Opinion | 10 Reasons the OAS Secretary-General Must Go

1/16/2022 12:18:00 PM

He is quite possibly the worst leader since the OAS was founded in 1948.

'This institution, ostensibly a space for multilateralism, has instead always been a tool for the U.S. Department of State..it is truer now more than ever under the leadership of Secretary General Luis Almagro.'

He is quite possibly the worst leader since the OAS was founded in 1948.

1. Almagro and the OAS lit the fuse for the 2019 coup in Bolivia.They falsely claimed the presidential results showing Evo Morales being re-elected were"inexplicable", which set off unrest and activated a plot that overthrew him. These claims were so thoroughly debunked that members of the U.S. Congress requested an investigation into the OAS's role in the coup. Almagro immediately recognized the coup government, which committed"

summary executions and widespread repression" during its year in power. After saying nothing about the coup regime's victims, the OAS issued a statement condemning Bolivia's judicial system the day after coup leader Jeanine Añez was arrested. This blatant interference in the domestic affairs of a member state runs counter to the OAS charter and led Mexico to

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Ostensibly is the key term. The OAS has always been an institution to assert US control over the rest of the Americas.