Op-Ed: Think you want to die at home? You might want to think twice about that

Op-Ed: Think you want to die at home? You might want to think twice about that (via @latimesopinion)

2/17/2020 12:33:00 AM

Op-Ed: Think you want to die at home? You might want to think twice about that (via latimesopinion)

More Americans are being sent home to die, placing an overwhelming financial and caregiving burden on families.

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opinion I took care of my mom for 5 years. She was able to stay in her own home until the last 2 weeks. It was hard on me and my family at times, even with home health, but I wouldn't have shoved her into a hospital for anything without having to. People deserve to die where they want. opinion Really? Hospices and hospitals are not free

opinion Medicare for all will solve this issue opinion I am, at this moment, with my dad on his final journey which coincides w 3dy wknd. While today he’s more comfortable/quiet, yesterday was awful, traumatic & felt like torture for him. Except for the nurses, we feel abandoned by hospice. I don’t know if this is the best solution.

opinion My husband was dying at home, I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. Before it happened we had to evacuate because of a hurricane. He died while we were in a friend’s guest house in a pasture of curious cattle. I hope everyone can be so fortunate. opinion Very sobering. Thank you for literally showing us this dilemma.

opinion My father wanted to die at home and it was a financial and caregiving burden joyfully shared by all of our family. It was the least that we could do to make sure he passed peacefully in a place of comfort. He went in his sleep surrounded by his entire family in prayer. opinion Nope opinion I wanna die alive!

opinion I get the financial hardships the author describes, but it has the tone of a person who sees death everyday, impersonally. Relatives will have to deal with fallout no matter where the death happens. That moment is a single, final moment for the patient. I’d want to be home. opinion And do not kill yourselves. God is to you extremely Merciful. (Quran 4:29)

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Op-Ed: Is this the time the Afghanistan war ends?A door is opening that may lead to the end of a 20-year war. We must have the courage to walk through, says former White House official Richard A. Clarke. opinion Duh, yes it's time. opinion Courage? Just like Vietnam it'll cost us money. Vietnam was 3 1/2 billion in war reparations for the return of the POWs. US never paid. Dumb fucks still fly the POW flag and act like it's Vietnam's fault. 50k heroin addicts came home then. Wonder what this will be like. opinion No

‘We’d be f—ed’: Texas Dems sweat a Bernie Sanders ticketVeteran operatives fear it undermines an opportunity to flip the state House. keep hating on Bernie2020 Politico. your overlords demand it. Nope This whole article is based around the opinions of about 6 people. Get out of here with this nonsense.

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