One Hostage Released in Chaotic Texas Synagogue Standoff

UPDATE: Police say one hostage has been released after the hours-long ordeal, and he did not require medical attention.

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1/16/2022 4:03:00 AM

UPDATE: Police say one hostage has been released after the hours-long ordeal, and he did not require medical attention.

Police say one man was released from the synagogue uninjured after an hours-long ordeal, while at least three others remain with the ranting hostage-taker.

Police did not immediately identify the released hostage, but said he “does not require medical attention.” At least three others remained with the hostage-taker—who burst into the synagogue outside Dallas early Saturday, ranting about Islam and calling for Aafia Siddiqui’s release—all while being recorded on a Facebook livestream.

Marwa Elbially, an attorney for Siddiqui, told The Daily Beast the 49-year-old inmate had one message for the hostage taker: “She would tell this individual to immediately release the hostages. She does not condone or accept anything that would lead to harm of any other human being.”

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Oh good, Ted Cruz has been in contact with authorities.. Puhlease Yes! Thank g-d. So he’s still holding the Rabbi, this is just awful 😞

Texas Police Responding to Hostage Situation at Colleyville SynagogueThe synagogue had been livestreaming its service on Facebook when listeners started to hear muffled audio between an alleged hostage taker and negotiators.

Colleyville hostage situation: Police negotiating with man at Congregation Beth IsraelAuthorities said a man has apparently taken hostages during services at a Congregation Beth Israe synagogue in Colleyville on Saturday. PRAYING!!! OMG! How did the hostage taker get his hands on a gun? Guns are illegal in the US, isn't that correct?

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