Op-Ed: IVF mixups should not discourage expanding reproductive care

IVF costs are a major barrier for the procedure.


12/4/2021 3:04:00 PM

Op-Ed: IVF mixups should not discourage expanding reproductive care (via latimesopinion)

IVF costs are a major barrier for the procedure.

The team behind ‘Master of None: Moments in Love’ explains how they made their illuminating close-up of a frequently misunderstood topic.As costs rise, access is lessened. Our ideal as a society should be to ensure access to all, not just to typically

wealthy and white patients.IVF by its nature will always remain medically and emotionally complex. Helping patients and their families understand the potential pitfalls and human aspects of this care — including the potential for error — before proceeding is difficult but necessary. Medical educators are refocusing our mission to ensure we help students and practitioners develop communication and other skills to guide patients through that decision making.

Most IVF clinics already rely heavily on colleagues in social work and psychology for support in counseling and achieving informed consent. Collaboration with these colleagues to develop standardized counseling tools, including apps, may further help families understand IVF. headtopics.com

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Medical error can be tragic for patients and their families. But so can lack of access to deeply desired, life-changing reproductive care. While reducing errors as much as possible, the field should focus on achieving fair access to IVF.

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