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Pro is where policy teams get to work. It’s where the news and analysis you need, tools you use and policy data you rely on come together to help you get the job done.

11/25/2020 1:30:00 AM

We know you can’t attend every congressional hearing. Let POLITICOPro cover for you. Our congressional hearing transcripts provide you with a front-row seat to any hearing on Capitol Hill.

Pro is where policy teams get to work. It’s where the news and analysis you need, tools you use and policy data you rely on come together to help you get the job done.

Legislative Compass:Federal and state legislative tracking and bill details including sponsors and cosponsors, bill text, CRS summary, legislative impact, latest actions, related bills, related news and moreRegulatory Compass:Federal and state regulatory tracking with rule details including rule summary, timeline, comments, priority stance selections, shareable notes and more

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Campaign Race Dashboard:DirectoriesCongressional, agency and states directories.Pro’s directories keep you connected to policymakers, staffers and key decision-makers across Capitol Hill, federal agencies and states. Create and share stakeholder lists, so everyone on your team has access to the most up-to-date contacts.

Congressional Directory:A searchable directory of House and Senate members, staffers and committeesFederal Agency Directory:A searchable directory of federal agencies and agency leaders and staffStates Directory:Documents & transcriptsPolicy events, documents and transcripts.

Pro’s policy event calendar, library of primary source documents and congressional hearing transcripts give you a direct line to the activities and events shaping policy.Policy Event Calendar:See all major policy events, meetings, hearings and conferences in one place

Congressional Hearing Transcripts:Quick access to congressional hearing transcripts from all hearingsDocument Drawer:Project managementProject management & team collaboration.Pro’s workflow and collaboration tools ensure your team is in sync and aligned across all your policy work. 

Dashboard:Get a personalized overview of what's new and important across your Projects and issues you care aboutProjects & Folders:Organize and track your policy priorities in one place and collaborate with your teamNotes:Add important notes to items across Pro like directory contacts, bills, and rules and share Notes with your team

Priority & Stance Indicators:Indicate a rule’s priority level or your team’s stance so you can quickly identify and align around high-priority topicsLEARN MORE >>In-depth analysis to lead the conversation.Need to brief your stakeholders on an emerging topic? Have a critical presentation to deliver and little time to prepare? POLITICO Pro's Premium plan delivers in-depth analyses from our team of policy and legislative experts. We analyze the bills and rules, break down and explain complex topics, and prepare high-impact visuals to save you valuable time and energy towards your next big moment.

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Understand a bill's impact & related legislation.Get an in-depth summary of important bills related to your tracked issues with Pro Bill Analysis.Have access to a summary of what's in the bill, background, possible outcomes, key players, expected votes and more. Spend less time reading and synthesizing legislation, and more time understanding key points and communicating implications to stakeholders.

Understand background, key players and what's next.Get all the relevant context through three-page briefs with Pro Analysis.Get up-to-speed quickly on emerging topics and understand how we got here, what's at stake, who's involved and likely next steps.

PRO ANALYSIS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DISEASE TESTING >>Break down policy trends & dive deeper on key details. Read more: POLITICO »

Biden inauguration live updates: Biden takes over at White House

Updates during the transition from the Trump to Biden administrations -- and about a second Senate impeachment trial.

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