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One Guy Appears to Ruin Everything in New Bachelorette Promo

6/17/2021 3:09:00 AM

One Guy Appears to Ruin Everything in New Bachelorette Promo

Thomas is causing trouble amongst all of Katie Thurston's suitors in an exclusive new promo for The Bachelorette, airing Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

ABC/Craig Sjodin31, a deputy district attorney from Newport Beach, CA.ABC/Craig Sjodin26, a pro football player from Vienna, Austria.ABC/Craig Sjodin26, a firefighter trainee from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.ABC/Craig Sjodin26, a real estate agent from Boston, MA.

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ABC/Craig Sjodin29, a math teacher from Nashville, TN.ABC/Craig Sjodin28, a former baseball player from Costa Mesa, CA.ABC/Craig Sjodin27, a technical product specialist from Nashville, TN.ABC/Craig Sjodin29, a software marketing manager from Salinas, CA.

ABC/Craig Sjodin27, a marketing sales rep from Edison, NJ.ABC/Craig Sjodin34, a software strategist from Houston, TX.ABC30, a software salesman from La Jolla, CA.ABC/Craig Sjodin27, a bartender from Pacific Beach, CA.ABC/Craig Sjodin25, an IT consultant from Miami, FL.

ABC/Craig Sjodin26, an investment sales consultant from Baltimore, MD.ABC/Craig Sjodin34, a motivational speaker from Miami, FL.ABC/Craig Sjodin26, a technical recruiter from Fort Lauderdale, FL.ABC/Craig Sjodin36, a business owner from Akron, OH.ABC/Craig Sjodin

31, a gym owner from San Diego, CA.ABC/Craig Sjodin26, a nutrition entrepreneur from Dallas, TX.ABC/Craig Sjodin28, a real estate broker from Poway, CA.ABC/Craig Sjodin26, a software engineer from Covington, GA.ABC/Craig Sjodin27, a zipper sales manager from San Diego, CA.

ABC/Craig Sjodin35, an entrepreneur from Charlotte, NC.ABC/Craig Sjodin26, an auto parts manager from Queens, NY.ABC/Craig Sjodin31, a surgical skin salesman from Jersey City, NJ.ABC/Craig Sjodin25, a basketball coach from Dallas, TX.ABC/Craig Sjodin25, a real estate investor from Mission Viejo, CA.

ABC/Craig Sjodin30, a real estate broker from Portland, OR.ABC/Craig Sjodin25, a dancer from Reno, NV.The Bachelorette Read more: E! News »

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Karl appears to ruin everything in Bachelorette promo. BacheloretteABC Oh, I think Katie is savvy enough and secure enough to bounce him out of the house - well, as soon as the producers tell her it's okay to bounce him. He's good TV until then. BacheloretteABC Why is this article time stamped in the future?

BacheloretteABC Where are you getting these new details from? I didn't see a video on your article posted showing these things. Stage!

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