Opinion | Behind Trump’s $100 million fundraising scam

Trump continues to excel at his career-long tradition of making money off lying to people.

8/3/2021 2:43:00 PM

Opinion | ZeeshanAleem: Fmr. President Trump is using lies to convince a huge proportion of the American public that they’ve been scammed and giving them more reason to become hostile to the possibility of functioning democracy. - MSNBCDaily

Trump continues to excel at his career-long tradition of making money off lying to people.

Unfortunately, the former president’s latest bid to use deception for profit is a uniquely dangerous one.For a politician out of office and banned from mainstream social media, that’s an astonishing amount. But perhaps even more remarkable than the sheer amount is the reminder that Trump is once again excelling at his career-long tradition of making money off of lying to people.

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Aug. 2, 202101:17Unfortunately, the former president’s latest bid to use deception for profit is a uniquely dangerous one. The more money he makes from convincing people that the election was rigged, the more power he has to pressure the Republican Party to embrace and replicate that lie. With more cash, he can intervene more aggressively in next year’s campaigns and lobby more effectively for the political priorities he cares about most. Ultimately, he has the capacity to reshape the party to conform with his latest heist.

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s aides exaggerated how much he raised from January to June — some of the money came from transfers from other accounts that raised money last year — but still, he dwarfed the amount raised by any other politician in his party, the closest of whom was Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina (he raised $7.8 million online). Trump even pulled in more cash than “each of the three main fund-raising arms of the Republican Party itself,” headtopics.com

according to The New York Times.In his handful of campaign-style public appearances since he left the White House, Trump has showered adulating supporters with conspiracy theories about irregularities in the voting process.There are plenty of reasons Trump’s massive haul is striking. It shows how enthusiastically he’s flouting the modern post-presidential tradition of stepping away from politics after leaving the White House. It also illustrates how he remains exceptionally popular within the party despite having left the White House mired in scandal and after having incited a ragtag insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and botched the American response to the coronavirus pandemic. But his unique and brazen use of outright deception to pull it off remains perhaps the most impressive one of all.

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ZeeshanAleem Daily Why is he still not held accountable? ZeeshanAleem Daily He committed treason... punish him accordingly. ZeeshanAleem Daily Arrest him! ZeeshanAleem Daily In 1998 Trump knew he could just sit back, laugh at Republicans as they sent him money,

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