Opinions, Asian Americans Face Barriers And Bigotry İn Medicine (Opinion) - Cnn

Opinions, Asian Americans Face Barriers And Bigotry İn Medicine (Opinion) - Cnn

Opinion: Asian Americans face barriers and bigotry in medicine

Dr. Augustine M.K. Choi writes on the struggles faced by Asian Americans working in medicine, who have endured biased comments and discrimination.

4/22/2021 5:50:00 AM

'Asian Americans, regardless of what they do and where they fall on the socioeconomic spectrum, struggle with what other minority groups encounter -- the quest for equality and fairness,' Augustine M.K. Choi writes for CNNOpinion

Dr. Augustine M.K. Choi writes on the struggles faced by Asian Americans working in medicine, who have endured biased comments and discrimination.

(CNN)For so long, Asian Americans have been left out of critical conversations about race, despite longstanding barriers that impede their lives and careers.Augustine M.K. ChoiAt the academic medical institution in New York City where I work, Asians and Asian Americans make up 32% of the student body and 24% of faculty and staff. Many of us, whether immigrants or US-born, may seem to fit the myth of the"model minority" -- successful, industrious, proof of the American dream. But we are far from a homogenous group, and Asian Americans of all classes and backgrounds are vulnerable to discrimination and violence. Asians around the country -- including doctors, scientists, technicians and medical secretaries -- are routinely harassed because of the way we look, our presumed inability to speak English and other stereotypes. This racism can seep into the health care setting, where nearly one in five practicing doctors is of Asian descent. According to a 2017 survey of 800 physicians in the US, 69% of Asian American doctors said they endured biased remarks and personally offensive comments from patients. Unfortunately, these interactions are all too common. They range from comments about a doctor's accent to demands to see a practitioner of a different race. Such affronts threaten the doctor-patient alliance that is necessary for optimal health care and can fuel burnout among health care providers. Read MoreThe first Korean American first lady in the US: We will not stand silent any moreThis problem has only gotten worse during the Covid-19 crisis. Last May, a Washington Post report stated,"Across the country, Asian American health care workers have reported a rise in bigoted incidents. The racial hostility has left Asian Americans, who represent 6 percent of the US population but 18 percent of the country's physicians and 10 percent of its nurse practitioners, in a painful position on the front lines of the response to the coronavirus pandemic." Many of these health care workers who faced racism from their patients as well as increasing harassment in their daily lives were being blamed for the very disease they were working around the clock to beat. A growing number of medical schools are now offering training and implementing policies to deal with patient bias. But bias extends far beyond the medical setting of doctor and patient. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, Asians make up the second largest racial group among medical students and doctors in the US, and they constitute 20% of medical school faculty, which largely tracks with the percentage of students. But the numbers start dwindling among higher levels of seniority. Ten percent of academic department chairs are Asian, and my own anecdotal assessment of medical schools in the US, something I know quite well, is that few Asian Americans occupy the top leadership position of medical school dean.Get our free weekly newsletterSign up for CNN Opinion's new newsletter.

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Opinion Thanks CNN for stoking more hate & discontent. Don't leave out the Irish, the Slavs, Ethiopians, Indians (India), Eskimos, Mongolians, and the Amish...All Lives Matter. Justice for all Americans. America unite! God, please bless America. Opinion Why do blacks hate Asian people so much? Is it because people like AOC and Price called them the new whites! They say that, because of their privileged upbringing, they are taking opportunity away from blacks! How much of this racist hatred and resentment will we tolerate!

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Opinion If people believe this was Racist they should be very angry at the prosecutors for not including “hate crime” as one of the charges because this just proves that Chauvin was a bad police officer and this could’ve happened to a white person just as well ! Opinion The contents of reports all over the world are only reports of the number of deaths of the people. How do we get over this worst situation?

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Older Korean-Americans in LA fearful amid anti-Asian attacksLOS ANGELES (AP) — Yong Sin Kim, an 85-year-old Korean immigrant living in a senior apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles, says he rarely leaves home these days. When he does, he carries a... Truly shocking when you consider the long, fruitful and peaceful history of Asians in America especially along the west coast. 1. propaganda fuels hate 2. propaganda reports hate crimes life of Asians in the best country on every day basis Tell me who are attacking and mugging, hurting Asians again? Of course the elite media won't cover it because it doesn't fit their narratives.

Opinion Mic drop Opinion I’d like to say we’d trade all of our wealth just to be treated with equity and respect, not as “other,” but that’s not true... we love money too much. Opinion Sad that an overwhelming amount of physical assaults against them have been from the black community Opinion More divide and scare porn....CNN loves and survives off this harmful rhetoric

Opinion U think Covid 19 is racist what the hell

Asian Americans see generational split on confronting racismATLANTA (AP) — The fatal shootings of eight people — six of them women of Asian descent — at Georgia massage businesses in March propelled Claire Xu into action. Within days, she helped organize a rally condemning violence against Asian Americans that drew support from a broad group of activists, elected officials and community members. But her parents objected. “'We don’t want you to do this,'” Xu, 31, recalled their telling her afterward. ''You can write about stuff, but don’t get your face out there.'” To be honest I hate some Asians in the community but I would never resort to violence Yes, old people are wiser than young people. The kids in this country who are standing up and speaking up against hate and injustice are exactly the kind of young people this country needs. This old lady is proud to support and applaud them all.

Asian Americans see generational split on confronting racismThe shootings in Georgia and other recent attacks on Asian Americans have exposed division between different generations of the community. Commie plants 🙄 A lot of these elders ideas r rotted n the experiences n their home countries. Why come 2 America 4 a better life & bring these feelings w/u & continue 2 hide n the shadows. It seems your only purpose n coming 2 America was money.U don't really want 2b a part of America.

Senate passes hate crime bill responding to wave of violence against Asian AmericansThe House Judiciary Committee, meanwhile, considered a similar version of the bill introduced by Rep. Grace Meng, D-N.Y., on Wednesday.

What six Asian Americans are doing to fight hate in their communitiesA restauranteur makes special meals for seniors. An educator makes online zines. A food blogger helps fund cab rides. Here are the stories of six people who are playing a part in protecting and uplifting Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. It’s spelled restaurateur...... Hoping universities will stop discriminating against qualified Asians. Let’s protect and uplift the thousands of families who have lost loved ones to covid.