Admin Bolsters Protections For Gay And Trans People In Healthcare, Reversing Trump PolicyThe Biden administration announced that it will restore protections against discrimination in healthcare based on gender identity and sexual orientation, reversing a Trump era policy Absolutely stupid. Just wanna say, You Are Beautiful. Bye Dear in south africa we are living in a reversed apartheid system where whites are classed as second class citizens with the racial BEE laws. please help us to pressure the nationalists ANC government to reverse their business killing policies!&Farm Killings!

JillFilipovic Opinion Poll is bullshit. Fake news. JillFilipovic Opinion People actually believe this? JillFilipovic Opinion That's a joke..a stunning mess in less than 100 days!! JillFilipovic Opinion And Joe Biden has improved USA 🇺🇸 people’s lives... 😱 POTUS JillFilipovic Opinion 'The Big Lie' or is it Big Lye?

JillFilipovic Opinion We love Joe, he really cares about us, the American people vooda1 JillFilipovic Opinion It’s kind of a low bar for people to be able to assess whether someone improved their life. 🙄 JillFilipovic Opinion 🤣 JillFilipovic Opinion What a bunch of horseshit, Joe Biden reminds us everyday what a great president Donald Trump was.

JillFilipovic Opinion RepMTG take that large marge!

JillFilipovic Opinion Brought to you by CNN's propaganda deparment. JillFilipovic Opinion Biggest lie ever!! JillFilipovic Opinion Fake news. 60 percent of america disapprove with results. JillFilipovic Opinion 😆🤣😂 JillFilipovic Opinion No one polled me! JillFilipovic Opinion Except they’re not “stunning.” They fall right in line with election numbers, and are far, far below what most presidents end up with after a crisis.

JillFilipovic Opinion Come on...he's the biggest Clown ever JillFilipovic Opinion Well you obviously aren’t polling the right people! What a disgrace to our country JillFilipovic Opinion A modicum of hope ~ and then one remembers that all indications are that, between GOP cheating, voter suppression, gerrymandering, and malignant foreign interference, the majority may not prevail in the next elections. Biden’s four short years may be the calm before the storm.

JillFilipovic Opinion The only thing stunning is the eagerness of people to believe the propaganda spewing from the mouths of the liberal media.

JillFilipovic Opinion This is a CNN report and a joke! JillFilipovic Opinion This is exactly why noone trust the media do ysll think the American people are stupid? That's exactly why CNN viewer numbers are so low JillFilipovic Opinion Bull shit what a joke. it will be years after he is gone for our Country to rebound from this crooked administration, anyone who thinks taxing the higher income to pay for all his give a ways I guess doesn't realize that it's only going to be pasted down

JillFilipovic Opinion Not one word from the DEMOcRAT friends out there! JillFilipovic Opinion JoeBiden JackASSJoe is Not my President! JillFilipovic Opinion Love and understanding VS hate and demonisation. It’s a stark choice for the GOP who continue to insist on selling their once proud party down the drain.

JillFilipovic Opinion My life is getting more expensive due to Biden. I don’t approve of one damn thing he has done. How about you pole everyone not just those who voted for him JillFilipovic Opinion GazaUnderAttackk1 JillFilipovic Opinion Its funny how the people that actually work are never involved in these polls😂😂😂😂 College kids seem to be the only ones involved

JillFilipovic Opinion I call bullshit.

JillFilipovic Opinion That she had to write this means Biden needs extra support in some quarters. Certainly US foreign policy is decrepit, it supports too many regimes it helped put there causing thousands of deaths. JillFilipovic Opinion 🤮🤮🤮 JillFilipovic Opinion I definitely could go for a mean tweet and $1.79 gallon gas , building materials 1/2 the price they are now.

JillFilipovic Opinion We approved Biden 84%. His sunglasses gave us the perfect solution. 😎 JillFilipovic Opinion LOL nice propaganda and fake approval numbers. The guy struggles to complete a sentence. JillFilipovic Opinion thousands Palestinians were martyred and wounded, including children and women, as a result of the Israeli air strikes and the destruction of homes and residential towers. The international community is silent and gives Israel the freedom to kill and genocide

JillFilipovic Opinion Yes Joebiden numbers are stunning on BORDERCRISIS inflation unemployment gasprices Ransom MiddleEastConflict TheLeoTerrell JillFilipovic Opinion A good read :) JillFilipovic Opinion Holy dog shit really more fake polls? JillFilipovic Opinion CNN is state media , just like Fox

JillFilipovic Opinion How's his foreign policy numbers? Immigration numbers? JillFilipovic Opinion interesting article. The GOP really needs to move on and recognise that its more controversial politicians make for entertaining news stories, but they aren’t leaders. Return to reality is required! JillFilipovic Opinion Democracy ain’t it great!

JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion My personal poll determined that was a lie JillFilipovic Opinion Aye right! Arseholes. JillFilipovic Opinion More propaganda as Biden stands with Israeli terrorism. JillFilipovic Opinion Btw, you don't have to rely on those polls. Just count the comments on this thread and you will see how they are fake...

JillFilipovic Opinion It’s the republicans occupying seats that can’t see beyond partisan ideology because it suits their purpose. Maybe time to put in those who put the country first and stand for TRUTH. Out with those who enable liars JillFilipovic Opinion See the gas prices in California. He’s doing a great job.

JillFilipovic Opinion absolute bullshit for 300 please JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion Fact check east to lie manipulate with social media JillFilipovic Opinion 'STUNNING?' C'MON, MAN, GIMME A BREAK! THEY SUCK! JillFilipovic Opinion What planet are you on? - Kill Keystone XL Pipeline - Gas Lines - Inflation - Crumbling Dollar - Rising Unemployment - Border Crisis - Antifa Terror Squads - Skyrocketing Homicides - Israel Burning - China Rising - Vaccinated Masking Communist News Network

JillFilipovic Opinion Nothing new !!Fakes news again and again JillFilipovic Opinion 🤣😂🤣 JillFilipovic Opinion WhiteHouse can throw all the $$ at the Economy! If Dems loose 2022 We will be back in shit! No Self Respecting/Tax Paying Americancitizen will tolerate illegalimmigration. Get with it POTUS. All your good work will be 0 neeratanden AmbRice46 WSJ FoxNews reddit tmz

JillFilipovic Opinion Biden and trumps are the same person JillFilipovic Opinion

JillFilipovic Opinion The propaganda machine well oiled JillFilipovic Opinion 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 OK, whatever you say JillFilipovic Opinion A joke😂😂😂 JillFilipovic Opinion A democrat, already, regretting that I voted 4 POTUS !!! For a very 1st time learning the narrative that Democrats are fair, just & promote democracy everywhere is totally a🐴 💩! EthiopiaPrevails Ethiopia is sovereign nation,stay out!EthiopiaDecides TPLFisaTerroristGroup

JillFilipovic Opinion Hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahahahaha JillFilipovic Opinion Those who keep death away from them are the victims of Israeli terrorism JillFilipovic Opinion Stunningly horrendous JillFilipovic Opinion All lies. JillFilipovic Opinion And Kevin and Mitch is just not able to comprehend this lol. They’re just throwing whatever to see what sticks. Burger ban, caravans, being too sleepy, being to woke....

JillFilipovic Opinion Let’s see if it stays after his support of violence calling Israel has a right, giving the green light to Netanyahu to terrorize Palestine!

JillFilipovic Opinion Well when you poll under 2,000 in cities like Seattle and San Francisco then sure the numbers will look good in his favor. Come to my city where our registered voters are 2 to 1 republican and we voted 3 to 1 in favor of Trump. JillFilipovic Opinion How wonderful it is to have someone in the White House, who's running this country that is honest for a change.

JillFilipovic Opinion Utter utter utter bullshit. JillFilipovic Opinion His stunning. I have tiers in my eyes 🤭 JillFilipovic Opinion Funny how Civic Science latest poll shows 77% of Americans now don't trust Biden. So stuff you corrupt slanted BS CNN JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion lol what a blatant nonsense article... Nobody believes in joe except fools. His first 100 days are the worst of almost any president lol

JillFilipovic Opinion He has no approval points. The damages are starting to take root. JillFilipovic Opinion 90% of America's media is liberal bias and they brag about Biden's approval rating. NOW THAT'S LIBERAL STUPIDITY!!!!!!

JillFilipovic Opinion 39 kids killed by Isreal save gaza JillFilipovic Opinion C + N + N = FAKE NEWS JillFilipovic Opinion i find this astonishing considering everyone I talk to democrat or republican is complaining about his presidency🧐 JillFilipovic Opinion Yes and this my point to put my problem here front of you sir on the United nation of United States Queenie Queenie Queenie

JillFilipovic Opinion It’s incredible. All the and MSNBC polls I see are at 99% pro Biden so it must be true because our side is honest. Incredible president. Wow what a great job. JillFilipovic Opinion OHIO FOR BIDEN JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion Improved our lives!!!! Give me a break! In 100 days he’s brought chaos to the whole world!!

CommonSense2d JillFilipovic Opinion A republican party with these kind of individuals highly workable , i don't see any other way.. JillFilipovic Opinion 😂 cnn doesn’t know that you have to be credible to form public opinion.

JillFilipovic Opinion Who are they polling? People that are hiding in their basements by themselves wearing their masks watching CNN waiting for Fauci to tell them it’s safe to come out? This administration is a train wreck! JillFilipovic Opinion FAILURE IN LEADERSHIP FAILURE IN REPORTING FAILURE FAILURE FAILURE.

JillFilipovic Opinion I read your article, I found it full of excuses for the incompetent husk we have as our current President. (One of these days your going to have to stop blaming everything in the world on Donald Trump, Joe Biden is the current President.) JillFilipovic Opinion Mr Biden ....please intervene in palistine....my heart bleed for the children ....y didn't any body do anything in Syria.....what is it that the Muslims r being marginalized

JillFilipovic Opinion This game the oligarchs play is pretty transparent. We get a heel republican. Followed by the hero democratic president who fixes everything only to have another heel break it again all the time the rich somehow always win. JillFilipovic Opinion Print more money Pedo Joe. The more economic impact checks sent out the higher your approval rating will go.

JillFilipovic Opinion Joes numbers are a Joke. The liberal media refuses to Press Joey on the important issues the face our county and only ask him what his favorite ice cream is. CNN YOU SUCK when are u going to be journalists not cheer leaders for the left JillFilipovic Opinion CNN losing viewership daily continues to lie about Biden approval rating Biden is a weak demented President and our enemies know it

JillFilipovic Opinion GazaUnderAttack JillFilipovic Opinion I'm not surprised at all because I believe he was prepared to govern America during times like these. 👏👏👏🇺🇸

JillFilipovic Opinion JillFilipovic Opinion I don’t know a single person whose lives HAVEN’T been improved by the gas shortage, increase in violent crimes, tax hike, dismal jobs numbers, inflation, border crisis, kids in cages, wars in the Middle East, and never ending Covid mandates. Stunning indeed.

JillFilipovic Opinion Numbers are way off. He's in mid 30's at best JillFilipovic Opinion I can sleep at night with him as my President. I couldn’t do that with the other guy. JillFilipovic Opinion Look who they are polling. 96%democrats. It's in the statistics. JillFilipovic Opinion Ha scoperto l'acqua calda Ma che razza di conclusioni sono queste? Le persone cercano di migliorarsi certamente si guarda avanti e non indietro i cittadini americani non hanno bisogno di BIDEN per migliorarsi

JillFilipovic Opinion Yeah he’s doing such a great job at the border that kids are being dropped off every day all by themselves, and in record numbers! And who doesn’t like the price of everything going up and fuel shortages? JillFilipovic Opinion 'Stunning numbers' - BS JillFilipovic Opinion Why go out your way to sample blacks and Asians at a higher rate than their proportion of the population? It would be to gain desired numbers would it? Y’all are a joke...

JillFilipovic Opinion Sure they are cnn good reporting …. Life must be very boring for your journalist of 4th tier daytime tv actors 🌈

JillFilipovic Opinion Stunning 🤣 JillFilipovic Opinion Sheer lunacy, and nobodys buying it. JillFilipovic Opinion You're activists , not journalists. Just admit it already JillFilipovic Opinion Bull shit JillFilipovic Opinion