Opinion | As Trump’s corruption gets worse, some Democrats want a tougher response

Trump keeps giving the middle finger to oversight. Here's an answer.

6/30/2020 1:33:00 PM

Opinion: Trump keeps giving the middle finger to oversight. Here's an answer.

Trump keeps giving the middle finger to oversight. Here's an answer.

after Trump was impeachedfor obstructing Congress — which obviously didn’t chasten him.Enter the new proposal.The resolutionLieu’s resolution — which is backed by Reps. Val Demings, Jamie Raskin, Joe Neguse, David Cicilline and Madeleine Dean, all of the Judiciary Committee — would change House rules to create a stiffer mechanism of accountability for flouting oversight.

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ADUnder it, any House committee that wanted to bring proceedings against an official for defying subpoenas could refer a resolution of contempt to the full House. If approved, the House can authorize its counsel to go to court to sue and ask it to freeze the offender’s assets.

ADThis process would give the official 20 days to comply with the subpoena, after which the House counsel would ask the court to levy a fine of up to $25,000, to be increased as high as $100,000 over time.The process would also provide for the House to negotiate with the administration over their reasons for noncompliance (the administration can also contest the fine in court), and to reach an accommodation if possible.

ADIn effect, this attempts to modernize Congress’s power to employcivilthis Congressional Research Service report), and tries to create a rigorous process for it.“This is a power Congress has repeatedly used in the past, and the courts have upheld,” Lieu told me.

Right now, courtscanultimately force compliance with subpoenas, but it takes forever. Note that we’re still waiting on congressional efforts to hear from former White House counsel Don McGahn. Fines are designed to force muchfastercompliance.AD“The administration has made defying congressional subpoenas a fixture," Raskin told me."The constitutional order cannot sustain this kind of lawlessness.”

ADIt’s unclear if Pelosi will go for this. But given the weight of the Judiciary Committee members on the proposal, the committee chairman, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, may feel inclined toward supporting it.At a minimum, this could force a debate over whether it’s time for Congress to come up with newly aggressive ways to compel cooperation — and what it means that the failure to do so is rendering oversight a dead letter. Whatever you think of this proposal, the demise of oversight isn’t an acceptable outcome.

Nor is it enough to argue that we should let the election settle these matters. Trump might win reelection. And even if Trump might lose, Congress needs to reassert its authority anyway. As Raskin put it: “We don’t have to wait for an election to vindicate an essential constitutional function of Congress."

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No he keeps giving the middle finger to you and you don’t like it so you keep trying new things that are missing just one thing FACTS Your reporting is crap !!

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Reports say Russia offered bounty on US troops in Afghanistan. Here's what we know.Russia and the Taliban have denied the reports and President Trump has denied knowing about the reported bounties. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wy., said the White House had to explain why Trump and Pence were not briefed. Here's what we know so far. My question is why would Russia have to pay the Taliban to kill American soldiers have they been doing it for free Shocker. 🙄 Ok then. Now that Trump does know about it, what does he plan on doing about it? Perhaps he can share his plans to the public on live TV.

'As bad as it gets': Pelosi, Democrats take aim at Trump over Russian bounty intelligence'And yet the president will not confront the Russians on this score, denies being briefed,' Pelosi told ABC's 'This Week.' TRUMP ALWAYS LIES Trump can never be trusted. He is a traitor TRUMP ALWAYS LIES TraitorTrump TrumpTreason lies realDonaldTrump VP GOP senatemajldr She is so vile and opportunistic- she just pounces on anything concerning him!!

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Lawmakers Press for Answers on Russian Bounty Offers to Taliban to Kill U.S. TroopsDemocrats and Republicans in Congress are demanding that U.S. intelligence agencies promptly share with lawmakers what they know about a suspected Russian plot to pay bounties to the Taliban to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan We know what the Democrats are up to! Can you imagine Biden' next ad to our troops? 'I'm Joe Biden, you know me, I will never kiss you and call you rabbi. Trust me'. Now that your factually inaccurate story aimed at hurting the President has screwed up any possible underlying investigation by National intelligence agencies...aren't you proud. You're nothing but a lower-class supermarket tabloid.