Opinion | America's wealth gap proves that without economic justice, there can be no peace

Until the United States confronts the deep, structural reason that African Americans have been left vulnerable to a wide array of assaults, there can be no real justice.

7/1/2020 4:25:00 AM

Opinion | Lynn Stuart Parramore: 'Until the United States confronts the deep, structural reason that African Americans have been left vulnerable to a wide array of assaults, there can be no real justice.' - NBCNewsTHINK

Until the United States confronts the deep, structural reason that African Americans have been left vulnerable to a wide array of assaults, there can be no real justice.

. Though he came from a family of modest means in New York’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, he was able to attend an elite private school and earn a spot at Oberlin College. That’s where he first noticed something very different about the experiences of Black and white students. While the white kids were getting checks in the mail from mom or granddad for tuition or extracurricular activities, Black students struggled financially even if they worked and saved assiduously.

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At every step on the journey of American life, having wealth transferred from family members with assets makes a tremendous difference.Compared to white students, Black students were more likely to have extended family members who needed money and asked them to help. When Black students got a summer job, for example, they might end up sending checks to help a nephew or a cousin. Economists refer to this as “

leakage.”At every step on the journey of American life, having wealth transferred from family members with assets makes a tremendous difference — whether it’s buying your first car or your first home, starting a business, paying school tuition or building a nest egg. While it’s great to have a good job and a steady paycheck, that’s not what really secures your position in the middle class — wealth is what seals the deal.

It’s the engine that drives upward mobility. A paycheck is a one-time thing and a job can be lost, but wealth is the stuff that grows over time. It offers returns and security that last. As the adage goes, wealth begets wealth. Read more: NBC News »

THINK Alice in Wonder Land. The Entertainment business of Black Culture sure have grown by leaps and bounds for the last 23 years. And just how rich are they? THINK DON'T resist arrest. DON'T beat up a police officer steal his taser and try to shoot him with. DON'T commit crime. THINK Blacks have the same opportunity as anyone, immigrant blacks people come here and flourish, yet American blacks can't seem to move into the 21st century

THINK That is a STUPID OPINION, so why are there so many successful Blacks,?, Rich Blacks,?, Smart Blacks 1 was President, because they WORKED FOR IT, No one is successful without working for it, No one hands success out free.. OPINION!!! THINK Lol this doesn't exist. THINK What nonsense, they don't study in school, drop out, do drugs, bang anything with two legs, have no idea who their baby daddies are, nor care. And in spite of this President Trump got everyone of them that wanted a job, a job. Until the Biden for President riots and looting.

THINK THINK DA AFRYKUN (UMARYKUN’Z) R VWAYTYNG 4 AN UPPOWLYGY FRUM DA VWYTE OUZE! ITT DUZN’T AVE 2 B DA PREZYDUNT, ITT CUWD B ZSUM 1 ELZSE! 😎👽🇺🇸💪🏿 THINK America's hypocrisy is the problem: Most who want Liberty tyrannize EVERYONE different from them & abuse those they feel they can with impunity. If not people of color, a person's gender, religion, sexuality, or national origin have all been used as the excuse.

THINK THINK How about a strong push for Phil Ehr to defeat Matt Gaetz in Florida District 1. An honorable man who served our nation & I would like to help build his followers to get him over the 200,000 followers threshold. Respectfully. THINK Until African Americans realize that THEY have all the rights and privileges that ANY American has, there will be no resolution!

THINK 3 things to help anyone - 1) no kids until after you are married. 2) graduate high school. 3). Get a job - you know how does this the best? Asians! Not white folk 🤔 THINK Sorry, but Americans would rather die or have this country taken over by North Korea or Russia rather than own up to the systemic atrocities being committed towards Black Americans.

THINK It's called get a job. We all have to do that. THINK Fake news THINK What nonsense THINK And, the big reason is...? THINK Does that include themselves cause they r shooting each other in the 100's upon 100's every wk back before Obama was Pres lots of black leaders preached the first step is being kind to your own people Blacks kill 100's of blacks every week why dont they address that? Truth hurts

THINK THINK Facts! Cant expect Black Americans to have achieved the same level of wealth as a collective as whites. Whites have had opportunities for centuries. Blacks have only had 'full rights' for 55 yrs. Until the govt reconcile their wrongs, this issue will never go away. reparations THINK You literally just made the case for re-electing Donald Trump. The economy and jobs is his primary focus. Record low black unemployment. Everybody gets a piece. Nice.


THINK THINK Yeah why DO blacks kill each other at staggering rates? THINK Like the dead children in chicago? THAT wide array of assaults? NotAllBlackLivesMatter THINK fart noise THINK except no one can explain this 'structural racism' America treats minorities better than any other in the world! name one!


'Extreme inequality was the preexisting condition': How COVID-19 widened America's wealth gapThe novel coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated income inequality, experts say, stretching the racial wealth gap in the United States and making the richest wealthier while leaving many of the poorest without jobs. As the COVID-19 pandemic overtook the U.S., it brought with it an unprecedented financial So why push people to go out and protest when there is a risk of transmission?

The economic impact of closing the racial wealth gapThe persistent racial wealth gap in the US is a drag on black Americans as well as the overall economy. New research quantifies the impact of closing the gap and identifies key sources of this socioeconomic inequity.

Netflix is moving 2% of its cash to Black-owned banks in $100 million focusNetflix is shifting $100 million in cash to financial institutions that serve the Black community in a move that draws attention to the racial wealth gap in America. What financial institutions are 'refusing' to serve the black community? Such clickbait horseshit... Now tht is stupid So money funding the do nothing Democrats. Netflix original series and movies represented so much the Black communities

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