‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,’ ‘Last Black Man in San Francisco’ Win Location Managers Film Awards

‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,’ ‘Last Black Man in San Francisco’ Win Location Managers Film Awards

10/25/2020 2:43:00 AM

‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,’ ‘Last Black Man in San Francisco’ Win Location Managers Film Awards

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” have won the top feature film trophies at the seventh annual Location Managers Guild International …

Lifetime Acheivement Award – Veronique VowellEva Monley Award – Christopher McQuarrieHumanitarian Award – Gary Sinise OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A PERIOD FEATURE FILMOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood – Columbia Pictures (WINNER)Rick Schuler /LMGI, Steve Mapel /LMGI

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1917 – DreamWorks Pictures, Emma Pill /LMGIDolemite is My Name – Netflix , David B. Lyons /LMGI, Russel HadayaA Hidden Life – Fox Searchlight Pictures, Markus Bensch /LMGI, Leo BaumgartnerJojo Rabbit – Fox Searchlight Pictures, Jan Adler /LMGILittle Women – SONY Pictures, Douglas Dresser /LMGI, Kyle “Snappy” Oliver /LMGI

 OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A CONTEMPORARY FEATURE FILMThe Last Black Man in San Francisco – A24 (WINNER)Daniel Lee /LMGI 6 Underground – Bay Films, Skydance Media, Netflix, Enrico Latella /LMGI, Simon Crook /LMGIDa 5 Bloods – 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, Netflix, Nui Voradet Emeam

Extraction – Netflix, Mary Barltrop /LMGIPeanut Butter Falcon – Armory Films, Roadside Attractions, Jody Schiesser OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A PERIOD TELEVISION SERIESPerry Mason – HBO (WINNER)Jonathan Jansen /LMGI, Alexander Georges /LMGI,Brian Kinney /LMGI, Alex Moreno /LMGI

Babylon Berlin:Season 3– X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix: David Pieper /LMGIThe Crown: Season 3 – Netflix, Pat Karam /LMGI, Pedro “Tate” Aråez /LMGISee: Season 1 – Apple TV+, Trevor Brokop, Nick Bergstedt, Michael Gazetas /LMGI (posthumous)Westworld: Season 3 – HBO , Mandi Dillin /LMGI, Michael Wesley /LMGI

Wu-Tang: An American Saga – Hulu, Rob Coleman, Mike Mizrahi, Dexter Wiseman OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A CONTEMPORARY TELEVISION SERIESKilling Eve: Season 3 – BBC America (WINNER)Jamie Parsons, Jordi Utset, Lucian AsanGigi/Haji – Netflix, Antonia Grant, Idris Ahmed, Tooru Hayakawa, Katsumasa Morita

Goliath: Season 3 – Amazon Prime Video, Scott Poole, Errol Reichow /LMGIMessiah – Netflix, Wendell Hinkle, Marco Giacalone /LMGI, Hilton Clay Peres /LMGITreadstone – Captivate Entertainment, USA Network, Imre Légmån /LMGI, Rosita Cannata, Bong Cho, Wesker Hsing

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White Lines – Netflix, Germån Traver, Leon Seth **(TIE) OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A LIMITED ANTHOLOGY TELEVISION*Little America – Apple TV Plus (WINNER)Mike Hartel, Rocco Nisivoccia, Adrian Knight /LMGI*ZEROZEROZERO – Amazon Prime Video (WINNER)

Gianni Antonio Grazioli, Christian Peritore, Juan Pablo Noval,Lily Flaschner, Virginia McCollam, Babacar Seck, Zoubir Belgsir,Hicham JamaledineBelgravia – Epix, Mark “Sparky” EllisCatherine the Great – HBO, Vytautas Riabovas, Kestas Cicenasas, Svetlana Lukash

The Plot Against America – HBO, Matthew KaniaThe Spy – Netflix , Rabi El Bakki, Zsuzsa Gregua, Zsolt Valkony OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A COMMERCIALMask of the Zodiac – Stink Shanghai, Ben Qian, Allen Cao Ford (WINNER)Human Power – Primo, Alejando Bresciani

Georgetown Optician: Eyes Say More Than Words – Design Army, DeanAlexander Gucci: Of Course A Horse – GE-Projects, , Beau BrightRenault Clio: The French Exchange – Academy Films, Mark Jones, Eugene Strange Read more: Variety »

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LMGI Awards Honor ‘Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood’ And ‘Last Black Man In San Francisco’The 7th annual LMGI Awards have named Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and The Last Black Man in San Francisco as its film location winners. The awards spotlight international features, television, an…

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