Op-Ed: There's a psychological reason we won't return to normal right away after society reopens

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Op-Ed: There's a psychological reason we won't return to normal right away after society reopens (via latimesopinion)

. At long last, after months of itching for an end, we’re being invited back out. Where is everybody?

Shocking events, which surely include a worldwide shutdown in times of pandemic, hit hard and strike fast. A powerful psychological principle is, the idea that negative experiences pack more mental punch than equivalent positive experiences. Losing a dollar makes us feel worse than gaining a dollar makes us feel better. Bad news spreads faster than good news.

. It’s how our minds are wired. Our ancestors who jumped at a first sign of threat lived to see tomorrow. Those who hung around made a quick lunch.Today’s problem isn’t in the jumping. The coronavirus is a deadly real threat. Negativity dominance thus provides a useful perspective for understanding why the current push to return to normal is easier said than done. Psychologically, recoveries move slow and take time, even in response to genuine improvement.


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opinion I am in China on business and the reopening will mimic theirs. First it will crawl, then walk, and then run. Here is a video of a large western oriented mall in Foshan in May everyone is still in masks more video on my feed all amateur reuse if you like this one is short

opinion trump must go

opinion 2013.. OBAMA: Bashar Al-Assad must leave !!! Because his regime was killed in his people ... and he forgot that he who made ISIS and sent it to Syria 2020.. Bashar Al-Assad: Trump must leave because his regime is killing his own people

opinion The 1 reason would be because there is no shock value in it. No headlines. Nothing to bitch about or make a CNN Exclusive out of. No race-baiting. It would be too dull. You would be fresh out of hate narratives. hateinamerica Hateisavirus RacismInAmerica RacismIsAVirus

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