Opinion | Biden needs to take off the kid gloves with Manchin and Sinema

Manchin's and Sinema’s votes to preserve the filibuster make them knowingly complicit with the GOP’s vote rigging.


1/28/2022 7:26:00 AM

President Biden, who owes his presidency in large part to Black voters, must do more than hope voters will punish Sens. Manchin and Sinema themselves, DeanObeidallah writes.

Manchin's and Sinema’s votes to preserve the filibuster make them knowingly complicit with the GOP’s vote rigging.

, “I’ve had their back my entire career. I’ve never not had their back.”Biden now needs to show, not tell. For starters, he needs to travel to West Virginia and Arizona to build more grassroots support to pressure Manchin and Sinema.Biden, who owes his presidency in large part to Black voters, must do more than simply hope that voters two years from now will punish Manchin and Sinema.

He should say no to the people Manchin and Sinema want nominated as federal judges or any people they seek to recommend to the Biden administration, a freeze-out that would diminish the two senators’ power and influence. He should also use his influence to prevent the

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majority of Americans believe in Manchin, and Sinema. Biden can't afford to turn more people against him.he needs to think about the majority and less of the far left minority. Like all other senators both go the way expected of their constituents. They all do this to stay in office. Why do anything different? House and Senate term limits would solve this and much more.

The first word in this headline is “Opinion”. I love that people who have absolutely no idea what an opinion piece is have so much to say about journalistic integrity. It’s actually funnier that folks on twitter have something to say about integrity period… blablabla But, he won’t. That is not who he is. He is too nice.

That’s right. Punish anyone who speaks his mind. Lord knows Biden is making life miserable for everyone else. USA_stole_money_from_afghan He’s already made it miserable for everyone. Why should he make their lives miserable? Because they don’t agree with his spending or the bills he wants to pass? I thought that’s what a democracy was not just voting along party lines.

We suppress and destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with us..that doesn’t sound like democracy sounds like a dictatorship and is the new Pravda. And they could make his life miserable also. One or both could turn Republican, then he’d have a 3 year lame duck Presidency instead of 2

What to expect from Manchin, Sinema on Biden's high court pick.MaddowBlog: Will President Biden's Supreme Court nominee struggle in the Senate? Surprisingly, every relevant detail points in the opposite direction. MaddowBlog Booster shots coming 🤗🎉 MaddowBlog Obama! MaddowBlog Hey Joe Maserati, don’t screw this one up too!

Be the only party where you can disagree. Biden is making life miserable for the entire country! Not in Bidens Character. If they continue like they are; they both will be looking for a job come their next elections. 🤣😂😅😭Miserable like he's made life for ALL Americans? Biden isn't a fighter Like he does for Americans

If you're either one of them your life is already miserable in so many ways. A fine time to say that well after Manchin and Sinema already handed POTUS his lunch on his main agenda items RotatingVillain It takes a dem to get done what the GOP only dreams of Biden could also legalize cannabis, the bill has been waiting since Jimmy Carter was in office

Opinion | Arizona Democrats shaming Kyrsten Sinema is a very good thingSen. Sinema's censure by Arizona Democrats sends a message that her behavior is worse than disappointing — it's unacceptable donnamellon1 Just wait until she votes against Biden's SOTUS nominee. AZ is just Quirky!!! How was her behavior unacceptable? It's a democracy, which means each and every voice is independent.

So much for uniting the nation. He cant even unite the Democrat party. Smfh I hope so! Biden needs to stop being nice to Republicans period end of story. Damn, what's next Night of long knifes? Yes please He won’t. Because hes just like them He’s made life miserable for 320 million Americans what’s 2 more Is this an opinion piece or a threat?

Americans should stop watching msnbc.... Don’t even try to hide the fact that this is state run media

Sen. Kelly Doesn’t Support Censuring Fellow Arizona Sen. SinemaThe state’s Democratic Party said Saturday it would symbolically punish Sinema over her refusal to change the filibuster. Sadly, I will unsubscribe from his e mails that ask me for $3.00 every day. I’m disappointed. Glad, I don’t vote in Arizona. Don’t have to worry about me making any donations, either. This is why Dems lose….

Why? They are standing for what they believe in. Nobody should feel shamed for that. Do it Do it DemocratAndVax DeanObeidallah Making his decenters' lives miserable was how Trump ran the country; I'd prefer Biden's style over Trump's anytime. DeanObeidallah One or both can switch parties dumb DeanObeidallah Manchin and Sinema need to keep in mind how much Biden and the Democrats hate them when it comes to confirming Biden's Supreme Court nominee.

DeanObeidallah Well he’s already made the rest of us miserable so Touché. DeanObeidallah BLM was a global scam M4BJ, which is a non-profit based in Toronto that was set up in part by Janaya Khan, bought a house for $6.3 million in July 2021. Khan is the wife of Khan-Cullors, a self-professed Marxist who helped found Black Lives Matter Global Foundation Network.

DeanObeidallah He really can’t. And if he tried, he could find himself with a Senate minority real fast, which means an end to confirmations. DeanObeidallah I would assume their life is already miserable. Have you looked at their faces? Behind all the grandstanding, smugness, and right-wing BS, you can see the pain in their eyes. And that's what helps me sleep at night.

Arizona Senator Kelly's future is on the line, yet he's against censuring Kyrsten Sinema'Senator Kelly does not support the censure,' a campaign spokesperson for Kelly, who is up for re-election in November, reportedly said. SenMarkKelly, you dont support your state’s Democratic Party’s censure of SenatorSinema? Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY? Makes me wonder about your ethical center. I’m sorry, but I thought you were a better man.

DeanObeidallah No wonder you guys have lost all your viewers!! You have the lowest ratings! I thought you were a news channel!! DeanObeidallah Well as always MSNBC and their opinions just completely useless DeanObeidallah Hahaha, take the kid gloves off? Right after he gets a diaper change? DeanObeidallah Oh so now we need to Punish someone with different views! Can you feel the LOVE

DeanObeidallah Charlie Manson and Sinenema are de facto Republicans andBiden and Dems should do every thing they can to exclude them from all committees and primary them. Clearly they have both been bought and paid for by Republicans and should be kicked out of the democratic Party. DeanObeidallah Well Manchin might vote not to confirm Biden’s nominee because no republicans did and that makes it “ not bipartisan enough for him”. He seems to reward republicans non bipartisanship by voting with them.

Ally_oopsy DeanObeidallah It's almost like you think the President has more power than Congress or SCOTUS DeanObeidallah Yea that’s right Joe go negotiate ‼️ DeanObeidallah DeanObeidallah Our very Democracy depends on the participation of ALL who believe in a free and Democratic society.💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Arizona Democrats 'furious' with Sen. Sinema on voting rightsNBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell discusses how Democrats in Arizona are feeling about Sen. Kyrsten Sinema after their move to censure her over her voting rights stance. What? 2 of them..3 maybe And what are going to do about it? She's out

DeanObeidallah Yes, you're right

New Poll Figures Out Who Likes Sinema. It’s RepublicansSen. Kyrsten Sinema has become a magnet for political criticism—and a new survey of her favorability in Arizona shows just how much her own state is turning on her.